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  1. https://www.thelmagazine.com/2013/09/nirvanas-in-utero-2013-mix-examined-song-by-song/ This article goes through it song by song if you don’t know what’s different.
  2. "We’re excited to tell you that the boxsets are finally completed! They’ll be on the way to our warehouse very soon, and are scheduled to ship out to you by the end of February. We appreciate your patience with these delays, and cannot wait to get these to you!"
  3. $60 shipped. USA only. Will include a bonus free LP from my collection (of my choosing). SOLD
  4. Matchbox 20 is currently trying to play King of the Mountain, but I don’t think they’ll beat TOYPAJ. It’s now 16 months since PO’s started and 14 months since the initial release date.
  5. I would consider myself much more of a casual collector. Been at it for about 10 years and currently have about 225 records, though I'm consistently selling/thinning down so overall I've probably had about 4-500. 99.9% of it has been played at least once (one record came from Europe totally smashed like the UPS truck ran over it before delivering). Also, I'm not a variant collector. I try not to have a backlog. Usually I wait until a few orders come in and I'll do a batch cleaning and then I'll play them. As far as the back catalog goes, at least once a month I'll sit in front of the Kallax and see what hasn't been played in a while or if anything's worth parting with. As much as I love collecting and this hobby, I don't want to reach "hoarder" status. Plus to me, selling records funds new record purchases so it's like a revolving door. I do agree about free time vanishing. I'm coming up on 5 years since I've met my (now) wife and I've definitely cut down on my listening time over the years. To me, it makes it a little more special when I do get the time to put something on. Then, however, it becomes very similar to the "spending 2 hours just finding something to watch on Netflix" scenario.
  6. Meant to post this around Christmas, but I forgot. NFG, Frank Turner, Less Than Jake, and more. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/9qP7HRI
  7. First Christmas in a while I didn’t get any records, but I did get a cool turntable air freshener for my car. I also got a LEGO Fender Stratocaster, a signed Mike Ness screen print, and my wife surprised me with our NYE plans- going to Tampa for the Lightning game and a hotel room a block away from the arena.
  8. Not yet. I saw an Instagram post of Chad holding a copy so I’m assuming they’re ready to ship. Album’s great, too! I’ve never heard the version of “Nothing For Christmas” with drums before. Makes it even better.

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