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  1. Received this yesterday. Nice to get a preorder early. Really liking this record, although it's short.
  2. Listened to this on Friday and I was very happy with this purchase. I bought tickets to his show at City Winery. J always puts on a good show but I'm looking forward to the new stuff live.
  3. Popmarket has Baker's Dozen up and I see that Phish has taken it off their site. $100 still seems high. Any coupon codes out there?
  4. bgdesign

    WTB: TOOL Aemina LP

    I recommend the bootleg until the real deal is reissued. It actually sounds decent, at least for the price.
  5. Bought a Tri-color.
  6. I don't think it will today. Seems like it would have already.
  7. bgdesign

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Hampton Comes Alive box needs to be added to your lists. It came out before Vegas 96 but after Farmhouse. Would love to see that as a box......hopefully a magnet flip box.
  8. https://kmfdm.fulfillmentmerch.com/collections/2018-nihil-vinyl-remaster/products/nihil-2018-2-lp-green • STANDARD VERSION: 2-LP AVAILABLE IN SMOKE, GREEN, OR BLACK: $35 • DELUXE VERSION - SOLD OUT: 2-LP + HAND-MADE METAL COVER ART AVAILABLE IN SMOKE, GREEN, OR BLACK: $110 Tracklisting: Vinyl 1 • Side A ULTRA | BRUTE | REVOLUTION Vinyl 1 • Side B TERROR | DIS-O-BEDIENCE | SEARCH & DESTROY Vinyl 2 • Side A JUKE-JOINT JEZEBEL | FLESH Vinyl 2 • Side B BEAST | TRUST | NIHIL • 180gm, 45 RPM. • This re-release of NIHIL will be limited to 1000 physical copies, 500 of which will be pressed on to green vinyl. 250 copies of black and smoke grey available.
  9. Billy Breathes is up: https://drygoods.phish.com/dept/billy-breathes?cp=773_103382
  10. Yea, They went up to $47 a piece and $264 for the bundle. Now back down. Weird.
  11. They raised the prices on Earache now.
  12. Good find. Was on my list to buy. The last of their records I got into.
  13. Available here https://shop.foofighters.com/collections/spring-sale/products/concrete-and-gold-vinyl