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  1. Anyone getting Sekiro tonight? Pre-loading on steam right now and I couldn't be more excited to get my ass handed to me.
  2. Might make it out to the Hartford date. Last time I saw these guys live was with Four Year Strong and they were incredible.
  3. Got mine. The purple looks wayyy better in person than in the picture. Was hoping the jacket and inside sleeve were of higher quality considering the price tag but it's good to finally own this. Can't wait to spin this later.
  4. Well hope it turns into something. I don’t think they’re signed anymore and I never hold out much hope when an inactive band says they’re writing.
  5. Yeah this sounds really great. Love the guitars. Still waiting on a new release from them. Bloom & Breathe is one of my favorite releases and been waiting for them to follow up. They've been pretty quiet the past year.
  6. Yeah got an email today saying they'd be pulling the US edition once stock hit 100 copies for tour. They're at 113 so if anyone has been waiting on it I'd snag it while you can.
  7. I believe it'll be 11. Only single LP is Act 1 and with the new album being 57 minutes that'll make it a 2xLP as well.
  8. Essentially it seems like it closes out the story that the Acts are meant to be telling but can be taken on its own as well? The wording is definitely weird, and make it seem like it'll loosely connect to the Acts world but be more like that solo orchestra album that Casey released a couple years ago.
  9. https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter/products/the-acts-box-set "It’s difficult to pick which detail I should divulge first, but I will begin by announcing “The Acts”, a comprehensive collection of my band, The Dear Hunter’s record series of the same name. I’ve wanted to compile these records into a single collection since the release of Act V, but there was one missing link, which leads to the next part of the puzzle. At the time of recording Acts IV and V, I had the privilege to work with Conductor David Moeshler and his Awesöme Orchestra. Prior to our initial recording, I was introduced to the work of the composer Brian Adam McCune, who also works with David as an orchestrator and arranger for the various collaborations and musical experiments of AÖ. Brian and I developed an immediate musical kinship, and in discussing the forthcoming recordings, I told him the hope I had of focusing the orchestration/arrangement on a dual purpose—both as a featured element of our albums, and as an isolated listening experience. This meant writing and arrangement elements that would not be used at the time of Act IV/V’s release—the result of which is “The Fox & the Hunt”. At roughly 57 minutes long, “The Fox & the Hunt” holds a strong tether to its parent pieces, but is meant to be experienced on its own, and we are so excited to share it with you as part of this comprehensive collection. While “The Fox & the Hunt” is meant to serve a dual purpose, it was vital that we made this collection feel cohesive- and I am so excited to say we have enlisted the incredibly artistry of Nicky Barkla, who painted the covers of Acts IV and V. While the visual side of this musical story has always been a top priority, Nicky’s work represents a different level of inspired creation that was vital to incorporate in the albums which predates her involvement, and so, she has created 3 new covers for Acts I-III, building upon the inspired intrigue and beauty she brought to Acts IV and V. With that, the collection finally feels complete, and of a singular identity. I look back on these 5 albums in disbelief of the journey I have taken- and it has been due, in no small part, to the loving ear you have all lent to this music, and my band." https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu4Jj5AnOFG/
  10. Repressed: US: https://athousandarms.store/collections/tidesofman/products/tides-of-man-young-and-courageous-2xlp EU: https://dunkrecords.com/collections/dunk-records-on-vinyl/products/tides-of-man-young-and-courageous-2xlp
  11. I've bought pretty much every mainline game since gen 1 but haven't really thoroughly enjoyed one since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Really hoping for these ones to change my mind. I would however kill for a Pokemon Stadium 3. Really interested to see what other Pokemon games they have in development. Honestly more excited for those.