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  1. Cool, I sold my copy of this a few years back once it passed the $50 mark and regretted it even at the time. Definitely a band that should've been huge but just petered out instead, destined to be a cult classic that only put out like 30 songs, all of them bangers. I'm holding out hope for a repress of The Cradle someday.
  2. Circling back to my stance from the last time this was reissued, after trying and failing to A/B a meaningful difference between the different versions, which I stand by: This is not one of those albums where the timbre of every drum hit is carved into my brain though, more like I listen to it every 18 months or so and am just kinda like "music... very cool". I understand how you might feel differently if this album meant a lot to you. Still a huge nerd though
  3. https://asthmatickitty.com/announcing-convocations-by-sufjan-stevens/
  4. Very annoying to have apparently missed the 4 hour window where I could buy the analog cut of Loveless without jumping through hoops or ordering from overseas.
  5. Boxes are the worst part of box sets, especially oversized ones with a big lid/flap. They certainly look cool and it's neat how to see a specific artist/album encapsulated in a nice package, but they're annoying to retrieve records from especially if you're listening to the whole thing. And be honest, you're not listening to the whole MxPx box set at once, unless you have really want your day to gradually get more mediocre over the course of 8 hours.
  6. Pretty messed up that Underoath gets top billing over Converge on Friday, and I say that as someone who has listened to far more Underoath in his life. Also, could there be any more mid-2000s Tooth & Nail representation on here? I mean, was Terminal's one album really seminal enough to justify a 15-year reunion, or did Jonezetta just not respond to their emails?
  7. lmao WHAT I remember this being a not-uncommon thing in the early days of the Vinyl Revival™, specifically with Pirates Press - the VC Norma Jean box set and the Asbestos Records pressing of Bomb the Music Industry's To Leave or Die in Long Island both had gaps between gapless songs. It was confounding then and it's even more confounding now! Listen to your test presses!
  8. One person said they heard somewhere that it was bad and 3-4 other people took that claim as fact, what more proof could you want?
  9. This may be controversial, but Panic is their best album. Best-sounding production, tight songwriting, and some lyrics are actually good. After that, for me, they settled into a groove similar to most punk bands that have been around 20+ years where every new album is perfectly serviceable but there's truly no reason for anyone who's not a super fan to give it a listen.
  10. I don't understand what is so bad about the Gold Rush graphic - is it because they call out long wait times and they themselves have had long wait times (like everyone else)? This is boilerplate marketing verbiage. Looking at Discogs I own at least one record they've pressed (JPEGMAFIA's Veteran) and it sounds good to me.
  11. FUN FACT: When a band is not touring, its members do not need money in order to live!
  12. I gotta say I think Homestar Runner still holds up as much as anything. I think it helps that they never relied on reference-based humor (well, current references anyway) or crudeness (nothing at all against crudeness, it just doesn't age well. Don't see a lot of nostalgia being expressed for Happy Tree Friends). They're just weird little cartoon people executing a very specific brand of humor. And they do put out new stuff every so often - probably 2-3 toons a year plus random side project things like the Trogdor board game. They just put out a DOS game play-along video with puppet Stron
  13. https://www.fangamer.com/collections/homestar-runner/products/strong-bad-sings-vinyl Appears to be available now? Nothing about pressing information, but uh, this exists!

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