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  1. Damn a 10,000 pressing? Always forget how big this band has gotten.
  2. Looking for the most recent repress that houses both albums as a triple LP. Would prefer to trade if possible but I'd buy for the right price. Here's my discogs link, should be mostly up to date: https://www.discogs.com/user/Dr.Peebs/collection?sort_by=artists_sort
  3. Been running through Link's Awakening DX so I can compare it to the remake coming out later this month.
  4. Just finished Hyperion by Dan Simmons. Really loved the world building, probably one of my favorites in the sci fi genre. Trying to make my way through the second book now.
  5. Never seen an artist have Fedex as the only shipping option, what an odd choice. Killer songs though, been jamming him a bunch since summer began. Grabbed a black and pink.
  6. Really liking this album so far. Still think I like Yunahon better but if this grows on me like Yunahon did this'll be my AOTY. Anybody planning on seeing him this Friday at the Bowery Ballroom?
  7. I don't know what the third one looks like but the orange brown green looks way better to me than the other one.
  8. My friends and I were hype on Crash at first but $40 was steep for what the game offered. Definitely seems like more of a $20 game. If they bundled it with the Crash main series remastered for like $50 that'd be perfect. I haven't played Spyro in forever, how are the rematers?
  9. Jade said on twitter that he believes the LPs start shipping tomorrow, so if you live on the East coast I'd imagine you'd have it by mid week. I'm sure with that though we will be seeing some streams of it soon.
  10. Oh I wasn't aware it was being made into a tv show or any issues with Remedy not having the rights for it. Really hope if the tv show does well we get another game. I still have to go back and do another playthrough as well. Never made it through the DLCs. I did not. I heard so many mixed things about it, and with it being a less than 10 hour game I skipped it.
  11. Really hoping that game ends up being good. Alan Wake is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm just waiting for Remedy to live up to it.
  12. Pardon my shitty phone camera, but I'm surprised at how well this color came out. Sounds phenomenal so far as well, only one minor pop for a couple seconds halfway through Side A.
  13. Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Beggars-10th-Anniversary-Thrice/dp/B07T3NQ9XX/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=beggars+thrice&qid=1564416055&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  14. Interesting sound change for them. Kinda reminds me of Diamond Youth if they were heavy. Might grab this down the road.