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  1. Goddammit I need this but don't want to deal with ORM again, the last box set took two paypal claims and almost 18 months to get in hand.
  2. Placed an order 1st day and still haven't even gotten a shipping notice, tried contacting through email and on IG and no response. Anyone know the best way to reach them just to verify the order is good?
  3. Did you get tracking info or anything?
  4. I ordered 5, I asked them for one of each variant but if they give me doubles instead I'm willing to sell or trade.
  5. JustSchwimmer

    PO Now: Nas - Nasir

    So far out of these albums is goes Pusha>Nas>>Kids See Ghosts>>>Ye but I honestly have enjoyed all 4. Crazy good summer for music.
  6. Get Out OST coming out Friday on "lawn party" green!
  7. JustSchwimmer

    PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye

    Why not get them now, they are super affordable and won't be cheaper in the future even if they stay in print.
  8. JustSchwimmer

    The Third Man Records Thread

    More rare useless stuff inside the vault, including an uncut sheet of inserts for only $150 bucks! (I already bought one cause I hate myself): Vault 33 - White Stripes "Icky Thump X" Uncut Insert Poster by Rob Jones Behold! If you were here for Vault 33, then you have one of the Rob Jones-designed inserts from that package. Well here’s all nine of them in their original, uncut sheet form as sent to TMR at the end of the printing run of Icky Thump X inserts. This 24”X36” poster print is hyper-rare, available in extremely limited quantities, and was recently unearthed from the TMR warehouse to be made available first to you, our loyal Vault members. While every effort will be made to pack these posters as carefully as possible, they have been in storage and are being sold AS-IS. All sales are FINAL, and no returns/exchanges/refunds will be issued for minor imperfections along the lines of dinged edges/corners, slightly bent corners, stray clear microscopic fibers, etc.
  9. JustSchwimmer

    PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    is there any difference between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pressings?
  10. JustSchwimmer

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    It was in a big lot and yes I bought it, no clue what it's worth, I can't even find it on discogs. Sorry about the wrong thread I was thinking this was the jazz/sould/blues thread when I made the post!
  11. JustSchwimmer

    Jazz Music & Records Thread

    Soooo I came across this today:
  12. Understood, I didn't think you were being mean or anything. I like the music but find it hard to listen to is the best way to put it. More closely a photograph that is beautiful with disturbing subject matter, or something similar in nature.
  13. I can appreciate the music as an art piece and still find it difficult to listen to. It's not that odd of a concept.