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  1. Buckethead Pikes customer service emailed me back saying they have lowered shipping costs on signed and standard editions and are willing to refund all previous shipping costs on those two options. Looks like it's $5 shipping now.
  2. The real question is will Bootsy return for this incarnation of Bucketheadland?
  3. I heard on an earlier Buckethead thread here that Ion Records will be pressing Bucketheadland 2 on vinyl sometime this year since they have the rights to it. https://ionrecords.bandcamp.com/ (They also pressed Population Override)
  4. Buckethead Pikes customer service said they are not sure if other albums will get pressed but said it is most likely to happen
  5. I think it depends on presale. EMAC has a cut off date unlike Crime Slunk Scene.
  6. I can't keep dropping $50 every time a new record is dropped so I will be getting the standard copies from now on. I got a signed/numbered edition of Crime Slunk Scene and that's enough. I wonder if he'll be doing the Buckethead doodle or just write out Buckethead.
  7. Space Jam: greatest movie ever made. Haters gonna hate. Also, the soundtrack is killer. Find me a more staked line up than B-Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J, and Method Man on Hit Em High.
  8. You can't honestly say any songs from the California era are good. It's 40 year old men singing about being "Kings of the Weekend" and writing songs like "Sober" and "She's Out of Her Mind." Furthermore, the lyrics to Parking Lot make no fucking sense. All the songs are generic garbage that are incredibly predictable and have childishly writen lyrics. John Feldman's influence on them is destorying the band.
  9. Why are Skiba's only vocals at the end of the song in a song that is made for his voice?! I hate this band.
  10. Yes, Buckethead is an intrumental avant-garde guitarist. Some of his stuff is beautifully crafted works of art while other stuff is hot garbage. This record has a mix of both lol I'd check out the track Soothsayer off this album, it's a true gem
  11. For the price, it better be 2xLP with an awesome insert and cool gatefold. Also wouldn't mind a sick color variant.
  12. It was only $15 for me. Check if you have more in your basket. Even though it's absurd, I'm a sucker for Big B
  13. OH FUCK. Totally just ordered the signed edition. I cannot wait for this!
  14. I ordered one from this seller and a part of me thinks it won't be the RSD variant. It's weird because the release date on this item is April 29th, 2014
  15. Rise Against put an instagram story mentioning a secret song being on their facebook tomorrow around 9:30pm EST
  16. You can get a blue with no pin (it's found under the music category)
  17. So it looks like after a few tweets at KingRoadMerch media mail shipping is now an option
  18. The shipping on KingsRoadMerch is awful :/ I'll wait until an Amazon preorder goes up. As for the song, I really liked it. It's already better than anything off The Black Market.
  19. Honestly, I don't think they're using Skiba to his full potential. The songs are very basic and predictable. Misery was so lame. I wish he would make another Trio record, but with them writing for the next Blink album already, I highly doubt that will happen anytime soon :/
  20. I mean, you left my message without ever repsonding back so whatever. I hope none of your stuff sells.