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  1. "early/mid aug 2018" https://www.smlxlvinyl.com/products/matthew-thiessen-the-earthquakes-climb-lp-preordersmlxl-vinyl-exclusive Comes with a download of the first single "Man of Stone", which is a pretty good song. A good amount darker and more ragged than the typical RK stuff of the last few years.
  2. Also here's Pedro's tour manager confirming that all the albums will be repressed:
  3. Ah fuck, looks like Undertow is getting their own color as well. Here's It's Hard to Find a Friend on... red vinyl? Shipping immediately. https://undertowstore.com/products/its-hard-to-find-a-friend-remastered-vinyl-re-issue?variant=12098166259838
  4. Also @tokimedo it may not be a bad idea to edit the title of this thread. Whole is proooobably never going to happen.
  5. These were apparently repressed on clear vinyl as an indie exclusive, as well as a standard black repress. Out last Friday. I can't seem to find any press release or anything, or any online retailers that carry all of them (not that I need to buy any of these records a 3rd/4th/5th time...) but they're out there.
  6. AlexH.

    Envelopes of stickers: $1

    As I type this I am about to head to the supply closet to steal envelopes for the purpose of sending these out tomorrow. Hit me uppp, you won't regret it
  7. My dude, I gotta know - is this band name a Gilmore Girls reference?
  8. So ever since high school I’ve kept all the stickers I’ve ever gotten in a shoebox. Today I pulled it out and the thing is full. So I’m culling the herd. PayPal me $1 and I’ll send you an envelope full of stickers. Here’s a selection of what you might get: I’ve also got baseball cards, temporary tattoos, download codes and assorted ephemera that I’ll be throwing in. PayPal is [email protected] If you want specific ones, let me know in the notes. First come first served, I’ll try and update this thread when stuff is gone but include some alternates and keep an open mind
  9. "very limited edition Coke Bottle Green LP" for $20 with free shipping. https://badmanrecordingco.com/products/the-innocence-mission-sun-on-the-square-lp-and-cd-pre-order The Innocence Mission is a band that transcends irony and cynicism and reminds you of how nice it is to be nice. RIYL Iron & Wine, The Sundays, Mr. Rogers.
  10. AlexH.

    Record Store Day 2018

    Numero Group brings the righteous fire: http://numerogroup.com/sendy/w/txRYwSH9Bq3Kea5z763VbfNA/PtzdMeEx763iy9sRJJjiM8ww/j2T763u6ZvFr892eBUZDWKZWDQ
  11. I got it yesterday. Listened this morning and I like it a lot. I dug the production of the last several records but didn't really connect with the whole conceptual Maraqopa thing, so I appreciate that this record is a bit of a return to a more straightforward sound.
  12. AlexH.

    Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    I read this thread and I don't quite get why this guy was banned, he is a better poster than almost everyone else on this website?
  13. The aesthetically pleasing aspects of vinyl sound come from distortion at the needle and the amp. I wouldn't think this new stamper manufacturing process would affect either of those things. As to why: theoretically, it's faster, way less of a pain in the ass, and less expensive in the long run. Plus, 99.9% of contemporary music is digitally recorded. Hell, even Jack White uses Pro Tools now. I suppose you could take it a step further and say "why even make vinyl then?" to which I would say, great point! I'm certainly not going to let logic get in my way, though. I'm going to keep hauling my wall of records around until I'm dead like a giant dumbass.
  14. Counterpoint: there is nothing inherently superior about analog recording by any objective measure.