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    dkvinyldisplays got a reaction from Plarocks in Turntable Stand   
    Hey man,
    My icon is my logo for my shop, that sells vinyl furniture, that was inspired by my love of music and vinyl and is how I wake up and go to sleep.  
    I have a website where i sell these. This is a forum for discussions. This is posted to 'turntables and other equipment'. This is equipment for Vinyl. 
    I don't hide who I am, obviously. I thought this was the most appropriate place to discuss this type of product. Just like vinyl, turntable, speakers, etc would be.
    As you know I've been active the last week, in conversations, reply's and posts. How can I be active and not be Me?
    'Hawk', 'Peddle', 'Entrepreneurs playground', 'Advertising'???  thats kinda rude
    I'm here to find like minded people to discuss everything related to music and vinyl.
    like i just PO Dessert Sessions 11&12.
    When it arrives, im gonna open it, put it on my player, put the cover up top, in a stand just like this, jam out and stare at the cover.
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    dkvinyldisplays reacted to Shitty Rambo in best/worst customer service from a distro/label?   
    Contrary to popular belief musicians tend to suck at doing basic things most able-bodied humans can do (I.E. - ship packages in a timely manner, get haircuts, abide by the morality they preach, go to the dentist, etc.). If you've already reached out to the band and got no response file a PayPal claim (assuming you used that to pay, always use that to pay) and let them sort it out for you.
    It certainly does suck when you want to support a indie artist or label directly and they're too incompetent to hold up their end of the bargain. Yeah, you can get busy doing either, but not busy enough to where you can't print a label and tape it to a mailer lol.
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    dkvinyldisplays reacted to jhulud in Rules & Guidelines for Turntables & Other... Board   
    - Ask any question pertaining to turntables and sound equipment conducive and not-so-much to your record obsession

    - Be courteous to each other. If for some reason you feel that someone is asking a "stupid question" just remember that we all had to start somewhere and this is a resource for questions and answers.

    - Keep the shit-talking, flaming, trolling, and other nonsense somewhere else.

    - If you encounter any issues or problems, contact one of the mods.

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