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  1. Anyone got this yet? I pre-ordered after I heard the second single so record wont get to Australia for a couple of weeks... super excited for this.
  2. Picked this up yesterday on a whim - first album in a while to leave me speechless, now to check out the rest of his discog
  3. Alright Karl Marx enough of your jibber jabber
  4. Either I'm getting old or I just don't care anymore - probably more important stuff out in the world to worry about than a relatively obscure electronic artist pressing more records.
  5. This is available to stream on NPR in the US: http://www.npr.org/2017/09/25/552381892/first-listen-benjamin-clementine-i-tell-a-fly If you are elsewhere, download the NPR One app on your phone and you can listen without the geoblocking It is really fucking good.
  6. Anyone wanna help an aussie out? they dont have an option to ship here *edit* aus shipping added, all good!
  7. Dunno what ya'll on about this new Shigeto is fire - tuned into it last night at 3am when I couldn't sleep and the vibes were bumping
  8. This is such a surprise, was not expecting any destroyer output this year given the time between Kaputt and Poison Season POd with haste
  9. Just as an aside, i'd love some new ASMZ material... Kollaps Tradixionales is one of my all time faves
  10. fuck. yes. I mean, f#a# came with a train rolled penny so they have done weird shit before. But i expect nothing more than the standard 180gm black form constellation. no complaints either.
  11. Pre order up now - last album was amazing - expect no less http://westernvinyl.com/shop/wv170