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  1. https://portofsoundrecords.com/collections/record-store-day-blk-friday-2019/products/story-of-the-ghost?variant=31302435831913 a little pricey but I know people are looking for this one..
  2. Rough Trade clutch with Jenny Lewis!
  3. Crazy how these are impossible to find but they should be everywhere in a few weeks
  4. wow plaid room really knocked out all 285 copies of the phish album in 6 minutes!! scored j cole from plaid and hold steady and the national from 1234go! great haul considering i had to work yesterday!
  5. IT SHOWED UP TODAY!! I felt this bump was worthwhile...
  6. Both singles so far are some of their best..really impressed
  7. How are we still living in a world with vinyl preorders where shipping is half the price of the record??
  8. My target was sold out by 8:15 and i got there at 8:30 fml