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  1. copies are running low at forced exposure and it is back up to the normal price . stream the digital version of the album here if you haven't already: https://imaginarysoftwoods.bandcamp.com/album/annual-flowers-in-color-2020-remaster
  2. Nice review of this record on Pitchfork ! https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/imaginary-softwoods-annual-flowers-in-color/ The vinyl is still available from Forced Exposure and is currently on sale for $14.88 plus shipping. Now would be a great time to buy it if you can and have some money to spare. https://www.forcedexposure.com/Catalog/imaginary-softwoods-annual-flowers-in-color-lp/AS.026LP.html
  3. yeah - my copies sold out pretty quickly but you should see them in shops (hopefully) within the next month or two as they get them from Forced Exposure. Also for anyone else interested, this can be streamed on bandcamp here : https://imaginarysoftwoods.bandcamp.com/album/annual-flowers-in-color-2020-remaster
  4. IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS ANNUAL FLOWERS IN COLOR Vinyl Version does include a download code for the LP + extra tracks. vinyl available from Amethyst Sunset Bandcamp and Forced Exposure Kompakt "Time is absolute garbage . . . But here's the thing: given enough time, your friends are going to keep making records, you're going to keep listening to them, and if you're lucky, some of them are going to seep into the cracks of your day-to-day . . . Since its initial appearance as a private press double cassette in 2016, Annual Flowers in Color has been exactly this sort of talisman for me. More to the point, it's also the closest thing to a definitive statement in the twelve-year history of John Elliott's Imaginary Softwoods and a no-brainer on the thinking head's shortlist of Elliott's most essential releases, alongside Outer Space's Akashic Record (Events: 1986-1990)(SP 019LP, 2012), Emeralds' Solar Bridge (2008) and What Happened (EMEGO 109LP, 2010), Mist's House (SP 004CD/LP, 2011), Lilypad's Capacitor (2008), Colored Mushroom and the Medicine Rocks' self-titled LP (2010), and Quiet Light Water Gap's Live at the Delaware County VFW Hall (2010). While each of these projects draws from the same reservoir of glittering pinpoint riffcraft and homespun surrealism and each reflects in its own fashion the awareness that a certain undercurrent of lurid horror is essential to all authentically psychedelic music, Imaginary Softwoods has always been distinguished in its relationship to a particular decades-long chain of private press loner music, or chamber music for shut-ins. You wouldn't necessarily be wrong to call Annual Flowers in Color 'deeply personal,' but that almost misses the point . . . it's handmade, human-scale domestic ritual music the making of which is inseparable from the sense in which it's been 'lived in.' . . . Above all, Annual Flowers in Color is an absolutely gorgeous, perfectly weathered, subtly strange record. It's exactly the thing you're thinking of when you think 'I want to hear really killer polysynths and tape delay,' but it's also much more, glistening with distended reflections of Steve Roach and Stapleton, ringing with simultaneous sublimated echoes of the dorkiest and most expensive French mellotron prog and the most incandescent cheap heat from the $2 exotica bin, and dripping with the 'as above, so below' that characterizes synthesizer records at their best. It's both a welcoming point of entry for the uninitiated and a sticky, seductive cut deep enough to envelop any heads seeking a way station on the search for the apocryphal second volume of Cosmos Farm Sessions." --Chris Madak (Philadelphia, February 2020)
  5. official video for Butterlfy Medicine from Vision Upon Purpose Vinyl and cassette are still available from Forced Exposure
  6. Now available to pre-order is Mark McGuire's Vision Upon Purpose Mark McGuire returns with Vision Upon Purpose. Continuing a process that began in 2015 with the birth of the beloved one, Vision Upon Purpose sees magic brought directly into 3D reality, bringing new adventures into being with a new sight and new purpose; this will be the toughest and most beautiful road yet. These are warm, electric soul rainbow songs for the elders -- past, present, and future. All songs written by Mark McGuire utilizing electric and acoustic guitar along with guitar, synthesizer, bass, and vocals. Previously released on CD in Japan, Amethyst Sunset present the limited-edition vinyl version as well as cassette. Ships out first week of September. Vinyl is in an edition of 350. - 100 copies on color (available only through Amethyst Sunset) - 250 on black *Vinyl copies include a download card. Cassette is an edition of 100 copies. *Cassette copies do not include a download card, but the cassette does have three additional tracks not on the vinyl version. The vinyl and cassette are available to pre-order now through www.amethystsunset.net Vinyl and cassette also available to order from Forced Exposure Vinyl also available in the United Kingdom from Norman Records Digital version of Vision Upon Purpose is available on Bandcamp
  7. Hi, Recent Amethyst Sunset cassettes from Dominic Coppola and Theodore Schafer that might interest you guys.. Theodore Schafer - Topiary "Two impressionist pieces composed in Ann Arbor are a memory of a time before leaving a home." Dominic Coppola - Swoon Season "Ann Arbor resident Dominic Coppola presents beautiful drone to get you through the autumn" www.amethystsunset.net
  8. cool! thanks! catching a show next month. looking forward to it
  9. is that a tour shirt ? what other kind of merch did they have ?
