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  1. They lasted quite a while until they sent an email blast to the Taylor Nation mailing list.
  2. Thanks, but I was just able to order one through Sam's Club. Maybe someone else here will be able to use it?
  3. So if you haven't been following the shit show that was the PS5 pre-order launch: (at least as far as the States go) -Sony said pre-orders would start "as early as tomorrow" (meaning Thursday, 9/17). -Walmart said "fuck that, pre-orders start NOW!" (at like 7PM Eastern Wednesday) -GameStop, Target, and Best Buy all followed suit, with their websites crashing and all their allotments selling out within minutes. -Amazon remained silent. Everyone was expecting them to go live either Midnight Eastern or Pacific. -Someone on Twitter found the direct "add to cart" link for Amazon and released it (with his affiliate link, of course). -Amazon sold out before the product page officially went live. There's still a chance more will pop up. Some have added more as the night went on (assuming as orders get cancelled). I'm still trying to snag one, so fingers crossed.
  4. I've had no issues getting non-necessary stuff from Prime in the normal 2-day window. I actually ordered something at 9:00 last night that's already out for delivery.
  5. I can't believe it's been over 2 months since this was announced. I feel like I just got that flexi last week.
  6. Pretty sure this popped up in my USPS app. Order status is “shipped” but there’s no tracking number and I didn’t get an email.
  7. Looking forward to that anthology show. That has some potential.
  8. Orange by itself is sold out but still available with livestream ticket or big bundle. Kinda bummed because orange is my favorite color and is more fitting for this than red. Not gonna go through any hassle of getting them swapped, though.
  9. But look how much you save if you buy two. He’s practically giving them away!
  10. Good catch. Makes me think Mondo will have their own variant at some point. Also, So Many Ways will be on this.
  11. Bought a red. I really liked that blue shirt and wish there was a bundle option for that with a record. I don't need all 3 colors. Also now's a good time to unload my original picture disc copy.