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  1. Done. So... the band isn't planning on doing it themselves anymore?
  2. Ugh, I wish I had known they were selling Toy Soldiers. I've been looking for it online for months. ☹️
  3. New EP out 10/4 on Know Hope Records. https://knowhoperecords.limitedrun.com/products/648442-vinnie-caruana-aging-frontman First Pressing: 100 Green Inside Clear w/ etched B-Side 200 Candy Floss w/ etched B-Side 200 Smog w/ etched B-Side 250 Coke Bottle Clear w/ etched B-Side [tour exclusive / hand numbered] Euro (first 50 orders get a personalized handwritten note) - http://www.bsmrocks.com/products/648352-vinnie-caruana-aging-frontman-ep 100 x Black with Pink Stripe (BSM Webstore Exclusive) 200 x Clear with Black Marble (UK/EU tour exclusive) 200 x Black First song - Better:
  4. I’d also add a tour variant but not one that requires an expensive VIP package. That’s bullshit.
  5. https://www.srcvinyl.ca/the-menzingers-hello-exile-lp.html lol
  6. Splatter just got corrected to 29.98
  7. They must’ve fucked up with the pricing. Hope they honor the sales.
  8. A lot of people were saying Buddha counts, but them changing 5 to 6 arrows for Neighborhoods would contradict that. The only other thing I could think is they're counting the California Deluxe tracks as a whole separate album.
  9. The bullshit from KRM continues.. I just checked my credit card and they only refunded $5.25 of the $15 shipping to change to media mail. Seriously?! I’m done with this company.
  10. The mockups look slightly different on each site, but they could be the same since they're also selling the sunburst.