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  1. Consider Afterpay in the 4 installments every two weeks. You’ll spend $67ish on way dumber shit over the course of 2 weeks, I can almost guarantee it. And while I’d never suggest to flip Microphones, the reality is that this boxset has mostly sold out in < 24 hours, and won’t be any cheaper down the road elsewhere. Unless you’re truly hurting on funds or trying to save for something more pressing, this feels like a worthwhile scenario to act now, dwell later. (Also consider that the money is going straight to Phil and his label which always feels good.)
  2. You can either check the page’s source code on desktop (quickest) or add a surplus like 800 to your cart and attempt to checkout. You’ll get a message that there aren’t enough in stock and the cart will update to reflect what’s available.
  3. Lewd. I'm going to pray for them to find cleaner language.
  4. I haven't heard anything about, in either direction, but I sort of think the answer would be no. I only say that because it appears as if the digital download is tied to a card that's included in the box. But never say never, I suppose... could feasibly happen down the road. 197 in stock for anyone trying to gauge inventory.
  5. Amazing. That's authentically Wendy's too. Whoever runs that account isn't getting paid enough.
  6. They really have to make sure you know they're not a Christian band anymore. And that this isn't just a phase [mom!].
  7. Mount Eerie are so good too, and I'd probably cave on a boxset even if I feel like their later outputs are starting to sputter out a little bit, for me. Also, long time no see. Hope you've doing well. (Also consider switching on the new "dark theme" VC got this week, to give your eyes a break.)
  8. You may've chosen wisely – depending on your ultimate goal, anyway – but it looks like there's a little more than 500 left. In stock at his webstore, anyway... not sure about the allocation for other outlets. I know there was 800[ish] that dropped, initially, this evening. Pitchfork posted an article but I imagine a lot of people won't see it until tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if there were only 100-200 left when we wake up. If that.
  9. Despite owning most of this box – and being able to fill in the remainder for relatively cheap – I still badly want to pull the trigger. It looks premium. Worth $250+? Probably not, though I know that's completely subjective. The product page seems to hint that some of the albums inside won't be pressed again, but doesn't really suggest which ones they may be. Also looks like the box itself is allegedly a one-time run, which means at least a few Microphones albums are fixing to be OOP pretty soon here. Watch them be the couple that I don't own.
  10. Up for whoever wants it: https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/slow-crush/products/aurora-12-transparent-sky-blue-rainbow-splatter-vinyl
  11. What? Really? Wild take but to each their own. I say this as someone who was fanatical about this band in the early 2000s but will now give each new album a half-hearted listen just to make sure they’re safe to shit on. “Delayed realization.”
  12. Only as of yesterday or maybe the day before. A very recent [and welcome] change that I bet a lot of folks are sleeping on. Enjoy. 😎
  13. Interesting. Then I’ll reserve judgement and sit tight until something official may or may not get announced. Would love to see that site spruced up into something that’s easier on the eyes than a Discogs collection.
  14. I mean it’s 2022. Even VC has shaken things up with an overhaul and a dark theme. C’mon.
  15. Is it going to stay looking that boring, in a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of way? With that much downtime and build-up I figured they’d come back swinging with some new features or at least a fresh coat of paint.

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