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  1. The one inside wasn’t printed to the edge of the paper, so they were redone. It’s a subtle difference.
  2. The biggest clusterfuck I ever dealt with as far as Ticketmaster goes. After 4 hours of queuing I finally got in, but my code didn't work. It finally did after trying for 15 minutes, but by then there was like nothing left so I just scrolled about waiting if any more popped up. I was finally able to snag 2 VIP floor seats. $1735 after fees.
  3. Just got the “you’ve been selected” email and my code should be coming tonight.
  4. I ordered Blue and got a shipping email 45 minutes later. Not too shabby.
  5. To anyone who signed up for Verified Fan- make sure your Ticketmaster email address matches the one you used to pre-order the album on her website. You'll get a boost when it comes to the lottery drawing. Tonight's the deadline to register/edit your registration.
  6. Usually that means the plant just used whatever leftover color pellets they had. Each record could be any kind of funky combination.
  7. Their Instagram had all the numbers. I believe the black and solid colors are /1000 and the multi colors are /2000.
  8. Already got shipping notice for my first order so I don’t think they’re combining them. Oh well.
  9. I just got an alert that I won $36 on Fanduel so I went back and ordered Life in General because why not.. Sent them a message hoping they'll combine shipping on the two orders.
  10. Already updated my registration for the second Tampa show.