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  1. I still buy music off of Amazon. If you include their merge with CDnow I've been buying stuff from them since 1999. Don't quite get the point of your comment. Is it not ok to buy music from older sites?
  2. I just canceled an order for a bunch of Snuff lps that I placed at the end of January. The status never changed from shipping soon. Didn't bother trying to contact them, just figured a month and half was long enough. Most of them are still available from Fat, they just had one or two that Fat doesn't so I figured I'd give them a shot for old times sake. I didnt have any issues canceling or getting refunded.
  3. Ordered and got a free mystery vinyl from Rise Records...
  4. Pre order here https://chasetheglorystore.com/products/snfu-the-one-voted-most-likely-to-succeed-vinyl-lp-record They also have a couple other SNFU reissues.
  5. Snagged both the clear w/smokes a couple of minutes before the sold out tweet came out. Does the new mixes on Caution sound noticeably different?
  6. Definitely cool looking set. Just have to remember that the 4th vinyl is only a single. So it's basically a 3 lp set for $50. Still a good deal, just a little misleading when they advertise it as a 4lp set.
  7. One of my favorite bands. Got so excited when I saw the topic....bummer it's just a CD. New artwork is much better then the original.
  8. This surprised me by showing up in the mail today. Hadn't had a chance to spin, but wanted to give a heads up that they're shipping.
  9. Awesome job nabbing all these variants. I did the same for Exister, just didn't have it in me this go around. Where did you find the coke bottle clear with black smoke? I got the two from rise that came with the pin. Considering picking up the splatters and the smoke, really digging the record.
  10. Thanks for the quick response, guess I'll go ahead and get in touch with them. Update: So got a hold of them and apparently there was a glitch with paypal (which I used when I placed my order), where I got charged, but Fat never got the order info. Kind of sucks since Scorpio's color lp is now sold out. Just a fair warning about using paypal....don't.
  11. Anyone order the Joey Cape or Scorpios One Week Records albums? Preordered back in July and forgot about them. Realized they're both past their release date and haven't received them. Fat's generally good at getting their albums out on or before the release date, just wondering if and when anyone else got their copies before I jump the gun and shoot them an email...