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  1. We are excited to announce that our new merch store is back online under a new company. We are starting small and sorting out all previous issues before new products are released to the public. We recorded and filmed this live performance of Act I in early 2021, and while it’s been accessible, we’ve long wanted to add it to our official discography. The wait is finally over, and we are so excited to share this performance with you on vinyl. We sincerely apologize for the issues and frustration the Antimai release caused our fans. Even though we are not entirely out of the situation, we are getting closer every day and hope to have all previous issues resolved by the end of the month at the latest. For additional customer service help, please head over to caveandcanarygoods.com and fill out the customer support form if you still need to do so. We appreciate and love you all. Thanks for weathering the storm with us and we hope we can make things right moving forward. The Dear Hunter Red w/ Black Smoke /500 - https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/products/act-i-live-lp-red-black Clear /500 - https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/products/act-i-live-lp-clear Orange /500 (Pillar Exclusive) - https://pillar.club/thedearhunter/ Other Bundles including handwritten lyric options - https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/all
  2. https://www.discogs.com/user/chuiz23/collection I’ll be adding more all weekend. Everything is for sale. DM me if you’re interested. thanks
  3. Current known variants: LIMITED EDITION PURPLE VARIANT (Limited to 1,000 units) PILLAR EXCLUSIVE: TRANSLUCENT TEAL VINYL (Limited to 500 units) OPAQUE TEAL (Unknown Quantity - but seems to only be available in bundles, not separately) Pillar Fanclub Preorders available now - (need membership) https://pillar.club/store/3e9eae6e-b94d-47d9-b497-b718d50feebf/ Standard preorders - https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter About the release: "When I started working on the concept for The Indigo Child, I imagined introducing the project with a record of music "From the Motion Picture", knowing in my heart a motion picture, of any length, would never exist. I would just write pieces of a hypothetical score, and release them along lyrical "singles", or theme songs. As the Indigo Child evolved, I became obsessed with the world, its inhabitants, and their story. Though The Dear Hunter was working through the project's first full length, and we were all in love with how the album was progressing, I felt it couldn't be the introduction I offered for The Indigo Child. I threw myself entirely into writing a screenplay, dreaming of a way to create "Cycle 8": a cinematic prologue to the main narrative of The Indigo Child. Stars impossibly aligned, and with the help of an absolutely phenomenal cast and crew of incredibly talented people, the dream came true. Now, the tether between music and visuals didn't have to be hypothetical. The score could be the score, and the singles could be featured in the film itself. The result is The Dear Hunter's "The Indigo Child": the introduction the project deserves. After all this time, it is an absolute joy to share The Indigo Child, and its accompanying short film "Cycle 8", with you. I hope you dive in, and find beauty in what could be, because there's much more on the way." TRACKLISTING 1. The Indigo Child 2. The Indigo Child (Reprise Ft. Tivoli) 3. To Your Cycle 4. Prayer | Uncle Boot | Breach 5. A Guide to Retrievals 6. Your Reward Is Not Tax Exempt 7. Disruptor Sphere | Sprawl | Antimai 8. Credits It will ship on or by November 15th!
  4. Selling a heap of Records, Test Presses and Some Box Sets... Prices are in the Google Sheet... Shipping is from Australia and for a single LP its $30 AUD BUT if you buy multiple i'll help with shipping costs So you dont have to open the spreadsheet, heres whats in there: ADTR ATL Anthony Green Dear Hunter Alpha Wolf and more Lets make a deal Prices are in AUD https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hF54B9r5hWO4g26REkp2BEKEv_YGY3TsVvQlE0rZqX8/edit#gid=0
  5. From Casey - "Hi everyone. I made a thing that isn't The Dear Hunter. Don't fret, though. I can explain. While I have been diligently at work on the newest TDH project(s), it became clear earlier this year that we would need to rethink the schedule we had in place. While this offered additional time to craft and nurture these projects, it also meant more time to spend within a holding pattern, surrounded by unfinished art. This feeling is difficult for me to cope with, as I had grown accustomed to the consistency of releasing new music every 1-2 years. The gestation period for this current project was already uncharacteristically long, due to a number of reasons, but the addition of this indeterminate state off suspended animation wore on me, and I felt a stir-craziness that could only really be satiated by seeing something, no matter how small, through from inception to completion. Enter Honorary Astronaut. At first, I planned to unearth and rerecord a few previously unheard demos, but as I transitioned into studio mode, and found myself spending the bulk of my days on this music, I leaned towards making something new. The result is a 5 song ep, written (with the exception of one track from some years ago) and recorded in late spring. I don't know that it would do me good to try and describe it. Not for the sake of it being indescribable, but because- what would the point be? I can just show you. Today, I am sharing the song "Final Dream Machine" with you, via a lyric video created in collaboration with Erez Bader. We hope you enjoy it." https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/honoraryastronaut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GcolhLjK1Y
  6. the wonder years: sleeping on trash 12" no sleep sub /200 we look like lightning 7" dismantling summer 7" ghost /300 won't be pathetic forever 7" record release /30 distances 7" special edition (record release) set /108 test presses the dear hunter: between the buried and me split 7" the migrations annex 7" box set fiona apple: tidal
  7. Hello everyone. Looking for a few albums by The Dear Hunter Searching for: Act 2 Act 3 and Migrant Let me know if you want to part with any of these! thanks
