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  1. I just ordered as well, though I already had it in my cart from this AM
  2. V3XED

    PO: Hail The Sun - Elephantitis

    Feeeeckkinn hell m8. Missed the Blue Berry. Got a brown and Magenta instead. Great feekkin EP.
  3. Not sure I love the colorway, but will happily snag this album. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Awesome, would 110% buy this if I had a way to do it.
  5. I did checkout with paypal and got to a 'purchase' button. I think it was like 22$ USD for shipping alone.
  6. Updated first post with additional variants, thx to everyone who found those. I really want some of those LTD European variants, but I cry thinking about 18$ shipping to the USA. Also, I still have some in my cart at 3dot, but the websites main page is showing the USA variant as sold out.
  7. Didn't show up till very late yesterday, thing was a total of 5 days behind schedule But.... Yes! Got the picture disc. It actually sounds great IMO, really dig the variant. Feel like a bit of a rube paying 40$ for it but, its a dumb hobby to begin with so who am I to be upset.
  8. I have been to poor to buy albums I already own for 40$... but my other records from sheet happens sound excellent. so I would assume the same here.
  9. Hello VC fam, I would assume many people are already aware, but I haven't seen a thread about Periphery's upcoming 5th studio album. They have been teasing it extensively on Instagram and twitter, and as of a few days ago their website shows a countdown timer. www.periphery.net **UPDATE** Available now! (and full of meme's) Hard to say what they will do with variants / availability now that they are no longer on Sumerian / self releasing. Seems like only a single variant available at the moment, I would guess it was x/1000 (Cart let me add just over 600 last I checked) (USA - 'STARBURST' - x/????) https://store.3dotrecordings.com/116626/Hail-Stan-Limited-Edition-LP-Music (USA - '???????????' - x/???????) https://www.bullmoose.com/p/29123992/periphery-periphery-iv-hail-stan (EUROPE - 'MINT' - x/300) http://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Periphery_-_Periphery_IV-_HAIL_STAN_-Gatefold_mint_colored_2LP-/3369 (EUROPE - 'MINT' - x/300) https://www.emp-online.com/p/periphery-iv%3A-hail-stan/398195.html (EUROPE - 'VIOLET' - x/200) https://www.impericon.com/en/periphery-periphery-iv-hail-stan-colored-2-lp.html --- Boring Stuff Below--- (EUROPE - BLACK - x/????) https://www.impericon.com/en/periphery-periphery-iv-hail-stan-2-lp.html (EUROPE - BLACK - x/????) http://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Periphery_-_Periphery_IV-_HAIL_STAN_-Gatefold_black_2LP-/3368 (EUROPE - BLACK - x/????) https://www.emp-online.com/p/periphery-iv%3A-hail-stan/398031.html (EUROPE - BLACK - x/????) https://www.levykauppax.fi/artist/periphery/periphery_iv_hail_stan/#624664 Cheers!
  10. Just an FYI... people ordering from the US Amazon have been complaining En Mass about receiving the standard black when ordering the pic disc. Also pic disc was originally going for $40 USD. So that price seems suspect as well. That being said, mine shows up today, so hopefully I didn't get screwed
  11. I think they get more shit than they deserve, and its mostly just because of their "bro metal" aesthetic these days (hired pole dancers on stage etc). I would say if you look at it objectively they have some really excellent albums, (especially the earlier stuff) and some really unique and interesting writing.
  12. Dont got that $$$ but looks like a fantastic release. well done.
  13. So...... Went in thinking I wouldn't like this at all, but actually I am quite fond of it. I have been a fan since the early suicide season days, but really like their first four albums. Like Sempiternal was super different, but still seemed like them at the same time. But something about Thats the Spirit rubbed me wrong though, felt sort of unauthentic. And I skipped the PO on this one thinking it would be a total loss... and now I actually find myself really liking it. Super expirimental, emotional, and has some really cool moments. Now I just need to find a copy #RIP. I was counting on the indie Green but that does seem to be UK exclusive.
  14. Likewise. Or just the seatbelts.
  15. Aint got the $$$, but those are actually pretty nice looking variants of maybe their two best albums.