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  1. Very interested in what it's going to be because it's not the early recordings yet
  2. Bullmoose called me earlier to let me know I can pick this up. It's available on their site if anyone is looking for a copy
  3. Well I guess I bought this last night... Felt like I needed that demo cd. I'm a sucker for anything Pete and Pete. The Season 3 DVD needs to be released
  4. Great! official lyrics that will hopefully settle the debate on the lyrics to Hey Sandy. I always thought he said "will you settle to shoot me?" because the following line is something like "or have you picked your target yet?" I remember Muggy being really vague about his response to that line. May or may not pick this up though. Already have the original pressing on black but the demo cd makes it interesting
  5. I put in an order but I'm sure it'll get cancelled. Just a matter of time before they catch on
  6. Got 7 out of the 8 records I wanted from bullmoose. Went to Newbury for Bone thugs. I kinda wanted the Army of Darkness and Dune OSTs but I can live without those. I'm just surprised I found the clipping album.
  7. That bundle is sold out on the gwar website so you probably got the last one (if you ordered from there). I am interested in that cassette though. All the extras in the bundle sound great *Edit * just realized you didn't mention a bundle at all. I see a non-bundle signed option now. My bad
  8. Already have this album. Obviously it's not the remixed edition but if it's not adding any bonus tracks or demos I don't need to double dip
  9. As long as it isn't the album spread across a bunch of 7" records I'm down with a box set.
  10. If you paid with PayPal I believe you have 6 months to dispute something. If you want this album I'd say just keep the pre-order, set a reminder for 5 months from now to cancel if you're still worried
  11. It only came to $32ish for me so I copped the blue (I'm naming it the "BOUNDLESS WATER") variant. I probably only remember 2 or 3 songs but this is something I listened to often. Probably sucks now but whatever, I'll listen to it again soon.
  12. Yeah its OOS everywhere. I even tried calling local record shops and nothing. Some other weird stuff is going for a decent amount now too after looking through my collection on discogs like B4.DA.$$ by Joey Bada$$ is going for over $100 now too. I'm on the hunt for Meteora though, gonna try a few other shops today
  13. I was actually spinning Hybrid Theory the other day and thought to myself wow I don't have Meteora yet. Looked it up and it's going for over $100. Hopefully that gets repressed soon.