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  1. So it seems a few weeks in that this was a bit of an overblown concern, assuming you don't have an ideological opposition to sales tax in the first place 😜. It's actually not that complicated. If you are a buyer, either: you live in a state where Discogs is an MPF (https://support.discogs.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024123194#h_92f3b7e3-8346-4582-82a7-ec8117930651) in which case Discogs automatically charges you sales tax, or you live in a non-MPF state, in which case it's up to the seller to account for sales tax if they meet your state's economic nexus threshold (see below) or if they live in the same state as you (also see below) For sellers: Your buyers in MPF states automatically pay sales tax, and Discogs automatically collects it. For non-MPF states, if you don't meet a specific state's economic nexus threshold, which means you do X amount of business in the state (at least $100,000 & 100 transactions for all states that have sales tax), you are not legally required to collect sales tax. This most likely covers everyone on VC. If you're doing that much in Discogs sales to one state, you probably have an accountant who has already explained this to you. The exception is your home state. According to Discogs, there are usually no thresholds for "resident sellers" since you're effectively the same as a brick and mortar business at that point. This is the one annoying one, since Discogs also says you technically have to register your "business" and file tax returns and all that. That seems to be on the honor system for now, since you have to go in and manually check the box for your state in your seller settings, so I'm leaving it be for now. If you really want to stay off the grid, you can always arrange an in-person meetup.
  2. Literally the highest-paid person in entertainment https://www.stereogum.com/2050738/taylor-swift-forbes-highest-paid-celebrity/news/
  3. My reading of the situation is that she couldn't get control of her work because the people who owned it wouldn't sell it to her. The industry is fucked for sure but I think it's a pretty unique situation because she's such a big artist. She says in her statement that she expected they'd get sold to someone, it seems she's more upset that it's being sold to this industry dude.
  4. This board has never had a problem with bands not having control of their masters if it means they can get vinyl pressings of albums they like. Taylor Swift is a brand, she'll be fine.
  5. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of the business conducted in $ is done by record stores and dealers. They're likely facilitating millions of dollars of transactions per year, of course they're going to comply with the law. If you don't like it, you can always move to Montana.
  6. Had a hell of a time finding this thread, as it doesn’t contain the words “Lil Nas X - Old Town Road” anywhere. Until now. Anyway, this has now been the #1 song for 12 weeks and just stopped yet another truly bad Taylor Swift song from hitting #1. God bless America. https://www.stereogum.com/2048913/lil-nas-xs-old-town-road-keeps-taylor-swift-out-of-the-1-spot-again/news/?amp=1&__twitter_impression=true Still one month from the estimated ship date of 7/26, and I gotta say: this song still whips ass
  7. Huh. Seems a bit anachronistic for an active band to put out a greatest hits collection in this day & age, especially for a band with such a big, consistent catalog like Spoon. And you're never going to make everyone happy with just 12 tracks - no Written in Reverse? The Beast and Dragon Adored? Sister Jack?
  8. Links to both editions for North America/Europe/Australia here: https://wilsunsrc.bigcartel.com/sheer-mag-a-distant-call-pre-order-info
  9. Oof, a $10 premium for the colored vinyl? I am excited for this album, although it sucks that we've basically heard half of it already.
  10. Hmm, hard to imagine this holding up as a cohesive unit so this is probably something I'll just get digitally and cherry pick the good tracks. Cool that this is happening though!
  11. https://www.mergerecords.com/terms-of-surrender https://hissgoldenmessenger.bandcamp.com/album/terms-of-surrender Peak Vinyl usually makes it to retail, so probably no real rush to buy, but always exciting to get new Hiss.
  12. Also it is definitely illegal to own, my recommendation is to stage a fatal car wreck and start a new life out west
  13. Looks like it could be worth as much as five dollars: https://www.discogs.com/Smokey-Robinson-Smoke-Signals/release/7727762