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  1. So... weird time to have this thread show up, but what the hell. TLDR is that due to some life changes, I recently had to downsize my belongings and my space considerably. Used to have twice the record storage space, but what can you do. 💩 Here is what I was able to keep, one chonky Kallax that is full to the point of being mildly unusable. The two boxes I pulled out are all items that are either duplicates (aka wont get spun much) or are for-sale items. Speakers are across the room, so not pictured. (P.S. yall have some awesome setups, cool to see!)
  2. Finally got my copy in.... DANG this thing sounds good. A few pops here and there but otherwise almost zero on the noise floor. I think the sort of 'dirty grimy' master on a lot of the tracks really makes the clean quiet moments stand out that much more. Yeah anyways, liking the album more and more with time.
  3. FWIW, looked into this a few years ago and short story is read the fine print if you have a renters insurance policy. The way many work is your '$100k' in total coverage or whatever is actually split out into buckets by type of property, each of which have per-bucket maximum payouts regardless if your overall policy amount. When I looked into actually covering the full value of my collection (median) it was going to be expensive AF. Like 8% of the total value of.the collection annually. So I'm kinda just going with what I get via renters. But it's certainly far from full coverage.
  4. I got like two sentences in and was like 'nah im good'. But I wasn't even aware they had brought Tillian back on-board. Honestly didn't follow or bother to ingest like any of the details with this whole scandal. But even just musically I am kind of over DGD at this point. Not to mention this nonsense. Only thing that would probably get me excited to listen to new material would be if they brought Kurt back, or hell even Jonny tbh but we all know that's never happening.
  5. At this point, I have learned (many time the hard way) if you want something, just start checking any potentially relevant merch stores 15m before its supposed to go live. Got my silver copy at 10 till the hour with no issues. (wipes sweat off forehead)
  6. Holla VC fam far and wide. **Update, the show got cancelled on saturday, bummer! So as a result, no insider info from me, and no chance to grab any merch. Sorry yall! Was going to update this sooner but was off chasing pop-up shows and the like instead I will be at "WWWYF" in Las Vegas this weekend, and it seems inevitable that there will be some either exclusive or elusive vinyl to be had. I figured I (and anyone else attending) can drop info in here regarding what is for sale, and *attempt* to get things for folks who can't attend. List of 'hot' merch, Ill keep this updated. Saosin - Translating the Name EP [Silver x/1000 ?] (Tour / Live Exclusive) Saosin - Translating the Name EP [Blue x/1000 ?] (Tour / Live Exclusive) ... ... Speaking of attending, my buddy had to drop off the trip, and it made me realize it could be a fun opportunity to meet some folks IRL. So if you are going shoot me a DM! I will be in Vegas the entire weekend but am attending the show on Saturday.
  7. Yeah I have to say, I think this was up there in my top 5 list of "longest time waited for something to show up after ordering" But, both Pink Lemonade & Pennance arrived and are fantastic! I also grabbed a copy of the Temple repress for a friend, and I think that new one with the dark cover is the best version of that LP. Rad.
  8. Yeah underwhelming album, not a lot I want to keep going back to.
  9. Still just looking for identity crisis lamo. Bunch of really great looking variants though, cool to see this album getting so much love.
  10. So to those folks with low impulse control who went and bought one of these TOCS combos.... Ill buy your NFT off you for the meme..... $3? IDK. DM me.
  11. I am being lazy on getting stuff out to photograph, but I am a few LP's away from a complete Veil Of Maya collection. In the meantime, here is my full VC for their album Matriarch. First Pressing (2015) Gold [x/????] Translucent Purple [x/500] Second Pressing (2022) Neon Violet in Electric Blue w/ Black & Blue Splatter [x/250] Clear w/ Black/Neon Magenta/Yellow Splatter [x/750] Purple and Blue Side A/B w/ Black Splatter [x/2,500]
  12. A bunch of really cool new pressings up at NESI if your trying to burn some $. Check out their page yourself, but a few highlights for me Vildjharta - Masttaden and Mastaaden Under Vatten Both have Glow In The Dark covers and art books. https://www.nesimedia.com/product-page/vildhjarta-måsstaden-splatter-vinyl-ltd-200 https://www.nesimedia.com/product-page/vildhjarta-måsstaden-under-vatten-splatter-vinyl-ltd-200 Restock on Rings of Saturn Ulla Ulta https://www.nesimedia.com/product-page/rings-of-saturn-ultu-ulla-black-vinyl-with-purple-blue-splatter And not sure it qualifies as extreme, but I dug this album.. Ibraki - Rashoman https://www.nesimedia.com/product-page/ibaraki-rashoman-ltd-100
  13. Crazy to see how big of a release this is getting. Heard a bunch of their other tracks from the Riot Fest set, excited for the full album to drop. I think these songs are pretty 'live/performance' oriented, in the writing. Hope so anyways, cuz Im seeing them on the current tour lol