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  1. 12th- shipping label created 20th- accepted Estimated delivery date- 28th Ugh.
  2. On Popmarket for $196 and free shipping (though tax may be charged depending on where you live). https://www.popmarket.com/the-singles-collection/602547261717
  3. The Saturday Morning Cartoons compilation is pretty awesome but not enough for me to wake up early/stand in line.
  4. Has anyone gotten a shipping email or anything yet? I didn't even get one to let me know my download was available. I clicked the order details link in my original email and was able to get it there.
  5. My peacock copy shows no cool effects in any light. It’s just straight-up clear teal. Oh well.
  6. The package just showed up on my USPS app and they still shipped it Priority. Expected to arrive on Thursday. 😁
  7. I remember Enema originally didn't have a PA on it. I wanted to get it, but by the time I had enough money saved (I was 12), it had changed. I had to dig through all the copies and I found one without PA and my my mom let me buy it.
  8. Apparently mine did, too. I just checked order status. And it's not showing tracking, either.
  9. Sounds like Blink doing an NFG song, and that's not an insult.
  10. Banquet posted a pic on IG and the sticker said “Neon Magenta”.
  11. What's weird is the link Ckraus posted takes me to that video, but for some reason I don't see it just scrolling through their posts. And they have other posts with photos of all the variants and there's no orange/red, plus they specifically say "all 4 variants (excluding black)". Maybe that's orange/red is gonna be a future tour exclusive?