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  1. Honestly that would be hilarious and so nutty that I would have no choice but to respect it.
  2. Don’t think you’ll have an issue grabbing one of these at cost with the sheer amount that would get refunded.
  3. Can’t issue a refund if the product never existed to begin with. Big brain plays.
  4. And not over the forehead of the woman on the album art? Are you absolutely sure about that?
  5. Holy shit, that’s how you con. 1 – Advertise your best albums as reissues. 2 – They’re actually live recordings. 3 – Sell a bunch of units at $85. 4 – Vanish. 5 – Profit. Post-hardcore Christian screamo Houdinis.
  6. Isn’t this whole thing tied to Twitch? Part of me wouldn’t be surprised if someone is using the words “repress” and “reissue” to somehow sell more copies of this Live box, which is shady as hell.
  7. Yeah. “Repressing is the original packaging + Observatory OBI band“ raises 2 questions for me. 1 – Repress as in, pressed again. There has been no live Underoath album, right? 2 – Didn’t DTGL and LITSOS have different art for their vinyl releases? The mockup shows the CD art, which isn’t the original in my books.
  8. Part of me wants this to be true to bring my waffling to an end. Can’t imagine this bad is prolific enough that there’d be enough interest to mass-produce a live boxset... but I could be dead wrong.
  9. Oh man I forgot all about that. Was it Hot Topic? Or something else? There were some pretty good memes and mockups poking fun at it, I remember that much.
  10. To this day I can’t really get Turning On to do much for me, but even the S/T is a goofy, sugar-indie pop good time.
  11. For some reason I thought it was just a display for the slipmat at a quick glance. Not a terrible box design. I can’t believe there is 0 tax and 0 shipping fees, at least here in California. Comes out to about $28 per LP which isn’t a scorching hot deal, but certainly better than anything on the aftermarket.
  12. Disambiguation wasn’t terrible, I should clarify. It never really gelled with me in the way those other 3 did, but it wasn’t offensive. I think I was really starting to explore other bands and genres around that time, and just never really put in the time with it. I can’t knock it too hard, I just know that if it were added to this box and bumped it to $100, I would have no tiny voice whispering in my ear that I may want to scoop this up for muh nostalgia. Does anyone know if this comes housed in an actual box?
  13. ...That’s not to shit on this release by any means. Just a little doubt that the variant is even possible, for anyone curious. TOCS is 100% nostalgia for me but the brand of screamo just hasn’t aged all that well in my books, and I don’t know how often I’d actually spin it. I think DTGL and LITSOS both did some really cool things at the time, too. But, man... that box seems tailor-made for me. As far as I’m concerned, these 3 albums were peak Underoath, and easily received the most playtime when this band was at their height of interest for my teen / early 20s tastes.