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  1. That Revolver exclusive sounds nice. Coke bottle w/ splatter usually turns out awesome.
  2. Very excited at the prospect of having YPAA on vinyl. Especially with how fantastic DiH sounds. Never listened to Electra though.
  3. How’d you even find the link for the store page? The link the band and label posted doesn’t even load.
  4. Looks like they must be getting all the non bundles shipped today. Got mine as well.
  5. I ordered both separately from the bundle and haven’t heard a peep.
  6. Did not enjoy Mental Knife all that much. Hoping for more of a Secret Wars sound on this one.
  7. Just got my shipping notification for this from TSR. Excited to get this in about a month and a half.
  8. Relapse has pictures of the actual variants, not mockups, up on their Insta. Pinwheels turned out meh.
  9. Church Road is just saving all of the Holy Roar orphans huh?
  10. Looks like they have some overstock of the clear variant with the alt cover. Less than 20 copies left: https://gregpuciato.bandcamp.com/album/child-soldier-creator-of-god
  11. Might jump on another copy then. Yeah I knew there was only the white press of it. But honestly I have been considering offloading all my Hot Topic presses and putting the money towards the boxset. It looks sweet. Maybe they will do another one with the post-Diamond Eyes records at some point.
  12. Anybody who has the white press of Diamond Eyes, how does it sound? Mine sounds like garbage. Will grab one of these restocks if it has a chance to sound better.
  13. https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/slaughter_beach_dog-at_the_moonbase_exclusive_lp?variant=37807916187828
  14. So, unless I missed it mentioned in their release posts, apparently this Crosses single is only a cover? With all the fanfare about the new website I am assuming we will still be getting some new music, but not really sure if them releasing a cover means it will be anytime soon.

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