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  1. Derek™

    Slowdive - Pygmalion MOV reissue?

    White with silver marble, technically. Could actually look nice if they pulled it off.
  2. Derek™

    Slowdive - Pygmalion MOV reissue?

    Nice. Price is a little spicy for a single LP but that repress was overdue. More on the way?
  3. How probable is a Dots & Loops reissue, do you think? Forgot to revisit this thread and say that I checked out Ectoplasm with great results. Different than D&L, but I thought it was the shit and I plan on picking it up along with Switched On, which I’ll probably go into blind.
  4. Derek™

    Vinyl Blogs

    That sounds about right. A lot of music sites seem to trickle the info down from VC. Also, credit where credit is due: Lethalenforcer is relentless with new PO info, and a huge asset to the community. If he ran a blog and updated it in real-time, I’d probably bookmark it.
  5. Derek™

    PO Now: Anderson .Paak - Oxnard

    It’s 100% because they know “enough” of the consumer population will pay that MSRP for fear of missing out later. And before the cliché replies come in, reminding me that it’s 2018 and that the market value has completely changed for new vinyl releases, those Pusha T and KSG albums are probably my most played hip-hop releases of the year and they were $14 a pop before (reasonable) shipping costs.
  6. Derek™

    Vinyl Blogs

    I rely on this one for 95% of my vinyl needs and updates. Facebook is a great source if you follow bands and labels, but usually a friend has texted me about a pre-order or it has a thread here by the time I see the post on social media.
  7. Derek™

    PO Now: Anderson .Paak - Oxnard

    It was pointed out to me that the description contains the words “double gatefold” - whatever that means - so if this is 2 LPs, that base price is a little more justified. But in general it seems like this genre is grossly overpriced compared to most when it comes to new releases on vinyl.
  8. Derek™

    PO Now: Anderson .Paak - Oxnard

    Oh hey check it out another $30 hip-hop single LP sweet.
  9. Sounds like a lovely extension of D&D. My favorite thing about that record is how cold, astral, and somber it sounds at times... and I’m getting those vibes off that track. But now the real question. Being 2019, are we getting a new album from Caspian? Or the anniversary rerelease of Tertia and the accompanying tour, like the band has mentioned in the past? Or both? Absolute madmen.
  10. I’ll probably end up grabbing it solely for the extra bells and whistles, since this is the Avalanches record nearest and dearest to my heart. But yeah, OG samples would be a massive get if they can swing it. Not sure why else this project would’ve vanished off the radar for a year, so... fingers crossed.
  11. Looks like deluxe is back on the menu. This completely fell off the map for the last year or so – presumably on account of licensing issues and sample clearances. Hopefully it's an indicator for original samples this time around.
  12. You’re suggesting AF2 was pretty solid, right? Especially for a reunion album? If so I’m inclined to agree.
  13. What is the probability that a new Mineral album would be better than American Football 2?
  14. My faith in this thread is slowly being restored. If I didn’t overplay Honeycomb and Canary Yellow so much, leading up to the album, I think OCHL would still be rocking my socks. After getting ample mileage out of it over the summer, and seeing the band live, I’m on a bit of a Deafheaven breather at the moment... but there’s no way this record doesn’t crack my top 10 for the year. At the end of the day, yeah, it sure is a whole different animal than Sunbather... but I celebrate that, personally. Night People is still kind of whack though.
  15. Derek™

    PO Now: Kids See Ghosts

    I'm still warming up to Ye and have to be in a pretty specific mood for it, but gotta' agree with you on Daytona. I love how bite-size they are. Really nice bursts of energy for a commute or homestretch in the afternoon at work.