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  1. I caved and bought this, I recognize I am the problem. But damn just gotta appreciate feeling stoked on some good new tunes. Also snagged through bandcamp so hopefully the band sees a decent cut. Espec. considering those poor bastards must be splitting all the profit 7 ways?
  2. Same, sucks but realistically Im done buyin in the current financial sitch
  3. Not saying you shouldn't have banned him, but aww man that was fun while it lasted.
  4. Agreed, I think its a fun novelty for superfans, and they could have easily asked for $200-$250 and still sold out instantly.
  5. Love the single, hope to hear some clean signing on future tracks too. My favorite ETID stuff is the groovy / melody driven tracks, and while I always loved Greg's vocals, I never felt cool enough to get into the majority of DEP.
  6. RIP my boot's. Should have (and did) know better though, so not like I deserve any sympathy. But really did think the chances of this repress were basically zero. Just glad to finally own a legit copy!! My number one white whale for AGES!
  7. Also, ill use that as a shameless excuse to post my P1 collection. (Still need to do new photos with the 2021 repress) BLUE/WHITE for the win!
  8. Yeah I feel that, hope some of the ice splatters are heavier. But..... I sort of saw this coming? Or just went with my gut lets say, and did the retail copy. I just feel like BLUE/WHITE is the most iconic and classic periphery color combo. And I must say, pleased! All of that said, maybe the least excited about a Periphery album I have ever been based on the singles.... I think they are at their best when they are getting melodic and groovy, never been as big a fan of their mega heavy stuff. So hope the album skews a bit more melodic than the singles have.
  9. I guess ill be 'that guy' and say this hobby has gotten too damn expensive! $55 shipped yikesssssssssssssss Still hype on the album, latest single finally got me in on a PO. Loving the heavier edge on some of these tracks.
  10. Still super happy with my OG pressing. Love the new recordings but don't think I like them better than the original. They are great in their own way, but not how I know/connect with the songs. Will say having guest features on there is a really neat and cool take.

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