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  1. Bandcamp too. https://thecoathangers.bandcamp.com/album/the-devil-you-know
  2. That escalated quickly. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Phish-sealed-vinyl-6-LP-RSD-box-set-New-Years-Eve-1995-Live-At-MSG-NYC/312401734593?hash=item48bc982bc1:g:mVUAAOSwEGBcI9We:rk:16:pf:0 Glad I already own this.
  3. bgdesign

    Snuff - Demmamussabebonk

  4. bgdesign

    Sevendust - 7 LP Box Set

    It's not a box set. It's a "bundle". Home isn't included, so I'm out.
  5. Just got this in sounds nice. Hate that they screwed up on the tracklist.
  6. Got a record but missed the print. Damn address wouldn't auto fill. Will have to try again.
  7. I do but only to complete my collection.....and support Chicago artists.
  8. bgdesign

    PO: Cardigans Discography

    I'd recommend Juno. They are up and cheaper on shipping. https://www.juno.co.uk/search/?facet[mirror_artist_facetm][]=the+cardigans&hide_forthcoming=0
  9. They quietly put out an acoustic record last year too. I'll buy anything they put out.
  10. I'm sure you can find it elsewhere but ran across these for preorder. Too many music lovers, there's only one way to listen to their album classics and it's on vinyl. The Cardigan's catalog album, whose plates from the 1994 debut to "Super Extra Gravity" 2005 are now released in delicious vinyl releases on February 1, are undoubtedly heard of . "Emmerdale" and "Super Extra Gravity" are now released for the first time on vinyl. All albums are remastered on Sterling Sound in NY and released on 180 grams of vinyl in street foals with new unique images. Release February 1st. https://www.bengans.se/sv/artiklar/minishops/cardigans/index.html
  11. Received this yesterday. Nice to get a preorder early. Really liking this record, although it's short.
  12. Listened to this on Friday and I was very happy with this purchase. I bought tickets to his show at City Winery. J always puts on a good show but I'm looking forward to the new stuff live.
  13. Popmarket has Baker's Dozen up and I see that Phish has taken it off their site. $100 still seems high. Any coupon codes out there?