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  1. V3XED

    PO: Every Time I Die “Hot Damn”

    Also if you read the description they say the only reason for the second press is how fast the first one went and how many people have been messaging them asking for another press
  2. Weird that they didn't do it for the shogun release page, seems like they are just a bit inconsistent. Like you said, seems unlikely that it will be a colored release then, what a shame! Would be a great candidate for album art color starburst.
  3. Are you saying MOV never does more than a single variant? Or that they don't do color? I grabbed the MOV reissue of SHOGUN last year and its on a awesome black and red marble.
  4. does EDMS let you cancel? I NEED this but don't want to end up with it on black and miss a sick variant.
  5. Finally listening to this, and it slaps. Loving this album, very fresh.
  6. Why shoot for 600 when you can shoot for 666. Though I think we should contact BN's management and tell them to do a special x/300 pressing to commemorate this wondrous achievement of a thread.
  7. Its crazy that crappy cover reproductions happen. Like you know a copy of this was put on someones desk and got the "ok go ahead!" to print who knows how many thousands of jackets.
  8. Snagged both yesterday but forgot to post it. Prices are a bit absurd but I'm happy to have them. Great albums. Will he interested to see if they do sections as well Edit, These are more than half gone. About 200 of each left.
  9. V3XED

    Vaporwave Vinyl Releases

    Hmmmm.... do I need this...
  10. Aint trying to start a coheed collection, so no vinyl for me. But I will say after a few listens, I think this album rips. Their best in quite some time.
  11. Hey look, dump on it all you want doesn't bother me one bit. But is everyone here collectively hating on the music or the dude? Because, like it was noted above, it's not like he is really benefiting from his album sales theese days, lol. Even though he was a scumbag I don't really see any reason to boycott the music.
  12. Hello ladies, fellas, I found this sort of sketchy listing for "17" vinyl release over at Empire. Edit: I am hearing it is indeed a legitimate release. Still no word on if its limited or an actual release date. https://store.empi.re/products/pre-order-xxxtentacion-17-vinyl
  13. Send me a photo, certainly interested. Though I like mine too for its just wacky colors and vibrancy. (below)
  14. Listining to mine now, sounds great (no surface noise) , but............. The center label is loose?? Like its puffing / hanging off the record, barely adhered to the wax. Never had this issue before, kind of annoyed. Going to talk to BM about a replacement, but these seem sold out?
  15. So much for unique, mine looks exactly like this as well! The colors are extremely vibrant in person, completely unlike anything else in my collection.