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  1. Hard to believe they are going to sell 2,000 of these. But seems like a nice set.
  2. They have told me that because I didn't get in touch with them sooner, they don't have any replacement copies available. Oh well. 😥
  3. Could you let me know how you got in touch with them? I tried back when this whole debacle started but never got a reply.
  4. Had a brain fart and thought this was for the Blood Brothers. Oh well.
  5. Lol don't we all. But really though, I'd do the same exact trade for mine 😅
  6. Could you explain what is even at stake here.? Is this just anyone upset about the swapped variants? Or for damaged packages?
  7. Dang not sure how but I completely missed this one, great looking variants. RIP
  8. Ouch, SRC wringing me dry again. After tax its still $34 with amazon prime. Also, I just relistined to this in full before deciding if I neeeded it. And you know what, this ones a metalcore classic. Worth.
  9. I was happy to have familiar drugs, as a super fan who just wants more from them. That being said familiar drugs was good but sort of boring.. This however is a seriously sick track. Really dig it.
  10. Maybe I am making too many assumptions here, but I am just going off the vinyl release for peach club. Seems like they are doing a lot of variants in pretty high quantity runs, I remember seeing them live a few times to half full rooms only a handful of years back for comparison.
  11. Since when did these guys become a big deal? Weird to see them blowing up as they transition into what for me is a less appealing sound.
  12. Is everything available / negotiable? I am in Chicago and could do local pickup. Cheers and congrats on the new place.