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Post Your Record Storage Area

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ahh, nice set up.

where did you get those 7" boxes from ? BU?

Yep, 10 pack. The only thing I don't like about them is that they have flaps which fold inside the handle (and are needed for better stability) that annoyingly poke the first and last 7".

Can't you just fold them outside the box? Granted they'd look pretty stupid.

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Anything can be spraypainted. Babies should not be spraypainted.

Are you kidding? Babies are the first thing you should spraypaint...

In all seriousness...I keep mine in 2 milk crates...the really long ones...they leave enough room on each side for my 7" and 10"...although I def. Need another one...

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Guest scriptedrain
ive been looking for a cabinet like that forever, whered you get that?

that cabinet looks to be from ikea!...they have one identical to it

The Expedit, right?

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