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  1. I haven't listened to the newest single yet but that's how I feel about the prior 2 singles. They're serviceable and easy on the ears but even if George is toning things down, it doesn't mean that the rest of the musicianship has to wind down so much. Alcest is a great example of that – some of the best moments on my favorite records of theirs go in, instrumentally, with either no singing or clean vocals woven in. It's totally doable. But clearly not what Deafheaven set out to do this time around. Name of the game is minimal and spacey, I guess... at least compared to their previous catal
  2. Those runtimes would be enticing if they were from just about any other band dabbling in post-whatever. Side C/D especially.
  3. How many (if any) members are still present from the WIE days? Harmlessness has some great moments as well but anything past that and I'm out. I would be very surprised if this new album did anything for me but I concede that the art is killer.
  4. Strong agree. I know it can get messy trying to define “just how long do I have to wait until I can resell something and not be a flipper?”, but 20+ years seems more than adequate.
  5. Numero just needs to absorb them or something, I completely agree. Seam and The For Carnation have been near the top of my list for some reissues from T&G.
  6. Kind of need everything in their catalog, honestly. The fact that these are the only releases in their catalog that are on a separate label [Homestead] is a little concerning, potentially – hopefully T&G cooperate or just reissue everything themselves. Either would work for me.
  7. Also inverted in the sense that Numero's variants seem to focus on the main "canvas" color of the album art, while PV's are a nod to the accent colors featured in the middle. I think they all look (or sound) great though. Can't go wrong. I'm really pleased to see Seam being reissued through Numero, too. Really hope to bundle more Seam and Karate together down the road.
  8. I think they're almost inverted. Numero has a metallic gold for IPORI and a translucent green / teal for S/T.
  9. That actually sounds closer to the truth. I just can't think of a time where I felt like I was done dirty by buying individual copies only to have a discounted boxset released later on.
  10. Insano %s there but I respect the gumption. It’s well known that the band was in a bad spot when they wrote OCHL but I wouldn’t dare say it suffers from “narrow focus” or ambitious ideas that lack execution. Luna is still a top tier Deafheaven track. The balance between spacey or lush passages, and crunchy riffs galore… it’s a great ratio. Obviously you could spend the next 2 pages repeating the same sentiment and trying to explain why you feel the way you do about NB, but I’m not trying to change your mind about it, much like you’re not going to sway my thoughts on it. If anything I thin
  11. No shit? I've only ever spotted variations of the sky art... streaming platforms, Amazon, CDs, etc. If that other versions was around just as long, I had no idea. Can't believe you got so much for a spotty copy of Panopticon, that's wild to me.
  12. 1. Damn, what a bummer. Wonder where that confusion stemmed from in the product description. 2. I've always considered the sky to be the OG art, and the ominous dark cover the "new" art. That's the only one I currently own across a few copies, and they're all glossy as hell.
  13. Yeah, not for [Untitled] which is an amazing package already. Definitely for Pale Horses; that trifold deluxe is really so-so and the variant is whack. Ten Stories… could go either way. The deluxe is pretty box-like as is, I’d agree.

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