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  1. Local shop got there's in yesterday, picking it up Friday. Can't wait!
  2. Agree! It’s killer... I’m holding off as well just to see what WW has to offer. Pretty dull variant on the “smoke” option
  3. It was up on Bull Moose over the weekend, not sure if it still is or not
  4. New Cattle Decap up (in many other spots worldwide) this is what IndieMerch has to offer.... https://www.indiemerchstore.com/b/cattle-decapitation Went with the vomit splatter /500, new song rips also! A "AOTY" contender for me surely
  5. Just got my copy yesterday, came out killer. Only spun A/B sides so far
  6. Just a heads up... the new 7” with 2 non-cover songs has been up Target for about a week. 4$. Placed my order not sure how reliable they’ll be on actually getting them. Worth a shot
  7. Anyone willing to share the info, please PM me. Would greatly appreciate it
  8. Got my shipping as well, preparing my knee braces for the spinning sesh this weekend
  9. Snagged the LV version... Hard to pass on the red
  10. Same, hopefully by Friday they'll release the song (and a PO to go with it)
  11. Some type of boxset supposedly. Also rumored to be releasing a new 7", possibly covers again. Either way i'll be in on both \m/