  10. some of you may be into this : everyday loneliness - "pretender" very chill ambient drone piece from the lp "false validations" released by amethyst sunset.
  11. I have a few copies of this LP for sale if you are interested 1 x 1st pressing: Gray w/no labels (limited to 770) 1 x 4th Pressing: Purple (limited to 3) - comes with the no idea slip that indicates 1 / 3 1 x 4th Pressing: Green No labels 1 x 4th Pressing Gray Mix 1 x 4th Pressing Green 1 x 4th Pressing Navy Blue (limited to 22) make me an offer.
  12. anyone interested in a sealed copy of planet of ice on clear with gold splatter from the second pressing? $18.00 ppd in the us. if so, message me at wirrzbow at gmail dot com thanks !
  13. the thrash sabbatical box from deathbomb arc? that's not actually kevin sheilds from my bloody valentine. its eva aguila. the stuff she does solo is under the name kevin shields.
  14. just wanted to post about a record some of you may be interested in. sean mccann - "sincere world" "Listening to new work from Sean McCann is always an exciting prospect. Go far back into this young pioneer's catalog and you'll without a doubt uncover a collection of music as diverse as it is long. What you may also notice is the consistency with which Sean portrays himself. His music is always fearless, frank and personal. Sincere World is another turn toward Sean's signature earnestness. Open Resolve and The Capital, both cleverly laced with swirling filter manipulation and confounding superimposition of manic and sloth-like compositions, exposed us to a more playful side of McCann's persona. These works are on the surface a bit zany, but deeper down they still maintain a charming character—something that draws the listener in magically. Sincere World is the somber younger brother to these two. Sincere World is adrift on Badalamenti-like lethargy, skeptical of the world around and unsure of what to do about it. But despite his bashfulness, he is every bit as charming and perhaps even more so, for there are no rough edges on him. In six movements, Sean takes us from under the bed to behind the bleachers and finally, to the bottom of the sea. Recorded mostly in 2009, Sincere World has after two years in hiding, finally mustered the audacity to come out into the open. This is the world Sean McCann lives in, and I want to do everything I can to live there too." - Michael Jantz video for over the stars (there is rest) viewable here - http://vimeo.com/17018521 sound sample of the track "academy hall" here - http://soundcloud.com/wirrzbow/sean-mccann-academy-hall available both on vinyl and compact disc. the compact disc version contains two additional tracks not included on the vinyl version. LP tracklisting 1. i've seen your face before 2. acadamy hall 3. transplanted heart 4. over the stars (there is rest) 5. deep sea divers 6. removed ++ CD tracklisting 1. i've seen your face before 2. acadamy hall 3. transplanted heart 4. over the stars (there is rest) 5. deep sea divers 6. removed 7. glade 8. devotion ++ this is a pre order. copies will be shipping out the last week of november. available to purchase here: http://amethystsunset.net/sincereworldpreorder.html
  15. lolwut Tyler doesn't sample at all. Odd Toddlers from "BASTARD" has a sample in it . Though, I'm not exactly sure what thewmatic is referring to with this My guess is that they are referring to the Radical mixtape which is pretty much all samples.