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  1. My copy randomly arrived from Matador today! Glad to see these arriving early
  2. Ordered NIB on Bullmoose and just had my order cancelled because they over sold....fuck.
  3. https://www.target.com/p/smashing-pumpkins-mellon-collie-the-infinite-sadness-vinyl/-/A-77529281 Amazing price and just came in stock
  4. Have they done a remaster for this album yet? Amazing album that always needed some retooling on the production side..
  5. Their site says “medium rarities”. B-sides collection likely.
  6. Whats with the “in the trees” edition singled out? Standard edition or still only available for a week?
  7. 7 copies for sale and 7 already sold on eBay. 4 for sale on discogs. Starting to feel like there might be more than 100 of these...
  8. My copy of vol 1 came in from target.com today! Cant believe thats where i ended up finally finding it..keep an eye out for restocks from them
  9. Set up an in stock notification using the target app. Youll get a notification on your phone and it jumps you right to product page 🤘🏻 Hopefully it restock again
  10. https://www.target.com/p/trent-reznor-watchmen-volume-1-ost-vinyl/-/A-78786715?ref=Email_notifyme_ship&ref=OpsEmail_Notify_1683&j=161692&sfmc_sub=295957411&l=20_HTML&u=88444306&mid=7284873&jb=111222 Vol 1 in stock!!
  11. Is it ironic the whole song comparison thing that just happened in here and their new song has the same hook as Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol?
  12. Incredible song. Great to hear Julian still has such well composed melodies in the tank.

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