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  1. Hey there! Looking to move a few of these! Prices include shipping! Will work deals on multiples! Krampus (2XLP Candy Cane Swirl) $30 Trick r' Tread (2XLP Half Black / Half Clear w/ Orange Splatter) $30 Sleepy Hollow (2XLP Black w/ White and Red Merge) $30 Fear Street (3XLP Neon Pink, Blue, and Green) $35 House ( Half Green / Half Yellow w/ Blue and Pink Splatter) $25 Goosebumps (2XLP Pink and Blue Haze) $25 NON WAXWORK Goosebumps TV Series Score (Purple w/ White + Green Merge) $20 The Hateful 8 (2XLP Black) $15
  2. If anyone is a member of the the RFC sub thingy and doesn't want this...please hit me up. I'd love to get that pinwheel variant!
  3. Half Brown / Half Cream: https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/frb0frbecb-lp Green w/ Brown Splatter: https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/frb0frbegb-lp Each out of 250
  4. Newbury exclusive: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/julia_jacklin-pre_pleasure_exclusive_lp?variant=41483563303092 Very excited for this record.
  5. Really want that split...but cannot order apparently. Bummer.
  6. Maybe a repress of Chroma could happen...please...
  7. UK variant /150 is still up: https://www.thecomingstrife.com/product/foreign-hands-bleed-the-dream-12-exclusive-tcs-colourway
  8. SO bummed I didn't pre-order this. I kept waiting and here we are...damnit.
  9. I mean, they are from Long Island, NY and these are the same colors as the New York Islanders. I dig. Happy to finally get this!
  10. https://www.thewrap.com/michael-giacchino-rogue-one-score-mondo-box-set-tracklist/?fbclid=IwAR2zsKby6F5S4dQ9EPPXo1jvj4ft9YQnvLvFPeGtJDssdg308ab6aUQvoKE $75 - Wednesday. I am so stoked for this.
  11. Awhile ago Mo posted a pic on an IG story was showed it was a Rogue One boxset. I think it's a 4XLP set.
  12. Really bummed I missed that twister variant...damnit. It looks so good.