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  1. The store in Brooklyn had around 20 people on line when it opened(about 15 minutes after the store was supposed to open). The girl behind the counter didn't have any idea where the records were. We all stood inside waiting for a bit(and by that time there were another 5 people who showed up) as she looked around, called the manager etc. Finally she realized they didn't get their shipment yet. So they took all our names. numbers and email and said they would call us when it came in. They said they were getting 25 copies so all the people in the store at that time would be guaranteed one. It's a really tiny store that i had never been to. FWIW, I spoke to the guy at Rough Trade in Brooklyn this morning and he said even though they weren't on the list, they were getting the split as well. He said all the stores on the east coast, of which there weren't many, had their shipments delayed and wouldn't be getting them till Monday. Makes sense as I called the Newbury in Boston this morning that's on the list and they said they only had got the green so far.
  2. Well id be happy to post my referral code out in the open so people didnt have to keep asking. And then the others wouldn't try to jump on my offer to get theirs in but again if anyone needs that referral code you dont have to ask out in the open. Just PM me and ill be happy to send
  3. Angry much? Chill out dude, what's wrong with offering people a discount? Especially with the price hike coming. I'm sure some people would appreciate it. As for the Demon Days release, yes maybe there will be a world wide release with diff variants and maybe there won't be. We will see. Only time will tell.
  4. Its pretty much 100% Demon Days which is a huge get for VMP and one of the clues being half speed mastered, it should sound better than those originals and fyi after the announcement on the 21 is the price hike so if anyone wants to get in now before the hike and wants the $10 credit, just pm me and ill throw ya a referral link
  5. Maybe if the variant was a diff color I could see it going for a lot. But with just the only difference being the alternative cover, I highly doubt anyone is gonna drop lots for that. No matter how limited it is. The VMP one and probably the deluxe will go for more for certain.
  6. Order number has nothing to do with place in line to get colored vinyl. Sorry to ruin some peoples days on that one. I have had in the past friends whose order numbers were lower than mine not get colored one when i did with a higher order number.
  7. Any chance any of you want to share a link to order this. I have been stymied trying to find it