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  1. Selling off the rest of my collection, let me know if you have any interest in buying any. If you buy more than 1, I may knock off some $ 12" A Lot Like Birds - No Place -- 1st Pressing --- Dark Red /1000 - $22 shipped Lydia - Illuminate -- 1st Pressing --- 180 Gram Black / 500 - SOLD Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only -- 1st Pressing --- (2xLP) White /500 - $16 shipped 12" 3-pack (SOLD) Straylight Run - About Time EP -- 1st Pressing --- Silver /300 (autographed by band) Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends -- 6th Pressing --- Black /1198 Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be -- 2nd Pressing --- Black /1000 10" Secret Band - EP -- 1st Pressing --- Black /1000 - $22 shipped 7" +44 - Cliff Diving (single) -- 1st Pressing --- Pink (autographed by band) - $15 shipped My Iron Lung - Grief -- 1st Pressing --- Red/Black /300 - SOLD
  2. I ran out of cardboard record mailers and went MIA from the vinyl boards for a while. My apologies to everyone, sorry about the delay. I have acquired more record mailers. so BUMP. Also, Stolas record has been SOLD.
  3. +44 - Cliff Diving 7" -- 1st Pressing --- Pink /???? ---- $25 shipped obo A Lot Like Birds - No Place -- 1st Pressing --- Dark Red /1000 ---- $22 shipped SEALED blink-182 - blink-182 -- 4th Pressing --- Clear w/ Pink/Green Splatter /2000 ---- SOLD SEALED blink-182 - Uranus 7" -- ??? Pressing --- Blue SEALED Brand New - Deja Entendu -- 3rd Pressing --- Black (180 gram) ---- $35 shipped SEALED Dance Gavin Dance - Official 6LP Box set -- 1st Pressing --- /1000 ---- PM me SEALED Dance Gavin Dance - Instant Gratification -- 1st Pressing --- Bone/Double Mint/Black Splatter /300 ---- SOLD SEALED Emarosa - Relativity/Emarosa -- 1st Pressing --- Bone/Orange /750 ---- $30 shipped Jonny Craig - FWYLALIKY EP -- 1st Pressing --- Milky clear w/ Yellow/Green Splatter /300 ---- SOLD (only opened to be signed by Jonny Craig) NEW Lydia - Illuminate -- 1st Pressing ---- Black (180 gram) ---- $30 shipped Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only -- 1st Pressing --- White /500 ---- $23 shipped NEW Secret Band - EP 10" -- 1st Pressing --- Black /1000 ---- $30 shipped obo SEALED Stolas - Living Creatures -- 1st Pressing --- Black /250 ---- PM me Straylight Run - About Time EP -- 1st Pressing --- Silver /300 (Signed by band) ---- $15 shipped Straylight Run - Straylight Run -- 3rd Pressing --- Black ---- $15 shipped Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected? -- 1st Pressing --- Orange (180 gram) /500 ---- SOLD SEALED Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends -- 6th Pressing --- Black /1198 ---- $15 shipped SEALED Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want To Be -- 2nd Pressing --- Black /1000 ---- $15 shipped Selling my collection, I have 100% positive feedback across 50+ transactions between here (VC), deadformat.net and ebay. Prices may be flexible and some stuff I'd rather not part with but for the right offer I may listen. Not looking for trades. I may discount items if more than one are purchased. All records are either new / sealed / or like new / open and never/rarely played.
  4. Two sold. Bump. Free shipping if dude ranch and buddha purchased together. $80 never played mint records
  5. I'm selling records for a friend. Taking offers on here before I hit other websites. These records have NEVER been played and have always been kept in the original packaging. Literally brand new, mint, unplayed with no signs of damage. UPDATE: s/t and enema sold. Will do free shipping if last 2 purchased together blink-182 - self-titled -- pink/green swirl SOLD blink-182 - enema of the state -- clear blue SOLD blink-182 - dude ranch -- clear orange (Mightier Than Sword) --- 2nd press? /500 asking $50 blink-182 - buddha -- orange? (Kung Fu Records) --- 2nd press? /300? asking $30 I'm not certain what color Buddha is but can confirm it was purchased around the time of the other blink-182 records in this post. By process of elimination, it is more than likely the orange variant. For sale only, no trades. Can upload pics if requested.
  6. Downtown Battle Mountain II is up on HT's site now, but listed as white vinyl instead of purple vinyl. Makes the HT DGD represses seem pretty weak IMO. WISIRO - White DBM - Clear DGD(Deathstar) - Yellow (tentative) Happiness - Green DBM2 - White AS - Yellow Compared to MerchNOW which has like a rainbow on their site. WISIRO - Red DBM - Blue DGD(Deathstar) - (NO IDEA YET) Happiness - Yellow DBM2 - Orange AS - Green
  7. Downtown Battle 2 and Jonny Craig solo were scheduled for today. No sign of them up. Also, looks like Happiness was taken off of HT's site.
  8. They usually don't split up the bundles until after the album release date.
  9. The Blue Swan page on Facebook posted about a high volume of orders and to be patient.
  10. They haven't, I said if they match the pattern of releasing variants in the same time frame as hot topic, we'll be looking at 5 variants as the pink and purple ones will be considered 3rd press and 4th variants
  11. Personally I prefer getting the signatures myself, got a signed TAYF cd. Interested in that red w/ black splatter happiness is, but don't have the cash for it rn.
  12. According to Rise Records, in addition to the 2 variants listed above, they pressed 1200 orange for Hot Topic and 2000 white for I don't know why, probably if the first 1000 merchnow ones get sold.
  13. Rise working on third presses of DBM and acceptance speech during same time as second press of rest of collection. And if merchnow matches the pattern, there will be 5 variants of DBM and AS and 3 variants of the rest of the collection.
  14. If I recall correctly, the Walter White/Jesse Pinkman variants were $30 + shipping. Plus it's Hot Topic.
  15. If you're waiting for it to come to Hot Topic, chances are it'd be near $30 also. $20 seems like the new LP price plus tax or shipping. It's up to you if you want to wait around for a less than $10 difference
  16. Excited for DGD7. Moving on now, haha. I just mentioned my good experiences through bandcamp shipping in the comment before this. I have two/three suggestions that may assist what the other VC'ers in this thread have mentioned that could be worth bringing up to Will. 1. If multiple Blue Swan bands' merch is shipping from the same location, having a universal Blue Swan merch page so people could combine orders. This would benefit in both the potential of saving on shipping, and receiving shipping confirmation on that said order. 2. If a tracking number is provided, to notify the buyer with the info. 3. An optional email for Blue Swan questions or concerns. Most/all of those points are just based off my experience with ordering from merchnow and other sites like eBay or whatever. With new releases from Eidola/Stolas/Hail The Sun coming up, and the remaining Stolas/Sianvar/Kurt/Secret Band merch, I think a universal store would really benefit both Blue Swan Records and fans of the bands on the label.