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  1. Been looking for "Songs.." for a long time. I think a red or like baby blue vinyl would have been a nice treatment. That being said, aint going to complain about the black either, though price seems a bit steep even for 2xLP Dig Vulgaris on 12" too, but I think ill stick with my 10" set for the time being.
  2. Its crazy to me to think back to bumping this album in my "youth" with the car stereo turned up to 11. I would have never guessed or expected them to become such a predominant and beloved band. 1,500 copies gone in like just over a day? And at 40$ a pop? (to the USA anyways). Pretty nuts.
  3. Completed the survey, thank you for keeping it short. I think that for me, the most important things are being able to CLEARLY understand exactly what I am buying. That means all the specifics of the release, and what makes it unique. And if its actually available NOW, and in what condition. Things like track-list, album duration, and general album info (not vinyl info) are way less important and shouldn't clutter things up. Also, when possible having a clear / quality image that is accurate to the release is also very helpful and adds confidence for the purchaser. Nobody wants to play "vinyl roulette" when ordering because shipping is expensive, and the records are very valuable and easily damaged in transit. Also, as mentioned above, please share your results and what your working on! Cheers,
  4. snagged this SO QUICK! Been waiting for ages for this repress, and the colorway does not disappoint! 7" bonus helps ease the pain of shipping and price from the EU
  5. Rarely, much more fun to ignorantly speculate
  6. I have been jamming the album today, and its a very enjoyable assault on my ears. Also, thanks for posting photos @IanRees I gotta say, that is simultaneously one of the best pinwheels I have seen, and one of the more underwhelming splatters (on clear). May look into re-assessing my variant order, considering Amazon still has no shipping ETA.
  7. So funny enough I can agree with both of you. ordered it, and it shipped the next day, and arrived the day after. all for 3$. It WAS literally just loose in a giant mailer, with no padding, yet somehow... it arrived in perfect mint condition like it did for @RockPuppetz 👻
  8. Didnt see anyone post about this, but its a super exciting one for me. Big fan of Swum's tracks, and the collabo on this is undeniable. Not sure if its limited in anyway, but It was an easy pickup IMO. Shipping also came out to like 3$ for a nice change of pace. Blossoms - SwuM & Jinsang https://swum.store/collections/frontpage/products/blossoms-vinyl?variant=23239042924629
  9. There was a new series?!? since when? Also I am buying a new bike and decided to put a lock on my wallet until then, so I hope this sticks around
  10. Album art is dope a.f. Still not ordering a copy, but, it counts for something I suppose.
  11. Yeah its weird, its wacky, its super experimental. I am not sure yet how often I will come back to it.. but I am really enjoying and appreciating it and the bold chances they took. They are certainly still out there pushing boundaries and breaking the mold, very happy with the album overall. Worth noting the vinyl has been delayed by a week or two due to a shipping delay from the pressing plant. But, the label said they should begin shipping out to customers in the near future.
  12. Yeah 5$ for a CD aint a bad deal, and its the only way to snag the vinyl at this point.