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  1. Victory's $18-$22 LP's... miss it. I did pick up one of these, but then actually listined to the album again front to back.... Overall, I would say this does not hold up that well TBH. They took a big step up with the curse.
  2. I feel blessed AF to have caught this. Been waiting AGES to get my hands on this album, has a lot of emotional resonance for me especially recently. Just checked in on release news randomly between two back to back meetings and bingo!
  3. I decided not to PO' this and... well... time will tell if I goofed up. But if that new Scary Kids Scaring Kids album is anything to go by, I dodged a bullet!
  4. Something about that sticker in the top left "Colored Vinyl" and the like "tons of bonus tracks" thing just screams bootleg, but the color seems about right (and does look good). Curious if there has been a purple boot before. Either way it better not get cancelled (also why would they turn down all that money?)
  5. I like Adding the photos, call me crazy. Here are the six variants so far, all x/500
  6. Makes sense, other wise they sell slower! Also, I missed the splat, and would REALLY like one. if anyone grabbed a second copy, shoot me a DM I will pay a small premium for it
  7. I think MSI is a lot of fun, but I just cant justify having these sitting on my shelf knowing I wont really spin them. I did come VERY close to ordering Frankenstein on multiple occasions though! Lol. Good stuff for the fans, and good on them for a very reasonable price point.
  8. Dang, those gold screen-printed covers are straight fire
  9. Nice, I was really hoping this would get a North American distro/press. This makes it a guilt free purchase
  10. I think the blue is my favorite for no particular reason. Stoked on this though! Can't even remember at this point but I think I got yellow
  11. That would be pretty epic, huge nostalgia factor for us old farts (or at least this one anyways)

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