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  1. Love this album, was listening to it the other day. Where's a good place to order this?
  2. pizza face

    PO Now: Denzel Curry - TA13OO

    I want this but I'll wait til bullmoose gets it, if they do. Not gonna pay $10 on shipping for a $20 record
  3. pizza face

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Bought the new beginning vinyl from flip over records on Facebook for $33 shipped. They have four left if anyone is looking for a cheaper option than $42 shipped. Just send them a message
  4. pizza face

    PO: FRANK OCEAN "Channel Orange"

    Read the comments. I'm assuming blonded is Frank's personal account. He commented and the conversation with OP went like this "hate to break it to you but I never released vinyl for CO" 'if you do an official release I will buy it and break this one in half "" ha... OK Deal... Soon"
  5. Spoke to orm and he said he doesn't think they'll be released individually. Only available in the boxset
  6. He said they're going to only be up for a week from today to get the money for production. Only 200 of the special edition boxes. Should be done by mid-September and said there is a shipping crew that will get them all out once recieved. Honestly $170 shipped for the cheaper box isn't worth it to me. I already have unknown memory on vinyl. I really only want unknown death. He was selling everything from the lum boxset seperately at one point so I'm probably gonna hold off until I can just buy unknown death by itself if I can. If not then I will survive without it.
  7. I just want to know if this is a pre-order or if it's ready to ship. Either way it'll still probably take a year to arrive
  8. pizza face

    Waxwork Records Thread

    This looks like something you could get out of one of those 25 cent vending machines. If it was full color instead of that single color effortless junk I'd be interested but it's not so that's an ez pass.
  9. pizza face

    PO Mudhoney “digital garbage”

    Mudhoney - Digital Garbage (Loser Edition Sea-Foam Green) $19.97
  10. Well I went on lunch break at the perfect time today. Grabbed that clear blue.
  11. Glad you changed your mind. He really is one of the most versatile entertainers out right now.
  12. pizza face

    PO: Misfits- Famous Monsters repress

    Bought this. I wish Punk Rock Is Dead by Graves would get pressed
  13. pizza face

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    Probably printed out a label or something
  14. pizza face

    The Acacia Strain- Continent PO

    Neither of those variants appeal to me but I ordered the orange from bullmoose. I'm excited. I still have the cd when I pre-ordered that 10 years ago. Don't have the flyer sized poster that it came with anymore though
  15. Sorry for the old topic bump but I'm looking to buy ADTR's Old Record and For Those Who Have Heart but have been reluctant because of Victory's quality control reputation. Are these albums worth buying on vinyl or am I better off listening to the CDs? Don't wanna buy them and then regret it if they don't sound good.