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  1. IT SHOWED UP TODAY!! I felt this bump was worthwhile...
  2. Both singles so far are some of their best..really impressed
  3. How are we still living in a world with vinyl preorders where shipping is half the price of the record??
  4. My target was sold out by 8:15 and i got there at 8:30 fml
  5. She didn’t mind using a ton of the labels money before she was a star to record, tour and see her music promoted. The label made a smart investment and now she is basically saying that since the label wont just “be nice to her” and let her have her masters that they’re “bullying” her. Meanwhile, her narrative has sparked uninformed people to ACTUALLY bully people. Terrible look for her and another L in her cringeworthy album promotion..then again were talking about her so maybe it’s a W after all....
  6. There isn't a single album in existence that I would pay $50 for a current repress of that has no special packaging/autographs/bonus tracks... These guys went on discogs and said "oh shit this sells for $150 we can charge whatever we want for this!"
  7. Looking to buy or trade for Tash Sultana-Flow State on Mint/Pink Swirl or the Deluxe Edition holographic cover on Yellow/Orange Swirl Also, RX Bandits-The Resignation I can send link to my discogs collection if you want to trade.
  8. I understand your point and your tongue in cheek points cracked me up because there's something to it. Flippers will always cause a good amount of RSD frustration and I have FOR SURE had my share of salty RSDs lol. The Amoeba line up starting 5PM the night before is completely mind-blowing, but I think the people that do that enjoy it. There must be stores at least somewhat nearby with good amount of stock that a person can get in line 3 hrs before open and get their stuff. A good amount of the time "RSD Exclusive" ends up not even being truthful (stares at my numbered copy of Gorillaz-The Fall from RSD 2011). Funny you say that because this year I waited in line at a shop that had a good selection, but about 3 miles down the road, theres another shop who didn't participate. Its his first full year in business so he didn't sign the petition etc in time, but he still posted HAPPY RSD on his instagram and had sandwiches and cookies and stuff out so I went over there....not a single person there, sandwiches just sitting there and the dude just looking deflated. We chatted a bunch, and he was a little bummed, but he also gets that people print out these lists months in advance and salivate over these releases so it is what it is. But its 100% not a holiday of TRUE bin flipping and buying records in terms of what we do the other 364 days of the year. We agree it's far from perfect, but the end of the day, in my opinion at least, when you take the good with the bad, it's still a rad day.
  9. Im probably gonna have an extra copy of MCR for whoever wants. I haven’t received yet, but the listing said “corner ding”. I paid $41.49 after tax and shipping so would let it go for that price plus shipping.. pm me if interested
  10. I agree and disagree here. Sure they could make more, but isn’t the limited nature what makes it fun for most of people who love RSD? People look forward to camping out, making lists, taking friends and meeting nee people in line and seeing what they get. If everyone knew they could get everything they wanted, would they still care about RSD and these releases? Or say “$40 for a 20 year old soundtrack? Ill wait til its on clearance on Amazon..” At the end of the day, most all of this music can be heard practically free through streaming or buying a used cd for $2(no one listens to ONLY vinyl)..but exclusive limited vinyl is what makes this fun. Its an impulsive, irresponsible, anxious, frustrating, and hopefully really satisfying day for people to share. And its fun to miss something limited and have a new “grail” to seek out or trade for.
  11. Plaid room restocked a bunch of stuff..Thrice, The Doors etc