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  1. I read this and my brain processed it as "the discovery of fucking" and I almost spit my coffee onto my monitor, lol
  2. Massive Repress of classic Sumerian Albums, most have been OOP for a long time. Will update this later when I am less hungover. LOOK AT THAT LIST, and kiss your cash goodbye. https://www.sumerianmerch.com/collections/vinyl-records
  3. Very funny to look back to 2009 at people complaining about a $21 gate-fold 2xlp. Cant count the number of times I have spent 30+ on a single LP these days. #RIP
  4. They actually did! Only like a year ago. Three variants of the original LP and a instrumental version of P1 for the first time on vinyl. Speaking of which, if anyone has the "opaque red" amazon exclusive variant. HMU, I am on the hunt!
  5. Yeah dang, was so hype on a full LP, or even a 10", and its just another 7" :") Still, if the only complaint is there should be more of it... you know they are doing something right! PO'd with a quickness.
  6. Haven't spun the new P3 yet, but I will report back! I actually thought the first pressing sounded pretty good, compared to my Alpha/Juggernaut vinyl anyways.
  7. Hello VC Fam, I originally posted about these in the Sumerian post like a whole year ago... But while originally for sale over there, the band negotiated to buy out the remaining merch from their old label. So those old orders were cancelled, and about six months later the same variants have re-appeared on the periphery web store. https://store.periphery.net/ I got the P2 spill and P3 on coke clear, and they are rad. Oh but be prepared for awful shipping prices.
  8. So, if anyone else here ordered Periphery, you probably know the drama by now. But basically the band negotiated with their old label to halt sales of their merch and buy out the inventory. So, the orders all got cancelled and refunded by sumerian. Those exact same pressings are now for sale on Periphery's web store. https://store.periphery.net/ Ill make a separate post for them though.
  9. Like others have said here. Buy boxes, I got mine at the local hardware store for less than a buck each. They fit a little less than one "Ikea Kallax Shelf' cube per box. Handles all ended up ripping, dont even bother if its a full box. Also, I laid a 'U' of bubble wrap in the bottom, in case they were jostled, dropped, or set down to hard to avoid instantly dinging up like 12 corners. Probably was unnecessary but gave me some piece of mind. Oh and each box ends up being heavy A.F. make sure you use proper lifting technique when picking them up so you dont Shrek your back. 😂
  10. Yeah this is my favorite project with Jason since the earlier Letlive stuff. Really loved the ep, and will be snagging the LP as soon as it drops.
  11. I scooped the new TDWP Dear love, and a few of the "first time on vinyl" classics from a few months ago. Then, of course, a day later they went and put up new releases. So I have done a double order, like I do every year. But, if you are looking for some deals, all the new stuff is half off. includes attack attack & of mice and men represses among others. https://riserecords.merchnow.com/products/bycode?code=LP
  12. I would agree with you, maybe, but it ignores the fact they charge that much per item, and dont offer reduced or combined rates for multiple items. Honestly, seems like they are padding their pockets a little bit on the shipping and setting 'blanket' costs for all products when in reality individual order rates probably vary and fall below that threshold. But, I of course still snagged a 45rpm copy of Kezia for myself, and some other tidbits as gifts.
  13. Oh sweet, so excited to have not-free shipping on the things I am interested in. smh
  14. Grabbed one as well, thank you! Too bad I missed the cancellation window on my amazon order. Though at 24$ I don't feel too upset about it.