  8. Artist Title Format Released *NSYNC Home For Christmas 2xLP, Ltd, RE, Red 2017 30 Seconds To Mars A Beautiful Lie LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Whi 2017 50 Cent The Massacre 2xLP, Album, Gat 2005 50 Cent Get Rich Or Die Tryin' 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2015 AC/DC Back In Black LP, Album, Emb 1980 Across The Universe Cast Across The Universe - Music From The Motion Picture 2xLP, Ltd, Num, Blu 2016 Alkaline Trio Good Mourning 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Blu 2008 Alkaline Trio From Here To Infirmary LP, Album 2001 Alkaline Trio Goddamnit LP, Album, Cle 2015 Alkaline Trio This Addiction LP, Album, Gat 2010 Alkaline Trio Agony & Irony LP, Album, Gat 2008 Alkaline Trio Maybe I'll Catch Fire LP, Album, Ora 1999 Alkaline Trio Maybe I'll Catch Fire LP, Album, RP, 180 2008 Alkaline Trio Maybe I'll Catch Fire LP, Album, RP, Cle 2015 Alkaline Trio Goddamnit LP, Album, RP, Pur 2008 Alkaline Trio Damnesia LP, Album, Yel + LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch, Yel + C 2011 Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio LP, Comp, RP 2014 Alkaline Trio Alkaline Trio LP, Comp, RP, Ran 2013 Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music Alkaline Trio / Hot Water Music 12", EP, Pic, Sil 2005 Alt-J An Awesome Wave LP, Album, Gat 2012 American Football American Football 12", S/Sided, EP, RE 2008 American Football American Football LP, Album + LP + Dlx, Ltd, RE, Blu 2014 Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats 2xLP, Gat 1982 Andy Hull & Robert McDowell (3) Swiss Army Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Album, Dlx, Oce 2016 Animal Collective Strawberry Jam 2xLP, Album 2007 Anthony Green (6) Beautiful Things LP, 180 2012 Anti-Flag The Bright Lights Of America LP, Album + LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch 2008 Anti-Flag For Blood And Empire LP, Album, Pic 2005 Anti-Flag Die For The Government LP, Album, RE, Cle 2012 Bad Machine Rip Your Heart LP, Album 2002 Bald Eagle (2) Hot Shoulders LP, Album, Pin 2007 Bald Eagle (2) Clean Living LP, Album, Sea 2016 Band Of Horses Cease To Begin LP, Album 2007 Banquets Banquets LP, Album, Ltd, Blu 2013 Basement (4) Colourmeinkindness LP, Album, RP, Bab 2015 Bauhaus Best Of Bauhaus | Crackle 2xLP, Comp, RM, Gat 2011 Bauhaus Burning From The Inside LP, Album 1983 Beach House Depression Cherry LP, Album 2015 Beach House Thank Your Lucky Stars LP, Album, Gat 2015 Bee Gees Best Of Bee Gees LP, Comp, CTH 1969 Bellini (4) Small Stones LP, Album 2005 BellRays, The Hard Sweet And Sticky LP, Album, Ora 2008 Ben Gibbard Former Lives LP, Album 2012 Billy Idol Rebel Yell LP, Album, Club 1983 Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II 2xLP, Comp 1985 Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney White Christmas LP, Comp 1978 Birdman (2) Club Mix 12", Promo 2004 Black Uhuru Slippin' Into Darkness 12", Single, Promo 1992 Blancmange That's Love, That It Is 12", Maxi 1984 Blancmange Blind Vision 12", Promo 1982 Blancmange Feel Me / Living On The Ceiling 12", Single 1982 Blancmange Waves 12", Single 1983 Blancmange Happy Families LP, Album 1982 Blancmange Believe You Me LP, Album 1985 Blancmange Mange Tout LP, Album 1984 Blondie Parallel Lines LP, Album 1978 Blondie Eat To The Beat LP, Album 1979 Blur The Great Escape 2xLP, Album, RE, RM, S/Edition, 180 2012 Bob Dylan Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume II 2xLP, Comp, RE 0 Bon Iver Blood Bank 12", EP 2009 Bon Iver Bon Iver CD, EP, Promo 2016 Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago LP, Album 2008 Bon Iver Bon Iver, Bon Iver LP, Album, Gat 2011 Brand New I Am A Nightmare 12", S/Sided, Single, Etch 2016 Brand New Science Fiction 2xLP, Album, Limited Edition 2017 Brand New The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Whi 2010 Brand New Science Fiction LP, Red + LP, Blu + Album, Ltd 2017 Bright Eyes Digital Ash In A Digital Urn LP, Album 2005 Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning LP, Album, 180 2005 Bruce Springsteen Born To Run LP, Album, RE, Gat 1975 Buddy Holly The Great Buddy Holly LP, Album 1975 Buddy Holly / The Crickets (2) 20 Golden Greats LP, Comp, RP 1980 Cage The Elephant Thank You Happy Birthday LP, Album + 7", S/Sided 2011 Citizen (10) Youth LP, Album, RP, Whi 2013 CitiZen (10) As You Please LP, Dlx, Ltd, Del 2017 CitiZen (10) As You Please LP, Mus 2017 CitiZen (10) Everybody Is Going To Heaven LP, Ora 2015 Coldplay A Rush Of Blood To The Head LP, Album, RE 0 Coldplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends LP, Album, RE 0 Coldplay Parachutes LP, Album, RE, 180 2008 Counting Crows August And Everything After 2x12", Album, RE 2017 Crack The Sky WBAB-FM Radio Broadcast LP, Promo 1976 Crazy Horse Crazy Horse LP, Album, RE, 180 2012 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young American Dream LP, Album, Spe 1988 Daft Punk Random Access Memories 2xLP, Album, 180 2013 Daisyhead The Smallest Light LP, Album, Dar 2015 Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room Hurricane Season LP, Album, RP 2015 Dan Fogelberg The Innocent Age 2xLP, Album 1981 Dan Fogelberg Phoenix LP, Album, Gat 1979 David Byrne Music For The Knee Plays LP, Album 1985 David Rose Deep Purple LP, Mono 1965 Death (8) ...For The Whole World To See LP, Album 2009 Death Cab For Cutie Plans 2xLP, Album, RP 2008 Death Grips The Money Store LP, Album 2012 Deerhunter Cryptograms / Fluorescent Grey 2xLP, Album 2007 Defeater Empty Days & Sleepless Nights 2xLP, Etch, Ltd, RP, Cop 0 Depeche Mode See You / Now This Is Fun 12", Single, Ltd 1982 Dikembe Mediumship LP, Tra 2014 Dire Straits Dire Straits LP, Album, Win 1978 Dntel Life Is Full Of Possibilities 2xLP, Album 2011 Dr. Dog Be The Void LP, Album + CD 2012 Drake If You're Reading This It's Too Late 2xLP, Ltd, Mixtape, Unofficial, Cle 2015 Echo & The Bunnymen Echo And The Bunnymen LP, MiniAlbum, Comp 1983 Ed Sheeran X 2x12", Album, Gat 2014 Edith Piaf Portrait Of Piaf (25 Of Her Greatest Hits) 2xLP, Comp 1973 Edith Piaf I Regret Nothing LP 0 Elton John Caribou LP, Album 1974 Elton John Friends LP, Album, RE 0 Elton John Greatest Hits Volume II LP, Comp, Pin 1977 Elvis Presley Elvis Gold The Original Hits 2xLP, Comp, S/Edition, Gat 2012 Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2xLP, Album, RE 2008 Eminem Curtain Call: The Hits 2xLP, Comp, Gat 2005 Explosions In The Sky The Wilderness LP, Red + LP, S/Sided, Etch, Tra + Album, Dlx, Ltd 2016 Falco Falco 3 LP, Album 1986 Fall Out Boy From Under The Cork Tree 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gol 2016 Fang Island Fang Island LP, Album 2010 Field Mob Light Poles And Pine Trees 2xLP, Album 2006 Fiona Apple Tidal 2xLP, Album, Club, RE, RM, 180 2017 Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes LP, Album + 12", EP 2008 Fleetwood Mac Rumours LP, Album 1977 Foals Total Life Forever 2xLP, Album 2010 Foals Antidotes LP, Album 2008 Foals Live At The Royal Albert Hall LP, Ltd 2014 Foo Fighters Saint Cecilia EP 12", EP 2016 Foo Fighters Greatest Hits 2xLP, Comp 