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  1. I have one of each variant that i'm willing to part with. Was a split release from Broken World/Funeral Sounds/Known Pleasure in 2014 and is completely sold out. Message me an offer if you're interested
  2. probably by the end of the month, the quote for the jackets said they'd be here 10/20 and that's all we're waiting on
  3. Austin was the vocalist yea, I think he got that William Bonney record for me actually. and yea I was hrmlssnss but I just changed it to goodwill.haunting . what's your ig?
  4. okay so we don't really know what we're doing with it, yea we have a ton of instrumental material written but with a new vocalist it might change a little
  5. we're only getting like 1 each for ourselves but if you order from Bad Break or Paperweight just ask for one in the notes and maybe they will!! these are like the extreme ones, but there are a bunch that have a little color from the other variants in them
  6. yo thnx all of our fame comes from our meme skills tho, not this crybaby emo shit
  7. I'm sorry :/ we don't have anymore tests or I would've sold you one!!! people snagged those really fast
  8. that was one of the transition variants, there are only like 3 of them. but the coke bottle ones vary from really light green to dark green and some blue so if you wanted that that one is the closest to it!
  9. damn you're so ill you should probably see a doctor after that? the plant actually kind of changed things up..clear with green swirl became coke bottle clear (but a lot of them have black smoke in them), with with green splatter became clear green with white splatter, and clear purple stayed the same. the other weird ones in that pic are one off and transition copies when they were changing colors. but they all look so amazing. thank you so much!!
  10. the vinyl came in sooner than we expected - we're still waiting on the jackets. should be ready by the end of the month though!
  11. it is a test press. you can ask the plant to make as many tests as you want (for example, my band made 50 tests so we could have a tour variant in time for tour) and that's what they did. the center labels say "test pressing"