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  1. Constructive is the only goal of any conversation. were still going around about who said what how. Some people don't mesh. Guess that's us
  2. Well, maybe we are not on the same page. I'm looking for constructive criticism. Comparing it to others doesn't help. You or Apple asked me to post my website link then said 'im trying to sell something' I'm simply looking for people who have ideas to make my design more efficient to them. period. or those who engage normal. peace
  3. I'm not sure how i can make it more clear on how my pieces are unique than attaching a picture. I thought the 'equipment page' was to discuss equipment... Self promote? If, i posted my collection, turntable, etc. would that not be self promoting. If you don't like it and obviously have nothing 'constructive to say... BYE by my count the same TWO people wanna not 'stay cool'
  4. Hey man, My icon is my logo for my shop, that sells vinyl furniture, that was inspired by my love of music and vinyl and is how I wake up and go to sleep. I have a website where i sell these. This is a forum for discussions. This is posted to 'turntables and other equipment'. This is equipment for Vinyl. I don't hide who I am, obviously. I thought this was the most appropriate place to discuss this type of product. Just like vinyl, turntable, speakers, etc would be. As you know I've been active the last week, in conversations, reply's and posts. How can I be active and n
  5. Its unique because it has classic record store style flip forward browsing, shows off your cover art, is made to your specifications. That includes the player platform, the finish(which combinations are endless), depth which determines LP storage amount and the height. I'm not really sure how that is remotely similar to anything on the market. Ikea? Most people could make anything less for what they can buy it. But, time my friend. I'm not sure most people are carpenters with experience in commercial laminates?? Its my second weekend here. been interactive. just wanted to share
  6. Latest player stand I have built. Cabinet grade birch base. Main body laminated, Black Walnut with Red hot legs. Player platform is 18'' wide x 16'' deep, cord hole. Holds just under 400 LP"s.
  7. Hey Brother, Thanks for your feed back. Just a regular dude here. Trying to work from home. I have lots of models. I got pieces in that price range that hold 600 records. Really depends on the model. I've added a lot of new models. Although, packaging is 1/3 of all my costs. My first year, I had a few damaged in shipping. Not one in the past four years, knock knock. I take as much care into packaging as I do construction and its pricey. With that said, most of my models are discounted by 50%, for pick up. That should give you a clear picture of the labor and cost of shipping t
  8. Hey, I did not want my post to look like an ad. That's why i didn't plaster with links. I custom build anything from a 7'' holder to an entire music room. Mainly, I build flip forward style vinyl storage stands, record player stands with the same vinyl storage and audio racks that also include vinyl storage. Large storage stands hold up to 600 LP's. I use cabinet grade ply and finish it with commercial laminates, stain interiors. I also do solid veneered units. Price varies on size and finish. Each piece is made to order to your specifications on finishes. We are in
  9. My wife is a huge fan, me too. I did PO it. I got a deluxe version that was a little more $$ with some swag. Its a quality press. Sounds Amazing. We wont be parting with it
  10. Hi, Just wanted to post about the furniture I make. I've been making these for 5 years now and have not had any issues until lately. Over the past few months Amazon, Target, Walmart etc.. have been upping their Monopolies online, mainly Amazon. Now, I can not find my stuff online. Figured I would come to the source and show ya'll my stuff. I make flip forward style browsing vinyl storage stands, record player stands and audio racks. Thanks DK Thanks DK
  11. Did anyone grab the Dreams so Real Live Album? One of the best live albums I've heard in a long time! Check their site often. They put out random singles every once and a while.
  12. Best-Subpop Two Lps showed up a month late and wrapped in shrink wrap into a cone. Seriously Contacted Subpop, no questions asked, resent them ASAP and were really cool. Worst-Bandcamp Well, bandcamp will just refer you to the artist. Good way of taking themselves outta the loop. The Myrrors used to be one of my favorites until my order never arrived. They could have cared less. Gave me the run around for months. It was so Bad i cant even list the amount of BS they fed me. Done with them forever.

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