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  1. I don’t know what that means. Like a sugar rush of buzzing energy that’s meant to be consumed periodically, and isn’t necessarily going to change your life? Yup.
  2. Swinging by to say I reall[lll]y enjoyed Like Author, Like Daughter on first listen. On the prowl for a copy, I guess. Also nudged me into throwing my hat into the ring for the new album.
  3. The album art of their latest release made me instantly think of the last Adebisi Shank cover, and I can actually hear some strong similarities. Really enjoying it so far this morning, thanks for the pitch.
  4. What’s the story with this? It sounds juicy. Probably going to cling to my current copies of everything and may double-dip on a few if the represses are somehow an improvement. Doesn’t seem terribly likely but I’d love to be wrong.
  5. I really hope we can get a Tertia remaster out of this news. Somehow. Some way.
  6. I’ll definitely check out that debut of hers. Looks like OG copies are relatively cheap and it was just reissued in 2019, too. I’m all for a fuzzed out slowcore roster this year, if that’s what it’s coming down to. I have faith that they’ll diversify their genres enough, but I wouldn’t complain if the majority was a slow burn.
  7. I revisit this EP often and still think it’s so very solid. Couldn’t pass it up.
  8. Wrapping up that 26-minute opener as we speak, and feel inclined to ask in what realm you're hearing this.
  9. Yeah, don’t do that. If you feel inclined to overpay for a mediocre Incubus record, save a few bucks and go through a webstore that’ll actually deliver your product. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34325695/incubus-light-grenades-red-vinyl-2lp
  10. That how they get ya'. (Or at least those of us who care more about variants than we probably should.) I wish I had the fortitude of those rare few who couldn't care less about whatever variant they wind up with. "It all sounds the same. Just give me whatever Amazon stocks, fuck it."
  11. I hadn’t heard of this until today, but I’d wager to say that you’re right. I also need to say it’s a really fucking dumb variant descriptor, too.