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  1. According to Apple Music the two cut tracks are the two shortest. The album clocks in at 48 minutes total. Good Morning is 3:07 and Pirouette is 1:36. So without them it's only ~43 mintues. Odd choice to cut them, especially seeing that the track length of Pirouette leads me to believe it's an interlude.
  2. Been listening to Anberlin a lot recently. Glad this is finally being released.
  3. Darkside Records here in Poughkeepsie NY has a good amount of their inventory on discogs: https://www.discogs.com/user/DarksideRecords As well as ordering from their site: https://darksiderecords.com/ Free shipping on orders $25+ and free delivery for anyone who happens to live within 15 miles of their store! They post their new used hauls on Tuesday mornings and new releases on Friday. Great store, help em out during this difficult time.
  4. Reissue of both EPs. One slab of wax. https://skeletallightning.com/products/dikembe-chicago-bowls-ledge?variant=31588652941374
  5. Damn didn't even realize the vocalist from Counterparts had a side project. Listening to From the Unforgiving Arms of God now and damn. I thought Nothing Left to Love was heavy. Will probably cop this if it drops tonight.
  6. Pink and Red Galaxy Swirl Vinyl. Hand Numbered /500 Should be going up here: https://ghostsandvodka.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. Been waiting on some new material for these guys. Bloom & Breathe has to be in my top 5 albums for the 2010's. Going to try to tune in tomorrow. This whole pandemic thing is going to RUIN smaller bands. Gonna be hard to try to support them all monetarily.
  8. Yeah that's not terrible. Might cop that. Thanks!
  9. Actually been enjoying the singles so far. Most hyped I've been on his stuff since Trilogy days. Might have to grab one of these.
  10. Damn I can not seem to get there in time for any reasonable price of this album.
  11. Really stoked for Animal Crossing as well. Half the people I work with are getting it as well so I really hope there are actual events/minigames based around multiplayer. As far as I've seen they've kept the more in depth multiplayer info on lockdown.
  12. They just updated saying they're less than 150 pre-orders away from making this happen. Took a month to get to that point, so not sure I'm quite ready to have my money hang in limbo just yet. Might slide my pre-order in a week before their goal date and see what happens. If it helps at all from what I've seen their most recent album was self released by them as well on vinyl and it's super high quality, both in terms of physical presentation and the pressing quality.
  13. I doubt they could pull a fast one on you if you put down the full cost of the console. I know they try that sneaky shit if you don't fully pay for a game. If anything just keep track of the receipt and show up day 1. If it were me I'd just stick with Best Buy. If you pre-order something and choose to pick up in store they have a whole separate checkout process where you show them your receipt and license and they hand whatever you ordered right over. Very simple and no waiting in lines.
  14. Gotcha. I still have the green/black marble one so I'm content, just figured I'd scoop one at the show for the second disc if it was there.
  15. Where did you see news of a tour variant besides the VIP? I was tempted to jump on a VIP bundle but if there's merch table tour variant I'd rather save the money and just attempt to grab that.