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  1. My clear copy sounds great. I always avoid the Pirates Press splatters, I've never owned one that didn't sound subpar, although I've heard that a deep cleaning will address some of that. That said, I do have an Early Bird edition on the way that I had preordered through Bandcamp and never bothered to cancel. This album is amazing, definitely up there with Bazan's best work. And I say that as a lifelong fan.
  2. This whole show is now on Netflix if you want a preview. Just gotta find an extra 2 ½ hours to watch it... Bruce's stage banter is half the fun of seeing him live - Exhibit A:
  3. The original pressing always struck me as kind of lame - a single pocket with no insert, especially compared with the CD which is easily the coolest packaging I have ever owned. That said, I probably won't upgrade to the new pressing, but I would've been all in for a big dumb $80 package that recreated the CD packaging in some way.
  4. RSD version is red, and it seems a lot of places have leftovers online for around $16.
  5. This was a Black Friday "RSD First" release and is now available from Rosie directly. Red (/1000) or black vinyl. If you like Sufjan's first Christmas box set, or soft earnest "nice" music like The Innocence Mission, Denison Witmer, Iron & Wine etc., this is the Christmas album for you. https://rosiethomas.bandcamp.com/album/a-very-rosie-christmas
  6. AlexH.

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    It's an "RSD First" release, it'll get a wider release at some point. Plus with 3500 pressed, there will more than likely be copies that go up tonight after stores close.
  7. I recently went down a Discogs rabbit hole that included looking up all those represses SH/VC did at their peak and it's crazy how many of those albums go for money now. I straight up *gave away* at least 2 of those Heavy Heavy Low Low records to people who bought stuff from me, I had a ton of those Ferret titles from buying a few grab bag type things near the end that I probably ended up taking to the record store with other unsellable stuff, now most of them are $50+. Same with the Co-op releases, as much of a clusterfuck as that was. Definitely would not have predicted that when Virgil dropped off the face of the earth and the guy from Deathwish was on here making Fuck You Pay Me threads.
  8. http://store.doomtree.net/category/10-year-anniversary $25 for self-titled, $20 for False Hopes, $40 for the bundle. I know the OG pressing of s/t is a pricey record these days.
  9. These guys sound like Imagine Dragons now I'm still holding out hope for vinyl pressings of the first three records, which to me are the peak of that era of Christian rock.
  10. Added some more stuff: Gay Witch Abortion - Maverick - $30 Ben Sollee - Learning to Bend $25 Diamond Youth - DMND (black) $5 mewithoutYou - Nice & Blue Pt. 2 $40 Four Fists - s/t 7" (red) $10 Frodus - Soundlab 1 (clear) $5 Jahbreaker - Bad Weed, Dealer's Fault $20 Kishi Bashi - Comin' to You $3 Starflyer 59 - Ghosts of the Future (first two 7"s only - white vinyl) $10 Zak Sally - Fear of Song $1 [split] - P.O.S/Off with Their Heads/20 Dollar Love/Torch the Spires $10 [split] - Coping/The Clippers (Gold) $5
  11. Maybe Bazan's camp got wind of it and squashed it, although I suppose they don't really have any authority/leverage to do anything about it.
  12. Down to one stupid 7". Never seen a picture, for all I know it doesn't even exist. But hope springs eternal.
  13. PIAPTK has an advance edition of their newsletter for frequent customers, and they put up 25 copies for the people on that list. 50 more copies go up on October 5th.
  14. IMO, Silver & Gold is waaaay uneven. Sounds like it was a lot more fun to make than listen to. I own the boxset, and I don't even put Volume 7 on, as it pretty much goes back and forth between austere choral arrangements (which are amazing) and super goofy novelty songs like "I Am Santa's Helper (You Are Santa's Slave)". Volume 8 is pretty rough at times as well. I will say that it still contains some of his finest Christmas material, and the last two songs - Justice Delivers Its Death and Christmas Unicorn - are among his best songs ever, period. Songs for Christmas, on the other hand, is unimpeachably great from start to finish. Chronologically it goes from just before Michigan to the Illinois era, so he wasn't doing as much stuff with synths and computers, and it just suits the Christmas season better. And I love bleep bloopy Sufjan, but during Christmas I'd rather hear something more organic and unobtrusive.
  15. AlexH.

    Low - "Double Negative"

    I'm local, so I preordered in person. Maybe try disabling adblock? That usually makes those kinds of problems go away for me.