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  1. missrohner

    PO Now: Lydia- Run Wild

    I just emailed the company this morning due to my own concerns regarding the ship date. The rather snooty response that I received included a screenshot of the item listing (I ordered the bundle with the split-color vinyl). Here is their typed response: Hi Ashley, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, and I completely understand the eagerness in receiving a new vinyl as I am the same way and prefer to listen to it in that format. However, in anticipation of this being an issue we have encountered before, we made sure the put a note in big, red font on each of the vinyl bundles that was on presale for Lydia. I've attached a screenshot of the product page for the Late Nights vinyl bundle that explains this further. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, and we should hopefully know soon when we will be able to ship these vinyl.
  2. missrohner

    WTB: Acceptance - Phantoms

    Please PM me if you're selling a copy of this... or if you have a listing somewhere. I would prefer the blue marble pressing, but I'm interested in just owning a copy in general!
  3. missrohner

    Lydia - Paint it Golden backwards?

    Haha! Yeah, the record itself arrived perfect. No issues at all. The picture on the website shows it being right-sided, but when I emailed the company (because you know... I HAD to at this point), they said that they confirmed that the item was manufactured in this manner. Again, not sure if it was intentional or just an error that they didn't fix.
  4. missrohner

    Lydia - Paint it Golden backwards?

    Oh, okay!! Thanks so much for the response! I was worried, haha.
  5. I ordered the Paint it Golden vinyl from Lydia's website at 8123, and it arrived with an opening on the left side rather than the right. Is this normal? When the record is facing upright with the picture of the female facing up, the opening is on the left-hand side. So... I was wondering if this is normal? I mean, I wouldn't think it was fake or anything, I just wanted to make sure.
  6. missrohner

    WTB: Anberlin, Switchfoot

    Update!! I have now purchased New Surrender, so I no longer need to find that particular release. The list at the top is updated with my current wants (needs).
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for Hybrid Theory on vinyl with the 10" bonus vinyl including My December. I'd also be willing to purchase the 10" bonus disc separately if anyone wants to do that. Please PM me or post here if you're interested in selling!
  8. missrohner

    stuff for sale.

    I PM'd you about the Fun. 10"!!
  9. missrohner

    WTB: Wizard of Oz RSD

    Thanks! I actually bought it from a member who sold it at cost + shipping. I love this forum.
  10. Hey guys, If anyone has anything by these guys, PLEASE PM me.
  11. missrohner

    WTB: Wizard of Oz RSD

    I'm not looking to trade, only to buy. Thanks for the reply, though!
  12. missrohner

    WTB: Wizard of Oz RSD

    Anybody selling this? Please post or PM me.
  13. missrohner

    WTB: Anberlin, Switchfoot

    SO DID I. I actually was bidding on that one up until about $120 and someone bid extremely high at 1 second left. I was so upset. Thanks for the luck, friend. I'll need it.
  14. Hello! Any chance you're selling these separately? I'm interested in Meteora more so than Hybrid Theory. This may be a dumb question, but what are the "misprints" referred to earlier?