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  1. Only recently back on the site and seen I made this post. It's amazing how huge this band is now, what a difference 5 years makes...
  2. Limited Edition Crystal Clear & Orange Double 12" Vinyl (15 Years of Hassle Records) Record/Vinyl + Digital Album Limited half & half hand-numbered coloured vinyl (Crystal Clear & Orange) Double vinyl package including Our First American Friends album, plus the Tezcatlipoca EP on vinyl for the very first time Released in celebration of Hassle Records 15th Anniversary This is a pre-order product, due for release on October 30th https://asktubelord.bandcamp.com/album/our-first-american-friends
  3. FYI. I got my Dopamine today shipped from Banquet Records, UK. 180gram white as advertised on the 3eb webstore, so I imagine there is only one variant of this. Made in Czech Republic, I can't immediately tell if it's GZ or XVinylX or other.
  4. $26.95 international shipping, daaaaayyyyym. I almost don't want to pay that out of principle.
  5. Probably very few who'll have heard this London based duo but worth a post anyway. They've been doing one of those 'post-a-song-a-month-for-a-year' projects, and they're pretty damn good. They seem to have sold out their US tour dates despite never having gigged before (as this band). Tracks are on soundcloud etc: https://soundcloud.com/ohwondermusic/livewire It'll probably cost an arm and a leg to get this over to the states but here are the details of the self titled anyway: http://store.ohwondermusic.com/?utm_campaign=OhWonderStoreLink&utm_content=OhWonderStoreLink&utm_medium=Referral&utm_source=ArtistWebsite EDIT: Forgot the actual link! Fixed.
  6. Arrived safe and sound this morning, just listened and this sounds fantastic, great job dude!
  7. Great news. Without you I'm nothing bought. And yeah, ghosts and meds dates are bit distant to justify a purchase for me!
  8. $43.94 Urghhhhh, bought. That's for the cheap option... that smarts. I need to move to the states. Had to have this to go alongside the others. Artwork is stunning, so is the new track, it'll annoy me lined up next to the hideous tree inspired Acts I-III though.
  9. Yep hand numbered, it was a tiny line just next to them saying there'd be a 1000 copies. And yeah the die-cut slides in exactly as in the promo materials (you put the gatefold in from the right).
  10. Yeah fair point. I think I'm being a bit harsh because of the extra cost factored in with shipping and the fact that its dinged. Looking at the package again, if it weren't dinged, from the outside it would look pretty darn nice. Oh, and I got #725.
  11. This is shipped in one of the larger mailers that fits a well padded double LP or 2-3 slim vinyl. The problem might've been that there was only one length of bubble wrap around the front/back, nothing protecting the top/bottom or the corners. Mine has obviously succumbed to a FedEx battering and been jiggling around in there.
  12. I'll start on the only positive that my copy is sounding great (side B is just finishing). Mine arrived dinged up pretty bad. It doesn't look 'too' bad in the pics but because of the cutout sleeve all the letters are out of place and it just looks a shambles. The inside is essentially just a gatefold, with paper vinyl sleeves that are not lined and frankly kinda flimsy; mine also have print smears from the gatefold. Vinyl colour is obviously white, nothing spectacular there. I must say I'm quite deflated after spending so much on this. Excluding the white sleeve this is simply a regular double gatefold vinyl... no two ways about it. If my copy was pristine I'd probably be a bit more enthused. Can't wait to hear other opinions. I think I've been fleeced, though I'm really glad to have the album.
  13. On the stereoboutique site when I checked-out after filling in my details and choosing to pay with paypal the server timed out. I've checked the site again and I'm getting 503 errors, so their site might be having some trouble at the minute. There are a few other albums on my list of things to buy, but I know if I don't get this I'll probably be annoyed at myself.