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  1. https://all.kingsroadmerch.com/product/23189/mass-nerder-lp-greenredpurple
  2. Just found out Violent Femmes is a picture disc. No thanks! And as far as That Thing You Do! goes, Mondo has trolled a few times about it in the past few months on Twitter. I still believe it’s happening.. eventually.
  3. Frank Turner and maybe T-Swift. Maybe Violent Femmes if it's a remaster (I already have an OG copy).
  4. It went up yesterday afternoon, according to the Taylor Subreddit. But yeah, didn't last very long. Surprised this wasn't some kind of RSD release.
  5. I did a quick check of how many of each EP are still available. Not counting the /500 box set copies, TSL sold about 1400 of 2500. Halifax has sold the worst, only about 350 of 2000. HIPV sold about 450 of 2000, Finch about 900 of 2000, and Movielife about 650 of 2000. I'm glad they're finally doing some of these pressings, but with the way these all sold, they can't be happy, and I hope it doesn't affect any future pressings that may come.
  6. Not surprising, but according to Discogs, the album portion is the same as the recent 2xLP pressings. Just updated labels with the XXV logos. Anyone looking for a black copy of the 2xLP version for cheap?
  7. Just got shipping email from Bullmoose. I totally forgot I had ordered this.
  9. I just picked up the Boundless carbon fiber brush from Amazon. I've been using their stylus brush for a few months and have been pleased with it. And if anyone is on the fence on a vacuum record cleaner, there are a few on sale on Amazon (may also be on other sites). Record Doctor VI is $249 (down from $299) Pro-Ject VC-E is $399 (down from $499) Pro-Ject VC-S2 is $499 (down from $749) I'm pretty sure the Pro-Ject sale is going on through the end of the month. I might pick up the VC-E if I have any extra cash/get any gift cards after Christmas.

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