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  1. Selling a few vinyl, all in excellent condition, usually only played once or twice. Don't want to over price, so I'll be taking offers. PayPal only. Mondo: Jurassic Park, amber variant Guardians of the Galaxy, purple, no handbill Black Swan, white and blue Mad Max, aqua cola variant Radical Face: The Roots and The Branches, both signed vinyl by Ben Cooper https://imgur.com/a/A3u2u
  2. Still waiting to hear back from you for the Guardians vinyl. Ready to pay if you're shipping out this week.
  3. $75 Grimes, Visions Urban Outfitters Lavender Vinyl $55 Bon Iver, Bon Iver Urban Outfitters Red Vinyl $50 Astralwerks Music in 20/20 Flexi Disc 20x7" RSD 2013 $4 shipping for each item, $1 for each additional.
  4. I wouldn't snag it. Looking forward to RSD 2013. The main thing I wanted was the Sigur Ros Agaetis Byrjun reissue but I got that via Amazon UK with ( ) for $50 shipped! Also looking forward to the Cut Copy vinyl, but I doubt that is up on Amazon. I'd love to get a hold of The Flaming Lips Zaireeka box set but $69 is steep for something that I can't play properly. And I did snag a Trilogy box set. I wasn't going to but I loved all 3 mix tapes and have been waiting for this on vinyl.
  5. Trying to find this clear vinyl. Keep looking on ebay and discogs, nothing ever shows up. I have the black vinyl version but would like to get the clear as well. Anyone here willing to sell?
  6. Wait, are these yours? If so, are you planning on offering any on here? I would be down for a copy if that's the case!
  7. Look I'm just telling you what the employee and customer service said but apparently the person who ordered 200 copies got their order filled.
  8. So I went to the Gurnee, IL store to try to figure out what the hell is going on and the girl called customer service for me and apparently one person ordered over 200 copies of the vinyl. She tried looking up the SKU and she says that there are no more copies in the entire company. I am really frustrated and upset. Tthey really should have a limit on how many copies people can buy. Now some asshole is going to put them up on eBay and this Discogs and try to profit off of them when all I wanted was to just listen to one single record. Fucking bullshit.
  9. my order got cancelled. I ordered pretty early in the night too, only a little bit after it went up. This whole situation has been extremely frustrating. It's still up on the website despite being out of stock. Going to try a Hot Topic today and then I'm done. If anyone can help me out and happens to come across a copy, that would be great. Thanks.
  10. I've been checking the Chicago-land stores and was told to check back tomorrow. I'm just hoping I can score a copy.