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  1. Maybe the downloads won't go live until the album release date on Friday? I don't recall ever having KRM downloads work before release. EDIT- Unless you're talking the grat tracks, then *shrugs*
  2. I'm thinking it's a download bonus and not on the actual LP.
  3. I asked them about it on Twitter today and all they said was “we’re working on it!”.
  4. Got my swirl today. Packed really well and it sounds pretty good!
  5. I think the piece of label ripping and stuck in the deadwax is a legit gripe, especially if it interferes with the end grooves. Everything else is just dumb.
  6. I’m digging the sound of the new song. Sounds more like T/T/T than IIOI and I’m cool with that.
  7. Ordered the /200. Gonna wait until I get my flexi in the mail before listening to the new song, though. From facebook: First off — Deepest thanks to everyone who picked up a 7” flexi on Monday. Adam and I were blown away at the response. We spent all afternoon getting those packed up and out the door before 5PM and have been excited to see images showing up this week on places like Instagram and Twitter. Altogether, through your generosity, after some personal matching and utilizing a work donation program we were able to raise $1300 for My Block, My Hood, My City. Last night, the song from that flexi single became available to everyone via streaming services. Living Up To Let You Down is the first song we’re sharing from an album called “Figure”. This record will be released on September 18th by Triple Crown Records US, Big Scary Monsters UK/EU and Stiff Slack JPN. It was made in various studios throughout Chicago but mostly in one that was built from scratch by the two primary engineers, Matthew Jordan and Adam Beck (who also drums) which we then filled to the brim with gear. We wrangled additional friends in Andrew Emil and Mark Michalik for some extra performance and engineering input. It was then mixed by longtime friend Jason Cupp in St Louis and finally mastered at the Mastering Palace in NY by David Kutch. Artwork was hand assembled by Lynette Sage and then laid out to perfection by Andy Hendricks. If you received a flexi you’ll notice the unique artwork on each of the accompanying hang tags. Each piece was taken from the book in which a majority of the collage work from the forthcoming LP was assembled. If you have one of those cards, you have a piece of the record. “Figure” was a long work in process — and there is still a lot of work to do. Personally, creatively, emotionally, confessionally, collaboratively. I look forward to sharing more of that journey over the coming weeks. If you’d like to reserve a copy of the record along with some merchandise we have curated for the release you can do so here: http://smarturl.it/intoitoverit You can also check out an excellent piece of visual work crafted by Jez Pennington, a UK based visual artist, to accompany Living Up To Let You Down on the newly revamped intoitoverit.com Thank you deeply for your time and patience. We appreciate you. Xoxo.
  8. Charged close to $9 for shipping and the tracking says it was sent First Class Package.. which costs anywhere from $4-6 depending on weight and zone. Even after costs of mailers, with 2,500 copies shipping out, that's like 10 grand in extra profit.
  9. Take a pic and show Evan. Hopefully he kept extras back just in case something like this happened.