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  1. Trying to clear some shelf space and add to the wedding funds. I have a limited number of mailers. Add $4 for shipping. Ships to USA only. Rancid - ...And Out Come The Wolves - Red - $45 Chvrches - The Bones Of What You Believe - Black - $15 Fat Wreck Chords - Fat Music Vol 7 - Color - $30 Walk Hard OST - Red - $35 Mean Jeans - Tight New Dimension - Pink - $20 Acceptance - Black Lines To Battlefields - Clear/Gold - $15 Frank Turner - Love Ire and Song - Black - $15
  2. Sad about Last of Us 2 getting delayed. And my dad texted me apologizing because he ordered Iron Man VR as my Christmas present and it got delayed yet again. I told him not to worry about it.
  3. I'm sure ETR has already sent some emails about it.
  4. I was always terrible at RE games, mainly because I hate inventory management. Only one I was able to finish was RE7 since I didn't have to deal with any of that. And I'm not a big online gamer, but I did win a solos match in COD Warzone last night so that was cool.
  5. I'm trying my best to be optimistic and think we'll get through the worst of it in the next few weeks, but we shall see. I really gotta stay off Reddit. I'm bummed at all the things I had planned that got cancelled/postponed. Was supposed to see Hamilton in Jacksonville this weekend, and the rumor is they won't be able to get it back until 2022. I have a trip to Boston planned for June that I'm hoping won't be affected. My fiance's not taking it very well at all. She works for the local health department and it's been stressful for her. Plus our wedding is exactly one year from today and the planning process has been affected. Hope you all stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy your record collections while you're stuck at home.
  6. I was nervous when my /200 arrived on Monday because it had the generic hype sticker on it and didn’t say which specific color it was. Fortunately it was the correct one and it looks great!
  7. Simple Creatures - Strange Love www.atozmedia.com/soundcard ATRNUPC2Q?CGEX The ? is a number between 0-9. Four Year Strong - Brain Pain www.dropcards.com/vinyl 9D3D?HPTPT The ? is a number between 0-9.
  8. Glad I waited on ordering. I really like this one. Plus I got 10% off for signing up for their mailing list.