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  1. Just get me some of that sweet Chris Gaines music and I'll be content. I'm going to play the waiting game on this release because it seems like there's at least 7.2 million copies pressed, so some store will put these up on clearance for $lol at some point.
  2. All I could hear during the siren-y parts on the refrain.
  3. This album just makes me want a Kenny G album with hip-hop features.
  4. This is the "Bible verse in your work email signature" of Kanye albums.
  5. The first thing I think about when someone mentions Coldplay - Fix You being shoehorned into a scene from You Me and Dupree.
  6. Hell yeah, Clipse's Lord Willin' got restocked so now I don't have to get Soft Bulletin.
  7. Highest in the Room 7" up in Travis' store now: https://shop.travisscott.com/products/highest-in-the-room-7-vinyl-digital-single
  8. Yung Bae restock, including a Bae 1 picture disc: https://shop.thefutureoffunk.com/
  9. On Reddit someone said it's $30 for the colored tour vinyl.
  10. S/T is probably my favorite White Stripes album, so this Vault is a no-brainer for me.
  11. It's getting to the point where I believe the original MSRP was the mistake with all of these price error cancellations.