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  1. dapeebs

    Lovedrug - Pretend You're Alive

    Was just thinking about this the other day and wondering if it was still in stock. With their pricing and how it was handled when it was originally pressed, not surprised to see it still not sold out. Fantastic album too. Might finally grab if it comes with some extra goodies.
  2. Good looks on this, managed to grab it for $20 shipped as well. Had this album in my library forever, and never gave it a proper sit down listen. This was definitely the perfect excuse to do so.
  3. Nope. I understand why he cut out PayPal as a purchase option, but I have much more peace of mind with it. Hate ordering with just my card these days.
  4. Would rather trade for Glocca Morra due to how much it usually goes for, but I may be down to buy or do a cash/trade deal. Hit me up! Here's my tradelist: https://www.discogs.com/user/Dr.Peebs/collection
  5. dapeebs

    Victory Records represses (2019)

    They posted something hinting at a comeback a couple months after Doug left Night Verses. Been a while since that though.
  6. Yup same for me, just heard back from him. Glad it was just a mixup.
  7. dapeebs

    Victory Records represses (2019)

    I would love for Believe what we tell you to be pressed.
  8. Did anyone order one of the leftover combo packs for $50 when he first put up leftovers? I just got mine today and it only has the unreleased music LP. Did I misunderstand and that's all it came with, along with the zine and usb drive, or should it have come with the W&S LP as well? Could have sworn when I read the description for the combo it said it came with the two LP's.