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  1. Would love for hell or high high water to be released Hoping the hand pour will be available again for cv, can't believe I missed it.
  2. Bought the cv pink, not sure why they chose pink lol I want the haste the day pressure hinges but $45 is a lot ..
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/emosnotdead/felt-emo-might-make-an-album/pledge/ $75 includes a Tshirt. You can preview his two songs he made already : https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Ldp0xJ3g04Y&feature=share https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=5NU3MMwiwHU&feature=share
  4. I'm mainly talking about the slave system. When people are in and can't break out they just stay programmed. Like a NPC, just limited to think a certain way. Slave system is working for a company/boss to pay for a mortgage and buy a car payment that car depreciates and is worth 1/3 by the time it's done in 5-7 years and then most likely buy another one hence owning nothing for 30 years (paying triple for the house)and having to work 35-50 hours weekly to support it and your family. Let's not forget trying to save a little and the gov prints and inflates effectively reducing your buying power usually 2% yearly paying eBay fees, sucks but it never shut down when the government made small business but Walmart, amazon and drive thru food was exempt. paying property taxes: $550 yearly super cheap. paying income tax: my state doesn't have it, but federal like 12% not fun but since people love socialism it kind of pays for some things and the less fortunate. paying car registration: only $25 a vehicle, they even paid it for a year with some of that money printing lol paying car insurance: $650 every six months with house insurance and full coverage. driving on public roads: state just paved a nice one near me more money printing and inflation but they are nice. paying for your own health insurance : yes not required. BUT self employed at 50k net it's only $40 ea month and $110k is around $600 it climbs up (that's with two people on it, it'd be half for just me) I'll agree I participate in the system I barely pay for the stuff in the system I'm in, but some days I work 30 minutes, some days 3 hours. But 8 hours 5x a week? For a boss? Taking away my life, could you imagine how limited my brain would be if all I thought about was what I had to do for a company 8 hours of a day. Thats what the NPC slaves are for I hope this helps but if not I apologize if any of this is offensive. So let's end this call, and end this conversation
  5. 😂 I'm good, I accomplished what I needed out of the thread. Since I've been out of the programmed system for awhile now... paid for house, paid for cars, self employed... I forgot the level of stupidity of some people. The system needs them though, I just have to remind myself of that, without the slaves willing to do the work and follow along with the programming... I wouldn't have it as good as I do. I figured it's best to just make a comedy out of it for fun. Thanks for your concern.
  6. Vc/src owns the forums, I created a thread and thread topic . What you did was take a small details, make issues and distract from the point of the thread. As always your post lacks substance Quite weak Go make your own eBay thread since you know so much ...
  7. Go have a drink with your 2 matrix slave friends that chimed in. You successfully hijacked the thread , I asked you to Fuck off and you wouldnt leave Not surprised you are still here. Why not make your own eBay policy thread? Why feel the need to share something irrelevant to my thread topic over and over again? When your points don't change the initial point of the thread? I switched the thread name so people on these forums can see how much of a joke you are since you derailed the whole thread with non sense and you still show up 😉 I figured after your non stop stupidity a good laugh was needed You are a typical troll, intentionally making points about nothing. Go make your own EBAY policy Thread. You know you can make one instead of hijack others right?? But you'd rather troll about things not related to what mission was . Let the videos commence.
  8. This guy is the real comedy, still talking. Bothers his ego bc I'm correct.

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