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  1. So they're officially in the studio with Yip man as we speak. Some photos made it onto Facebook but I went ahead and took some liberties before reposting them here.
  2. Dan is so on-the-ball with Strange Ranger releases that he's literally a top-5 result in a Google image search for this album. No lie.
  3. Tell me more about this shorts bundle. Do they provide adequate give and breathing room to disrespect my surroundings or nah?
  4. Shit is goofy, what can I say? That mint variant also has the nicest art from what I’ve seen offered. Don’t mind me though, just a bystander’s 2¢. Will say it is a little scuzzy to trickle out limited releases though, instead of letting fans just assess all the options and pick or bulk-order as they see fit. Even mega-fans who want all variants and all options will get stung by paying shipping again, assuming they don’t combine orders. It’s like the Taylor Swift ME! thread all over again.
  5. Not a guarantee but it sounds like they may restock closer to the release date, which was previously cited as 5/31. I’d check throughout the morning of the 31st and keep a close eye on it. If copies go up, there will be significantly less than today, which were allegedly ~380.
  6. I have no horse in this race but I just wanted to say that this particular picture disc is pretty gross.
  7. Just sign up for a restock notification. You’ll be fine.
  8. Fuck, I am hyped. Come 9 AM tomorrow I’ll be grateful - if just for a few minutes - that the band isn’t as wildly popular as they deserve to be.
  9. I wonder if yours (and-or mine) are getting moved to a Spam folder automatically? I can’t remember the last time I got a TTL stock e-mail, but it’s also been ages since I’ve signed up for anything.
  10. Did anyone get a TTL stock notification yet? Because that’s nutty if the e-mails haven’t gone out yet.
  11. The real MVP. Haven’t received any stock notification from TTL so I appreciate that.
  12. I jokingly said that their name-change was offensive to rangers worldwide and someone on Facebook told me to check my privilege and called me a piece of shit. Amazing fanbase.
  13. You’re not wrong there. Sioux Falls > Strange Ranger, for sure. But I haven’t been disappointed with anything they’ve put out, even if it’s not up to the same caliber of Rot Forever. That’s a tall order to fulfill.