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  1. I’ll be trying for the other Bruce. Had to pop in and say hello.
  2. I've been on an extreme horror kick the past uhhh long time since posting and have watched countless trashbags but would definitely recommend Salo and Martyrs. Also the first 3 Guinea Pig films are very fun.
  3. I miss you too!!!! I'm still deep down wanting to be in that industry but it's so fuckin hard to get into it. Here is my overshare. Totaled my car last month and now I have loan on a new one that costs me too goddamn much money for that + Insurance so now yr small boi is paycheck to paycheck. Love adult life. Crushing and fun.
  4. Watched Dead Alive back in October and I really enjoyed the zany gore. That lawnmower scene tho.
  5. Honestly the best thing to be excited about. SotP hasn't left my car disc changer since the 1st of the month.
  6. Bad news good news gang. Bad news: My father passed away last Thursday. Good news: I got my license today
  7. @KingTacoMunster Absolutely coming through and saving my fucking skin yet again on ETID stuff. You're the best.