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  1. Yeah dude, I really wish economic forces weren't always the end all be all. Like I get why running a pre-order is obviously in the company's best interest, but it makes things like this an inevitability. My order had a variant they are still waiting on so I have yet to receive a single box in the mail from them six months later. 😕
  2. Looking at the page source... Tri Color has just under 1K remaining... Perhaps x/1,000 total? Or something in that area. The yellow shows "over9000!" so Im guessing its x/10,000
  3. Updated above, retail confirmed at 6k. Not counting the solid blue that's 16,600 copies. 😳 Also, starting to see images of a few variants on the web. Maybe a bit underwhelmed with the galaxy, but the Heavy Splat and Blobs are lookin tight
  4. My 'first pressing' copy from the TDWP store finally got a shipping label created. Got my third press from merchnow like, two weeks ago at this point? Dont really care when it shows up though, my 3rd press sounds great. Per usual regretting the decision to double dip but hey what can you do
  5. I know, especially considering this has an empty (etched) b-side you will never see on these variant colors. I was really hoping they would put BOTH of their EP's on here, one per side. Now that would have been well worth the $$$
  6. Say what you want about the bands more recent output, this right here is a metalcore classic. On vinyl for the first time since its debut. Webstore - Blue Smoke x/500 https://allthatremainsonline.com/products/fall-of-ideals-special-edition-re-issue-clear-blue-smoke-vinyl-lp-pre-order Webstore - Pink x/500 (Dumb overpriced Deluxe edition) https://allthatremainsonline.com/products/fall-of-ideals-special-edition-re-issue-vinyl-lp-pre-order REVOLVER - Clear x/1000 https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/all-that-remains-the-fall
  7. Yo yo, myspace scene metal, its back yall. Ifidiefirst (If I Die First) has pressed their second EP, one variant still in stock. https://velocityrecords.com/collections/if-i-die-first-they-drew-blood
  8. Yeah! I enjoyed the video but Misha is a bit of a steamroller, as fun as he is I wish we heard more from Tosin and Tim. I could easily listen to a podcast with a bunch of those guys in a room though, talking at longer lengths about music and process. Great vid
  9. Maybe jumping the gun a bit here, but looks like AAL is ramping up for a new album. Unless they are just droppin' a COVID single, but I guess we will know in time. Ill keep this updated if new info arrives.
  10. I had the bad (good?) idea of snagging a Dead Throne splatter w/ my Z1 order and combo'ing on the shipping. But.... now the rest of my order is pressed and waiting for that Dead Throne... sigh. Also these are showing up online. ZII - "Strain" variant.
  11. Same, gotta decide which version to get.... Unless @nelso330 is gana throw me a bone on a cheap copy 😁
  12. The mockup color looks just like grape soda. And now I want some 😰
  13. Oops, there is a EURO link! dropping it here and adding it to the top post www.vildhjartastore.com
  14. THALL https://www.indiemerchstore.com/collections/vildhjarta

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