2009 Foo Fighters Sonic Highways LP, Album, Chi 2014 Foo Fighters Medium Rare LP, Comp, Ltd 2011 Foster The People Torches LP, Album 2011 Foster The People Supermodel LP, Album 2014 Foxing Dealer LP, Album, Gol 2015 Foxing The Albatross LP, Cle 2016 Frank Ocean Channel Live 2 × Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release, Clear 2016 Fun. Some Nights LP, Album + CD, Album 2012 Gang Of Four Another Day/Another Dollar 12", EP, S/Edition, Los 1982 Gary Numan Telekon LP, Album, PR 1980 Genesis Abacab LP, Album, D 1981 Godspeed You Black Emperor! F♯ A♯ ∞ LP, Album, RP, Tra 0 Gorillaz Plastic Beach 2xLP, Album, 180 2010 Greater Pyrenees Greater Pyrenees LP, Album, Ltd 2016 Green Day MTV Broadcast, Aragon Ballroom Chicago, November 10th, 1994 LP, Album, Ltd, Unofficial 2015 Green Day Dookie LP, Album, RE, 180 2009 Grey Gordon Forget I Brought It Up LP, Ltd, Cre 2014 Haim (2) Days Are Gone 2x12", Album 2013 Haircut One Hundred Pelican West LP, Album, Mon 1982 Have Mercy (4) A Place Of Our Own LP, Album, Gol 2014 Heaven 17 How Men Are LP, Album 1984 Hotel Books Run Wild, Young Beauty LP, Por 2015 Hum (2) You'd Prefer An Astronaut LP, Album, RE, Whi 2016 Iggy Pop Soldier LP, Album, RE 0 Iron And Wine The Creek Drank The Cradle LP, Album 2002 Isles & Glaciers The Hearts Of Lonely People (Remixes) LP, Gol 2014 Jack White (2) Lazaretto LP, Album, Etch, Ult 2014 Jack's Mannequin Everything In Transit 2xLP, Album, RE 2015 Jay Reatard Watch Me Fall LP, Album 2009 Jellyroll Jellyroll LP, Album 1971 Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails 2xLP, Album, RE, Lav 2014 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I Love Rock 'N Roll LP, Album 1981 Joe Jackson I'm The Man LP, Album, Ter 1979 Joe Rinaldi Gaslight '61 LP 0 John Butler (2) Ocean 12", Single, Ltd, S/Edition 2015 John Cougar Mellencamp Scarecrow LP, Album, 72 1985 John Cougar Mellencamp The Lonesome Jubilee LP, Album, Hub 1987 Johnny Cash Koncert V Praze (In Prague Live) LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Red 2015 Justin Bieber Purpose 2xLP, Album 2015 Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience 2xLP, Album 2013 Kanye West Late Registration 2xLP, Album 2005 Kanye West Graduation 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Unofficial 2013 Kanye West Cruel Summer (Good Music Album) 2xLP, Ltd, Unofficial, Cle 2015 Kanye West Yeezus LP, Album, Unofficial, Cle 2013 Kehlani SweetSexySavage 2xLP, Album, Pin 2017 Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly 2xLP, Album, Gat 2015 Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Unofficial, Cle 2015 King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King LP, Album, RE, RM, HUB 1983 Kings Of Leon The Early Vinyl Box, Ltd, Num + 2xLP, Album, RE, RM, 180 + 2xLP, A 2011 Korn Issues 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2010 La Dispute Rooms Of The House LP, Album 2014 La Dispute Tiny Dots LP, Album, Ltd, Met 2016 Lady Gaga The Fame Monster LP, Album, Pic 2009 Lene Lovich No-Man's-Land LP, Album 1982 Lene Lovich Stateless LP, Album 1979 Leonard Cohen Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 2xLP, Album 2009 Leonard Cohen Live Songs LP, Album 1973 Leonard Cohen Songs From A Room LP, Album, Ltd 1997 Leonard Cohen Songs Of Leonard Cohen LP, Album, RE, RM 2009 Leonard Rosenman The Lord Of The Rings 2xLP, Album 1978 Lionel Richie Can't Slow Down LP, Album, Gat 1983 Lords Of The New Church The Lords Of The New Church LP, Album, Ind 1982 Lydia (2) Illuminate LP, Ltd, Cle 2015 Madness One Step Beyond... LP, Album 1979 Mase Will They Die 4 You? 12", Single, Promo 1997 Mat Kerekes Mat Kerekes 12", EP, Red 2014 Metz Metz LP, Album 2012 mewithoutYou East Enders Wives 12", Maxi, Ltd 2014 MF Doom Operation: Doomsday 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, Red 2015 Michael Jackson Bad LP, Album, Car 1987 Michael Jackson Thriller LP, Album, Pit 1982 Miles Away Tide LP 2015 Miles Davis Kind Of Blue 2xLP, Album, Mono, RE, 180 2011 Ministry All Day / Everyday (Is Halloween) 12", Single, RE, Blu 1985 Minor Threat Minor Threat LP, Comp, RM, RP, Yel 2008 Moby Grape Wow LP, Album 1968 Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank 2xLP, Album, 180 2007 Modest Mouse Good News For People Who Love Bad News 2xLP, Album, RE, 180 2011 Modest Mouse No One's First, And You're Next LP, EP 2009 Mumford & Sons Babel LP, Album, Gat 2012 Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind LP, Album, Gat 2015 Murder City Devils Thelema LP, RP 2009 My Chemical Romance Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge LP, Album, RE 2015 Nathan Hussey Ground Me LP, Cok 2015 Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Over The Sea LP, Album, RE, 180 2009 Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine LP, Album, RE 2011 Nirvana In Utero (2013 Mix) 2x12", Album, Gat 2013 Nirvana Nirvana 2xLP, Comp, Dlx, RE, 200 2015 Nirvana Nevermind - The Singles 4x10", Single + Box, Comp, Ltd, Num 2011 Nirvana MTV Unplugged In New York LP, Album, 180 2009 Nirvana Nevermind LP, Album, RE, RM 2009 Nirvana Bleach LP, Album, RM 2009 Of Monsters And Men My Head Is An Animal 2xLP, Album, Pin 2012 Oingo Boingo Just Another Day 12", Promo 1985 OutKast Stankonia 2xLP, Album 2000 Palma Violets LP, TP, W/Lbl 2013 Pantera Far Beyond Bootleg : Live From Donington '94 LP, Album 2014 Paramore Riot! LP, Album, RE 2015 Passion Pit Gossamer 2xLP, Album, Gat 2012 Pearl Jam Ten 2xLP, Album, RM, RP, 180 2009 Perfume Genius Put Your Back N 2 It LP, Album 2012 Peter Gabriel Shock The Monkey 12", Maxi 1982 Peter Gabriel So LP, Album 1986 Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel LP, Album, RE 1983 Phish The Siket Disc LP 2015 Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix LP, Album 2009 Pianos Become The Teeth Keep You LP, Album, 180 + CD 2014 Press (2) Bazaar 12", Promo 2004 Primus Primus & The Chocolate Factory With The Fungi Ensemble LP, Album, Cho 2014 Public Image Limited Live In Tokyo 2x12", Album 1983 Queen A Night At The Opera LP, Album, RE, RM, RP, Gat 2008 Radiohead The King Of Limbs LP, Album 2011 Ramones It's Alive 2xLP, Album, Club, Gat 1979 Ramones Leave Home LP, Album 1977 Rancid ...And Out Come The Wolves LP, Album, Pic 2004 Ratatat Wildcat 12" 2006 Retox (3) YPLL LP, TP 2013 Right Away, Great Captain! Trilogy 2xLP, Comp, Ltd, RP, Cle + LP, Comp, Ltd, RP, Cle 2016 Rise Against The Unraveling LP, Album 2001 Rise Against Revolutions Per Minute LP, Album 2003 Rise Against Appeal To Reason LP, Album, Cok 2008 Robert Plant Shaken 'N' Stirred LP, Album 1985 Romeo Void Never Say Never 12" 1981 Roxy Music Manifesto LP, Album 1979 Rustie Jagz The Smack 12", EP, Ltd 2007 Santana Abraxas LP, Album 1970 Say Anything ...is A Real Boy 2xLP, RE, Gre 