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  1. Media mail has been dicey for me in forwarding, and I only moved 10 miles away. If you are still within the area of your former post office I’d call and ask them to hold it. Only reliable way I’ve been able to get my old preorders recently.
  2. I was hoping at the very least they would add some deeper cuts, maybe some songs from around the time this album was recorded. Etched sides are such a waste.
  3. Glad I remembered to update my address before they sent these out. been waiting too long for these. God I love a good seafoam marble variant. Wish I had scooped that too lol
  4. Good looks on these. Been waiting for a variant for Under Vatten.
  5. New double single on 10” : https://www.crossescult.com/products/crosses-day-onevivien-10-pink-vinyl-exclusive-css they really gonna milk the hell out of this upcoming album huh
  6. Think they have a really hard time judging demand for a release. This likely would have been fine at 1500, maybe even less. ETID easily could have done 2000. they even did 2000 for the recent Swellers release, like wtf lol
  7. Been waiting on this album. Not as blown away by the singles as I was with We Are Alive Beyond Repair, but I trust this band to put out a solid album.
  8. No word of future pressings yet. Would imagine they would have mentioned something by now to alleviate the grief from the fans.
  9. Don't quote me on this, but i grabbed these the second they dropped this morning, and i could swear it had a October release date attached to the product description. With it being the album's 10 year, i imagine these were likely in the works for a bit.
  10. Going up again on Poclanos tonight at 2100EST. Note says it is open to international folks, $40 shipping to US, so almost $80 total if original price held. I love this album, but man is that steep, especially with the unpredictability of international shipping, and their "no refund" policy. Commented on the post and the answer they gave me for US distro seems like no plans for any other shipping at this time... ugh https://www.instagram.com/p/ChWztDqhtBN/?hl=en
  11. Rough Trade exclusive /300: https://roughtrade.com/us/rival-schools/united-by-fate
  12. It’s up. Deluxe with bonus tracks is $100, yikes. https://www.runforcoverrecords.com/products/730208-rival-schools-united-by-fate-standard-edition