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  1. Look — can you pick up their LP and all the 7"s for around what this costs? Maybe. Is it maybe more exciting that a lot of this is available digitally for the first time? Sure! But still, this is cool and I've been waiting for it for a long time! Jeff Rosenstock can explain: Features future members of Big Eyes, Aye Nako, and Sleater-Kinney, technically! If you've ever liked anything on Salinas or Don Giovanni, you'd like Cheeky. http://www.quoteunquoterecords.com/qur114.htm http://reallyrecords.bigcartel.com/product/cheeky-freaky-deaky-by-cheeky-the-cheeky-discography
  2. I ordered the red/blue/yellow from the Big Red Machine store. I assume this variant is replacing the red/blue/yellow as that was the only multicolor variant I recall seeing for sale on their merch store other than the /80 variant.
  3. Hey there, Thank you again for your support of Big Red Machine's release! The final version looks a bit different than the mock-ups. Below you'll find a photo of what the finished product looks like with the blue, violet, and turquoise colorway. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please reach out in the next 48 hours. Otherwise we will proceed with shipping your order. Thank you, Big Red Machine / Ambient Inks
  4. Because it's on a major, and they're intent on riding the vinyl boom into the ground. Seems every release on a major label affiliate in the last couple years starts at $25.
  5. They'll both be back in print eventually. AMR has done all the AJJ and Alkaline Trio albums as picture discs at this point, and they've all been followed up by standard represses.
  6. Whatever happened to collector of the month The milkman, the paper boy, evening TV
  7. ☹️ I assume this is why the green splatter sold outright away (surely it wasn't actually limited to 80?)
  8. I didn't see anything on previous pages, did anyone get the single-LP It's All Crazy, and are you able to compare it to the Burnt Toast 1.5xLP? Prices on the original pressing seem pretty stable in the mid-$30s, it would be sick if I could swap mine out and have one less side to flip without losing out on sound quality too badly.
  9. The Brother Sister-era live shows were so good. I saw them at Cornerstone 2006 on the main stage where they let Psalters and all their other Christian hippie friends (including a giant bird made of discarded items from the dumpster) just come up and dance with them. A real treat to witness that on the same massive stage that also hosted, like, Toby Mac. I'd love to see a fully-produced livestream of the album similar to what Underoath did. I think the "whole album front-to-back" concept works way better in a controlled environment than as a live tour anyway, never been a fan of
  10. My Bleep Loveless order arrived last night in easily the nicest record packaging I've gotten from overseas — non-shitty cardboard mailer with the anti-bump wing things, record wrapped in tissue paper then in that kind of mesh-cut cardboard stuff. Album looks and sounds amazing, I'm really glad I pulled the trigger and went deluxe.
  11. This link is dead but here's a piece featuring interviews with four of the (former) employees: https://luke.substack.com/p/we-finally-started-bringing-our-concerns
  12. That would be surprising to hear, as they have a strong back catalog and it seems like they've made all the right moves for a label that's pretty much inactive - keeping vinyl in print, putting their whole catalog on Bandcamp, doing cool archival releases here and there, the Fugazi live archive, etc. Hard to imagine a way they'd be overextending themselves.
  13. Hey, remember this thing? Personally I had forgotten all about it! And yet I am still bummed to learn that my black copy is still yet to come 😔

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