2015 Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols LP, Album, Club 1977 Shai Hulud Just Can't Hate Enough X 2 - Plus Other Hate Songs 12", S/Sided, EP, Ltd, Gol 2016 Shakin' Stevens You Drive Me Crazy LP, Comp, Ter 1982 Signals Midwest Latitudes And Longitudes LP, Album, Ltd, Cre 2011 Simon & Garfunkel Collected Works 5xLP, Album + Box, Comp 1981 Simon & Garfunkel Simon And Garfunkel's Greatest Hits LP, Comp, RE 1979 Simon & Garfunkel, Dave Grusin The Graduate (Original Sound Track Recording) LP, Album 1968 Simple Minds Sparkle In The Rain LP, Album, R=R 1984 Sleepwall 4 Song EP 12", EP 2009 Sleepwave Broken Compass LP, Album, Tra + CD, Album 2014 Soft Cell Soul Inside 12", MiniAlbum 1983 Something Fierce Don't Be So Cruel LP 2011 Spitalfield Stop Doing Bad Things LP 2011 Spitalfield Remember Right Now LP, Album, Cle 2003 Split Enz Waiata LP, Album, Gre 1981 Spoon Love Ways 12", EP, Ltd 2014 Spoon Gimme Fiction LP, Album 2005 Spoon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga LP, Album 2007 Spoon Transference LP, Album 2010 Spoon They Want My Soul LP, Album, Ltd, Bl 2014 Spoon A Series Of Sneaks LP, Album, RE, 180 2008 Squeeze (2) Sweets From A Stranger LP, Album 1982 Squeeze (2) East Side Story LP, Album, Club, CRC 1981 Steely Dan Katy Lied LP, Album 1975 Steely Dan Can't Buy A Thrill LP, Album, Gat 1972 Steven Charles Boone Lullaby Renditions Of The White Stripes LP, Album, Red 2013 Stevie Nicks Bella Donna LP, Album 1981 Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key Of Life 2xLP, Gat + 7", EP + Album 1976 Suffocation Pinnacle Of Bedlam LP, Album, Ltd, Ora 2013 Superheaven Ours Is Chrome LP, Ltd, S/Edition, Gre 2015 Talk Talk Talk Talk LP, MiniAlbum 1982 Talking Heads Speaking In Tongues LP, Album 1983 Talking Heads Fear Of Music LP, Album, LA 1979 Tears For Fears Change 12" 1983 Tears For Fears The Hurting LP, Album, PRC 1983 Television Marquee Moon LP, Album, RE, RM, RTI 2012 Thank You Golden Worry LP, Album 2011 The Academy Is... Almost Here. LP, RP, Clo 2015 The Art Of Noise Into Battle With The Art Of Noise 12" 1984 The B-52's Wild Planet LP, Album 1980 The B-52's The B-52's LP, Album, Los 1979 The B-52's Mesopotamia LP, MiniAlbum, Win 1982 The Band The Band LP, Album, Ltd, RE, 180 2008 The Beatles 1962-1966 2xLP, Comp, RE, C1, 1988 The Beatles Love Songs 2xLP, Comp, Win 1977 The Beatles Revolver LP, Album, Mono, RCA 1966 The Beatles Please Please Me LP, Album, Mono, RE, Pur 1988 The Beatles With The Beatles LP, Album, Mono, RE, Pur 1988 The Beatles With The Beatles LP, Album, Mono, RE, Rai 1987 The Beatles Revolver LP, Album, RE, Pur 1988 The Beatles Rubber Soul LP, Album, RE, Rai 1987 The Beatles Revolver LP, Album, RP 0 The Beatles Yellow Submarine Songtrack LP, Comp 1999 The Beta Band Champion Versions 12", EP, RP, 180 2015 The Bitter Tears Jam Tarts In The Jakehouse LP, Gat 2008 The Black Keys El Camino LP, Album + CD, Album 2011 The Books Lost And Safe LP, Album 2005 The Boomtown Rats The Boomtown Rats 12", EP 1982 The Boomtown Rats Mondo Bongo LP, Album 1980 The Braves (4) Quiet, Hushed Animals LP 2006 The Cars Panorama LP, Album, AR 1980 The Civil Wars Barton Hollow LP, Album 2012 The Civil Wars Live At Eddie's Attic LP, Album, Ltd 2014 The Clash London Calling 2xLP, Album 1979 The Clash The Clash LP, Album, RE 1982 The Cure The Upstairs Room / The Dream / The Walk / Lament 12", EP 1983 The Cure Disintegration 2xLP, Album, RE, RM 2010 The Cure Boys Don't Cry LP, Album 1980 The Dead Weather Horehound LP + LP, S/Sided, Etch + Album 2009 The Dear Hunter Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise 2xLP, Album, Cra 2015 The Dismemberment Plan Emergency & I 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE 2011 The Fixx Shuttered Room LP, Album 1982 The Fleshtones Speed Connection - Live In Paris 85 LP, Album 1985 The Grateful Dead The Best Of The Grateful Dead 1967-1977 2xLP, Comp 2015 The Grateful Dead Terrapin Station LP, Album, Ter 1977 The Hotelier It Never Goes Out LP, Ltd, Num, Spr 2015 The Hotelier Home, Like Noplace Is There LP, RP, Cle 2014 The Jackson 5 Jackson 5 Greatest Hits LP, RE, Comp 1981 The Jesus And Mary Chain Sidewalking 12" 1988 The Joy Formidable Wolf's Law LP, 180 + 12", S/Sided, Etch + Box, Ltd 2013 The Kinks Give The People What They Want LP, Album 1981 The Lumineers The Lumineers LP, Album 2012 The Police Ghost In The Machine LP, Album 1981 The Police Zenyatta Mondatta LP, Album, Y 1980 The Pretenders Pretenders LP, Album 1980 The Pretenders Learning To Crawl LP, Album, Club, Col 1984 The Prodigy The Fat Of The Land 2xLP, Album, RE, RP 2012 The Psychedelic Furs Mirror Moves LP, Album 1984 The Psychedelic Furs Talk Talk Talk LP, Album 1981 The Psychedelic Furs The Psychedelic Furs LP, Album 1980 The Tallest Man On Earth The Wild Hunt LP, Album 2010 The The Perfect 12", Single 1983 The Used The Used 2xLP, Album, RE 2016 The Used In Love And Death LP, Album 2009 The Used In Love And Death LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Whi 2016 The Used In Love And Death LP, Album, RE 2016 The Used Shallow Believer LP, Comp, Blu 2015 The Used Lies For The Liars LP, Pin 2007 The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream 2xLP, Album 2014 The Weeknd Thursday 2xLP, Album, RE 2015 The Weeknd House Of Balloons 2xLP, Unofficial, Cle 2013 The White Stripes Under Great White Northern Lights 2xLP, Album 2010 The White Stripes Elephant 2xLP, Album 2003 The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan LP, Red + LP, Whi + Album, Ltd, RE, Gat 2015 The XX XX LP, Album 2009 Thursday Common Existence LP + LP, S/Sided, Album, Etch + Album 2009 Tim Cross Classic Landscape LP, Album, Emb 1985 Titus Andronicus Record Store Day 12", Ltd 2013 Transplants Haunted Cities LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Cle 2015 Travis Scott (2) Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight 2xLP, Album 2016 TRC (2) Nation LP, RE, Red 2013 Turnover (3) Peripheral Vision LP, Album, Red 2015 Turnstile (2) Nonstop Feeling 12", Album, RP, Blu 2015 Tyler, The Creator Goblin 2xLP, Album 2011 U2 Under A Blood Red Sky (Live) 12", MiniAlbum 1983 U2 Boy LP, Album 1980 U2 The Joshua Tree LP, Album, Gat 1987 UB40 Labour Of Love LP, Album, RE, EMW 1986 Underoath Define The Great Line 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Gat 2006 Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety/Define The Great Line 2xLP, Comp, Num, 201 2017 Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety/Define The Great Line 2xLP, Comp, Num, 201 2017 Underoath Lost In The Sound Of Separation CD, Ltd + DVD, Ltd, Mak + 2x10", Ltd, Saw 2008 Various NES Greatest Hits Vol. 1 LP, Album, Comp, Num, Unofficial, Gre 2015 Weezer Pinkerton LP, Album, Club, RE, RM, RP, Blu 2016 Weezer Weezer LP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, 180 2012 White Denim Corsicana Lemonade LP, Album 2013 Box sets I have to sell include: Brand New- Science Fiction in shipping box The Dear Hunter- Color Spectrum Underoath- LITSOS Saw Blades Underoath- TOCS/DTGL
