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  1. I must be the only person in the world that's not getting the BRUIT hype. It has a cool atmosphere. It gets loud / intense periodically. But I can't help but feel like it seriously meanders [or lingers] around at times. It's a fine listen and I plan to come back to it for repeat listens in the future... but all this talk – not necessarily on VC – about how it shits on the new Godspeed or any other post-rock released this year... I'm just not terribly sure about that.
  2. Unfortunately very much true, from my experience. Anything from Relapse that has an opaque base color tends to get really "streaky" with splatters. And generally speaking, no pressing plant seems to have figured out how to reliably add colored splatter or swirl to a white base, either. I'm very curious to see what that merge variant ends up looking like... but I can say with confidence that it won't resemble that mockup.
  3. It would appear that we may frequent the same FB groups.
  4. “Geoff… this statement seems really fair and should go over well on social media. Is there anything else we can do to maybe soften the sting for fans that feel they’ve been wronged?” “🤔 Can we somehow post it in comic sans?”
  5. You’re about 5 hours too late. It was merely speculation and you already Cry reacted to it. The inb4 ship has long sailed for you.
  6. I wanted to go balls in with the whole thing. I know that each act really stands on its own but the album enthusiast in me would’ve been annoyed to only hear a quarter or a half of this record at once.
  7. Downloads went out today and I can confirm the fuckage. Just wrapped up my first listen – it's leaps and bounds matured past Dose Your Dreams. I figured the conceptual approach and cameos would maybe add a little too much bloat – on top of the 93 minute runtime – but it's super consistent.
  8. I only recently found out you can change your shipping method at that final screen that requires the double-click. But only if there's additional methods available, obviously – does you no good in this situation.
  9. The first variant seems like it'd entice a lot more people and they could've done /600 on it alone, I agree. It's been called out already but... what a weird choice for them to reissue. Especially since I feel like Waiting wasn't remastered and reissued that long ago, with new art.... right? Or has it lowkey been a decade and I'm just old as shit? And yeah, if digital tickets aren't selling out like traditional ones, waiting for any last-minute bundles could be a new thing, I guess. No reason not to wait I suppose.
  10. The only reason I didn't bite. I agree that $45 upfront is a great value; I could've been swayed with $4-5 shipping. Double digits for a single LP + setlist? Nah.
  11. It's kind of funny to me that they clearly had that one on standby. They framed it as if they were flabbergasted that the first 300 sold so quickly, though. 🙄 Don't get me wrong, it's cool that more people have a shot. But I don't get why they couldn't be transparent that there were 600 and let people decide between 2 variants. Unless they were just hoping to grab some FOMO sales from people who wanted to own something /300. Seems unnecessary though, I think they could easily have sold all 600 within 1 afternoon.
  12. That's sort of the joke, but yeah – I've been fortunate enough to avoid that urge so far, but I'm sure they'll get me at some point.
  13. Imagine living on a timeline where you F5 Walmart.com for a limited drop.

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