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  1. $15 and $17? Unless there’s a single LP version being repressed, those are some good deals that should be seized before potentially fixed.
  2. Maybe I’m alone here but I hear more sounds and experimentation on this record than anything they’ve done yet. Not necessarily saying it’s the best thing they’ve ever done but I think it’s worlds different than re-recording Sunbather.
  3. Haha yeah dude vinyl is no old man’s game it’s like nut up or shut up lol just shell out that $30 for an LP or get the fuck out of here lmao can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen you know what I mean haha fucking casuals dude probably not even down to pay $40 in 2020 what a joke when did everyone get to be so cheap holy shit
  4. Derek™

    Flenser Releases

    Been waiting patiently for this to go live. I appreciate the heads up.
  5. Just taken aback because of VC’s active users I’ve considered your tastes to fall into the “quite respectable” range of the spectrum. On initial impression, what are your biggest hang-ups with the album? How did you feel about Bermuda?
  6. May just be the first ever "black with X splatter" variant that I've seen that doesn't look like ass.
  7. Remember when people thought this album was going to be good?
  8. Looking past the fact that their website looks like a storefront for sexy toys hosted on Geocities, you know you’re a credible source of music critique when you have to rely on mental disorders as descriptors. I thought that was a parody site until I saw how seriously they review all their literally-who metal bands on the front page.
  9. Headline or bust, for me too. No matter how much I dig the headliner, I'm always going to end up wanting more Caspian at a show.
  10. Derek™

    PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    Not sure if I was supposed to burn or trash my Brand New records but I revisited SciFi for the first time in a while and very much enjoyed it.
  11. Derek™

    PO Soon: Daughters

    You were a lot closer than I was.