  9. Order now! Triple Crown Records just put up the repress of The Dear Hunter "Acts I, II, and III." Looks like it comes in two types: 180 Gram Black limited to /300 of each album -BUNDLE http://www.merchdirect.com/TripleCrownRecords/TheDearHunter/Vinyl/ACTIIIIII180GramBundle/?productid=17435 Standard Black /Unlimited? -BUNDLE http://www.merchdirect.com/TripleCrownRecords/TheDearHunter/Vinyl/ActIIIIIIBlackVinylBundle/?productid=17436 180 Gram Black and Standard Black (you need to select which one you want) -Act I http://www.merchdirect.com/TripleCrownRecords/TheDearHunter/Vinyl/TheDearHunterActI/?productid=17432 -Act II http://www.merchdirect.com/TripleCrownRecords/TheDearHunter/Vinyl/TheDearHunterActII/?productid=17433 -Act III http://www.merchdirect.com/TripleCrownRecords/TheDearHunter/Vinyl/TheDearHunterActIII/?productid=17434 Albums also come with all new artwork designed by Casey himself. Notice that the acorn grows with each cover into a tree. Act 1 Act 2 Act 3
  10. Selling some records if anyone is interested. Prices are firm and include shipping via media mail in CONUS. Will work deals on multiples Paramore - all we know is falling - color vinyl SEALED $25 PATD - too weird to live too rare to die - splatter - sealed $45 The American scene - safe for now- sealed - $10 Fun - 2x12 - $20 Half hearted hero - fest 2011 special edition - $20 The ataris - sealed $10 Red city radio - sealed $8 Sainthood reps - sealed $10 As cities burn - son I loved you at your darkest - SEALED (clear and red) $110 each **BOTH COPIES PENDING*** The dear hunter - color spectrum first press $400 The Story So far - while you were sleeping /200 PURPLE - OFFER La dispute & Koji 2011 Subscription press w etched b side 28/30 - OFFER The Forecast - Late Night Conversations - TEST PRESS signed by whole band - $25 Turnover - Magnolia - 3 variants avail, 2 photo tour variants, 1 Deluxe hand drawn variant - OFFER Tigers Jaw - belongs to the dead SEALED - $40 Circa Survive - on letting go - transparent? blue marble? - SEALED - $45 Circa Survive - juturna - transparent orange marble - SEALED - $45 Thrice Vheissu - either brown or tan - cant tell cause its SEALED - $50 Fall Out boy - Take this to your Grave - Purple Marble Mix - $200 Fireworks - Gospel - Red 1st press /500 - $35 Cinematic Sunrise - A Colorful Storybook /1000 - $20 Touche Amore - Parting the Seas (EU TOUR PRESS W ARTWORK BY J BANNON /500 - $50 Below this line are SOLD The hotelier - no place like home - pink starburst $45 The get up kids - something to write home about - purple sealed $15 PATD - pretty odd - purple swirl - sealed $30 Norma jean - wrongdoers - sealed $13 New found glory - 2x12 $13 Reggie and the full effect - sealed - $8 O brother - sealed $12 Midtown - forget what you know - sealed 2x12 $10 Into it over it. - intersections diecut - sealed $10 Box car racer - first press sealed $130 +44 - White/blue smash $35 Taking back Sunday - happiness is - sealed $13 Paramore - brand new eyes - $45 The used - in love and death - black/red/white smash - $25 Foxing an albatross - splatter -$20
  11. Most of the prices are pretty much set but if you buy multiples I'll see what I can do. Thrice - Vheissu (Tan HT Press) $45 Thrice - Vheissu (Clear) $35 Thrice - Vheissu (White) $35 Thrice - Artist in The Ambulance (Red HT Press) $55 Thrice - Artist in The Ambulance (Blue) $35 Thrice - Major Minor (Yellow) $35 Thrice - Beggars (Clear w/ Blue Splatter) $75 Thrice - Beggars (Clear w/ Red Splatter) $75 Thrice - Identity Crisis (Blue w/ Black Smoke) $25 Thrice - Identity Crisis (Clear w/ Black Smoke) $20 Thrice - Illusion of Safety (Red w/ Signed Insert) $40 Thrice - Illusion of Safety (White w/ Signed Insert) $40 Thrice - Illusion of Safety (Yellow w/ Signed Insert) $40 Thrice - Image of The Invisible (7" White) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Clear Brown) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Tan/White Swirl) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Opaque Brown) $35 Dustin Kensrue - Carry The Fire (Red) $20 Brand New - The Devil and God (Black w/ Ugly Sticker on Cover) $15 Circa Survive - Juturna (Red) $75 Circa Survive - Inuit Sessions (Green/White) $35 Circa Survive - On Letting Go (Blue) $80 Circa Survive - Descensus (Yellow) $20 Circa Survive - Descensus (Blue) $20 Circa Survive - Descensus (Clear w/ Blue Splatter) $20 Circa Survive - B Sides (Green/White) $35 Circa Survive/Sunny Day Real Estate -Split 7" (Maroon) $30 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension (Black & Signed) $35 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Descension (Teal) $20 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension Big Beige Demos (Clear) $15 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Descension Big Beige Demos (Coke Bottle) $15 Coheed and Cambria - Afterman: Ascension (Picture Disc) $15 The Prizefighter Inferno - Half Measures (Clear w/ Pink, Black, and White Splatter) $35 Silversun Pickups - Carnavas (Black) $10 Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream (Clear) $20 Cinematic Sunrise - A Coloring Storybook (Picture Disc) $5 The Dear Hunter - Act 3 (Black 2nd Press w/ a little glue on the first track) $10 Sons of Anarchy - Songs of Anarchy Vol. 2 & 3 (Clear) $25 The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, The Lord Has Left Us (Test Pressing side C&D only) $30 The Sound of Animals Fighting - Lover, The Lord Has Left Us (Custom Made Jacket) Last One!! $20 Deftones - Deftones (Black Smoke) $50 Deftones - Koi No Yokan (Clear) $35 Bjork - Post (Pink) $25 Palms - Palms (Black) $20 Palms - Palms (Clear) $30 Palms - Palms (White) $30 Crosses - Crosses (White) $20 Nosferatu The Vampyre OST (Gold/Midnight Blue) $40 Here Comes The Devil OST (Black) $20 Here Comes The Devil OST (Red w/ Black Spot) $45 Hannibal OST (Steak Tartare) $60 Mad Max Fury Road OST (Aqua Cola) $70 Paranorman OST (Black) $20 The Omen OST (Black) $20 Coraline OST (Black) $45 Coraline OST (Test Pressing) $135 Jurassic Park OST (Dino DNA) $60 Jurassic Park OST (Black) $45 Shaun of The Dead OST (Strawberry Swirl) $55 Jurassic World OST (Green w/ Blue Stripe) $20 Aliens OST (Clear) $40 Aliens OST (Queen Vs. Power Loader) $40 Grand Piano - La Cinquette (7") $20 Batman: TAS (Harley Quinn 7" Purple) $70 The Walking Dead OST Vol. 2 (Picture Disc) $15 Better Call Saul Theme Song (7" Black) $25 I got this thing hella signed! I'm keeping it. Haha. Yeah, I said hella.
