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  1. Well ill just beat everyone else to the punch and be the punching bag for saying I hope thats not the final album art, ha! But of course MEGA STOKE for new tunes from them, really liked their most recent few singles. Also, if anyone snagged any of the Newbury Variants, and has since decided they would rather have a *reasonable* amount of cash, let me know.
  2. Yeah I actually really love this EP, and love their decision to leave this track OFF of it lol. Interesting but really doesn't do it for me, or fit the vibe of the rest of the tracks.
  3. Yo no joke this is a mega nice change. Thanks to all the hard work put in to make it happen! Also as for clicking ads, never ever going to happen..... If there WAS a way to do a Paypal donation or something of that sort I would be game though!
  4. Man what a cool time-capsule. And I am legitimately excited for them to bring this back. Discogg's is the behemoth for buying and selling now, but I still keep a spreadsheet for my collection just because I want it formatted MY WAY BABY! Love the control and flexibility of dead format, and being to upload your own image for each item. Also, if were judging our current selves..... I went from 93 records to 412!!! Quadrupled, yikes! Still some of those original 100 are gems to this day. https://deadformat.com/collection/V3XED
  5. Yeah but where is that "feel something" repress tho
  6. Yep, snagged this one first thing this morning. Stoked on it! Also surprised how quick they are moving, I feel like their Viscera press was up for almost a year.
  7. Yeah... (insert eye-roll here). I got one of these in hand, it looks pretty alright but nothing magical. Mockup or product photo up at that link is pretty spot on to the actual shipping item.
  8. Tis' the VC spirit 😂 Also @1madraven, just like any "good" or "fun" hobby, I would recommend you get yourself a nice spreadsheet. It makes keeping track of it all much easier, because waiting is the name of the game.
  9. Yeah even at $40 it ended up being 50+ with tax and shipping. Also I got a 2x Purple copy of all things 🙃 so mixed feelings on the order. But, it did show up, and it does have those songs on it! Will happily ditch my copy as soon as I can get an official one.
  10. Anyone have more info on these? Not seeing anything on ETID's socials. If they get a USA release this time I am def. copping a few.
  11. This just made my day (wipes away a single tear of joyful laughter)
  12. That price is savage for a 10", but signed x/250 is cool if your a collector a suppose. Easy pass for me!
  13. Well with this bump I minds as well update.... My third? fourth? copy of deloused from VMP finally sounds excellent, and is noise free. It is however warped well beyond what I would usually find acceptable, but Im taking it as a win in this case. 🙃
  14. Bumping this sucker with another EP release. Their first / debut EP "My Poison Arms" now up for PO. Same format as last time, two tightly limited variants (x/150) and one unlimited 72-Hour pre order. Seems like the Black/Red is going pretty fast. Still about 100 of the white/red at time of this post. https://velocityrecords.com/collections/if-i-die-first
  15. Easy, you overlooked the main and obvious reason why it could never be the beatles. Nobody is going to do serious answers And on that note... I guess if it was from my collection it would be my Rick Astley - Never going to give you up 7"

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