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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. I dont do OST's but all three of those (at a reasonable price) would be instant buys
  2. I only hand-wash my records and use the finest brushes. That being said.... The real magic is the popcorn setting on the microwave, drys them just right and bakes in that 'clean' look.
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread here. but finally spinning this for the first time. and WOW, seriously impressed, it sounds phenomenal. (and looks great too). Well done epitaph
  4. Alright..... I think this EP is really disappointing as well. The length is really the worst part of it, I actually like every single track. Follow is super super good, but hot damn. Why is this a 12"? My own damn fault for not considering it before purchasing, but it feels cash grabby. I am sure they have some other B sides or something they could have used to flush this out? Or just make it a 10" and call it a day. (Or would it even fit on a 7"? lol) Anyways RIP my dumbass wallet.
  5. I have their discog. and I think Language is an easy favorite for me. Though Intrinsic is a close second. I still enjoyed Clairvoyant but it ranks below most of their other albums, maybe just above the super early deathcore EP's.
  6. Also, eOne-Heavy's instagram page just posted an image of a new variant. (grey marble) Not sure if its actually up / available for PO anywhere though.
  7. I know its been a minute, but I saw this pop up. If your still looking... https://www.srcvinyl.com/periphery-periphery-2xlp.html
  8. Photo? I also got mine from the webstore, but didnt open it just yet. I also ordered the merchnow and have some buyers remorse (aka awarness of over indulgence). So I may just flip one copy and keep whichever looks nicer.
  9. Same, I always have heard they do poor quality work. I like the mockup though. Also, to add, I am not a fan of splits or pinwheel variants.
  10. Battles, like BATTLES - Mirrored? What a blast from the past
  11. After making a hundred posts complaining about variant colors, I felt like I should at least drop in and say that I really dig this album. Also surprised at first by the length, but that make make it my most likely RC album to pull out and spin. Really good stuff.
  12. I want the new tool album to mine cryptocurrency for me.
  13. Not quite sure what it is about this album, but its really not resonating with me at all. Ill give it another listen or two and see if I can put my finger on it, or maybe Ill come around?