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  1. ++ PREORDER ++ SHIPPING TO ARRIVE BY AUGUST 28TH, 2020 ++ ++ International pre-order will be available in the coming weeks ++ • 2LP set housed in a 52 page cloth bound coffee table photo book • "Highlighter yellow" colored vinyl limited to 1500 copies • 2CD set housed in a 56 page cloth bound 5.5" x 5" photo book • Comes with double album MP3 download on release date • Preorders come with instant download of "Big Decision (Live at Umbra Penumbra - September 17th, 1994)" https://elliottsmith.co/
  2. I have it and I can confirm the color is as described.
  3. Somewhere in a Walmart board room far far away........someone was pitching that this would take record sales "higher" in a high pitch voice.
  4. @unravelled You might want to DM them since this is a 12 year old post.
  5. Story of the Ghost. https://drygoods.phish.com/dept/story-of-the-ghost?cp=773_107831&fbclid=IwAR1sT-RP4JSBzX4keFfq-Zfsx5udxALsX3th2SVvZtFkNDz1aQPpyMBe7Pc
  6. https://shop.udiscovermusic.com/products/pearl-jam-gigaton-2lp 30% off with 30off coupon code.
  7. Got this yesterday from Fat. It was a blue spatter on white, not this.
  8. I probably misread it. Either way I'm interested to see what comes out from them. Most likely a disappointment but rather try it then miss out on a rarity. Always a dice role.