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  1. If you're talking about the one on Caspian's and Triple Crown's Instagram, I'm pretty sure that is just the coke bottle indie variant, no?
  2. https://www.backbite-records.de/en/preorders/monuments-the-amanuensis-lp.html /20 Test pressings /100 Magenta Marble /400 Milky Clear Ships from Germany. No US distro I could find. Comes out to about $54 with tracking, $30 without.
  3. Anybody know what the deal with swaps is now? I know you can't swap for any pre-orders anymore but I'm trying to swap this month and there's very limited options. Was really hoping to swap to Demon Days.
  4. 25% off on Merchnow right now. $22.50 and $37.50. Propaganda is still steep but I may grab Decadence.
  5. $20 : https://merchnow.com/catalogs/copeland Grab this album, especially at this price. Phenomenal album to just chill out to.
  6. Was really hoping for a full length as well. New song is fine, wish that this was Jason's main project. Fever 333 is fine but the three of them are massively talented musicians making painfully average music. I get that they're going the more music for awareness, music as a message platform, but I would take letlive/The Chariot/Night Verses over Fever or anything else they do anyday.
  7. Repress up here: https://partysmasherinc.limitedrun.com/products/656390-the-dillinger-escape-plan-one-of-us-is-the-killer-vinyl
  8. Oh, it's per item? Yeah that's bs. I was waiting on grabbing another album with Fortress but fuck that.
  9. Unfortunately that sounds about right. Shipping from Canada to US is usually about $11-ish. Also $35 isn't great, but if I remember correctly that's been the price of all the 2xLP pressings of Kezia so far. If they're using the same plates as last time it should sound fantastic as well.
  10. I get that. If it's better quality, I can't be too upset. Just sad how expensive this hobby is becoming.
  11. Feel the same. Don’t understand how they see some of their old releases are still sitting in the store at $20, and price new ones at $25. Oh, Sleeper is not nearly as popular as they used to be, and you expect fans to spend $25 on an old release that for many is a nostalgia buy. It’s single LP, stop being greedy.
  12. Apparently they have a new guy doing vinyl now, so I have some hope. Regardless, I am all over that Children of Fire. Probably my favorite Solid State release next to I Am Hollywood. Speaking of....