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  1. Welp, Mondo's gonna do the Marvel soundtracks on vinyl it seems. https://ew.com/music/2019/04/22/marvel-movie-soundtracks-mondo-vinyl-ant-man-and-the-wasp/?fbclid=IwAR3PvC-0oE6VDgcSj4UQOnMX0DQsE3hu0zVyT-sPNxxiLWPIJct3eeSrr1g
  2. Any places where Trout Mask Replica is still available?
  3. At this point I'm hoping Triple Crown does a pressing of their own.
  4. Kinda an underwhelming package, but it's a new Raconteurs album and I want to see 'em live, so I'm in.
  5. Just took a closer look at mine and I have a big ol' scratch running across the radius of side A and 3 or 4 patches of swirling/scuffing on side C. Playing it last night did not go well.
  6. Sailor Wave picture disc up now: https://neoncityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sailorwave
  7. I never thought Sigur Ros and Yoshi would have anything in common, yet here we are.
  8. I guess they're now signed with Triple Crown.
  9. Yeah, I feel like Garth may be taking a page from the Italians Do It Better book.
  10. Ended up caving and buying this. 21 slabs of Garth for $130 is pretty outrageous, and I figured I could sell 1 or 2 of the boxes to help soften the blow.