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  1. Having no discrimination or preference towards streaks is ideal. You were just wondering about - or at least surprised by - the lack critiquing on the BSM variant, and I wanted to give you potential insight. (Not that I'm speaking for everyone.) While the BSM variant doesn't 100% match that original description, it has a subtle / cool / "hold up to the light to really see it" kind of splatter going on, and those are just dandy in my books... hence no critique. So after a couple more listens, I think I'm ready to weigh in on the album. Track by track thoughts for anyone who's already familiar with the album and cares to read an opinion. Spoiler tags for everyone else.
  2. Verdict is in: pretty jazzed on the initial listen. Need another one before I fully nerd out and share detailed thoughts on highlights. I love how different it feels from LP2 already. A lot of people will still dismiss it as a new Owen record but I think it offers so much more.
  3. One. More. Week. Ugh. For me, solid streaks look like trash. They’re always weirdly faded and choppy looking and just generally appear as “cheap” in my eyes. (And this feels especially true if the base color of the LP is opaque.) Just speaking from personal experience and preference, anyway.
  4. Someone on VC actually claimed they had advanced copies of the debut and sophomore releases, being “in” with the band to some degree, if I recall correctly.
  5. Forgot to mention that I’d like AlexH’s post twice if I could. Nail on the head, really. Of course I do have some “gems” I’m grateful to own since their aftermarket value has become steep over the years, but I also think there are countless albums I value that have either sold for < $20 once or twice on Discogs, or just haven’t been sold at all. You really can’t lose when you’re buying music you’re stoked to own and enjoy. Having a valuable collection is cool and all, but if the “vinyl bubble” popped tomorrow, I would still be very pleased with everything on my shelf and what it means to me. And to add some legitimate advice to this thread: if you’re sincere about getting into vinyl and nabbing rarer releases or variants of music you enjoy, establish your favorite bands and start following their labels. 99% of the time, a new pre-order or official reissue from a label will feature rarer (and nicer) variants, packaging, etc. than whatever UO offers.
  6. I don’t know why but that FFO you slapped at the end of your topic title is sounding pretty good to me today. Will add this to my radar for sure. Looks like Horseplay is next up on today’s queue.
  7. Variety is the spice of life, that’s excellent to hear. What are some of your standout favorites of 2019 so far?
  8. So that track is really quite solid. Surely has to be on the sophomore album we’ll get sooner than later, I hope.
  9. Actually a valid point. Imagine a future where a label releases 1,500 copies of a record on black, and then 500 on black but with a holographic or colored spine for the jackets.