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  1. phelansegur

    Hot Water Music represses

    I was there in time, had both in the shopping cart, but then came an error message ... Damn ... no chance to catch one
  2. I've got this one .. [earlier] .. 42/50 .. Grey w/ Black and White Splatter
  3. "Trans Blue" .. 161 on Transparent Blue
  4. phelansegur

    WTB: A-F Records record club - Reconciler - Set Us Free

    This record is so good .. just ordered a opaque natural /350 I stumbled across it on the Instagram page of the The Ship Thieves ... runs also in the Wollard house ...
  5. phelansegur

    Hot Water Music represses

    I've only heard three songs through headphones. I find the sound more precise and clearer. If you can hear differences concerning the mix, I can't say yet
  6. phelansegur

    Hot Water Music represses

    Caution .. out of stock. That was fast ...
  7. phelansegur

    Hot Water Music represses

    Got the black version today .. it sounds fantastic
  8. Uih .. 4,000 is of course quite a lot ...
  9. phelansegur

    PO: Dave Hause - "Kick"

    I think I like the red/black more than the rarer one in the bundle. But I'm still waiting for a European distributor.
  10. phelansegur

    PO: Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles

    200/ White/Black Splatter (BSM exclusive) http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/634917-pkew-pkew-pkew-optimal-lifestyles-lp-preorder
  11. The nicest one so far .. ordered, without all the hassle.
  12. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
  13. phelansegur

    Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened

    Ordered .. "I even write the songs on the back setlist style " .. I am curious
  14. A few more than 2.700 here .. with the main focus on Hot Water Music and related (nearly complete collection, missing some test pressings) https://www.discogs.com/user/phelansegur/collection