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  1. Ahh, shipping from Europe. Otherwise I would have nabbed the smokey sun variant. Really like that colorway actually.
  2. I would argue Newbury Comics. They charge almost as much and always cut their releases to the bare minimum. All of their Ghost records have omitted booklets, inserts, and extras found in even the cheap retail pressings (for example)
  3. Yes, decoder would be my #1 choice
  4. like 90% sure they charge right away. Including the $1,000,000 they charge for shipping or whatever it is. Still considering that After The Burial / Rareform repress tho.
  5. 100% in for Birth.eater That album is so excellent. Does the bands new soft rock thing still exist? Or did they fall off the map.
  6. This has leaked and after a listen, I have to say I am very excited to get my physical copy. Don't let the two singles fool you, the rest of this EP is exploring genres and sounds AFI has never touched before. Not going to say its an instant classic, but I found it refreshing and really excellent.
  7. That latest cotton candy press is so nice. Love the ADTR starbursts from Victory
  8. 20m later, and they goneeeee
  9. V3XED

    PO: Plini - Sunhead EP

    Yeah I feel you on that. I got a box set as well, but at least that was a heavy duty (signed) box, three distinct LP's with nice jackets, a flag, a pin, and a bunch of other goodies. In retrospect I would have felt better spending a bit less on it.
  10. V3XED

    PO: Plini - Sunhead EP

    I think its like $30 shipped for about 28 minutes of music. Lol. Love Plini and its a nice looking record, but I'm going to skip this one.
  11. Cool, love these chaps but I don't collect live albums. Might actually be my all time 'most seen' band
  12. V3XED

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    I went a bit overboard, picked up: - Emarosa - Relativity - Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly - Attack Attack! - Stick Stickly 7" - The Devil Wears Prada - Plauges -The Devil Wears Prada - HTML Ruelz Dude 7" - Mestis - Eikasia - Asking Alexandria - Standup And Scream - Born Of Osiris - The Simulation Though, at the 40 -> 50% off price-point for all of them, I don't feel too bad about it.
  13. They call them an 'alternate artwork slipcover' so could have the original in there somewhere?
  14. Did these ever ship? I still don't have mine ...
  15. V3XED

    Rise Records 7" Series

    Hell yes, what a sweet piece of info. Thanks to whoever figured out the BOGO. Got Plauges / and Someday plus the two associated 7"'s for like 38$