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  1. Ooh a nice red/blue green/yellow split perhaps, these don't seem limited at all so I'll wait too
  2. Faces would be nice. Delusional Thomas would be even better but the chances of that happening are probably none but who knows
  3. The first-ever physical release of Mac Miller's seminal mixtape K.I.D.S., will be available in celebration of its’ 10-Year Anniversary. Double LP with three sides of music and one silkscreen side. Gatefold jacket packaging. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34576229/mac-miller-kids-lp Was just going to post in the Circles topic but figured this should get its own. Haven't read too much into it so I'm hoping it's all original and no remixes.
  4. Looks like there will be a repress according to Craig Bartlett. Also there is a giveaway for 10 copies of this album signed by the show creator Craig Bartlett and composer Jim Lang by donating to one of three organizations. The details are on this post
  5. Got too caught up with work and missed out on the Arnold Swirl because my phone didn't want to alert me. Got the locket variant. Just glad I got one
  6. https://enjoytheriderecords.com/blogs/news/tagged/hey-arnold I really enjoy the background music from this show, Side A looks promising. But It looks like Side B is full of actual songs like I'll hit me, rats, and Arnold habanera which will be good to listen to once. I'm sold on it.
  7. Damn, signed version sold out. Don't really care for glow in the dark. Maybe I'll wait until a retail variant shows up
  8. https://bishoprecords.com/products/the-palmer-squares-with-or-without-it Been following these dudes for years now. If you don't know about them definitely check em out.
  9. "if you are into Zao, and vinyl, and old stuff, you MAY want to start tucking some money away. Bunch of stuff coming from multiple directions very soon. 4 things?" - the Facebook of Zao
  10. Crybaby has 10 out of 11 samples cleared and will be releasing on all streaming platforms soon. Wonder if this means we will get a vinyl release.
  11. This is a shot in the dark but does anyone have a Three Sided Tape Volume 1 vinyl they wanna trade for some bootleg video game vinyl (or other stuff I have)?
  12. I kinda want the picture disc but it doesn't give a tracklist. One could assume it's just that one song. I want the mti patch too but I might just pass on this as I don't NEED them. 😕 Trying to be responsible sucks Edit* I hit up the shop and it's just that one track on side A.
  13. The bonus lp and 7" is just the devil's son ep from rsd in 2017. I love this album but don't need this