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  1. Nobody here on VC seems to care very much (lol) but if your still looking for this... Sumerian store variant is gone, revolver has about 30 copies left, but there are two more variants coming. A indie/retail exclusive, and a Newbury comics exclusive.
  2. I re-ordered Acid rap just for Juice! New ultimate edition confirmed! Unless of course its a typo and its the same pressing ha! We will find out. Also yeah that shipping smh Also apparently, use code.... Welcome10 For 10% off the order
  3. Im liking this new track even better than the first one. For those looking for the song/video its a leak ATM, but easy to find. track is called "NightFall" will probably be officially debuted soon
  4. New little ditty by the Boo Crew (TM). They dropped the single white nile a month or so ago, now they are back with anotha one and a PO Links for worldwide storefronts at www.bornofosiris.com For North America.. just one variant for now, no pressing info. https://www.sumerianmerch.com/products/copy-of-born-of-osiris-angel-or-alien-vinyl-2xlp-mint-green-neon-magenta-side-a-b-w-black-splatter?variant=39424998768702
  5. What if it was Cedric? Still need to clean out his desk?
  6. Did I miss out on JuiceWRLD already? damn
  7. I am thinking they must have made real jackets for the solo release... only because of the massive number of damage claims that would ensue otherwise. Maybe attempting to apply to much logic to this, but it seems like even they would recognize shipping a LP in a paper inner is a bad idea.
  8. My b-hole is raw from ordering those individual LPs. What a callous and just cruel joke to force you to pay expensive shipping on each one individually. Really hoping these show up anywhere else so I can cancel. But at the end of the day I do "need" (lol) a copy of Deloused so they got the addict in the arm. Also they stated in Twitter replies... that they already have some stock laying around (box extras most likely) but once they sell through they will just press more. So its basically an open pressing.
  9. Hmm, bearable but not awesome on pricing. I'm obviously still in, so clearly then know everyones on the hook. Super hoping for some colored pressings, but not expecting them one bit. Still, if I can manage a copy of Deloused ill be happy just with that in any form. And really glad I waited not because the box doesnt seem awesome... but damn I aint got that money RN fam.
  10. Lol, yeah I will weigh in because why not, But I am more or less in agreement. Act of depression is just pretty bad all around. (I have tried to like it many times, and failed) If your into "Black Metal" Cries of the Past has a few cool moments / tracks but is mostly bad. After that I would say Changing of Times was awesome for its day and still has some bangers. Next is TOCS and I really think its classic for its time, but more bland and one note than what's to come Next 2 Albums are genre masterpieces IMO (Define the great line and Lost in the sound...)
  11. Looks like I missed the boat . Sigh
  12. Wow that album art! Lamo. These 'guys' are awesome tho, can't wait for the tunes.
  13. Lol its all good, I think I am a little more wary of that stuff than most people (aka I am tracking crazy). But here is a quick tip... if you want to go the extra mile. When copy any 'click-through' type link, from facebook, google, twitter, instagram, etc.... you can manually just shorten the link.. look for the "?" as a common indicator of when the real link ends and tracking info starts. So in this case.... "?fbclid=" shows that original links facebook tracking link back to its source and will affiliate its use with your FB user profile if your logged into facebo
  14. Damn dude, I cant help but want that "hopless" colorway. But at the same time I am not going to keep shelling out $35 shipped for yet another copy of the same 10" I haven't even heard yet! :'D Should mean there are lots of good copies out there for all the fans though and thats rad.
  15. Yeah stoked on this after how crazy nice the "daylight dies" pressing turned out. Yes, the price is quite steep, but if the whole package is as nice as the last one I wont be that salty. The listing notes the following.... "A unique web version available only @Runoutgroovevinyl.com will be available to only the first 2500 orders – with alternate cover art and transparent red, white and black colored vinyl. Standard version will feature solid silver and black colored vinyl and a slightly different cover art. Both versions will have the same side 4 art etching."

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