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  1. Seems as such... Although i wish they'd say if these will all end up on a eventual album & spare people ending up w/ five 7" & album of the same songs.
  2. I did get a shipping confirmation on my PO, it arrived this past Saturday.
  3. Great band, killer album & killer show! Might've just set the bar of what appears to be the first of many of these type of shows. #TOTH
  4. Currently bulldozing my senses to the new Beneath The Massacre... so good!
  5. "On Track" is my fav cut on the album... A perfect continuation of what he was aiming for w/ Currents. Really digging it so far.
  6. Same, missed and its upsetting... Could've went for the bundles but just don't need what's in them for the $. Being only /300 total, hopefully there's another round soonish
  7. Lol, no kidding... Especially coming from Spencer who has quite the $ set-up.
  8. Same, had to go w Yoshi... Curious to see who'd going to re-press it here soon
  9. Liquid filled went lightning-fast, even at 150$... New track shreds
  10. Delivery Service and Porco Rosso ... also up at LITA