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  1. TWELVE HOUR TURN "The Victory of Flight" LP • New pressing October 2016! • 250 OPAQUE SKY BLUE • 70 CLEAR WITH BLUE! https://store.noidearecords.com/products/twelvehourturnthevictoryofflight • TWELVE HOUR TURN are playing a reunion show at THE FEST 15 • 10/27 @ planet sarbez, st augustine fl w/robes, la peche, sleeptalker, fault/s, dredger, ceramicats info 10/28 @ rain dogs, jacksonville FL W/ROBES, LA PECHE, SLEEPTALKER, birthday pony, moyamoya 10/30 @ FEST 15-the wooly, GAINESVILLE FL w/ PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS, J. ROBBINS, CREEPOID, SUCH GOLD, CHOKE UP, FRAMEWORKsinfo
  2. Update: a handful are left! There is a 20% chance you will receive a bonus sixth record that is a test pressing. Thanks for making room on our shelves for the new first pressing of the SHALLOW CUTS "Empty Beach Town" LP, due to arrive any day now... whooo!!
  3. Addendum: I spoke to Matt just now and he says someone named Rob contacted him about his Ship Thieves record. This may be rc87 from this board. If so, sounds like all is settled... and without my involvement... all handled the normal way, haha! Remember: we will help when we can reasonably do so. We are music nerds, first and foremost. We try to make the records we want to have ourselves.
  4. Oh yeah, and: 5 test pressings (version 1) -- all gone 10 test pressings (version 2) -- a couple left (pm if interested)
  5. No. Some are "oh shite" copies in case of imperfect / damaged records, some went to the band, and some went to Arrow's Aim (after the F13 copies sold out).
  6. First Pressing info (what we actually recieved, not what we ordered): 270 green 270 blue And a mess of black
  7. Interesting. Did you write to [email protected] and mention that you received a damaged jacket, send a photo of the vinyl, or ask any form of polite question, directly? If so, did he not respond withing a day or two with an equally polite, rather helpful note? Did he not answer your questions, offer to mail you a replacement jacket or any other kind of out-of-pocket solution that cost you not a dime? Or... did you get your nose out of joint and make a post here, casting aspersions? Was the box flimsy and packed poorly... or was it heavy weight with extra cardboard / filler? Did the USPS damage a perfectly reasonably packed box, perhaps? Do you live in Chicago, an apartment complex, or in any other situation where there was anyone handling the box, post USPS? We have received (as far as I am aware) exactly zero messages from people with damaged Ship Thieves records. That is nice, but when shipping 250 records... you'd expect one or two to get sat on by USPS, although they are generally rather kind in their handling overall. The bottom line is that you are bummed because you brought to the table your love for Wollard and Ship Thieves, which of course we share. It's important to you... and you were looking forward to a certain experience, opening your box and casting eyes on your new record for the first time. That is understandable... and I salute you! Allow us to help you. Drop a note to [email protected] Save the drama for offline, please. And perhaps consider that most labels releasing a pretty-limited-version of a new album by a pretty-well-regarded band would have sold it for $5 to $11 more, if not made it a fixed part of a $50 bundle. You're welcome!
  8. I dropped off 200 test pressings at Arrow's Aim last night at 8PM. The store opens at 12:00 noon today and is open 12-8, everyday. Also spotted on the counter... a box of records that belong to Chris Wollard. Lots of HWM rarities and other bands he was in, like Cro(w)s LPs, etc.
  9. Just go to ARROW'S AIM. (Subtle record store pimping, there... did you notice?) Thems will haveth NO IDEA stuffs there! They "may" even have a few potentially "unexpected" ultra-limited records, leftovers, and (most certainly) a couple hundred TEST PRESSINGS for sale.* * CRUSADES needs to record. Let's get fancy! ARROW'S AIM will NOT have any of the mailorder-only records at the store... like the limited-to-100 colors of: RADON / WORTHWHILE WAY, RADON / SHALLOW CUTS, KINDLING "Galaxies" 12"EP, BASEMENT BENDERS "Lydiad" LP+7"... Those are going to sell out via mailorder. Just so you know / FYI. That said, there MAY BE other colors at AA that are "exciting" to some "protozoa and other single-celled creatures" as well as record nerds and barre-chord enthusiasts. NOTE: This year No Idea will celebrate it's second anniversary of NOT doing the parking lot sale. Go to ARROW'S AIM instead. The lines are shorter, they are open longer hours, they have AIR CONDITIONING, and --get this-- they have like 20,000 used records that will melt your minds. And a few thousand new-release records too. In fact, I'm going to go there right now and buy all the good stuff first! Sorry!
  10. Hello, friend. Does it feel weird that it's ME writing to YOU for a nerd-edition color of an AM! record? I feel itchy.
  11. Did anyone get an automated email in advance that contained a tracking number? If so, did you track it? If so, was the tracking / delivery info accurate? -- I can take your answers offline, if you prefer to PM. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! I think the next grab bag will have an exclusive record (or at least an exclusive color) included. That said, there are no plans currently to offer another LP bag anytime soon. That said, would anyone be up for a 10-for-$20 7" bag? I could see maybe offering one of those in a month or two. Not sure. I bet overseas folks would be into it, what with lower postage costs.
  12. Looks like these are going to be gone later today. Get on it if you want 'em! (The first dozen shipped out yesterday!)
  13. Note: This is a different selection of records than past Grab Bags.
  14. Not all of the records in these grab bags are on No Idea... And most will not be repeats from last time. (Being that it's ransom you MAY get a repeat of course, but not entirely and not as likely.)
  15. Stream the upcoming BLACK TOWER "The Secret Fire" album at Exclaim! http://exclaim.ca/Music/article/black_tower-secret_fire_album_stream
  16. BLACK TOWER "The Secret Fire" LP • 150 on OPAQUE RED vinyl + SHIRT --Members of CRUSADES, THE VISTIORS, and THE CREEPS. Metal and punk collide as the dragons and hobbits battle it out! NO WEATHER TALKS "Undoing Defeat" LP • 300 on MARBLED white/black vinyl Up for order now at NO IDEA, along with lotsa songs to lisen to and photos to look at. No sandwiches to eat, but one can dream! www.noidearecords.com
  17. THE BOMB "Speed is Everything" --LP 315 copies on NAVY BLUE vinyl! No Idea records! http://store.noidearecords.com

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