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  1. New Com Truise is fantastic, just spun my copy yesterday... Also dig the new Tyco track, kinda gives me Tame vibes
  2. Figure any time now, as you said, they've been teasing this new music for awhile now. Can't wait
  3. What a pleasant surprise this was yesterday! Ordered with the quickness, /200 bundle! New song is greatness
  4. "it's all smiles" maybe my fav song of the year so far
  5. Had to put my knee braces on before jamming the new track, love it! Hope this means the full length isn't to far off
  6. USPS is having delays here the past couple of weeks, not sure why, but have had many packages do that lately as well. 1 still hasn't shown up
  7. Thanks for the info... Not in his group, but i know a few ppl who are. I'd love to own it
  8. Anyone know what label or who pressed Star Fox recently? Seen it pop up a few times on my IG feed, but no info