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  1. JustSchwimmer

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    You can get copies of it with the Marvel cover non-deluxe for around that
  2. JustSchwimmer

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    Specifically stating that the cover is printed on the jacket kinda eliminates that possibility that it's the particular variant I'd imagine. It would be a really odd thing to just randomly point out.
  3. JustSchwimmer

    GZA - Liquid Swords Marvel Edition

    So it looks like the US deluxe is color vinyl but only the EU stores have the linticular cover and the comic book incase anyone cares. The US listings specifically states "This deluxe collector’s edition features the variant cover printed directly on the front and will also include color double vinyl."
  4. PO Link: https://www.hhv.de/shop/en/item/gza-liquid-swords-limited-deluxe-marvel-edition-sea-glass-colored-vinyl-615844?p=YjqNnv PO Link #2: https://www.vinyl-digital.com/en/Hip-Hop-Rap/Liquid-Swords-Deluxe-Marvel-Edition.html Limited Deluxe Marvel Edition Sea Glass Colored Vinyl Incl. exclusive Marvel Comic Book and Hip-Hop Variant Cover Lenticular
  5. Would you do $50 for two copies? I'd love to grab them from you!
  6. JustSchwimmer

    PO: Migos- Culture II (Red 3xLP)

    No reply for the label, I ended up filing a chargeback. I would not order this if you want an actual autograph.
  7. JustSchwimmer

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Saul Williams is kinda cool.
  8. JustSchwimmer

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Did Amoeba drop a 15% off code this month?
  9. PO link: https://coolxkids.com/shop/the-bake-sale-10-year-anniversary-vinyl/ The Bake Sale turns 10 this year, and we're doing a limited run vinyl pressing of the classic album by The Cool Kids, with a new twist on the original artwork. Available for pre-sale. Should start shipping mid-October.
  10. I will literally make a bet with anyone that wants to take me up, Post will have 3 or more singles go top 5 on the charts in the next year not including any of the songs he has on the charts now. I’m addition his next album whenever is comes out will go platinum. I am 100% serious. I’ll put $200 up against $100. I get the hate and I’m not a huge fan or anything but he is an absolute superstar with staying power.
  11. JustSchwimmer

    PO: Migos- Culture II (Red 3xLP)

    So I got my package in yesterday and it's just a stamp, not real signatures. I don't see how that isn't false advertising, you can't sell something as signed and not deliver on it. I sent out an email and didn't get a reply, no clue how to contact someone in person on this...
  12. They didn't even bother to respond to my paypal claim, total disappointment.
  13. JustSchwimmer


    So we know that language barrier isn’t an issue with making a statement, why wait this long to make put something out?
  14. JustSchwimmer


    Totally possible but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t file to get your money back.
  15. JustSchwimmer


    Just put a paypal claim in for my Timeless record I'm not going to be burned again twice, also let paypal know what happened about Sailorwave even though it's outside of 6 months, they will keep an eye out on the account. I suggest everyone give them a call as well.