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  1. Apparently that is causing a lot of drama behind the scenes. ROH have a show the same night as the NXT event and it's featuring NJPW guys. Apparently Liger went behind ROH's back and agreed to wrestle for WWE. ROH and NJPW have some kind of agreement to lend each other talent. You can't really blame him though, NXT is a bigger crowd and most likely a bigger market. As for Cena/Rollins it might end in shenanigans. Dusty finish or a MITB cash in?
  2. Oh and for merch they had two tents set up. One was selling band shirts/hoodies and the other one was Fat Wreck stuff. The Fat Wreck one had 25th anniversary shirts, beer coozies and records. I didn't really look at what records they had but The Flatliners mentioned they were selling their new album and I saw a lot of people walking around with the old Fat Wreck comps so I'm assuming they were selling those too. NOFX shirts were $30, Lagwagon and Strung Out were $25, Flatliners and Swingin' Utters were $20 and Masked Intruder and toyguitar shirts were $15. Some of the bands had a mix of old and new designs, but most of them had tour dates on the back.
  3. I went to the show in Toronto. Set times were as follows Doors: 2pm Toy Guitar 3pm Masked Intruder: 3:45pm The Flatliners: 4:30pm Swingin' Utters: 5:15pm Strung Out: 6:10pm Lagwagon: 7:10pm NOFX: 8:20pm They were bang on too. Never more than 10-15 minutes between bands. It was a decent day of music. toyguitar were great, it was my first time seeing them. Masked Intruder powered through their set with not much crowd interaction. They only started telling jokes and what not until close to the end of the set. The Flatliners were par for the course. I love their music but I've seen them far too many times and they usually stick to the same songs when they don't have a headlining set. Swingin' Utters played a good mix of old and new. Again I love their music but they're not the greatest live band, much better in a club. Strung Out's set was a bit underwhelming. But they did play a NUFAN song (Soulmate). Lagwagon played Trashed front to back (minus Back One Out) fucked up a couple songs but that's to be expected on the first day of the tour. Joey also started out Brown Eyed Girl by saying how much they hate playing it. Then finished the set with a NUFAN song (Exit) and May 16. Didn't stick around for NOFX because I'm not a fan anymore, so I can't speak on their set.
  4. Went to the Fat Wreck 25th show in Toronto today. Every band played an amazing set. Tomorrow night I'm going to see Faith No More & Refused. I have a feeling it's going to be empty. They've been selling tickets 2 for 1 all week and today at the Fat Wreck show they had people walking around selling tickets for $30 (when i bought mine the cheapest seats were $66).
  5. I'm hitting up the Toronto date next week. Lagwagon announced yesterday that they'll be playing Trashed front to back which is exciting. I'm still hoping there are some surprise guests though.
  6. Isn't one of the dudes in Fireworks gay? I swear they had a song on one of their earlier EPs about it.
  7. I could see Ziggler going to ROH for a couple of shows. Seems to be the hot thing to do these days.
  8. The dude with the glasses doing the talking is really annoying. Leave him out of the movie.
  9. I had a fun time. There was noticeably less people there this year than last year. Which is good for getting from stage to stage, but maybe not so great for the promoters. The sound for Stage A was hit and miss all day which kinda sucked though. My favorite sets of the day were probably Rozwell Kid, American Opera, Small Brown Bike and Spraynard.
  10. Does anyone know if they are announcing the line-ups for all three Riot Fests tomorrow or just Chicago?
  11. Set times are announced. Interested to find out who the "secret set" will be.
  12. And 80% of those people will sign back up right before the next PPV.
  13. The sad thing is that even with The Rock they were still booing Reigns. What's the deal with the super awkward/sketchy interview with The Rock & Reigns backstage after the ppv?
  14. DeMarcus Cousins annoyes me. A player with as much talent as him and it's wasted with him acting like a spoiled brat all the time.
  15. They should though. The officiating in the NFL is getting worse and more inconsistent than the officiating in the NBA.
  16. The only issue I really have is the Japanese commentary. It makes it hard to get really invested. But I always get a kick out of hearing the one dude get super excited.
  17. If you liked Wrestle Kingdom 9 you should subscribe to NJPW World. It's NJPW's version of WWE Network. So much amazing wrestling on there.
  18. This right here. Could you imagine if Suh had done the same thing.
  19. What about Dez Bryant running on to the field. That's a 15 yard unsports man call right there.
  20. Being a Canadian who's in a market that isn't serviced by Rogers Cable left me a little disappointed that I couldn't get the Network. But I finally took the plunge like many other Canadians and signed up for a VPN service so I could get the Network. So far I like it, but I find a lot of the on demand programming randomly freezes. You'd figure this far into offering it they'd have that sorted out. To put it in conparision, I've had UFC Fight Pass since launch day and haven't had an issue with live or on demand streaming freezing once. I've had the WWE Network for 3 days and I've already had at least 3 events just completely stop streaming on me. That aside the content is pretty amazing. I love reliving shitty mid 80s and early 90s wrestling. Like someone mentioned a couple posts up, the price (including the extra $5 a month for the VPN) is worth it for the PPVs alone. For me to order all the PPVs in one year it would cost me about $750. The price of the Network (with the VPN included) is under $200 a year.
  21. Why does that surprise you? Go to a live show and probably 60% or more of the crowd are kids who love Cena.
  22. So that's twice in recent memory that The Miz has won the IC title only to lose it the next night on Raw. I don't get it.
  23. I'm fairly sure it's happened before. I think (and I could be wrong on this) it happened with Ziggler and Sandow.