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  1. Ladies, Gents, Two more variants for these albums, coming via Zia: Both are x/100 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/11586249/animals-as-leaders-joy-of-motiongreen-red-swirl-zia-exclusive-limited-to-100 https://www.ziarecords.com/p/11586248/veil-of-maya-common-mans-collapseblue-yellow-swirl-zia-exclusive-limited-to-100
  2. Wow thank you for the headsup, I just paid an arm and a leg to get the first press recently too :") Will need to think about if I really want to spring for one of these as well. Milky clear seems like a nice colourway for this.
  3. And its a 10" yo. Also its 20$ shipped to the USA. Woof. Love AoF to death, but I haven't been able to get down with owning singles, That being said, I mentioned in the other thread that I believe this track is phenomenal!
  4. Im angry / sad / glad I don't collect 7". Hope they eventually put all these singles together on a 12" This is probably my favorite one yet. Very stoked. {edit} and press more than like 200 copies, Looking at you dead in the eyes Dine Alone.
  5. I actually really liked their last album, and have been a long time fan. That being said, the new single isn't "PRE ORDER NOW" levels of awesome, a little to much radio kitch I think I will wait on this one till the album drops, with that many variants it doesn't seem like this will be hard to get a hold of.
  6. This is one of those bands I think is killer, especially live, but their merch is always an arm and a leg. Just cant bring myself to start collecting, but ill will sure as hell keep listening. Great tunes!
  7. Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it! I have a few records where the sleeve is un-tossable in my eyes. A quick example is the latest from Bring Me the Horizon. Its a pretty crucial piece of the design IMO.
  8. Ok, so I read t through this don't really see the topic headline being answered in uncertain terms. If I have a record in the PVC sleeve, and then within that in a second paper sleeve or something, is that enough to protect it? Like is removing the vinyl from direct contact with the PVC enough, or will those gases still work there way into the wax through the paper sleeve? Thanks, -Someone who just realized they have a bunch of records at risk. (edit) Hard to say for sure, but I have a few 2+ year old pic discs that seem ok, like like @Sanspants mentioned
  9. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/parquet_courts-wide_awake_exclusive_lp?variant=28063527600233 ~30 copies left. Figured it may not make it to the next sale. and It got me to free shipping.
  10. Not like its suddenly a deal or anything, but... 20% off with code "FAREWELL2019" Grabbed Sounding the Seventh Trumpet for like $12 bucks, and caved on Parquet Courts as its about to sell out.
  11. I paid the crazy prices and bought a 30STM album a while back. Took ages to ship but did eventually.
  12. Are people really paying $16 shipped for these?
  13. Does that message above mean anything for the other vinyl as well? Anybody heard things about acid rap, etc?