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  1. Yes, I know him and I've bought a couple of records from his collection. I met Bill a few years ago at a festival in Stuttgart (Germany), Silverstein played with HWM, Alkaline Trio and many more .. he's a super kind guy.
  2. 399 incl. 51 test presses .. lol PS: Most of the tests came from the private collection of Var Thelin from No Idea Records
  3. Hot Water Music & Site Projects 234 items (12", 10" ...) 165 items 7"
  4. I have ordered 2 copies. The postage costs to Europe were the same as for one .. $13,74 .. surprisingly low
  5. This came as a surprise .. already ordered. I'm just wondering if the record will be on clear vinyl (text) or coke bottle green (picture)
  6. Look here: https://purenoise.merchcowboy.com/red-city-radio.html?fbclid=IwAR1VufuGNuYhgrAY8N6t-NOQyf_oz4yO8IswJwKmiKorI5eerNxFNXcEdmg Second, but my link is longer ..☺️
  7. I like Grey, Black & Neon Pink Aside Bside .. also it's not the rarest
  8. Rumbleseat - Trestles 7" & California Burritos 7" Testpressings .. otherwise complete. I even got a 1/1 testpressing for the 12" compilation with an early screenprint cover that was later replaced
  9. US from A-F Records http://a-frecords.limitedrun.com/products/674708-jon-snodgrass-tace-lp-mp3 Europe from Hometown Caravan Records https://www.hometowncaravan.de/shop New song from Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/0LQuFYXpPdGlaVBuAcUdBM?si=8MTIHrAUREaNXUejAvVMoA
  10. I bought the original art from Hot Water Music's 7" Where we belong / Moonpies for Misfits (Made by SINC). I got it from Var (Owner of No Idea Records).
  11. Thanks a ton .. just ordered the St. Pauli version .. that should suffice ...
  12. Would love to buy one .. but $30.40 just for shipping one 7" to Europe is a bit crazy ...
  13. Flight 13 min Germany says there will be a Swamp Green in Doublemint Vinyl and a Black In Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl (EU exclusive) https://www.flight13.com/strike-anywhere-nightmares-of-the-west-eu-exclusive/139633
  14. These two arrived today ... /100 from England [correct] and the /300 Swamp Green w/ Black & White Splatter instead of the ordered /200 - Tour - Kelly Green & White Pinwheel from the US But I'm not unhappy with it ...
  15. https://de.kingsroadmerch.com/fat-wreck-chords/view/?id=17861&cid=3133&altlang=0 Seems like the EU store is probably handled by KRM
  16. Yes .. could order one of the 300 European Oxblood versions. Thanks for the advice ...