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  1. Heyyo VC. I am looking to make a trade for the following: Periphery's first album, first press, 'Blue/White Mix' colorway. I am willing to consider almost anything, check my discoggs: (in signature) Some things I'd be down to trade: Periphery S/T, first press on WHITE vinyl. Sianvar 'Stay Lost' on yellow w/ red splat. Sianvar EP, first press (black). Etc, etc, Thx!
  2. Still at the top of my list. Also, how is Veil of Maya's "Eclipse" not pressed? It is such a short album you could probably even squeeze it on a 10" But its one of those I always find myself going back to.
  3. The whole 'color pop' vinyl series was kinda low rent. Lots of typo's on album jackets, literally paper thin sleeve with no inserts, no printed inner-sleeve, no art on the center-labels, nothing. Glad I got them BOGO and didnt pay full price.
  4. Really want that Perturbator back patch, but $7.50 for shipping, for a patch? Yikes...
  5. Yeah I did a big order with a friend, so we got to split the shipping in half. They always gouge on the shipping, been that way for over a year.
  6. Made a separate topic for it, as its not REALLY for RSD. But Sumerian records is doing a 'vinyl week' and has a bunch of good sale items, and new variants up. https://www.sumerianmerch.com/
  7. Which variant are you interested in? The repress had 3.
  8. Heyyyyall' Sumerian is doing a decent sale over on their website. https://www.sumerianmerch.com/ 60% off the stuff they cant seem to sell (Some gems, like Circa Survive, AAL) 40% off of newer things that are in-stock and ready to ship (Born of Osiris, Mestis, Chon, ATB) Also, maybe more exciting, some cool new represses & PO variants on the Periphery back catalog, ATB, BTBAM.
  9. Already got it in the OG post, but variant one is gone, variant two is a VIP exclusive, and they announced via twitter a third variant will be appearing soon on their merchdirect site.
  10. Quick weigh in, after 3 full listens. Love the album, blood eagle maybe my least fav track? maybe? But its so diverse, yet still feels like a real unified album somehow? Needs more listens, but I am super happy with it. and yeah, Satellites <3
  11. Yo VC, I really really want a copy of Textures - Drawing Circles (Yellow or Red vinyl). If anyone out there is willing to part with it, for less than my kidney, please let me know. I am an avid fan, and want to finish out my collection. https://www.discogs.com/Textures-Drawing-Circles/release/2815310 https://www.discogs.com/Textures-Drawing-Circles/release/4764945 Cheers!
  12. Dang, oh well. Ill take good music over a good cover any day. Also, I found an article stating that the album will be self titled, but who knows.
  13. What is the album called? And please tell me it has better artwork than the single does. I am not sure why but I really dislike that art! (Single is incredible though, of course).
  14. Just wanted to give a shout out to Gray Whale Records in Utah! https://www.graywhaleslc.com/ I just found them online and was able to scoop up something I have spent ages looking for. Monuments - The Amanuensis (Gold Vinyl x/100). The record was listed as used, and the price was super low. They don't list the condition or variant information for used records, so I gave them a call and they confirmed the details on the spot! I ended up getting a record that hasn't shown up on ebay or discoggs in over a year, for a price waaay below what it was worth. Couldn't be happier!!! And they shipped and packaged it very well.
  15. No shipping date provided yet. Pressing limited to x/1500, will probably go fast? https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29365711/brand-new-deja-entendu-2019