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  1. Will it be sent the day of release? I ordered it and wasn’t sent a code, and it doesn’t say in the description so I took your work for it. Stoked for the album
  2. @IanRees whats up w the merch limited bundle not coming w a Dload? Most do, really want to order but asking first.
  3. OG PO as well, mine showed up saturday. No email notification... Turned out great though
  4. Never been the case in my experience of seeing them many many with both singers... Actually the opposite. Howard could never hit his own highs and out of tune often... Jesse doesn't have the "studio" range but didn't try to emulate just put his style on HJ parts. I love both but imo, Jesse will always be KSE
  5. So happy its finally being re released. Passing on the RSD version is one of my biggest "hobby" regrets.
  6. Amazing track, Mona shining bright on this demonstration