  12. http://thedearhunter.com/#read http://equalvision.merchnow.com/search/SearchByCatalog?q=the+dear+hunter&catalogid=508 1pm est today. Release date of September 9th. The new single, Gloria, is on Spotify. Here's the hype site: http://hymnswiththedevil.com/ Tracklist: 1. "Regress" 1:22 2. "The Moon / Awake" 6:09 3. "Cascade" 5:11 4. "The Most Cursed of Hands / Who Am I" 6:42 5. "The Revival" 5:00 6. "Melpomene" 4:14 7. "Mr. Usher (On His Way to Town)" 4:59 8. "The Haves Have Naught" 4:02 9. "Light" 5:16 10. "Gloria" 5:32 11. "The Flame (Is Gone)" 5:40 12. "The Fire (Remains)" 5:26 13. "The March" 4:12 14. "Blood" 4:33 15. "A Beggining" 6:19 Total length: 73:17
  13. getting rid of some vinyl by TDH all items are sealed Act I&II triple vinyl black pressing (VG+ some original shipping damage like soft corners and creases) Act III white pressing (M- minor insignificant wear on the corners) The Color Spectrum LP white pressing (NM two creases and slightly soft corner from shipping ≈ 1") The Color Spectrum LP clear pressing (M- little wear on corners) rest assure they will be packed with the utmost care message me if you're interested in any
  14. Hello all. Here's the deal. I am trying to replace a Martin d-35 that was inadvertently trashed in transit to a show recently. The catch is, baby atticus is almost here and so there's about to be a moratorium on spending monies on anything other than diapers. I figured rather than tap into his college fund before he's even born, that I would make an effort to be a grown up and let go of some of the more choice pieces in this frivolous horde I have amassed. If you feel a price is unfair, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. Do know that I'm not looking to give these away. Also, once I've sold enough to afford the guitar I will be closing the sale. Buyer pays flat $5 shipping regardless of how many records are purchased. $50 - the academy is... - almost here - 1st press green /1000 $75 acceptance - phantoms - 1st press blue w/white/grey marble /300 $45 - At the Drive in - relationship of command - RSD orange marble $115 - the avett bros - four thieves gone - 4xlp 1st press $150 - Ben Folds - Ben folds live - 2002 solo tour $100 - the black keys - brothers - RSD 2xlp+10" $175 - brand new - TDAG - academy fight song press blue/black swirl /500 $400 - brand new - your favorite weapon - 1st iodine pressing - white /100 $50 - citizen cope - the rainwater LP $60 - death cab featuring magik magik orchestra - RSD /4000 $200 - the Eagles - hell freezes over live $200 - fall out boy - from under the cork tree - 1st press black die cut sleeve /1000 $75 - fall out boy - infinity on high - blue/white splatter $150 - fall out boy - take this to your grave - 2009 pressing - blue $60 - the format - dog problems - white etched /1000 $70 - the format - interventions & lullabies - orange /1000 $150 - freelance whales - weathervanes - **slight corner bend** $80 - Kevin Devine - driving baby lips - Kickstarter exclusive $60 - Kevin Devine - she stayed as steam - coke bottle <3
  15. Willing to buy any of your rare dear hunter vinyl. act i & ii clear vinyl act ii 180 g limited to 300 copies act iii white vinyl migrant the color apectrum complete box set
  16. Looking to get a decent deal on the set. not really worried about which printing it is. I know of at least one other thread where someone had some success. Thanks
  17. The Dear Hunter Color Spectrum box set 1st pressing. Open but has not been played. The box has damage(like almost all of the 1st pressing)from shipping. There is a small tear/scratch on the side and the fold has partially come away from the back. Also, has a small amount of adhesive inside front of box. I don't want to part with this but I need money for a car repair. I have this listed on eBay but I would rather sell this to someone here. I haven't traded or sold on VC in a while but I have 100% positive feedback as a seller on eBay. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=dez_moreno Please PM me with a realistic offer. Thanks!
  18. The Dear Hunter Color Spectrum box set 1st pressing. Open but has not been played. The box has damage(like almost all of the 1st pressing)from shipping. There is a small tear/scratch on the side and the fold has partially come away from the back. Also, has a small amount of adhesive inside front of box. I don't want to part with this but I need money for a car repair. I have this listed on eBay but I would rather sell this to someone here. Please PM me with a realistic offer. Thanks!
  19. Hey guys, Been a while, how ya'll doin? Now that the vinyl bubble has popped and I've said something controversial to get replies, I'll get right to it: Selling everything I have (a lot of which is sealed, only opened to check color, or played once) to raise funds for school. Very willing to make package deals. Will ship pretty much anywhere. Have tons of records mailers I need to use. If you don't like the price GET AT ME and we will work something out. Shipping is FREE in the US. Canada 17 for first, contact me for other intl. Please try to spend more than ten bucks but if you can't that's cool. Here are the goods: 12" 5 Seconds Of Summer Sounds Good Feels Good LP, Pin 18 A Cosmic Gift Dreams Of The Sea LP, Ltd, Bla 39 Adrian Michna Thousand Thursday LP, Album, Ltd, Red 10 Airhead (5) For Years LP + CD 17 Al Lover Zodiak Versions 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Whi 12 Amorphis Elegy 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, Silver 32 Andy Stott Passed Me By 2x12" 22 Aphex Twin Syro 3x12", Album 17 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92 2xLP, Album, RE 19 Arca (4) Mutant 2xLP, Album, Red 27 Awol One And Daddy Kev Slanguage 2xLP, Album 5 Bear vs. Shark Right Now You're In The Best Of Hands. And If Something Isn't Quite Right Your Doctor Will Know In A Hurry LP, Album, RE, Hal 27 Born Of Osiris Tomorrow We Die ∆live 2x12", Album, Ltd, Cok 32 Bossk Audio Noir LP, Album, Black in clear purple 29 Broken Social Scene Bee Hives LP, Album 32 Brood Ma P O P U L O U S LP 13 Captain Beefheart Full Moon - Hot Sun LP, Album, RM, Unofficial 10 Chet Faker Thinking In Textures 12", EP 26 Choir Of Young Believers Grasque 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Blu 13 Chromatics Running From The Sun LP, Dlx, RE, RP, Red 10 Chromatics Drumless LP, Album, RP, Clear, SIGNED 37 Cliff Martinez Arbitrage LP, Album 14 Cliff Martinez Far Cry 4: Original Game Soundtrack Album, Ltd + LP, Ora + LP, Blu + LP, Gre 36 Cloudkicker Live With Intronaut LP, Album, Ltd, Pis 17 Cynic (2) Traced In Air LP, Album, RP, Cle 37 D-Bridge & Skeptical (2) Move Way 12" 6 D'Angelo Voodoo 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, 180 27 Danger Doom The Mouse And The Mask 2xLP, Album, Dlx, RE 23 David Bowie ★ (Blackstar) LP, Album, MPO 24 David Sheppard Vertical Land LP, Album 14 Deafheaven New Bermuda 2xLP 14 Doug Snyder & Bob Thompson (5) Daily Dance LP, Album, RE, RM 9 Efterklang Piramida LP, Album 14 El Ten Eleven Every Direction Is North LP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, Whi 26 Eluvium When I Live By The Garden And The Sea + Indecipherable Text LP, Comp, Ltd handwritten titles and SIGNED 39 Eluvium Pedals / Petals 10" 9 Eugenio Mira Timecrimes (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) LP, Album 11 Foals Live At The Royal Albert Hall LP, Ltd 29 Forest Swords Engravings 2x12", Album, Club, Num, RE, Gol 32 Four Tet 181 LP, Album, P/Mixed 19 Gazpacho (2) Missa Atropos LP 22 Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard Batman Begins: Music From The Motion Picture 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RP, Ora 28 Headlights Kill Them With Kindness LP, Album, 180 4 Hellogoodbye Everything Is Debatable LP, Ltd, Bon 12 Hot Water Music 20th Anniversary Collection LP, Oli + LP, Gre + LP, Ora + LP, Red + Box, Comp, 38 Inventions Maze Of Woods LP, Album, Ltd, Tra 17 ISAN Beautronics 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RM 17 Ital Tek Midnight Colour 2xLP, Album 19 Jo Thomas Mermaids LP, Ltd 23 Jóhann Jóhannsson Sicario (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) SIGNED 2xLP, Album Offer John Carpenter Lost Themes Remixed LP, Album 12 Köhn We Need More Space In The Cosmos LP, Album 5 La Roux La Roux LP, Album, 180 18 LCD Soundsystem 45:33 Remixes By: Riley Reinhold, Trus'me 12" 5 Lushlife + CSLSX Ritualize LP, Album 12 M. Ward More Rain LP, Album SIGNED insert 26 Mac Demarco Another (Demo) One LP, Album, Ltd, Red 24 Mark Pritchard / Bibio / Chris Clark A Badman Sound/Heath Town/Inf Inf Inf Inf 12", Ltd 12 Mastodon Leviathan LP, Album, RP, White gold mix 31 Matthew Cooper Miniatures LP, Album, Ltd, Cre 18 Mestis Polysemy LP, Album, Ltd, Blu 18 Miraa & Smuv Under Palm Trees LP, Ltd, RM 18 Morly EP Collection 12", EP, Comp 15 Ólafur Arnalds And Nils Frahm Trance Frendz - An Evening With Ólafur Arnalds And Nils Frahm LP, Album 20 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Omar Rodriguez LP, Album, Ltd, Pic 23 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante TEST PRESS looking for ~250, hit me up Opeth Watershed 2xLP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gre 43 Pausal Forms LP, Album, Ltd 11 Prezident Limbus LP, Album 23 Ramona Falls Prophet 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Gre 23 Rashim Suns.Shadows LP 14 Ringo Deathstarr Pure Mood LP, Album 14 Ryan Teague Block Boundaries LP, Album 13 Ryan Teague Field Drawings LP, Album 13 Shitmat One Foot In The Rave 2x12" 9 Shye Ben-Tzur, Jonny Greenwood and The Rajasthan Express Junun 2xLP, Album, 180 28 Sigur Rós ( ) 2xLP, Ltd, Num, RE, Cle 36 Silicon Scally Mr. Machine 2x12", Album 14 St Germain Tourist 2x12", Album, Gat original press NM 39 Starfucker (2) Jupiter LP, Album, RE 14 Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories) 2xLP, Album 18 Suicide Silence The Cleansing LP, Ltd, RP, Tra 23 Suprême NTM Paris Sous Les Bombes 2xLP, Album, RE, RP 28 Suprême NTM Suprême NTM 2xLP, Album, RE, Ltd 28 The Dear Hunter Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise 2xLP, Album, Red 31 The Dear Hunter Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise 2xLP, Album, Cra 47 The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Sil 22 The Flaming Lips Embryonic 2xLP + CD, Album 21 The Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough 2xLP, Album 30 The Hundred In The Hands Red Night 2xLP, Album, Gat 6 The KVB Of Desire LP, Ltd 18 The Mars Volta Frances The Mute 2xLP + LP, S/Sided, Etch + Album Vinyl is VG/VG+ 85 The Mars Volta Octahedron 2xLP, Album, Whi 36 The Mars Volta Frances The Mute 12", Single black 32 The Miles Davis Quintet Relaxin' With The Miles Davis Quintet LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Cle 17 The Offspring Americana LP, Album, RE, RM, 180 57 Thrice Identity Crisis LP, Album, Ltd, RP, Cle 28 Tim Hecker Love Streams 2xLP, Album, Ltd, Cle 36 toe The Book About My Idle Plot On A Vague Anxiety LP, Album, RE, Royal blue 37 TOKiMONSTA Desiderium 12", EP, Ltd Offer Various True Detective (Music From the HBO Series) 2xLP, Album 23 Volto! Incitare 2xLP, Album, Etch 16 Zen-Zin & Pawcut The Butterfly Effect LP, Album 13
  20. Need to thin out my collection a bit. Please send me offers on whatever you're interested in. I have pictures of every item, so if you want to see anything just ask me and include your email address. Thanks! 7” Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better – RSD 2014 exclusive transparent blue vinyl /1000 Blink 182 – Feeling This – black /? Cheech & Chong - Earache My Eye – RSD 2013 exclusive green vinyl /1500 Christmas split (You Blew It! Dikembe, Have Mercy, Kittyhawk) – half red half green /250 Crece/Stresscase split – clear /150 and translucent blue /350 Conor Oberst – Hundreds of Ways/Fast Friends – RSD 2014 exclusive /4300 Dads – Pretty Good – 1st pressing clear pink with random splatter /100, opaque pink marble /300, and clear green /600 Dads – Dank Not Stank – April Fools Day exclusive clear lathe /100 Dawes/Conor Oberst split – RSD 2014 exclusive /3250 Desaparecidos – Anonymous/The Left Is Right – black /? Desaparecidos – Marikkopa/Backsell – black /? Desaparecidos – Te Amo Camila Vallejo/The Underground Man – black vinyl /? Dikembe – Chicago Bowls – first pressing clear red/black swirl /150 Frank Zappa – Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow/Down In The Dew – RSD 2014 exclusive #691/3500 Fake Problems – Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full of Lies – 2nd pressing translucent blue /300 The Get Up Kids – Loveteller – first pressing black vinyl /2014 Hidden In Plain View – Twenty Below – blue flexi /250 The Horrible Crowes – Record Store Day – Black vinyl /1000 HRVRD – Cardboard Houses – grey marble /250 The Hundred Acre Woods/Modern Baseball split – green /200 Jimmy Eat World – Damage – RSD 2013 exclusive /? Jimmy Hendrix – Hey Joe/Stone Free – RSD 2013 exclusive #5477 Lavinia – Take Shelter EP – TEST PRESS black vinyl #4/43 Lemuria – Race The Germ/Big Gold Adults (Get Better b-sides) – limited secret bundle item /? Make Do and Mend/The Flatliners split – navy blue/red starburst /500 Manchester Orchestra – Every Stone – RSD 2014 exclusive black vinyl /? Mansions – The Biggest Lie/Tangerine 1st pressing black /250 The Menzingers/Bouncing Souls – Shocking split – translucent yellow w/ black splatter /250 Minus The Bear – Your Private Sky/South Side Life – RSD 2012 exclusive black vinyl #236/1000 Minus The Bear – Steel and Blood – die-cut jacket/transparent red vinyl #5/300 Old Gray – Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To – UK pressing black w/ white/grey splatter /150 Pet Symmetry/Dikembe split – first pressing black /331 and cream /343 Pianos Become The Teeth/Touche Amore split – first pressing half blue half gold /1500 Run For Cover Records: Mixed Signals Vol. 1 – black vinyl #784/1000 Say Anything/Eisley – Try To Remember Forget/Lost and Found – black vinyl /1000 Spraynard – Exton Square – black vinyl /800 Such Gold – Stand Tall – 2nd pressing red w/ demo artwork #46/50 Tegan and Sara – Guilty as Charged/I Run Empty – Black Friday RSD 2013 black /? Touche Amore/Title Fight split – RSD 2013 exclusive red vinyl /1000 Touche Amore – Live on BBC Radio 1 (Vol. 1) – first pressing transparent orange vinyl /700 Underoath – Farewell Tour 7” – picture disc /2500 Wavves – Hippies is Punks – RSD 2013 exclusive postcard picture flexi /? Wicca Phase Springs Eternal – TEST PRESS Bite My Ear/Magentagram - /50 10” Dads – Pretty Good – UK pressing blue white swirl /200 Crosses – One, two, and three (pink, blue, and yellow) – RSD 2014 exclusive /1000 of each Fun. – The Ghost That You Are To Me – RSD 2012 exclusive gold gear shaped vinyl /3000 Living With Lions – Dude Manor – first pressing white vinyl /500 The Mashmallow Ghosts – The Haunted and The Haunters – Graveface indiegogo ffundraiser ecclusive purple marble vinyl /666 The Story So Far – Songs Of – striped /2000, and tri color splatter /5500 12” The Appleseed Cast – Sagarmatha – First Pressing maroon w/ purple splatter /1000 