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  1. Completely unrelated but last night I had a dream that some therapist and her legal team were suing a handful of VCers for causing emotional trauma to Gumbo. She had a history of all the shit-posting and jabbing that myself and several others have given him over the last few years. We were expected to take the stand and defend said posts. It was something else.
  2. I’ve had my eye on a S/T for a while now, so this is kind of perfect. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Bingo bango. The color choices for these boxes have been on point, too. PH deluxe deserves better than a rasta tri-color.
  4. The nice thing about Dark Ops’ test presses is that they’re entirely mint and unplayed.
  5. I didn’t order one but I’m curious to see how close the end product may be to the mockup. Nothing on Discogs, and Instagram is still disabling tag searching because muh election integrity. Just open it up already and snap a pic. For the internet glory if nothing else.
  6. That mockup is beautiful, albeit a little ambitious. [i]Brother, Sister[/i] turned out [b]pretty[/b] close to the preview pics... but I would say that the “moon” LP turned out even better. Whatever plant they’re using really hit it out of the park with the blue and purple “blend” on that LP. It gives me hope for this new box. I know ~$68 is a lot to pony up for a double LP, despite how nice the packaging is. But it’s been 2 swings and 2 misses for the single LP versions, on the last 2 reissues. No idea why anyone would gamble with the 1LP version this time around. Third time’
  7. Does anyone need this thing at cost, or close to it? I got in on the initial pre-order and then locked in a Bull Moose copy since it was a bit cheaper. I haven’t cancelled either yet, especially since Bull Moose can be a little hit or miss with their pre-order fulfillment. I’d gladly hook someone up if they missed the boat and I end up with 2.
  8. You laugh but if they stick to it, they’d still manage to ship before SRC.
  9. Impossible to listen to Hole in the Earth the same way, ever again.
  10. How are they going to press [i]White Pony[/i] onto one slab of wax and not have it sound like butt though? I have no horse in this particular race – so to speak – but does that mean that Bull Moose's $60 version is just 2 LPs? The mockup shows 4. But unless they're all 45 RPM or something, I don't understand what would fill up the remaining 2 LPs.
  11. I'm almost positive there's not two different boxset versions, especially if the difference is that negligible. My money is on an oversight with the product description on bandcamp.

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