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  1. I keep an entire crate separate for stuff I'd potentially sell on VC or Discogs – none of it is overly rare; mostly common pressings of stuff I've since upgraded variants on. I'll have to rifle through it and see if there's anything that fits into that scope of music. Makes a lot more sense than pocketing $4.00 a piece after shipping and Discogs fees.
  2. I could be mistaken, but I remember being relatively strapped on "fun funds" – after holiday shopping – right around the time that the Fragile reissue and Deviations 1 dropped, a couple of years back. I just recall thinking how pricey they were and how poor the timing was, but pulling the trigger regardless. Wouldn't mind a similar release schedule, now, 2 years later... especially being in a better position to snag whatever may be in store. Thought I once read that there's a wealth of material recorded around the With Teeth era that's yet to see a proper release.
  3. Damn. They're relentless. Between everything on the album, Barfly, and now Nagoya... it sounds like there's no shortage of new material from their last writing session.
  4. That sounds nice. Hard to believe they've retired Sycamore as a closer for so long. It's been ages since I've seen them... guess I should be counting my blessings that I got to witness it on multiple occasions. What's Nagoya?
  5. You'd be hard pressed to have shoegaze without power chords, yeah. It'd be like complaining that hip-hop is too wordy. I will say that Diiv – especially their first couple of albums – have way more than just chords and "walls of guitar" going on. Really good stuff.
  6. Sycamore would like a word with you. But really, CH has had such a climactic vibe to it from day one. I don't know if it could top the synergy of Sycamore's drum unison – truly the punctuation mark to their setlist that never gets old, for me – but I'd love to see it live this tour.
  7. Whoops, good call. I forgot all about that one. Still curious to see what the eventual “full tour” poster will look like.
  8. Is that the print that’s being bundled with the tickets? Still didn’t grab mine yet but would love to see what it looks like if you can snap a pic after the show.
  9. You know you’ve got it made when the headliner takes a break during their set for an intermission. Jealous, but also hoping you guys have a blast.
  10. I was getting nervous that this would be the only Caspian record I’d own 1 copy of.
  11. Quite a while back, someone apparently got word from Maynard’s wife that vinyl is allegedly happening early 2020. Take that with a grain of salt though.
  12. I thought it was fairly aligned with where they left off. Anyone expecting the punk drums and energy from Distressor days should’ve known better.
  13. Grotesque. The sky is the limit with bootlegs and someone still chose that, huh?
  14. Low hanging fruit, sorry. Could never really click with Grimes’ music but I know some folks who are pretty jazzed about this release.