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  1. Stumbled across these listings on bullmoose earlier. There are two listings for each so I'm guessing the more expensive one is a variant of some sort. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32190108/turbonegro-apocalypse-dudes https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32190109/turbonegro-apocalypse-dudes https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32190110/turbonegro-ass-cobra https://www.bullmoose.com/p/32190104/turbonegro-ass-cobra
  2. Copped that clear for less than $20 shipped. Thought about getting both variants but I don't care for glow in the dark variants. *edit* GITD is now sold out
  3. 09.05.19 pre-order @ noon est https://deathwishinc.com/collections/twelve-gauge Out October 25th
  4. Anyone have this? Looking to trade or buy it. Let me know
  5. No worries. It was a great show although Clown wasn't at the show I went to in Massachusetts but they still had his gear set up if I can recall correctly. That same show Corey brought up some kid in a wheelchair onto the stage which was pretty fucking awesome of him to do. Also, with talks about there being 11 songs from 2008 that never made the album, I wonder if they'll press it for this Black Friday RSD.
  6. All the Friday the 13th movie scores are pretty much the same. I have the first and fifth OST. I actually bought a single of part 3s theme because that's all I care about from that movie. If there was a box set I'd probably conside buying that just because I have Halloween and NoES boxsets.
  7. The blue variant of Digital Demons has just arrived today. Was nervous that the record was gonna be warped or broken because the package was bent but surprisingly the record is pretty flat. Going to spin it shortly.
  8. You need to download the imgur app now for mobile phones. No more uploading via website. I uploaded a picture yesterday of a record, one person commented saying they loved everything about it, then after that it got down voted lol. I'll remember to not upload publically next time
  9. Dang, you got me lmao * EDIT * It sounds amazing.
  10. Went into Newbury to buy zuu. Didn't have it so I got their variant of this album. How does it sound?
  11. Same except my tracking says it was delivered yesterday but that's impossible lol I hate tracking things internationally.
  12. I've seen slipknot twice and it was a great time. I believe I saw them in 2004 as well. Was that the tour with lamb of God?
  13. Welp, I ordered the blue just now too. Was $30.10 shipped for me. Kinda wish I didn't sleep on the black though.