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  1. I literally just want one album, I'm sure it'll be easy for me to get online. I have to work anyway
  2. Good thing I missed this entirely and didn't try to sell off my tour press. That sucks though
  3. I ordered the rot variant of ZII but ended up canceling it because I decided I don't need this on vinyl. Took merch connection like 2 weeks to finally cancel it though
  4. Yes! It's bad but I need that gangster SpongeBob cover! Thank you!
  5. Got what I wanted: Above The Rim Brotha Lynch Hung Linkin Park Slum Village Tears for Fears Tons of copies of Meteora at the shop I went to (Newbury Comics in Nashua). I was probably 30th in line, arrived shortly after 7 and got the one Brotha Lynch Hung they had. They also only received two Slum Village.
  6. The white pressing of Casually Dressed sounds really great, I hope this new one does too
  7. After listening to the song that was premiered and reading the write up on decibel I had to buy the blood moon variant. Can't wait for this
  8. There's no doubt that Killswitch will win. I don't think there's enough David Lee Roth fans out there that will even know about this contest.
  9. Truthfully I didn't think this was gonna sell out so fast so I didn't buy it right away. Glad it's getting a repress
  10. Honestly, I just wanted to participate in the madness so I picked a random one and ended up with this.
  11. These aren't numbered, that's just the catalog number, the Pizza EP is Lif #1.
  12. Thanks, but that one actually shipped to me finally. Sell it to the next person. Much appreciated tho!
  13. Anybody have an extra Master of Puppets and Kill em all? My order got cancelled online

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