Balance and Composure – The Things We Think We’re Missing – First pressing white/clear split tour exclusive /500 and yellow/fuchsia haze /500 The Band – The Last Waltz – RSD 2013 exclusive 180g black #63/5000 Bane – Give Blood – 2nd pressing black vinyl /1000 Batman Begins OST – UK pressing 180g black /500 Birds In Row – You, Me & The Violence – First pressing clear vinyl /1006 Blink-182 – Cheshire Cat – 3rd pressing half yellow half blue /400 Breaking Bad OST – Jesse PINKman (pink colored) vinyl #200/200 w/ certificate Chain of Strength – The One Thing That Still Holds True – 3rd pressing white vinyl /557 Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado – first pressing red w/ black splatter tour exclusive /300 Dads – Brush Your Teeth Again – First pressing black /100 and white /100 Daytrader – Twelve Years – First pressing swamp green /300 Dikembe – Broad Shoulders – first pressing dark orange vinyl /150 Django Unchained OST – First pressing 180g white w/ blood red splatter /? Droughts/Frameworks/Prawn/Kittyhawk split – screen printed jacket translucent yellow /100 The Early November – The Room’s Too Cold – 2nd pressing clear/blue/green sunburst /450 Fairweather – Lusitania – First pressing clear with blue and green splatter /200 The Fall of Troy – Manipulator – first pressing white/gold swirl w/ blue/orange/pink splatter /500 Finch – What It Is To Burn – 2nd pressing opaque turquoise /1500 The Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (Henry Rollins version) – RSD 2012 exclusive /10,000 Foxing – The Albatross – 3rd pressing coke bottle clear w/ white splatter /250 The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten – First pressing 180g translucent blue Glaciers – And the Sea Won the Battle – 2nd Pressing clear and blue swirl /220 Glaciers – Mirrored Through the Ancients – 1st pressing red swirl silkscreened cover #38/100 Gnarwolves – The Chronicles of Gnarnia – First pressing half cream half clear w/ purple splatter /300 Gnarwolves – The Chronicles of Gnarnia – First pressing green/electric blue/purple smash /500 Gnarwolves – The Chronicles of Gnarnia – First pressing white/green smash w/ pink splatter /200 A Great Big Pile of Leaves – You’re Always on My Mind – First Pressing clear w/ red and yellow splatter /214 Hostage Calm – Die on Stage – First Pressing red/white/gold starburst /300 Hot Rod Circuit – The Underground Is A Dying Breed – First pressing sky blue vinyl w/ bonus cola brown 7” /250 Into It. Over It. – Intersections – First pressing 180g black /250, translucent gold tour exclusive /400, and translucent gold w/ black splatter /500 Jack Johnson – Live at Third Man Records – Black Friday RSD exclusive /? Japandroids – Celebration Rock – first pressing 180g black /500 and white /? Japandroids – Post-Nothing – 2nd pressing 180g white vinyl /300 Kvelertak – Meir – First pressing 180g black vinyl /? Lemuria – The Distance Is So Big – first pressing clear w/ easter splatter /300 Light Years – I Won’t Hold This Against You – First pressing screen printed jacket black vinyl /50 Mae – Destination: Beautiful – 2nd pressing teal vinyl /100 and teal/white swirl /200 Man Overboard – Heart Attack – First pressing light blue /700, yellow /500, and purple /500 The Menzingers – Rented World – First pressing white w/ black splatter /300 and cream/black split /700 Mineral – The Power of Failing – 2nd pressing clear blue /150 Moving Mountains – Foreword – first pressing black vinyl /500 Nothing – Guilty of Everything – 3rd pressing red/black/red striped w/ red jacket /300 Obvlivion OST – limited 180g clear vinyl /? Old Gray – An Autobiography – 2nd pressing clear w/ red and blue swirl /300 Pianos Become The Teeth – Old Pride – Third press European tour exclusive pink /100 and yellow /110 Prince Avalanche OST – Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo – First pressing red vinyl /1000 Real Friends – Everyone That Dragged You Here – first pressing green /300, white /200, and clear /100 Say Anything - …Is A Real Boy – 4th pressing UK exclusive blue /250, 10th anniversary box set 4 x 10" on half and half custom splatter vinyl /200 & 4th pressing TEST PRESS Say Anything - Anarchy, My Dear - First pressing red vinyl SIGNED by the entire band Sharks – The Joys of Living 2008 - 2010 – First pressing half black half blue /300 Sharks – No Gods – First pressing clear w/ black /300 State Lines – For The Boats – first pressing white w/ red and blue starburst /105 Stay Sweet split (Dowsing/Haverford/Run, Forever/Captain We’re Sinking) – Translucent blue /250 SUNN O))) – LA Reh 012 – first pressing 180g black #1255/1500 Their / They’re / There – Their / They’re / There – RSD 2013 exclusive transparent seafoam green /1000 Thrice – Beggars – 3rd pressing clear w/ blue splatter /500 Thursday – Full Collapse – 6th pressing clear w/ black smoke /110 Tigers Jaw – Charmer – first pressing maroon/white starburst /750 Tokyo Police Club – Forcefield (bootleg) – First pressing black vinyl /500 Touche Amore – Is Survived By – first pressing tour exclusive transparent dark blue /397 Transit – Young New England – First pressing red/gold/green starburst /1000 Underoath – They’re Only Chasing Safety – 2nd pressing transparent blue /300 Underoath – The Changing of Times – First pressing transparent blue /300 A Wilhelm Scream – A Wilhelm Scream – First pressing red w/ black splatter /333 You Blew It! – The Past In Present – first pressing cream /118 and red /161 You Blew It! – Grow Up, Dude – First pressing black vinyl /208 Misc. Into It. Over It. 52 weeks logo croakie Piece of the actual analog tape used to record Balance & Composure - The Things We Think We're Missing La Dispute - Rooms of the House tote bag Polarity comic book by Max Bemis Tour edition of Polarity by Max Bemis (part 1 of 4) "Don't Change a Thing" zine by John Bradley of Dads and Carly Hoskins "Boom, Boom and Boom (Shit Twins)" zine by John Bradley of Dads and Carly Hoskins Dads - Do You Still Think of Me? bonus track flexi High quality photo of Dads from the I'll Be The Tornado pre-order bundle Seahaven photographs zine from Reverie Lagoon pre-order bundle Seahaven Reverie Lagoon album cover flag/banner Run For Cover Records flag/banner Dads I'll Be The Tornado logo t-shirt L Dads graph t-shirt L Dads green floating houses t-shirt XL NFG adventure time t-shirt XL Old Gray adventure time t-shirt w/ lyrics XL Brand New t-shirt XL Saves The Day t-shirt XL Speed limit slug t-shirt XL Old Gray Freaks & Geeks cloth patch Silverstein Short Songs skateboard deck
  21. So there is some mysterious flexidisc that was sent out to the Dear Hunter's Lifetime Members (still kicking myself for not signing up for that). According to this dude's tweet, he received this in the mail with a website on it. Here's the website link: http://hymnswiththedevil.com/ There's a countdown to 1pm tomorrow on the site and some music when you hover over the Ace of Hearts. Also, there was a video posted on Reddit, from a recent Dear Hunter show, of Casey playing a "rare" song called Light. I also remember a Twitter Q&A Casey was doing well before Act IV came out where he mentioned that Act IV and V could possibly be a double album. I'm wondering if while recording Act IV, he also recorded the much hinted at EP that would be Act V. If that's the case, we could see it drop tomorrow, which would be crazy. Either way, something is happening at 1pm est tomorrow on that site.
  22. *Everything has either sold or been traded in* Thanks to everyone who participated!

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