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  1. This is an easy preorder for me. Bazan can do no wrong. Hoping to catch one of the full-band live dates
  2. Easy, unquestioning pre-order. This band's ability to consistently put out solid records is wild. I've listened to Alaska probably 30 times in the last 4 days.
  3. I'd love to pick this up, especially being one of the suckers that slept on the Barsuk boxset way back when...but $40 before shipping WOOF!
  4. Thanks for sharing. Picked up the “Best Of” 2lp. Looking forward to hearing this
  5. I remember loving this record from start to finish. Haven’t listened to it in at least five years. Will def be picking this up
  6. The new song is SO GOOD. Purchased this immediately after hearing it for the first time. Can't wait to listen to the whole record.
  7. Like the title says. Sold my copy ages ago. Would prefer the TBC cover. Shoot me a PM if you’ve got a copy you’re willing to sell. Thanks!
  8. Title says it all. Don't care about variants, just want a copy to listen to. PM me if you have a copy you're willing to sell. Thanks!
  9. Finally got around to listening to this record today and it’s fucking great.
  10. I felt this same way for a long time...BUT their Self-titled record is actually really great. Nothing comes close to SWYA though. Really excited to own this again. Sold my OG press years ago.
  11. Dude, hell yes! Those are some of my favorite DLD songs. I played this on repeat back in the day!
  12. Haven't been this pumped about a release in a very long time. Hell yes! Also, Number One Fan's Compromises is the most underrated record from this era in my opinion. I listened to it again a few weeks ago and it's still great. I would legit help fund this record getting pressed.
  13. Murder By Death - In Bocca Al Lupo dropcards.com/vinyl RJ7TFRJ9TT