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  1. The new PVRIS album got rolled out like this. Released 1/2 the album as an EP then the full drop
  2. Snagged 1 when they went live Wed and agree, Court is a beast! Hope we get a full length soon.
  3. Been on solid rotation since Friday... more electronic for sure, but taking the album listening experience as a whole, really enjoying it.
  4. Need the box, Solitude & finally, the pin! Amazing stuff
  5. Rest In Power, Riley! What a bummer, crank PT all day today
  6. Last album had some riffs! Hope they continue with the more vanity-esque era sound too
  7. Got my /300 exclusive yesterday, came out fantastic. Album is a crusher
  8. Blue/White merge looks the same as the black/white posted above... Came out nice & it sounds good
  9. Got my Blue /300 last night, will spin today... I did get a shipping notice last week from their webstore.
  10. Agree.. Seen them open for Halsey nearly 5 years ago here in Cleveland, been a fan since.