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  1. Drops 6:31 AM (PST) on Tuesday. Willing to bet pre-orders go live then.
  2. Ocean Songs is getting a 4-LP reissue. Remastered album with 2 additional LPs of live material previously unreleased. Details here – it is indeed the 1 thing worth eying for this upcoming RSD drop.
  3. All jokes aside, I really hope so. I hung onto the single LP version from years back but there’s definitely room for improvement on that press. A 2xLP reissue would be tremendous.
  4. Yup. "Different strokes for different folks" and all that, but I'm of a similar mindset. I've even convinced normie verse-chorus-verse friends who listen to pop, indie, or hardcore - exclusively - to attend a GY!BE show with me, and they always leave stunned and smiling after the show concludes. Post-rock is an acquired taste but between the visuals and dynamics of their live show, I feel like it's not hard to get something out of their performances, regardless. Call it pretentious, but seeing them live has always kind of struck me as an "art experience"... just as much (if not more) than a traditional band playing a set. Not arguing that music by itself isn't art. But hopefully you get what I mean. Anyways. Being that this isn't a GY!BE thread – I will say the new Sumac is pretty monstrous. I see what NoWorthyIcons meant about the record taking its time to start up, a bit. On first listen it feels like the outright riffy or crunchy guitar sections and breakdowns are maybe a little more sparse, but they're absolutely there, and it's a Sumac record through and through. I feel like the more ambient and experimental passages are a little tighter, too – not that I disliked them on Love In Shadow, but I can think of several moments of that record that feel very free-form. No doubt a product of those Haino collaborations recorded around the same timeframe. Overall pretty pleased with it on the first go-around. It's sitting exactly where every other Sumac record has sat on first listen, so far. Which is really impressive when you consider that it's the third time they've managed to stay consistent with a followup, giving me what I wanted or needed to hear, but also subverting expectations enough to stay fresh and "challenging" in a fun manner. Makes for tremendous replay value and I can't wait to sink my teeth into additional play-throughs.
  5. I'd actually wager to guess it's just lazy coding, where that dropdown is present on all products, and only the relevant choices are active or present for the record you're viewing. I peeked at a Tool bootleg and the dropdown list was identical. Plus, I mean, if there were 16 prior bootleg variants... I'd like to believe someone, somewhere, would've posted about it before. Probably. Maybe. I'm on a bit of a roll with getting to the bottom of the confusion in this thread using basic context. What's the next question?
  6. I think the emphasis may have been on the questioning of whether or not it's a double LP. It isn't explicitly clarified on the product page, though the photo suggests it. Embarrassing thread so far.
  7. Not only that but I’m 99% sure they initially advertised the tin as having room for LP4 – I remember being hyped on that little detail way back when.
  8. But you also have to willingly bring yourself to write out the word “redditfam” so you really need to ask yourself if it’s worth it.
  9. Tell me a little more about this "GY!BE" you speak of.
  10. Plus a Newbury reissue of ...Is A Real Boy. Spendy day for anyone with tastes that’ve been stuck for the last decade and a half.
  11. Can't deny that either. I ordered a copy on whim when you first posted the thread – price was right and the single was solid – but have since revisited the album in full a couple of times over the last week. One of my better blind buys in some time.
  12. More than previously you mean? Because I feel like that element has been present since day 1 / The Deal.
  13. That's the one, yeah. Don't quote me on this but I read they're supposed to have an exclusive variant each month, going forward now. Kind of cool but, again, just overkill – I hate the idea of having to keep track of multiple subs at once, especially when it comes to canceling or reactivating membership. And there's no 1 monthly sub that I trust to have something I need once a month. Nice score on those Ride LPs though.