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  1. Too bad I no longer have cash to burn, still irresponsibly grabbed one copy of the x/300. Very hype on some new tunes from them
  2. Fairly forgettable album, with a few highlights. Nothing "BAD" but its just not stuff I feel like I need to come back for. Really sort of a surprise considering the great featured artists and how good dead reflections was.
  3. I also saw a neon green / yellow at bulllmoose as well. (I think)
  4. Hmm don't love the single or the artwork. Gana wait this one out and see about the full album. Loved their last release
  5. Just another update on FYE being sleezy. They changed the pressing count on the Yellow/Black Galaxy yet again. From x/500 --> 1,000 --> 1,500 lol
  6. You know whats really endless.... This Thread! /joke
  7. Well seems like nobody here will be too heartbroken, but all the vinyl is sold through.
  8. Oh yeah, on the biggie box, I am most certainly not going to want to pay retail. I figured it had a very good chance of finding a discount bin or picking it up during a big sale like 6 months down the road.
  9. Tempting... I was kind of hoping there would be nothing I would want. Life on the murder scene is a maybe, I already have the OG album and I dont normally do live stuff. Gorrillaz is a slam dunk, especially D sides are excellent. And yeah that Biggie collection (at the right price) would get me going as well. ANd if it was cheap maybe that Ace of Spades 7" lol
  10. Jeeze, so much uncertainty. Though, I am hoping the "Galaxy" black and red implies translucent. Opaque black+Opaque Color #2 mixes always come out a muddy mess. That being said I still might give it a go and order that one, merchnow is usually good about cancelling pre-orders worst case.
  11. If I had to guess, it means they will keep doing "n-1" packages/bundles and letting the most exclusive variants sell out UNTIL, they stop moving units or see a big dip in sale volume. Then whatever is left over (maybe in a week?) will get split out for individual sale. I highly doubt they are 'saving' a few copies of those highly limited variants for solo sale.
  12. Hey yall, if you haven't heard BC came back with a new NON-EDM album late last year. Haters gana hate, potatoes gana potate, but this is and will probably remain one of my guilty pleasures Multi-Color Splatter on Clear Vinyl... 45RPM..... 25USD. (x/100) [SOLD OUT] https://shop.breathecarolinamusic.com/collections/frontpage/products/deadthealbum-limited-edition-vinyl (video of them ripping one open over on their twitter page)