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  1. Really liking the look of the alternate artwork. I know it was in the mockup and everything, but nice to see it as a physical item. Will be interested to see how the individual copies turn out, splatter wise. Hard to tell if that secondary lighter color really got much play.
  2. Guys I am really liking where this thread is going. Can we elevate this to "brand new" levels? Someone say something offensive already.
  3. My red/black showed up today, very pleased! Like any of these, laying flat on the turn table it looks close to black, but get even a bit of light behind it and its gorgeous! Oh, and like mentioned above, sound is like a 7/10. No pops or pressing errors, but there is a lot of compression towards the end of each side.
  4. The site finally just got announced on Underoath's social media. Will be interesting to see if anything sells out during the course of the week, or if this pressing is truly massive (as I suspect). Also, while the 'translucent black' debacle from their last album doesn't give me hope.... Here is a reminder of how nice that type of variant can turn out. [Contortionist - Clairvoyant]
  5. Thanks for sharing that! I was 95% sure after the note in the product pages, but even better to have it straight and in detail from the source. Very excited to finally have these records, and I think the design on the box and the obi's looks cool IMO!
  6. Still waiting on these to get to me. I have seen very mixed results from the black/red which Is what I ordered. Some that look really great (esp. backlit) and other ones that are almost solid black, even when held to a light. So fingers crossed I get a nice looking one. Has anyone seen any images yet from the FYE or UO variants?
  7. For anyone who didn't already have access. It appears the site is now live, without a password requirement. https://underoathobservatory.com/
  8. Password is not working :'C Im so stressed out! GUYS/GALS, I use a number of extensions in google chrome that block tracking websites, and advertisements. Things like facebook link trackers, etc... THIS BROKE THE PASSWORD ENTRY SYSTEM! If your having trouble, try an icognito tab / disable add-ons! SO relieved to finally have an order placed. WHEW!
  9. OK WOW, amazed/annoyed and simultaneously now feeling lucky I missed this trash fire of a false start. BUT.... I need these in my life, majorly, assuming its not all live recordings. Been trying to get affordable copies of these for probably 7 years at this point. Does anyone have archived links or screenshots of what the stuff on FB looked like? Going to be clenching hard between now ant tommorow afternoon. :'D
  10. I love these guys, EITD are the business, and put on a great live show. But.... Id say Keith's voice is a bit strained live these days. I had a hard time really make out a many of the lyrics the last two times I saw them. Still, EZ pre-order when this drops.
  11. Would you look at those!!!! Nothing says nu-metal quite like a $30 fanny pack. /s I do think some of it looks cool. But I have never really been trendy enough for the streetwear scene.
  12. Hmm, sounds super cool, but also probably not something I am going to listen to allot based on past experience. Hearing new remixes of old tracks just makes me want to listen to the originals most of the time. (Exception shout out to Linkin Park's Reanimation) So, stoked to hear this, but unless its just a bonus disc, I will probably pass it up.
  13. Hey all you cool cats and kittens, The album is out now. Give it a listen and then lets fight about it! Haha JK... (but also what does everyone think)
  14. Sorry, I should have been more clear. I bought a un-opened copy through discoggs for 24$ Considering this is a European release, and years old I don't think its available direct from any stores.
  15. Going to bump this ancient thread to say there was a European "A Beautiful Lie" repress at the end of 2018. (Red Wax) I don't think anyone ever mentioned it here on VC, but I just noticed it through discoggs. Anyways, seems like you can grab a copy pretty cheap, I assume it was a big run. (Quantities Unknown) I just got one for new for less than half the cost of the U-Discover-Music pressing from when this thread started. https://www.discogs.com/Thirty-Seconds-To-Mars-A-Beautiful-Lie/release/12687152