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  1. Would love Faces to be pressed. Grabbed a boot of Macadelic from my local record store the other day and to my surprise it actually sounds fantastic. Official presses of his better mixtapes would be cool too though.
  2. Either they must have been unhappy with the pressings of the their previous two albums from Tooth & Nail, understandably, or the label had no interest in pressing what is widely considered their worst album, which also makes sense. My least listened to album of theirs by far, but You Think You're Nickel Slick (But I Got Your Penny Change) is a top 10 Emery track.
  3. Album has some jams, but definitely their weakest. All I want is In Shallow Seas We Sail to be pressed.
  4. Bandcamp <[email protected]> 8:26 PM (1 hour ago) to me OBROTHER Hey everyone! Thank you all for your support during these crazy times. We hope you’re staying safe, vigilant and supporting those that need it most right now. All pressings of You and I are en route to us as we speak and we’re expecting them in the next two weeks. We’ll have your orders out within the following days. Black lives matter. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Much Love, OBRO Comment on this message
  5. Never got an email from them. Weird, hopefully the boxset is still around by the public onsale tomorrow.
  6. Was waiting for another single to drop before grabbing this. Now I’m sold. Glad that splatter went back up.
  7. Glad to finally own Migrant. Really digging the color for it, photos of the actual variant look a hell of a lot better than the mockup. Now all I need is for them to repress the Color Spectrum boxset.
  8. Really wanted to make it to that show. Seeing Daryl perform Champing at the Bit with them is one of my dream concert scenarios. I made it out to the last two NYC boat shows they've done. For sure my favorite yearly tradition now.
  9. I remember them tweeting something about having recorded 16 songs for the new album a couple months ago. This is definitely my most anticipated album this year. They’re on an incredible run starting with Ex Lives. Can’t wait to see what this album is packing.
  10. I initially avoided this because of the major complaints regarding the sound quality. Anybody here experience anything similar? I am a huge Zelda fan so I willl end up getting this most likely but just curious to hear any sound quality reviews.
  11. Awesome. I was hoping for a merch drop along with the re-issue. My grey White Pony hoodie is going on 5 years old and I could use a replacement of some sort.
  12. Yeah that album is still incredible. Thinking about grabbing Oceana’s Birth.Eater too. Really only a handful of rise records releases that still hold up. Would love it if they would press Decoder’s self titled or maybe even In:Aviate’s Awake.
  13. Both the red and orange have nothing but negative reviews regarding sound quality on discogs. Hate to wait it out and have to pay secondary market prices. Still probably just gonna hope for a collectors restock.
  14. Can anybody comment on the sound quality of this single LP release of CFUTF? I want to wait to see if they restock the Collectors edition but I'll grab the single if it sounds good.
  15. I have never been much into racing games but I remember playing a ton of Revenge and a good amount of Paradise. Been debating getting the remaster once I see a good sale or it goes to game pass.