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  1. Just got the Green Smoke Zia Records variant and it came in with an autographed flat! Nice little surprise. Also yeah this packaging is stupid lol
  2. Walmart exclusive should be back in stock eventually. I still have black on order from Amazon when they accidentally listed it. Sad I missed the orange though. Definitely not spending $300 on the box
  3. First Cube movie was good. Can't say I remember the score though
  4. I found the TV Greatest Hits release yesterday at some shop. It was the only thing on my wantlist but I didn't buy it. The $35 price tag had me realizing I don't need to buy everything
  5. If I can recall correctly, they stated that not all of the first pressing orders have shipped yet
  6. This happened to me too. I didn't end up shipping the record because I didn't trust I would get the money.
  7. Recieved S/T yesterday and Iowa today, both from Amazon. They were packaged the same way, cardboard mailer in a plastic bag. Haven't opened them just yet though. Already had both these albums but my og Iowa's cover is severely beat up. Hopefully it sounds just as good as the original press. Will find out this weekend!
  8. Delete if not allowed. Selling the first waxwork press of F13 Pt. 1 (Murky Green variant) $45 shipped in the US.
  9. I was charged by Amazon for S/T yesterday. It's in transit, also got $2 back. Before that, there was no delivery date at all, only said order received. Be patient! IOWA says "Now Arriving Friday" but haven't been charged yet.
  10. Form their Facebook: "Stoked to announce we have teamed up with our brothers in @dropoutkingsaz and @djlethalreal for a re-loaded version of Bartender dropping this Friday! When someone suggested we remake this (Hed) P.E classic, I initially couldn't wrap my brain around the idea because this track is so perfect. Then Staig and Eddie from Dropout Kings brought some new ideas to the table on how we could do a unique new take on the song. They brought that trap metal vibe to it and then DJ Lethal from House of Pain/Limp Bizkit added some scratches to bring this track to life and create a fucking rad version that stands next to the original. " Maybe it's a re-recorded vinyl release? Not sure how I feel about that if true.
  11. If you have mail forwarding it'll go to the new address. If they ship it media mail then you'll most likely have to pay an additional shipping charge if it's a different city/town.
  12. Hmm the pressing I have is a triple LP and this is double. Might pick it up