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  1. I live 40 minutes away from Oakland, surprised I haven't gotten my copy yet.
  2. I really want this but I'll be deployed.
  3. Did someone accidentally email their music video for Lazerhawk to Muse?
  4. Maybe the album title should be taken literally in regards to his career at this point.
  5. Got my Bullmoose copy today. What an album!
  6. There are a couple interviews where it was brought up, then he went to rehab. He and Sky Ferreira got pulled over, and Zachary was later charged, with possession of heroin.
  7. I think the quality of DIIV's live show hinges on what kind of health Cole is in.
  8. They stated they have an announcement to put out. Best guess it they were hiding that announcement and head the other page as well.
  9. didn't realize the the link wasn't setup properly. Fixed the OP
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bLbTkSIYO0
  11. Probably not a whole lot that's different probably just some minor modifications for the vinyl.
  12. /300 on Orange/Green 180 Gram Vinyl. Also a new pro-dubbed run of cassettes /50 https://lecassette.bandcamp.com/album/left-to-our-own-devices
  13. Updated the OP with the RT link but also of note RT is selling a Transparent Blue variant as well.
  14. Red Vinyl - /750 and Black https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/indigo https://wildnothingct.bandcamp.com/album/indigo Opaque Blue (Indie Retailer exclusive) - /1000 http://www.capturedtracks.com/wild-nothing-indigo-local Rough Trade - /300 Purple + Transparent Blue https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/wild-nothing-indigo Newbury - /300 Black Smoke https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/wild_nothing-indigo_exclusive_lp?variant=12200007630953
  15. That whole idea of the genre being anti-capitalist is a joke I hope you know.
  16. Equip - I Dreamed of a Palace in the Sky - 2x LP Coke Bottle http://equip.100percentelectronica.com/
  17. I own the original shirt for the design, I like it a lot. If someone doesn't want the screen print I'll take it. The re-print of the shirt looks really bad though.
  18. Pre-orders are open until the 21st, you got a little time to organize it.
  19. It'll be cheaper just to wait for the +100 pressing of the record.

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