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  1. Really enjoying the whole thing. As much as I also love his synth stuff, I’m glad it moved to a more rock focused. Just be we get so much of the former in Black Queen. This is Very 90s/AIC/soundgarden
  2. Amen, same here... ever hear Brandon & Alex side project “I am war”? If not, highly recommend, really wish it’d get pressed
  3. MB said they were happening years ago, so hopefully. Maybe even a new album
  4. Hopefully this confirms a new track will debut tonight on Kimell
  5. Right on, there’s definitely a few songs on Empty Black in the same realm as the new single.
  6. Killer track... seems like they’re picking up right where they left off on The Valley & I’m not mad
  7. Still surprised by her/team not releasing any music for this prior to its release. Interesting tactics
  8. Lament For Wasps taking the lead for me, big S. Pumpkins guitar vibes all over
  9. In on the MC 1k, Revolver /350 and the VG / 500... good/expensive day. All in the name of mosh