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  1. The only place I've seen them these days are on discogs and ebay. Also I heard that triple crown is going to be repressing the act vinyl sometime this year.
  2. Hello there. I am trying to get rid of some cd's and I have one particular cd that is signed. I have the anti-flag album "The People or the Gun" that is in great shape and has signatures from all members of the band. Pictures are available upon request. I can trade it for the vinyl version of the album or you can PM me an offer. Thank you
  3. It's a mystery. I also heard that he may be doing more with the ragc project in the future. So maybe we may see these vinyl again, but I doubt it.
  4. Vinyl...vinyl is on my mind

    1. Aych


      I wouldn't have been able to guess.

    2. Thrice55
  5. Yeah I saw them selling the ragc vinyl at a show he did in michigan and I didn't buy it because I wasn't into vinyl yet. Now since I am I regret ever NOT buying it :-/
  6. Hello, I'm just another guy looking for hard to find vinyl that isn't ridiculously priced. Can anyone help me out? Here's my main focus: Right away great captain - 4XLP trilogy (really really really would like to find this one the most!!!) John Legend and the roots - Wake Up! Rise against - Siren song of the counter culture Brother Ali - Us The Dear Hunter - Act I and Act II The Dear Hunter - Act III The Dear Hunter - Migrations Annex
  7. Hey man. I'm interested in buying your right away great captain vinyl set. Will pay very close to $100 ASAP. I also live in Michigan.