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  1. DGD - Headhunter neon orange (mint sealed brand new) https://www.discogs.com/Dance-Gavin-Dance-Head-Hunter/release/13390997 DGD - Summertime Gladness mint and black clear splatter (still in shrink NM) https://www.discogs.com/Dance-Gavin-Dance-Summertime-GladnessPussy-Vultures/release/11193795 DGD - People You Knew/Perfect color pop (mint sealed) https://www.discogs.com/Dance-Gavin-Dance-People-You-KnewPerfect/release/12753547 Take all three plus a free 12” for $43 shipped (includes PayPal fee) in the US. Priced well below Discogs. Also down to sell separately.
  2. Looking to sell in bulk, so I will give priority to those looking to buy the whole set/multiples. Open to best offers, I just priced under Discogs, if you’re unhappy with a price I’m open to offers. Prices are shipped, please add PayPal fee. WISIRO - white/orange split -$26 DBM - white/gold split - $73 Self Titled - clear - $43 Happiness - white/yellow split - sold DBMII - white/blue split - $73 AS - white/pink split - $58 IG - oxblood - sold Mothership - yellow - $63 ArSe - UO alt cover - $33 Take the rest for $345 shipped insured.
  3. One of the Saosin dudes recently did a Q&A on instragram saying this will be pressed soon with “Mookie” sung by Anthony as well as a couple other songs. No concrete date yet but figured I’d add to the useless bump^
  4. They put up about 15 leftovers of a /182 release that was given out at random to fans that ordered the new record. Very hard to attain. At least he owns being a piece of shit. Karma hopefully comes into play eventually.
  5. Looks like you put it right on Discogs. Good for you
  6. Both Southern Weather’s sold. Make an offer on the A Lot Like Birds Plan B because I wanna ship it out with other stuff on Friday.
  7. I had such high hopes for this. Damn. Maybe it’ll grow.
  8. Updated bump. Lowered price on A Lot Like Birds. Reach out with offers!
  9. Please include PayPal fee. All of these are best offer, I based under lowest price on Discogs, trying to unload after the holidays including some I got for Christmas. The Almost - Southern Weather SOLD The Almost - Southern Weather SOLD Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly first press splatter - SOLD Attack Attack! - Someday Came Suddenly second press beer - SOLD Anberlin - Help Yourself full boxset - SOLD A Lot Like Birds - Plan B gold ponyboy - (mint sealed) $40 shipped Dance Gavin Dance - Summertime Gladness/Pussy Vultures (Doublemint/Blue split with black splatter) - NM/NM in shrink never played $15 shipped Again feel free to make an offer. Thanks for looking