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  1. Yeah dawn is an awesome album, glad its getting a repress. And I didn't check shipping costs, but this is become the high end of normal these days. Kinda messed up but I thought "only 30, thats not too bad" rip
  2. Got my Pink/Blue today, sounds on par with my first press, and looks quite nice. Splatter is maybe a bit weak for my taste, but certainly not bad either. Streaks are very 'square' shaped, sort of an interesting look. Still looking forward to my pink copy as well from the 10 bands, from what I have seen that one looks excellent.
  3. Yo if your sheets layout is that FIRE you best not be teasing. I would love to get access to that template as well! Nice work!
  4. I would hop right back over there if it did.... but I cant say it seems like a very good idea. Going to be hard to compete for traffic or revenue with discoggs these days. I feel like they power-vaccumed up all the vinyl folk
  5. After a few more listens I have come around on it myself. I don't think its quite as solid as Volition, IMO, but Its really a great album. Also loving the B-sides as well. Not my copy (still awaiting) but seen some great shots showing up on instagram... I think this colorway is a really a stunning match for the album art, and fits very nicely. In retrospect, I wish I had also picked up one of the american flag variants, as those have been coming out very nice also.
  6. If you had not seen, the band released some B-Sides off the album. Looks like either for keeping it a single LP, or something like that they cut two tracks. Also, anyone receive their vinyl yet? Excited to see how all the variants turned out,
  7. Im just here because its page 900, still would love some prints from their non-vinyl arm, but their good stuff always flys off the shelves before I get a chance. Maybe by the time page 1,000 rolls around!
  8. Man this is starting to feel like a 'Brand New' thread up in here. These are my absolute favorites! 🎉
  9. Question, is that compilation an actually legit press? Seems nuts they did a 'real' run of only 12. But, it really is a great greatest hits, listened to that sucker on my ipod constantly back in the day
  10. Feeling good about my purchase on the Gold, was able to get a 50% off too with Bullmoose Buckz™ 😙 And like others in here have said, my touchpoint for the foil cover is the Circa Survive release from a few years back. I own it, it looks very nice, but it was pressed in super high volumes, and didn't end up feeling any more special to me than my tour variant did. That being said, I am sure its going to end up looking sick, if they were the same-ish price I would have gone clear+foil without a doubt. I think this one is going to be all about the tunes, and any version should have that in spades.
  11. Metallic Jacket is cool, but you are not getting out of there with an LP for less than 45$ shipped. Ill live with the BM gold for sure
  12. Man I wish I had something else i need for that free ship. Thanks for the link
  13. I had mine shipped to a friends place, but yes, they came in weeks ago.