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  1. I thought Goth was good all the way through.....and most of BTC. I'll still listen to this one before I buy.
  2. Amoeba/Easy Street has it on blue /300. https://www.amoeba.com/smell-the-magic-amoeba-music-easy-street-records-exclusive-translucent-blue-vinyl-lp-l7/albums/4210427/
  3. Bought a Raid the Vault Mystery Box. Glad to help.
  4. I have a copy of this and would be down for a trade. Send me a trade list. @lickmydoo125 @deftbarley
  5. These are the top I can think of off the top of my head. I've been lucky over the years. Bought: MXPX- Every Passing Moment- $20 at a Chicago popup Counting Crows- This Desert Life $20 Soundgarden- Superunknown and Down On the Upside OG Presses $20 each Sold: Bad Astronaut- Acrophobe set of 4 for $405 The Pixies Minotaur Test Press $600
  6. Almost $100 cheaper on Metallica's site. Also, non-deluxe on orange vinyl too.
  7. 12 minute songs are why we aren't at 12 states by now....
  8. Yes. We’re writing to update you on the status of our inaugural Vinyl Club. Like so many well-intentioned plans this year, COVID-19 derailed our timeline a little bit. We know you’ve been waiting - a length of time we never want to make you wait - and believe us, we’re frustrated right along with you. We know that isn’t an excuse, but it’s important to us that you know it is not our intention to do you wrong. Manufacturing non-essential goods across several industries has been understandably and unavoidably delayed; to be perfectly honest, when we set out with this release, in a way we would do with any other, we did not expect to encounter the setbacks we have. That being said, things are moving forward, just not as quickly as any of us would like. At this time, we expect the first single in your Vinyl Club membership to go out in early August. We’ll be sending you all the details about your first shipment, including the track listing and a sneak peek at the art, later this month. We can tell you that it’s going to feature a pair of live tracks from our visit to the hallowed grounds of Castle Donington back in 1987. We’ll also notify you as soon as your shipment leaves our warehouse. We have some cool things on deck for the additional three 7” singles coming your way, and have made adjustments to the schedule so that singles two, three, and four don’t take so long - at least that’s our plan! A massive thank you from all of us for your patience! The Metallica Club
  9. Only 2 on Popsike for $50 and $80. I'd say between there.
  10. Violet and gold available at Deathwish. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/pre-order/products/steve-von-till-no-wilderness-deep-enough?omnisendAttributionID=email_campaign_5eeb8b554c7fa4036d0b96a6&omnisendContactID=5d0823be5c3762bd6457c8d6&utm_campaign=campaign%3A+New+Prints+🖼+Deathwish+Exclusive+Vinyl%2C+Bitter+End+Sale+%26+more!+(5eeb8b554c7fa4036d0b96a6)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=omnisend