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  1. Buy them if you want them, they are priced so low they will be sold soon
  2. Please help me get positive feedback on my new eBay account I'm basically giving these away and all your paying is the shipping Only 8.50ppd and I will reimburse you 4.00 after you leave positive feedback! The ting tings on eBay: www.ebay.com/itm/372832586227 Tbs happiness is www.ebay.com/itm/372832593432 Senses fail pull the thorns www.ebay.com/itm/153715725733 Real friends the home inside my head www.ebay.com/itm/1756984101920 Selling for only $10.60 If you buy any of these I'll reimburse 4 dollars After you leave positive feedback
  3. I declared Dear Agony..the best album created. It doesnt just knock me out, it mentally drags me along kinda like how khabib fights... and all the emotions that I didn’t know I had appear..and I just want to chill in a dark place, seeking my ability to feel what is to be felt, waiting for the bright lights to take me away, only to realize I have the courage and strength to carry on
  4. Yang seems to know the math, hope he continues to gain momentum. No reason companies that are rich should be getting off the hook on taxes. I personally like most of the stuff I've heard from Yang. Biden still doesn't look mentally sharp during the debates lol
  5. He’s taxing any company that uses artificial intelligence, such as amazon using machines instead of people in warehouses, Walmart using no cashiers, fast food places using self check outs, automobile factories using robots. It’s all already happening and no one is noticing. But that is how he Ives back to humanity. Last I heard he said amazon pays 0 taxes on a lot of stuff
  6. I like her also, I’ve seen a lot of people online say yang/gabbard According to Yangs Twitter it appears that the debate was a success for him. I can honestly say both of them are good and hope the debate helps the polls does anyone actually like Biden? Lol Im starting to think it’s rigged
  7. I want him to win, I didn’t think I’d be into universal basic income until I heard what he had to say. i hate to say it, but I kinda feel like he is our only hope in the future.
  8. Yea I think Jesus stopped blessing them after chasing safety. im actually thinking this album may be good cause they are free of their ignorance now.