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  1. I have the exact opposite opinion. SLAVES OF FEAR feels like a lighter, kind of watered down, version of DEATH MAGIC. DM was immediate for me, this one will be a grower.
  2. Big ol' bump: just discovered these guys last night. Highly recommended. Merchbucket is having a Valentine's Day sale and I was able to grab this for $15 shipped.
  3. I did a quick search and did not see that these guys were brought up anywhere on VC. I was under the impression they were a lot more well known than they are. Certainly, some of you have probably heard this? Maybe I am just the only one who likes it?
  4. I also found myself listening to Boundless a lot last year when I wasn't sure what else to listen to; tired of the regular rotation. It inadvertently became my AOTY. Not new, and mentioned multiple times (between both threads, I believe), but I checked out Ghost Shirt Society by Antethic a few weeks ago. I can not stop listening to it. It gives me The American Dollar vibes without being The American Dollar at all (I'm not good at analogies.)
  5. For a band that lives in my back yard, I'm really sore they don't play more/any shows. Unborn does not get old. I still haven't checked out their full length, and now I'm scared.
  6. Full Collapse tonight War All the Time tomorrow night
  7. I actually was not extra impressed either, but a few of the songs are not too shabby. I sort of fell off the post-rock train because a lot of it is "not too bad, but not too great," and the excitement waned tremendously. Going to try and make 2019 the year I find exciting post-rock again.
  8. Boston piece for my mom done a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Hereditary is great. I've watched a lot of terrible horror movies recently (not hard to find). but a couple good stand-outs are Before I Wake and The Evil Within (minus Sean Patrick Flanery's really, REALLY bad performance)
  10. I know there's a thread for this somewhere, but I've been watching spookee moviees for the past month. Got an early start, I guess. Whatchu guys watching this month?
  11. I have been throwing Holy Fawn at anyone I think will listen. I am glad to see they are sticking.