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  1. Number 3! https://store.taylorswift.com/products/the-tortured-poets-department-vinyl-bonus-track-the-albatross
  2. Yep. I learned my lesson. Just wait until the week or so before release and any/all versions should be available at once.
  3. It's been on consistent rotation for me since it first came out. The latter half took some extra time, but overall it's a very solid album.
  4. Got shipping notice today for my signed /250 from their store. Can’t wait to blast this album on my home speakers.
  5. I sold my Folklore variant on Discogs for like $190 a couple weeks ago and just got the Target version for $25.
  6. Only one vinyl version, but there’s a 99.9% chance there will be more.
  7. My overall vinyl purchasing slowed, for sure. Prices were getting a little too much and I tried to stop pre-ordering albums blind. I only did it twice this year (Menzingers and Blink). Also being part of the Storm Chasers LTD Patreon guaranteed I had at least one new record a month so that helped curb the extra spending. And I'm so glad That Thing You Do! finally got released.
  8. Added some stuff and lowered some prices. Let's make some deals!
  9. Zoetrope edition: https://blood-records.co.uk/products/greenday
  10. $200 test presses from a couple releases are also up. Lol

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