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  1. Death grips song in episode 1 of the new season. Already sold on it lol season 2 wasn't as good as season 1 for me but I think this one will definitely be better.
  2. https://respawnedrecords.com/collections/vinyl-records/products/goldeneye-n64-orchestrated Officially licensed Goldeneye N64 Orchestrated. 250 of each variant. Preview of the audio below. Listened to a little bit and was sold on it. Act quick
  3. I guess I'm glad this is happening rather than online sales. Plus, being in Massachusetts it'll (most likely) be warmer weather than it would be in April so I'd be willing to actually wait in line earlier than I normally would.
  4. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34413972/mac-demarco-here-comes-the-cowboy-demos I guess there is a standard version coming out the day before RSD of the Mac release if anyone is interested you can buy it now. Sorry if this was already brought up
  5. True I believe it's only listed at $18.97 on bullmoose so it's priced just right too
  6. WANT Billie Eilish - Live At Third Man Records Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Creepin' On Ah Come Up clipping. & Christopher Fleeger - Double Live Curren$y - Pilot Talk Death Piggy (GWAR) - Welcome To The Record Denzel Curry - Bulls On Parade Gravediggaz - Pick The Sickle & The Shovel Jimmy Urine & Serj Tankian - Fuktronic Spacehog - Resident Alien Tyler, The Creator - Cherry Bomb Tyler, The Creator - Cherry Bomb (The Instrumentals) The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy MAYBE Army of Darkness - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Big L - Danger Zone Chief Keef - Back From The Dead 2 David Bowie - ChangesNowBowie Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata: The 1974 Version Gorillaz - G-Sides Green Jelly - Triple Live Mother Goose At Budokan Hillbillies in Hell - Volume X Polaris - Music From the Adventures of Pete & Pete Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding Tear Da Club Up Thugs of Three 6 Mafia - CrazyNDaLazDayz (Already have the promo version so probably not) The Residents - Icky Flix: The Original Soundtrack
  7. In for curry, Tyler, bowie acoustic, and G sides, but I think that one that stood out the most was Fuktronic
  8. Has anyone purchased the green variant of season 1 that's part of the Rhino's SYEOR releases this year? Was thinking about buying it but wanted to make sure it's better than the previous death waltz release
  9. Always wanted to buy this album. I guess I was just waiting for this very moment to finally own it.
  10. Same, my expectations are high especially since they delayed it. Glad I was able to get one before it sold out because like everything else it's going to be worth a lot more
  11. Wish I went with that bowser variant. Damn, still got yoshi so I'm not mad.