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  1. Latest email from them this past weekend said there are still more LTJ freight shipments coming this week. At this rate, I'll be very surprised if anything shows up at my door before Christmas (and Smartpunk is only an hour away from me).
  2. You can check the Target app if your local store has it and you can order it for pick up if it’s there.
  3. FedEx dropped my PS5 off last night but I couldn’t set it up until today. Transferring about 360 gigs of games/data from my ps4 took about 3 hours over the local network. I ended up ordering a USB 3 hub and a 2TB external hard drive on Amazon for extra storage, though. And Astro’s Playroom is so damn fun and it’s an amazing love letter to those who have been PlayStation fans since the very beginning.
  4. Huge thanks to @nardes for hooking me up with a copy from his local shop. It came today in excellent condition. And what’s crazy is it’s #263, only a handful of numbers away from the one I got from HHV.
  5. Just got shipping email for Running Like Water edition.
  6. Got an email saying this was delayed until spring. Kinda annoying that they waited until the expected week of release to announce this since I’m sure they knew there were issues.
  7. I noticed the thread stats earlier this week. Pretty neat feature. And I don't think I've noticed ads embedded in posts any more so if that was something you did, thank you!
  8. My order now has a FedEx tracking number with a Monday delivery date. My card still hasn't been charged, though.
  9. Happy next-gen launch week! Did anyone get their new systems yet? I got an email from Sam's Club earlier this week that my PS5 preorder might not arrive for another 2 weeks, but apparently they sent that to everyone. So who knows when it'll arrive.

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