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  1. I sent Descendents - Everything Sucks (Black) and NUFAN - The Covers (Gray).
  2. My fiancé and I were scoping out Target earlier and we passed by the vinyl display. She found the last copy of Lover they had, and said to me “you better pretend to be surprised on Christmas” and put it in the cart. 😁
  3. Sum 41 - Order In Decline atozmedia.com/soundcard D?T7CSFOTVRKK The ? is a number between 0-9.
  4. Last thing I remember about it was they were having trouble getting hi-res artwork for the cover. And that seemed like at least a year and a half ago.
  5. Want us to pitch in on a gift card for your mail carrier? 😂
  6. The $40 non-subscription version of SFTD says sold out on the VMP site. Did they already go on sale or does it just default to that until they actually go on sale? I’ve never bought anything from there so I don’t know what the process is.
  7. Vinnie Caruana - Aging Frontman bandcamp.com/yum nrtl-?z7e The ? is a number between 0 and 9.
  8. My copy ended up coming today, which was a nice surprise. I really wanna see his solo tour, but the stop is an hour and a half away on a Wednesday night. I saw his acoustic tour with Geoff Rickley years ago and had a blast.