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  1. I'm only like 2ish hours away from the city by driving or train, but it comes down more to convenience and price. Plus it doesn't help that not many of my friends are avid concert goers/music lovers so unless I drag them to a show I'm usually going to shows stag. I don't mind going to shows alone, but going to the city alone isn't much fun at all. I usually aim to go to shows in more rural areas, even if it adds on a little travel time. Definitely wanna catch these guys live if I can though. It seems like Sargent House bands like to tour together, I'd love if Brutus could make it stateside to tour with Russian Circles. Don't know if you've checked out their latest release, but if they toured together that would be a show I couldn't miss. Caspian was incredible live. I could tell many of the people who went were there solely for Minus the Bear, but the energy Caspian brought was astonishing. I would never have expected it. Everybody was enthralled for their whole set. Usually opening bands who the audience don't know are not paid attention to but Caspian had everyone's full attention and it was pretty awesome. Definitely looking forward to their next release.
  2. Usually the closest date to me for these type of bands is usually somewhere in NYC. I'm hoping for a good lineup because I loathe going into the city. Always thought seeing an instrumental band live would be boring but I saw Caspian open for Minus the Bear last year and was blown away. Definitely hoping I get to check these guys out in a cool live setting.
  3. I gotta go back to it but Station kinda stuck out to me as a "safer" album than their other releases. Don't get me wrong, it was still really good, but didn't really seem like they deviated from the same sound from beginning to end. They're definitely the first "post" band in a while to capture my attention fully while listening. Hopefully they announce a tour date close-ish to me, I bet they sound HUGE live.
  4. Was busy with work and school, just haven't gotten to it yet. These releases are definitely the kind I liked to sit down and enjoy rather than have on in the background as I do with most post rock/metal bands. What would you say your ranking is of the albums? My least favorite was probably Station.
  5. Been waiting on this. Listened to all their material except for Guidance, and gotta say they are awesome. Don't think any of their material tops Enter for me though.
  6. Wish they would press Children of Fire. Their best by far. Not in love with the singles so far.
  7. Want to move these. $5 shipping, I'll cut ya a deal if you take both. Pictures upon request: HLNPIT - $95 (disc has some wear, plays fine) INGO - $25 (superficial marks on disc)
  8. Definitely not a bad song, and the underlying instrumentals are pretty. I have an open mind, and if it doesn't end up being for me I grabbed a Dinked so I'm sure I'll be able to find someone on release that would want it.
  9. Much better in my opinion. The other version sounds like any other pop/alternative hit on the radio.
  10. Well that sucked in every conceivable way.
  11. Damn Pure Noise sure loves TSSF side projects. And not too sure I disagree, the last Elder Brother record was incredible. Like what I'm hearing from this so far though.
  12. I certainly hope its something like that. One of my friends brought up the prophecy that Cersei was told as a child that one of her brothers would kill her, so that could make sense.
  13. Only major issue I had with the episode was Jamie. Not understanding all the character development that led him to Winterfell to be with Brienne and all the sudden he's running back to Cersei again.