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  1. Still badly need Superbass on vinyl. You liking this new album more than Memory Lame? I actually couldn’t get excited about that one. It’s by no means a bad record but it’s nowhere near as interesting (to me) as anything they did prior.
  2. Good call. I honestly don’t know when or how my account was converted to a “business” one, considering my sales are chump change compared to a lot of people that post on here. I really ought to look into swapping it – I see zero reason to keep it Business unless I someday decide to just sell everything I own. Still kinda’ sucks for legitimate Business accounts who may want to use F&F for whatever reason though.
  3. So, tangentially related to the thread… but did anyone else see the PayPal changes going into effect on 7/28? – No More Friends & Family Payments Rationale: “This is safer in case any personal transactions take a bad turn and need disputing!” Actual Intent: “Lmao you really thought you could evade some of your tax fees after those IRS changes, huh? Get fucked. 😂” – Transaction Fees Now 2.99% Rationale: “Previously 2.89% + $0.49, the numbers are just cleaner and simplified now. This means lower fees for like, 90% of the transactions out there. Don’t worry about it, you’re saving money.” Actual Intent: “[More] money please. 🤗💰”
  4. Looks like you can now add 240+, I didn’t bother to try anything beyond that. It heavily implies that they’ll replenish stock as time goes on, so… really anyone’s guess on the total quantity available. You seem like a pretty diehard Prodigy fan so I’m kinda’ surprised you didn’t cop one already.
  5. Vinyl itself? I suspect not. Unless you count announcing when it sells out or inquiring about press sizes – I think he lives for that. But I also think that may have something to do with his miserable gig at his local Urban Outfitters. I guess he does have a penchant for shit-tier pop-punk from the early 2000s though, if you wanted to count that. But I’d assume he streams all of it, and just buys records to display like Funko Pops. Doubt he owns a turntable. Anyway. Did you want to actually try contributing to the discussion? Your boy N8TRU has stood up for you in several discussions over the last few months. He asked a genuine question above. The least you could do is weigh in on it instead of going off the deep end.
  6. It’s actually insane how riled up you are. You seem like an authentically levelheaded individual who has a lot to live for.
  7. Wow, what? With PFB and <squints> Gospel, too? Is that for real? I need to find whatever post[er] that thumbnail is from and get the details. Nutty lineup.
  8. Hey man, if someone asks how long something took to sell out or whether or not a variant is available... by all means, pipe in. Otherwise – 99% of the time – literally no one asks. I don't know why that concept is so tough for you to grasp, but it's hilarious to me that you're so mad I've called it out. 😂
  9. Ads have been brutal. I never got any NSFW ones, but I browse on mobile 99% of the time, anyway. They got to be too excessive for me a month or two ago, so I found a couple of ad-blocks on my phone and home desktop that eliminate every single one from VC. Highly recommended, couldn't imagine trying to use VC without it.
  10. I mean, ideally, yeah. But I'm sure we're both aware that that's not how it will play out.
  11. I actually really dig the alternate art with that variant. Anyone on the fence may want to hop on this link. No idea how many were pressed, but when I heard it was sold out on Prodigy’s site, I thought I’d play around with the cart. There were about 500 in stock at XL roughly 2 hours ago. 232 available when I checked a few minutes ago. They could be replenished but if you’re not in the business of risking it, I’d probably try to secure one sooner than later.
  12. Sadly, with streaming being the undisputed convenience that it is, I can see why so little care is going into the quality of the MP3s provided. It’s just weird to see it being so half-asses, like you suggested. I don’t need a lossless FLAC rip or anything, but sub-320 in a limited-download zip file feels so archaic.

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