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  1. I wish we had more, like a cringe or an eye roll.
  2. Derek™

    Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    I think it depends on how greedy they're feeling about a particular release – so don't quote me across the board – but some of their recent exclusives have been the most reasonably priced they've ever been. You're (I'm) still a chump for caving in, when it happens, but I haven't seen a $35 PPD single LP from them in a bit. Would be nice if that was a trend that continued.
  3. Late Spring of... 2020? Or Australia’s Spring? It seems like they take their time with releases – not a complaint since the quality is great – so I’d be impressed to 3 knocked out in just a few months if we’re already halfway through January.
  4. O R D E R It's no secret that this album's vinyl pressing has always been total ass. A decade of low volume, muddy quality, and cackles galore have not done this album the justice it deserves. Whether you've moved on past the lyrical gut punches of Hospice or still enjoy your MP3s from time to time, it's finally being reissued and done right, from the sounds of it. • Remastered • Double LP • White vinyl • Redone artwork and packaging I don't know if it's a glitch, or if they'll honor orders placed within this time window, but my copy came out to $20 + $0.00 tax + $0.00 shipping. Flat $20 out the door for a double LP. In 2019? Seems a little too good to be true. Even with the sound issues attached to a good portion of white vinyl – but not all white vinyl – I think this will sound leaps and bounds better than the junk copies out there now. Tour dates as well.
  5. Derek™

    Best Albums of 2018?

    Start early, my dude. I created a fresh page towards the end of last year, solely to document stuff that’s confirmed to drop in 2019, and I’m sitting at 37 currently. I use the grey tick boxes and swap them to shiny black boxes once they leak or get released.
  6. Derek™

    PO: Hellogoodbye - S'Only Natural

    A Hellogoodbye thread is kind of funny. A Hellogoodbye thread with an album title that uses “S’Only” is actually really funny. (M’lady, <tips fedora>.) But the abortion that is that deluxe edition is hilarious. Holy shit. Getting burned on $100 would frustrate me though, so I can’t say I’d find that terribly amusing if it were me. I typically “just deal” with end products not living up to descriptions... but at that price, I’d probably find others in the same boat and make some noise about it.
  7. Derek™

    Best Albums of 2018?

    I keep a notepad on my phone and just checked it for 2018; there were 52 albums I had on my radar. Counting surprises, end of year lists, and recommendations that’s an easy 70-75 records for the year. Just weighing in. I also have a 30 minute commute each way and the luxury of listening to music at work, so finding time to try out new stuff or listen to releases the moment they’re released is pretty easy. Could have something to do with it.
  8. Derek™

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    It was $5 and change for me. Numero plays by no one’s rules.
  9. Derek™

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    Yeah, I second that impressive shipping rate. Numero has always been among the most fairly priced. Did I miss the info, or does anyone have a lead on what the colored variants may be? Couldn’t really care less, either way, but I’m curious.
  10. Anyone as keen on that From Fathoms as I am want to text me? I’ve seen some Dunk! variants go quick and I’d be bummed to miss out on it. Will return the favor since I plan to scout for it until it drops. Also @Gumbo72203, since you seem to be in the loop with Elusive releases more than most... when are we getting that Earthcult pressed?
  11. Yeah, don’t quote me on that Tertia news or get your hopes too high unless the band makes the album art their Facebook photo, or something. They’ve got their plate full if they’re recording a new album this year like they’ve claimed they’ll be. Dunk! do pre-orders, right? I know that FF remaster drops in March. I assume we’ll have the option to order before then, no?
  12. Band has been talking about it for a while, yeah, with a potential tour to accompany it. Not just remastering it but actually re-recording it since those drums need a whole lot of polish.
  13. Derek™

    Duster | Official reissues | Numero Group

    Can’t believe it’s finally happened. Price seems stellar as usual from Numero, considering the contents. Really pleased that they’re not simple reissues, but that some love and care appear to be going into this with the book and extras housed in a boxset. What a nice surprise.
  14. Gumbo, you’re fucking up so bad by sleeping on GFE for this long. From Fathoms needed a remaster so badly. My favorite GFE album by a good margin. It and Tertia were my gateway post-rock albums. Both conveniently turning 10 this year, and (hopefully) both being remastered. Imagine the possibility of them touring together this year. Hot damn.
  15. Hugely missed opportunity by not pressing this on a blue variant of some sort.