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  1. I owned all 3 of these CDs as a kid. I am stoked to death about Legend of Chin. Cannot in good conscience think about buying the other two, there's absolutely no way they have aged well. 500 of each, it sounds like they have copies in-house, so go wild: https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/switchfoot-legend-of-chin-lpsmlxl-exclusive https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/newsboys-take-me-to-you-leader-smlxl-exclusive-lp https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/audio-adrenaline-bloom-lp-smlxl-exclusive
  2. I think it's very funny that big labels are now starting to put an eco-friendly marketing spin on the same recycled vinyl option that punk labels have been using to save money for the past, oh, 20 years. I wanna say Ed Sheeran just did the same thing?
  3. Out February 11th. Includes all the recent singles they've been dropping, and this new one: Recycled vinyl (Indie/4AD/Big Thief exclusive) or black vinyl: https://bigthief.bandcamp.com/album/dragon-new-warm-mountain-i-believe-in-you https://shopusa.4ad.com/dragon-new-warm-mountain-i-believe-in-you ("All pre-orders of the album on the 4AD webstore will be entered into a draw to win a signed DNWMIBIY screen print.") https://store.bigthief.net/collections/music Green vinyl (VMP exclusive): https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/big-thief-dragon-new-warm-mountain-i-believe-in-you
  4. Whew! Whole process took like 45 seconds with Apple Pay, way smoother than the NJ debacle. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Maybe cover variants are more common for stuff I don't pay attention to, idk. Just seems kind of whack to have most of the pressing look very different from the cover everyone is familiar with. I feel like I've also skipped out on a lot of "limited" variants in favor of the wider release because the vinyl is some nasty doodoo splatter. The Norma Jean second press is still available a week later, if that's any indication. I'm predicting everyone who wants one will eventually be able to get one if they're paying attention.
  6. Weird to make the color that’s the least ugly and most like the original cover the more limited one
  7. I guess this explains why I Am Hollywood hasn't dropped yet. Glad they realized that more than 2000 people are interested in one of the most well-regarded albums in their catalog.
  8. This album is so good and I don't regret dropping money on the deluxe. The cult around collectible Starflyer records is nuts though. There were 3 singles from this album with limited physical releases, including an $18 cassette and a $36 colored 12", both of which sold out. And forget about getting any of the Tooth & Nail LPs for less than a few hundred bucks. I just want those classic albums to stay in print for crying out loud!
  9. if you like early Starflyer 59 (or, by extension, Slowdive, MBV, etc.) you should get in on this. Great noisy dream pop album obscured by its Christian rock label ties. $30 to get the LP, which is a really good price compared to other post-Universal sale T&N releases. Freshly remastered and pressed at Record Industry with new liner notes and everything. They’re also recreating all the artwork including the photography, which should be interesting — regardless of how it turns out I think I’d rather have that than a blown-up CD booklet.
  10. The platinum album comment was clearly in jest. Obviously it's on a different scale, but this has played out endlessly as the vinyl bubble has gotten bigger and bigger: a band finds out that some rinky-dink label like Enjoy the Ride has licensed their album from whatever corporate entity owns it, and are reissuing it without ever talking to anyone who made the music. It's obviously above board on the legal side of things, but everyone on the creative side has a right to be bummed that they didn't have any input on the project.
  11. As I recall, the band wanted it to be a picture disc. Considering it was 2008, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't know anything about vinyl and just thought it would look cool. And it does look cool! Edit: found the original post:
  12. It was in the box set, which goes for a bazillion dollars and was executed pretty poorly from top to bottom (thanks Virgil). Both the other records were eventually repressed, so the demand for Bless the Martyr is pretty concentrated at this point.
  13. In the last Asian Man email update Mike Park said he just ordered some BTMI represses and was told August 2022. For represses!
  14. Crawling through the checkout, each page is a bear to load. Almost to billing cmon baby

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