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  1. Same... This is great news though. Very exciting, better than the majority of the RSD releases tbh.
  2. Anyone who canceled and wants the olive variant hit me up. I bought all three and don't want em all
  3. I didn't download anything so I should be good....I think. I don't remember getting any downloads at least.
  4. I'm thinking about canceling my glow in the dark order and going for the lime green variant. I know the glow is gonna sound like shit, especially for this style music and I don't really collect variants. Anyone able to cancel an order through the store?
  5. Damn. Oh well, was a good run while it lasted. Never had any issues but yeah those deals were insane. Also wonder what he's gonna do with inventory if he can't fill orders. Sucks
  6. 2019 is the year I stop watching horror movies I've seen already 15 times. Told myself I need to start watching classics that I've missed out on... So far I've watched Alien Aliens Casino Gremlins Predator Total recall E. T. Last action hero Commando Demolition man Just finished Casino and its pretty much just Goodfellas down to the same soundtrack. I thought Casino was the better movie even though there are more quotables in Goodfellas. Next up is Scarface Conan the barbarian /destroyer Running man Taxi driver Batman 1989 Any other recommendations?
  7. Ordered that Vince Staples. Also free shipping ends tonight.
  8. I added it to my cart and thought the same shit, my thing was ooh I don't like white vinyl lmao. Huge regrets now but I have dkc2 so that's good enough for me I suppose.
  9. I just got a GITD splatter record last week. I'll have to get back to you on that after I double check but to me it sounded a little more noisy than the others in the set (only 1 record out of 3 had the GITD splatter) but not by much. Was still very listenable and looks awesome too
  10. Bone thugs for me. Only looked at what bullmoose has so I'll have to look at it the whole list because it doesn't seem full
  11. I'm sure there's more to the list for America. But nothing for me unfortunately.
  12. When does it release? Couldn't find anything on the website Edit* Nvm looked on their fb page
  13. Yea I don't expect any answer from him other than some bullshit anyway. Or maybe if I just went to one of moonshake's yard sales I'd know lmao. Anyway I'd probably only buy the genesis one for now. I feel like the playstation release is some final fantasy game and I don't care about those really... Even if it's not a FF there's no playstation games that come to mind that I would want the soundtrack to. Especially since Symphony of the Night already has an official release.