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  1. Hey, Anyone else on here into Pokemon Go? Looking to add some new friends, just go to level 44! Also anyone selling an old pokemon go + bracelet? Mine crapped out... Add me 0288 1538 0803
  2. Hello old friends! It's been a few years and really miss this community, but to hard to travel with my collection. I have ended up living abroad the last 10 years and no plans on returning home. So plan on selling off most of my collection this summer. My loss is your gain. BIG SALE!! Selling 95% of my collection. https://docs.google.com/.../1fWTa6vRTdMOmRS7bGVyP.../edit... 2000's punk pop, emo etc! Found the perfect group. I have got a Google Doc set up and will be able to take pics of those who are interested (about 140 records). I have added quick prices but send me re
  3. Hey need a little help.. Not many of my friends are married so looking for some advice. I am 27, go is 37 we starting dating a little over 2 years ago, we have also lived together since may. I am on this brink of should we get married or should we break up, every day is back and forth. I am really comfortable with her and by far the best gf I have had, but as of the past few weeks finding myself less interested. Idk if it's the relationship or also mix of us living a life further the city so seeing friends less, and also my friends are all busy with work more often as well. My gf works till
  4. Hey, I am in Tokyo, anyway to find out which stores are participating?
  5. Yea the Japanese age hella well!! The bartender at the place we go looks maybe 23 and shes 40!!! But totally true about menopause. White people age as we get older, asians seem to hold on and then crash faster. Plus they live forever anyway, all the old 90+ people are still walking all over the city
  6. Yea I thought she was about 30 the first 4 months until I found out. She is super energetic and doesn't act a day older than 30 either. I'm really happy with her and she does wana settle soon. That's my biggest dilemma, I think its for any age though of just knowing this is last person you will ever date. Also I know I want kids, and just weird thinking that it is something we will potentially have to rush a little bit.
  7. Hey, So I'm American, have been teaching in Japan for 3 years. I met this Japanese girl who is AMAZING so easy going and super great gf. 110x better than all my ex's Although, I am 26 she is 36. We have dated for about 15 months, and thinking of moving in together in the next few weeks or so. I don't have to many worries, but wondering if anyone has any advice, or things to look out for.
  8. bump I also have some ebay items http://www.ebay.com/sch/mapalagi611/m.html?item=321619790853&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Ive got a huge masters bill coming up
  9. Also, I am back in the states for Christmas. So shipping will be from the US
  10. Hey selling a bunch of old Cd's Please let me know if you are interested. As for the northstar demo's they are burned cd's I cant remember if I got them from the band or a friend. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByXLoHj1-6VbRnlnR0hSS0Z5YUU&usp=sharing Hopefully that works Please send me offers, I don't have an exact price in mind. It may just be easier to post offers on the forum. And will take highest bidders on the 28th-30th.

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