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  1. Honestly if the colorway matched better I'd cancel my Merchconnection order and go with the Lilac.
  2. To be fair I looked and all they did was create the shipping label. So it really doesn't do much more than tell me they didn't just forget my order. First update I have gotten since my initial order back in March.
  3. Looks like they are finally reissuing this gem. Glad I never shelled out for secondhand prices. Looks to be a deluxe 4xLP set with the instrumentals. UK/EU: https://tesseract.bravado.de/ US: https://merchconnectioninc.com/collections/tesseract (standalone vinyl sold out. bundles only) RevolverMag Exclusive: https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/tesseract-altered-state-limited-edition-lilac-4lp-only-200-made?variant=32188543172702 EU (EMP): https://www.emp-online.com/p/altered-state-(re-issue-2020)/480874.html?forceThisShop=1 Looks like the silver and clear are already gone on the US site outside of the tshirt bundles.
  4. Looks like this is delayed. Preorder page says September/October 2020.
  5. Just got tracking for the 002. Been a while since I've had a 7 month preorder.
  6. Trying really hard to resist listening before I go grab the indie from my local shop tomorrow. Might just binge their whole discog tonight so I know how to place it properly.
  7. Stopped following Jesse after his first couple singles after he took on this moniker. Love HRVRD but this style never suited me for him. Glad to see his finally releasing a full album though. May have to check this out.
  8. my page just kept spinning and spinning. Figured someone was posting at the exact same moment lol.
  9. Three new variants of the 15 year anniversary 2xLP. Each limited to 500. Get on it https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com
  10. Got really excited when I saw this thread bumped. Thought this was getting repressed or some new Team Sleep news. Slept on the Woodstock sessions back in the day, really regret it now. What I wouldn't give for the album itself to be pressed though. Fantastic LP, probably top three album that Chino has been involved with.
  11. Not sure what price range you're looking for, but one just popped up on VinylCollectors on reddit:
  12. There's also a green haze version as well pictured in the original post on Instagram. Green is an odd color scheme to go with, doesn't really go with the cover. Guess they don't want to do red or white again. I sold off my first press splatter from ETR several years ago. Surprised how well this album holds up. May end up grabbing one of these.