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  1. That's what I want to know too. They say it's a repress which makes me believe it's the same plates. I feel like if it was different they would disclose that
  2. Grabbed Changes by FTFD. I listened to this album a lot in high school. Almost bought a few weeks ago. Glad I waited
  3. Been saving my bullmoose points for something stupidly priced like this. Sold *edit* I was in bullmoose earlier to pick up a movie and I placed an order for this in person. When I told them his name, the dude ringing me up kinda just laughed and was like can you spell it for me lol
  4. This is one of those releases where I'd pick it up because of fomo. Not really too familiar with it but I have it on cd because I found it at a thrift store. I listened to it the other day in my car and it's nothing I can see myself wanting to spin really. Hopefully it sounds better than it looks @ethereal
  5. Nathan posted this on his Instagram today. Last day to order *edit* Sold out so if you didn't get one, It's your fault
  6. Yeah fuck that guy. I rarely order records through them because my main local spot is bullmoose. If it was more damage than a corner bend, I'd return it but I can live with it, plus I'd probably get another copy from them in worse condition if I did lol I know a lot of people that say packages never arrived from amazon and get their money back though haha
  7. Only reason why I buy from Amazon is because when I make sales at my job, on top of commission checks we get points to buy stuff from a huge catalog of items. They added in giftcards this year so I can cash out 125 points for a $25 Amazon giftcard. I have about 2000 points lol
  8. I'm finally glad to have this on vinyl. Got it in from amazon yesterday with a mean corner bend but whatever. It's somehow not noticeable when looking straight on at it. Sounds phenomenal
  9. Bought it. Had to add another htb record to my collection.
  10. This variant is really cool, I don't have another like it in my collection. They're trolling us hard with including lyrics but blurring out that one line in Hey Sandy... although you can tell it says "can you settle to shoot me? ". Can't wait to listen to the demos.
  11. Has anyone listened to the remaster yet? I've read some reviews and it sounds like it's really good and worth it
  12. Same. I've only listened to Nocturne as well. Previewed a few tracks and it sounds great. The Moonlight Sonata EP is what sold me on it. The mock up looks fantastic but I feel like it's going to be like the Friday the 13th murky water variant. It looks black but when held up to the light that's when you see the color. We can only hope it looks like the mock up.
  13. I grabbed a green Hell Songs yesterday. Can't wait for that to arrive
  14. Thought about getting Tear Da Club Up Thugs but I already have an og copy, granted it's in a generic black sleeve but can't really justify double dipping especially since Get On Down is hit or miss

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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