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  1. I think they sold through. Had splatters in the cart, also lost them during the paypal checkout at the final step.
  2. Got a lot in the cart. Won't go to billing like others rip
  3. Im just here to say the singles have been awful. And yet... Ill buy it anyways because I am an ADTR tragic
  4. Hey yall, I slept on this after not initially clicking with the single. But, I must say, they just did their thing on this EP and I fux with it. Also, I was then dissapointed to see the vinyl sold out in everything but the bundles.... but wait... its back up!! Single LP (grey marble). Get it while you can I suppose, or dont. https://shop.bmthofficial.com/
  5. Hey yall, checking back in yet again with new Periphery colorways. Two new ones, probably available from multiple retailers. Periphery (Self Titled) on Trans Blue Splatter (A/B) and "ghostly" blue (C/D) https://www.discogs.com/Periphery-Periphery/release/16168000 https://www.fye.com/periphery---periphery-aec.peip2.1.html#q=Periphery&start=5 I found that they are for sale at Amazon and FYE right now, with no pressing or color info. Periphery 2 - Red/White Galaxy https://www.discogs.com/Periphery-Periphery-II-This-Time-Its-Personal/release/15
  6. Still awaiting my TFOT record, but I can confirm another recent purchase from there came in the wimpiest mailer I have seen in quite some time. But, the planets must have aligned as it did arrive in perfect condition, despite the crappy mailer. Hoping for a repeat of that, as I adore this LP.
  7. Yo I appreciate the heads up, going to make waiting even harder that looks epic as a package.
  8. Man this just makes me mad. I am one of those people with bad taste, who ironically appreciates the shit out of this band. Currently, I have a full variant collection, but I also abhore picture discs, and these are particularly bad even for that. Grr.
  9. I know me too, love the album and the starburst came out soooo good. Which, should make me not want the new variant.... but after a 5m deliberation I just caved and got it anyways lol
  10. Another new P4 variant, and I am liking the colorway on this one. Based on cart limits id guess x/300 or x/250, something like that. Oh, and they seem to have improved their shipping prices. (~$6 for first 2xLP, +$4 for each extra 2xLP)
  11. Bumping this thread for some new-new variants coming down the pipe. PO now, shipping before the end of the month. The "P3" Variants are the same as before, but the Juggernaught on black and P4 LP's are new. No pressing info at this time. ALSO, they did fix their awful shipping prices since the last bunch, so that is nice! [image link broke, rip]
  12. Probably his only release I don't feel like I neeeeed to own. But I FOMO purchased the sh*t out of it anyways..... At least it was cheap :')

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