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  1. This just opened up to another 10,000[!] artists. Still through Pirates Press, lots of details: https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-vinyl-pressing-service https://bandcamp.com/vinyl https://get.bandcamp.help/hc/en-us/articles/360035500754-What-is-Bandcamp-s-Vinyl-Pressing-Service-and-how-does-it-work- My thoughts: this may sound elitist or gatekeep-y, but I worry that making this as simple as a checkbox on the Bandcamp backend takes vinyl further down the path of lifestyle accessory/fetish object/Funko Pop alternative. As that classic single-panel c
  2. Bizarre to me that they wouldn't keep Air for Free in print. Surely they own the rights to it free and clear, I can't imagine why there would be any issues preventing them from just doing a few hundred at a time. Was it not a big seller? Also, still waiting for that "not limited" black vinyl of FIF's Our Newest Album Ever to come back in stock.
  3. Oh wow. Haven't listened to this in some time and cannot even begin to speculate on how it holds up, but my friends and I played the absolute shit out of this in high school. Probably the first "heavy music" album I bought.
  4. Got Feed the Animals yesterday. Sounds great. Packaging is decent considering this is basically a bootleg. Glad to own it. True heads will remember that when Feed the Animals was first released, Baltimore arts collective Wham City was supposedly going to release the vinyl. This week I searched my email to find my tracking number and found this email I sent to them in 2009 asking about it, with a response from Dan Deacon lol
  5. Dang, between the red and the Newbury gold I kinda regretting jumping on the black so fast. It's hard sometimes to talk myself out of chasing all the cool colors even when I know it literally does not matter at all. I'm in a financial position where I'm not banking on the eventual resell value of my collection, and I'm probably never going to sell it anyway, I'm just chasing that infinitesimal dopamine boost that occurs when I pull it out of the sleeve and see pretty color. Dumb brain!
  6. Beyond its status as a meme, I'm completely blanking on 12/18's significance. Someone who was a mod got pissed about something and deleted a bunch of threads? There was an image of a snowplow involved?
  7. Alright, now I want to see a pressing of the Neil Cicierega albums.
  8. The only reason I say that is because I looked back at his posting history and couldn't find anything other than this: And I know he made his own thread, because it's referenced in this thread: But yeah, I remember it being a pretty amazing thread, mostly on the strength of Tre's initial post, something to the effect of "Virgil Dickerson, you owe me several thousand dollars and all the records of mine that you haven't sold. Pick up your fucking phone or I will drive to Colorado and beat your ass". and then everybody just going oh SHIT
  9. Bootlegs are a long and storied tradition as old as records themselves. There will always be shady pressing plants that don't ask questions.
  10. Talking shit is why the internet exists. It's good. He ran Suburban Home Records, a low-to-mid-tier punk label. Circa 2006 he founded Vinyl Collective, which consisted of: A Proboards forum, which through an arcane series of events eventually became this website here A vinyl-only distro – pretty novel at the time as the vinyl revival was just starting to take off. At that point the main punk/hardcore options were basically No Idea and Interpunk and some smaller players, and they had their pluses and minuses but mostly they just carried punk recor
  11. Cool! I'm in for Feed the Animals. All Day always felt a bit like he was on autopilot but Feed the Animals still bangs. The Night Ripper pressing goes for big bucks these days, for anyone on the fence about these.
  12. If you use Facebook in 2020 you deserve every pain and misfortune that it brings
  13. I'll admit to being blown away by those numbers. $1.75 million in merch sales in 2019 is nuts for a band that I would have guessed had peaked with their inclusion on one of those "Punk Goes" compilations. I'll also say that as someone who would love to live in a world where artists are able to subsist solely on their art and don't have to become super-savvy strategic marketing gurus or rely on commodity fetishism to survive, it does bum me out a lot to read an interview with a guy who can say "it really changed the way that the band thinks about merchandise" without throwing up! Bands with mor

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