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  1. Here’s a small list of stuff I have for sale. PayPal only, shipping is $4 in the States for any number of records. 100% rating on Discogs (the_plural_of_vinyl) 100% on eBay (zak_138). Please dm and I will answer them in order. Nofx - Wolves in wolves clothing 2018 yellow/black splatter sealed $50 Nofx - Ribbed- Live in a Dive clear w/red /190 $75 (bent corner, record unplayed) Culture Shock - Onwards & Upwards vg+/vg+ $20 Springsteen - Born in the USA 1984 Sealed cover edges a bit worn due to age $25 Beatles - White Album red vinyl 2xLP with inserts vg/vg+ japan $75 Ramones - Rocket to Russia ‘05 180g nm/nm $17 Ramones - End of the Century ‘05 180g nm/nm $15 Discharge - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing 2010 Havoc nm/nm $10 Violent Femmes - Blind Leading the Naked vg+/vg+ $12 Charly Bliss - Young Enough Orange/blue /300 Vinyl Me Please press nm/nm $42
  2. I’ve had an order pending for about six weeks. I’ve opened a claim with BBB after weeks of no response from them.
  3. FYI, all orders go out tomorrow. Any order placed by tonight at Midnight PST goes out tomorrow as well. Thanks for the orders so far!
  4. REM, Matchbox, GD International, and Everclear pending. Sending a full list out to a few people. If you can host my spreadsheet or tell me how to attach it here, I'll post the whole list of 140 or so records. I wanted to take it slow but f it, I'll dive in.
  5. First wave of a collection I just bought. I am only listing these on VC for now. All vinyl is NM to unplayed, I'll be as descriptive as possible for each record. I know I haven't been around here for a while, but you can look up zak_138 on discogs and ebay and find I have 100% both as a seller and buyer. (I may have a few people still around here to vouch for me as well). All payment is paypal as a gift, shipping is $5 flat media mail in the States only. I'm not a dealer, I have a family and job, so purchases may take up to 2 days to hit the post. If any of this is sketchy to you, just don't PM, thanks. First PMs get first crack at purchase, I'll check as frequently as possible and probably take this post down after a few days. Will take pics if necessary, but they won't get posted until after 10 pm PST that night. Thanks for looking!! UPDATED LIST WITH SOME LOWERED PRICES 3/21 Beatles 1960-1962 Japan-Mint-OBI 150 Beatles 1962-1966 Japan-Mint-OBI 60 Beatles 1967-1970 Japan-Mint-OBI 100 Beatles Yellow Submarine Japan-Mint-OBI-Red 100 Beatles Please Please Me Japan-Mint-OBI Red 145 Beatles Abby Road French Green 100 Beatles Rubber Soul Japan Red No OBI 55 Beatles Sgt Pepper Grey (Cover VG-) 35 Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Alt German cover, Green 70 Beatles Revolver Mono Blue 55 Beatles White Album Japan 2LP on Red 110 Beatles Collection of Oldies Red 35 Beatles Part One Pic Disc 40 Beatles Live in Australia Sealed 2LP Clear 35 Beatles (Wings) Band on the Run Purple (cutout) 12 Black Sabbath S/T Clear 26 Black Sabbath Paranoid Sealed 36 Black Sabbath We Sold our Souls Red 2LP 25 Blondie Hits Deluxe 2LP Pink/Blue 51 Bon Jovi Crossroads Brazil 75 Bush Sixteen Stone White OG 130 Dave Clark 5 Best of Taiwan 40 Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red Red/Sealed 15 Concrete Blonde Bloodletting Red 230 Cream Disraeli Gears Sealed Pic Disc 55 Creed Human Clay 2LP OG 130 Deep Purple 30 Best of UK 2LP on Blue 90 Buck Dharma Flat Out Sealed 10 The Doors S/T Orange 30 The Doors LA Woman German Green 30 The Doors Waiting for the Sun Orange 30 The Doors Strange Days German Red 30 The Doors Best of 2LP 56 The Doors Morrison Hotel 23 The Doors Soft Parade German 10 Duran Duran Decade 20 Bob Dylan Highway 61 Red boot 35 The Eagles Hotel California 15 The Eagles Hits Sealed 12 The Eagles Hits 2 Sealed 20 ELO Mr Blue Sky-Best Of 2LP Blue 110 Fleetwood Mac S/T Bernie Grundman Sealed 35 Fleetwood Mac Hits Sealed club, embossed 27 Fleetwood Mac Hits Sealed club, not embossed 27 Foghat Fool for the City Red 18 Foghat Best of Foghat Sealed, hole punch 15 Green