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  1. Holy shit if that is true count me in. Bloodborne is one of my favorite games.
  2. I get that a little. I’m still waiting for an album within this realm of music to top Bloom & Breathe.
  3. Liking this so far, definitely different than what I expected from Deathwish’s usual signings. The album closer has me intrigued, named after one of my favorite books.
  4. Anybody spin this yet? My local shop got some copies and I wanna know if it sounds good before i decide to grab it.
  5. This record is amazing. Have you heard of Blacktop Mourning?
  6. I've had Minus the Bear's Menos el Oso in my CD player for years now. They're my drive music. Third Eye Blind's S/t is definitely a solid choice as well. Other than that I'd probably say Glassjaw - Worship & Tribute, Jimmy Eat World - Futures, and Say Anything - ... is a Real Boy.
  7. I can understand the aversion for a band with their own style to go mainstream and change completely. To me at least Blue Sky Noise seemed like a natural progression. Juturna had the weirdness/atmospheric aspect and On Letting Go lost that for tighter songwriting. BSN combines elements from both and still seems different. Watered down compared to the other two? Sure, but the songs are killer. Frozen Creek and Spirit of the Stairwell can get grating and are only really good in context with the rest of the album, but the rest of the songs are awesome. Fever Dreams has to be a top 5 Circa song for me. But I understand your complaints. Juturna is still the superior album for me and is my constant soundtrack come winter. I've tried so hard to get into VW as well but only really dig the first four and the closer. They went way experimental on that album (complete 180 from BSN come to think of it). I still have to sit down and give The Amulet a better listen. I remember listening to Lustration a bunch and liking it but not loving it. It's crazy how long they had copies of that just sitting around. I figured for the longest they just kept it in stock, it being just black vinyl, and being moved around different merch stores.
  8. What don't you like about BSN? I think you're the first fan of theirs I've heard that doesn't adore that album, myself included. Have you given it a listen with Suspending Disbelief? Oh, Hello flows so well into it that it makes me think it was cut at the last second before Juturna's original release.
  9. The beginning of all 3 are really slow but I put like 10 hours into pre-sequel and put it down. Something about it just rubbed me the wrong way. But absolutely give 2 a go if you are willing to try. One of my favorite games ever. Handsome Jack has to be one of the greatest video game villains ever created. Only one that even comes close for me is Vaas from Far Cry 3.
  10. The Pre-sequel is by far my least favorite one. If it's the gameplay you have an issue with, then you may not dig any of them. Although I do recommend at least trying 2. The characters (Handsome Jack, Tiny Tina, Scooter, etc) and even some of the one off characters absolutely make the game incredible. Story is interesting enough and there are a ton of quests and areas to explore. Combat is pretty simple but the skill trees make it unique every time you go through. If you're not sold on 2 after getting through maybe the first 5 hours then I'd say its just not the game for you. Also, playing with at least one another person makes it much more enjoyable. I've played solo all the way through only once and had no where near as much fun as I did playing with friends.
  11. Announcement from Thrice. Looks like only through your local record store for now: https://twitter.com/Thrice/status/1146193220520439809
  12. The whole set shows Q3 so I would assume the same for the standalone unless its specified elsewhere.