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  1. Hey there! I have the following: The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses (Clear w/ Clear) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses (Clear w/ Red) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear (Orange) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear (Blue) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Mongrel (Red) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Mongrel (White) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Worse Than Alone (Green) $30 The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Worse Than Alone (Yellow) $30 All have been opened. Never played. Willing to work out deals on multiples! Thanks!
  2. Added some more. Willing to make dumb deals. Seriously, send me some offers!
  3. Hello! Shipping is $4 Buy 2 shipping is free. Will do deals on multiples! HAAi - Put Your Head Above the Parakeets (Translucent Green) $8 Bleachers - Strange Desire (Yellow) $15 Bleachers - Gone Now (Gold) $15 Bleachers - Take the Sadness (Black) $15 Bleachers - Unplugged (Black) $15 Bleachers - Live At Electric Lady (Fruit Punch) $15 Lilys - The 3 Way (Black) $10 Lilys - Better Can't Make Your Life Better (Black) $10 Lilys - In The Presence of Nothing (2XLP Black) $10 Lilys - A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns (Black) $10 Nuovo Testamento - Love Lines (Red/White Split) Nuovo Testamento - S/T (Black) $15 Pokey LaFarge - Rock Bottom Rhapsody (Pink) $15 Pokey LaFarge - In The Blossom of Their Shade (Green w/ Peach 7") $18 Radare - Im Argren (Black w/ green cover) $10 Radare - Der Endless Dream (White) $10 Spitalfield - Remember Right Now (Orange) $20 Sunset Rubdown - Snakes Got a Leg (Clear) $12 Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming (Pearl) $12 Upon Stone - Where Wild Sorrows Grow (Green) $15 Vehemence - God Was Created (2XLP Cloudy Green) $25 Wallows - Tell Me When It's Over (Yellow) $8 WAXWORK RELEASES Midnight Mass OST (3XLP) $35 Monster House OST (2XLP Splatter) $20 The Sandman OST (2XLP Gold/Black Smash) $20 MONDO Josie and the Pussy Cats OST (Purple w/ Orange 7") $50
  4. Looking to get rid of a few records. Will work on bundle deals! Prices include shipping! Anagnorisis - Peripeteia (2XLP Clear) $10 Anagnorisis - Beyond All Light (Blue) $8 Anagnorisis - Beyond All Light (Mixed Marble +Patch and other stuff) $8 Fear Before the March of Flames - Art Damage (Clear w/ Green + Black Splatter) $25 Never Ending Game - Outcry (Clear w/ Blue Center + Splatter) $25 Savage Garden - S/T (2XLP White) $35 The Low Frequency In Stereo - S/T (2XLP Black) $15 Vamachara - Hereafter (Clear w/ Pink Splatter) $10 Vamachara - No Roses On My Grave (Clear w/ Black Center - Splatter) $18
  5. I have been wanting a copy of this damn record for years! Any pressing will do! Just please have a price in mind! Thank you!
  6. When I bought mine today it said it was shipping on or before March 17th. Then it sold out like 5 minutes later. And now it's back in stock and says shipping in May. Don't know if this matters to anyone - but thought that was interesting. Either way - so excited to finally own this!
  7. It's up here: https://shop.afireinside.net/products/sing-the-sorrow-2-lp-red-vinyl-afi
  8. Is this old news or new news? https://seasickbham.com/products/afi-sing-the-sorrow-2xlp-red-black-pinwheel?variant=41232540696627
  9. New Voidceremony LP up! https://www.20buckspin.com/collections/front/products/voidceremony-threads-of-unknowing-lp?variant=44471375921459
  10. Limited Edition Amethyst-in-Glass Color Vinyl LP Release Date: March 10, 2023. Every release of hers is amazing. Thought some of y'all would dig this.
  11. Hey there! Looking to move a few of these! Prices include shipping! Will work deals on multiples! Krampus (2XLP Candy Cane Swirl) $30 Trick r' Tread (2XLP Half Black / Half Clear w/ Orange Splatter) $30 Sleepy Hollow (2XLP Black w/ White and Red Merge) $30 Fear Street (3XLP Neon Pink, Blue, and Green) $35 House ( Half Green / Half Yellow w/ Blue and Pink Splatter) $25 Goosebumps (2XLP Pink and Blue Haze) $25 NON WAXWORK Goosebumps TV Series Score (Purple w/ White + Green Merge) $20 The Hateful 8 (2XLP Black) $15
  12. If anyone is a member of the the RFC sub thingy and doesn't want this...please hit me up. I'd love to get that pinwheel variant!
  13. Half Brown / Half Cream: https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/frb0frbecb-lp Green w/ Brown Splatter: https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/frb0frbegb-lp Each out of 250
  14. Newbury exclusive: https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/julia_jacklin-pre_pleasure_exclusive_lp?variant=41483563303092 Very excited for this record.
  15. Maybe a repress of Chroma could happen...please...
  16. UK variant /150 is still up: https://www.thecomingstrife.com/product/foreign-hands-bleed-the-dream-12-exclusive-tcs-colourway

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