Day Interna. Super Hits purple 50 Green Day 21st Cent Breakdown 2LP 180g Sealed 20 Guns n' Roses Appetite Destruction Orange 40 Guns n' Roses Unplugged Blue 150 Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child Box Sealed Red 110 Hootie & the Blowfish Cracked Rearview Red 94 OG 150 Sold INXS Hits 2LP 85 Michael Jackson Essential 2LP White 90 Elton John Hits sealed 10 Elton John Hits 2 8 Journey Hits 2 Sealed 2LP 25 Led Zeppelin 1 Spain Yellow 40 Led Zeppelin 2 MX Yellow 40 Led Zeppelin 3 Israel Green 40 Led Zeppelin 4 UK Color Lavender 40 Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti Spain 1 Red, 1 White 40 Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Green 2010 repress 40 John Mellncamp Uh-Huh Sealed 25 Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell Red 180g 30 Steve Miller Band Hits 74-78 Blue 50 The Monkees Meet Sundazed Color 15 Oasis Morning Glory Blue (Boot) 50 Pearl Jam Swiss Time Was Running Out Sealed 89/100 Color 70 Tom Petty Damn the Torpedos 2LP Red Sealed /500 250 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Dutch Blue 70 Pink Floyd Meddle Harvest Blue 70 Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse of Reason France White 100 Pink Floyd Animals Pic Disc 110 ElvisPresley #1 Hits Sealed 40 Elvis Presley 2nd to None Rough Cover, Mint Wax 10 Queen Greatest Hits 16 REM Eponymous unplayed in shrink, hype 38 REM Best of In Time 2LP UK 340 Rolling Stones Let it Bleed Dutch Red 40 Rolling Stones Flowers OBI Japan Sealed 75 Rolling Stones High Tide, Green Grass 180g Sealed 30 Rolling Stones High Tide, Green Grass London Label Canada 20 Rolling Stones Through the Past Darkly Sealed 20 Rolling Stones Let it Bleed 15 Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Zipper Cover (MO Press) 32 Rolling Stones Flowers 15 Bob Seager Stranger in Town Cover G+, Yellow Wax 10 Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA Sealed 35 Bruce Springsteen Born to Run White 40 Steely Dan Can't Buy a Thrill Canada Import Color 40 T Rex Boogie On UK Color Sealed 21 The Turtles Hits 10 Uriah Heep Magicians Birthday Color 15 Van Halen Loony Tunes Red 66 Joe Walsh Best of Canada Import Color 15 Amy Winhouse Best of pink 20 Neil Young Hits 200g Quiet SVP Sealed 95 ZZ Top Live From Texas Blue 25 Soundtrack Dazed and Confused RSD Sealed on Green 45 Soundtrack Saturday Night Fever Grey Import 20
  6. Long time, no post. Looking to follow other vinyl only accounts, here's mine if you're interested. https://www.instagram.com/the_plural_of_vinyl/
  7. Hey fellow nerds, long time. I just created a vinyl only IG account, ill be updated prett regularly, give me an add if you're interested. @the_plural_of_vinyl
  8. Hickey and I disagree on a SW record, something's not right.

  9. I don't agree with Hickey, all is wrong with the world.

  10. It's amazing to me that we've been on the same wavelength about SW since we were both teenagers but you really like this and I was so embarrassed listening to it that I only made it half way through. I'm really interested to see what the general reception of this is, but to be honest, it's going to be a really long time before I can bring myself to revisit this, if ever. (I've still never gone back to the first solo record after the first few listens) I guess I knew what to expect, but the idea that I have to wait for him to write, record, and release another whole LP of this thing makes me really bummed that I may never hear another BW record that I like again, especially with the death of the Rvierdales.
  11. Justin, that No Lo Siento, fuck! 1/1, seriously!? Awesome.
  12. The Manges shop has a couple of LPs http://www.stripedmusic.com/search.php?search_query=hextalls&Search=
  13. I own the acetates for that KTM pressing, thanks Hickey!
  14. Here's a review along with a stream of the 7". http://loser-city.com/features/shanghais-sick-of-you
  15. Yeah, luckily I'm out of the variants game, that one would be a killer.
  16. Haha, I know what you mean. Thanks for the offer on the black, I'm cool with one copy of the remastered repress though.