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  1. V3XED

    The SYNTHWAVE Thread

    Super bummed I missed out on the M|O|O|N ep. I would have been super excited to own that,.
  2. Is this thread like one of those Tesla batteries? where once it crashes and burns, the trash fire just keeps re-igniting itself every few months for the rest of time?
  3. To the best of my knowledge: WaxMage x/100 (LP Bundle #1) "OG Splatter" x/100 (LP Bundle #2) Beer / Black Swirl x/500 Grey / Black Swirl x/2,000 Oxblood x/???? Black 180g x/????
  4. Yeah I got a splatter bundle. Had a friend order for me as I was flying... Already feeling a bit of buyer's remorse. We will see if any other tracks get posted before this ships.
  5. Got the page to load but it's just a line of text saying colored vinyl. No links to a real product. Sold out already??
  6. Any idea where that will go for sale?? I found this image hosted on a sub-domain linked to thrice.net
  7. Glad to hear it. Seeing him this weekend, going to try and grab the tour press. Didn't have cash on hand when this originally went up.
  8. V3XED

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    Agreed, a lot of the stuff in the middle I skipped, but his brand new album is excellent.
  9. V3XED

    PO: Anthony Green- Avalon

    Trans orange over here. I actually prefer it. I have one or two other "gold" records and I think they look kinda lame.
  10. Thanks for the headsup. Grew up listening to these guys and Iced Earth. (metal emoji)
  11. People will poo-poo it all over the internet. so take it with a grain of salt.... But my friend received a badly warped record in the mail, and by baking it in the oven on low temp then setting it between books I was able to make a significant improvement (still not flat, but close enough).
  12. . Isn't it pretty much established at this point that Todd couldn't pay the manufacturer and lost ownership of the remaining records? Thus the reason all thees other sites now have it for sale? I would say if you didn't get yours from Todd by now, its unlikely it will ever happen.