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  1. Ordered with haste. Stacked lineup and a great group of albums discussed in the book. Also, fantastic read if you haven't read it already.
  2. A few deals made already, let's get that bill paid off and scale down my collection. Thanks to all of those that have reached out and purchased something.
  3. I've had nothing but good experiences with bandbox but I've always signed up for a month at a time, never a long term subscription.
  4. Take a look at the collection: https://www.discogs.com/user/McGavin27/collection Nothing is off limits, deals on multiples. Over 1000+ positive feedback on Discogs. US Only. $5 shipping for up to 3 records, $1 for every record past that. Paypal invoiced, so both parties are protected.
  5. Duplicate please delete
  6. Very interested to hear a single or snippet of the album. While I like Tranquility Base, I am curious where they go from there.
  7. Summer is much better Spring. Still not going to buy any of them until they eventually release the boxset with all four.
  8. https://flagshipapparel.com/collections/frank-turner/products/frank-turner-england-keep-my-bones-10th-anniversary-edition-double-lp-white Us link
  9. Don't be too upset. I got my Spotify copy in and it is just a print in front of the standard retail copy.
  10. I guess it went out of print recently. I had some one offer me $70 on Discogs for the 2015 (?) repress on black last month.
  11. So I see the Secretly store club has a red variant. Do I need to join the subscription service and I get the record as one of my choices or do I sign up for it and then have to add on the Toro y moi record onto the existing subscription?