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  1. Anyone know what label or who pressed Star Fox recently? Seen it pop up a few times on my IG feed, but no info
  2. Thanks for the heads up... i missed it sadly, knew i should've went on the site to check. Damn it
  3. Don't have to pull out the pic disc to hear them... Deluxe vinyl also came with a deluxe/extra tracks d-load
  4. Should've said *colored repress, black i know is readily available.
  5. Now if he'd only repress Leather Teeth
  6. Sacred Bones sent out the same email in regards to that mistake, glad it was corrected
  7. Electric Messiah: White vinyl on sale on their march store.... Along with more copies of Luminiferous: starburst on sale
  8. F ya... Was just coming here to post the link. Snagged this last evening by surprise looking for colored options for US