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  1. Awesome! Will get a pack or two and see if I even have anything to worry about!
  2. We will be in Japan and don't have central heating/ac and may be gone for 1-2 months during the rainy season/summer. Japan molds all over the place haha.
  3. Heyo I will be moving my collection to a pretty humid and mold prone climate. Looking at what others to do help reduce mold in their collection. The Mofi liners seem awesome but with the plastic it seems it may hold more moisture, have never used the rice paper ones but those potentially sound like they may help a bit more. Any tips or advice about what you do to help reduce moisture damage would be awesome!
  4. Woo at least some kind of official announcement (I hope) I bet it is just the video they accidentally leaked a few days ago. I hope they announce official titles though.
  5. So hope so! Sold two of my EP's and would love those back... Got an OG Based on... but am a sucker for represses, gotta see how my wallet will hold up. Really want that hellogoodbye ep at a decent price. Would kill to have pretty pretty as a bside on one of the albums. Just hope we can actually get a chance at purchasing and not instant sell out like NFG a few weeks ago.
  6. https://www.drive-thrurecords.com/ PW is drivethru https://www.instagram.com/drivethrurecords26/ Can't wait to see what's in store! Also glad to be back on the forum, took a break for a few years and good to be back!
  7. Any chance you would be up for some trades? Interested in those Early Novembers... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fWTa6vRTdMOmRS7bGVyPx3REXohgoMqClW-5RWWSkZA/edit?usp=sharing
  8. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fWTa6vRTdMOmRS7bGVyPx3REXohgoMqClW-5RWWSkZA/edit?usp=sharing Here is my list (prices haven't been updated in months) so feel free to ignore those. ANYTHING is up for trades, trying to narrow down my collection and focus on my favs. So happy to let go of a few in order to even up the price. Looking for the following: 500 - Black 500 - Black / Green Camo 50 - Black / Green Camo Numbered Overpress ^(a guy can hope right haha) 950 - Coke Bottle Clear 950 - Multi-Color - One with lighter colors, already have one but super dark. Possibly a blue copy as well as my corners are bent. Incase you see anything you really want feel free to send an offer, I am trying to narrow down some things.
  9. Hey all! I am looking at getting a copy of a coke bottle clear TTTYG but its got some heavy seem splits. I was wondering if the jackets are exactly the same b/w the coke bottle, and the new silver variant. (also the random color if anyone's got that too) Anyone have copies of both pressings and can do a quick compare to see if it would be worth to switch out the sleeves? TIA
  10. Hey, Anyone else on here into Pokemon Go? Looking to add some new friends, just go to level 44! Also anyone selling an old pokemon go + bracelet? Mine crapped out... Add me 0288 1538 0803