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  1. Back half of Story 7 is so good. Really pleased with the album so far.
  2. Interest in this seems to be fairly minimal, but I just received the pricing tiers for each variant. It was requested that I share the info via PM, for anyone curious. Feel free to drop me a line if so. Variants and details will be revealed next week. The deluxe sounds like it’s going to be one spicy meatball.
  3. Aw man, really? Is The Is Are has held up so well for me. It’s packed with a lot of content but I get pretty great mileage out of it start to finish. Glad you’re digging the new sound though. I haven’t listened to this new single yet but will be doing so shortly.
  4. Thank you. I guess they’re literally under “PSOTY”? Has that always been a thing?
  5. https://app.vinylmeplease.com/products/featured-exclusives/danny-brown-uknowhatimsayin /1,000
  6. They may’ve tightened up their ability to perform forgettable material in a live setting, but from a songwriting and compositional standpoint they are a shadow of what they used to be, if you ask me. Close your eyes and revisit a time where they dropped January 10th, 2014 as a single one morning. What a tragic timeline for these guys.
  7. The production on that new HANL single may not be for everyone but damn do I enjoy that track as a whole. [edit] Legrand.
  8. Bro I’m full tilt. This fool got me thick as a brick.
  9. “Long winded nonsense”. Okay guy. You’re obliviously clinging to some sort of vendetta if you were clearly hurt enough to bring this up out of the blue. I think you can be an entitled prick with trash tastes but I don’t ridicule you or call you out on it, unwarranted. I have no idea what your deal is but I encourage you to legitimately fuck off. Please and thanks.
  10. Imagine going through life with a phobia of any literature that excels 3 sentences.
  11. So easy a caveman can read it. Stop being dramatic and block me already, you illiterate, knuckle-dragging crybaby. Never have I seen a user with a more fitting avatar.