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  1. +Dead Swords and TBS, and this is basically my Sunday 90% of the bands I want to see are playing Saturday
  2. Nice! TBS is always a good time. Who are looking forward to seeing at the fest? I'm really excited to get to see Slayer.
  3. Anyone going to Riot Fest this year?
  4. I didn't grow up with the majority of these SNES games so this is fun. Hope we get Super Mario RPG added at some point.
  5. Hope, adversity, comedy, drugs, and a free educational lesson on image hosting. Feel good thread of the Summer.
  6. I didn't bother to give this a listen myself, I just saved some time asking a friend if he still uses auto-tune on his voice.
  7. I just got Minecraft over the weekend; never played before, and I am exceptionally bad at it. and a lot of DOOM!
  8. The name threw me off, but this actually looks right up my alley. Thanks! I've never played any FF so I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of the world. XC2 looks pretty good, too. What are the complaints?