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  1. The less regional of these will also be available at Sunrise Records in Canada...which makes sense as Sunrise took over HMV.... https://www.sunriserecords.com/sunrise-exclusive-coloured-vinyl/
  2. SRC had a ton of the south parks in store for 99.99, they will likely still be around for online if you want to take advantage of our week dollar.
  3. Sorry for the delay... I'm keeping Marner Nylander Murray Ekholm Thanks
  4. Thanks, did that too just to be safe. Appreciate the response
  5. I updated my keepers in the app. Is that all I have to do or do we need to send them to anyone?
  6. I`m in for whatever....buy in or not. I`ve got some records I could throw the way of the winner, but the shipping from Canada would be about the cost of any buy in. I`ll get my keepers to you one night this week. Thanks
  7. I`m Canadian too, but I can probably make things work.
  8. When do you want the keepers in by? I've filled 2, but I'm still thinking about the others. I updated the team owner too - it said someone else for my team. Thanks for getting it all sorted
  9. I don't think it's been a problem either. It sounds like the system checks itself.
  10. Are people concerned about hoarding goalies? We can come up with "gentlemen's/ladies'" agreements if it can't be enforced via the app.
  11. Yeah, I like multiple starts too. At least 2. Even if you only carry one goalie, they'll likely play 2+ games a week.
  12. Definitely back in. Thanks for setting it up again.
  13. I know we spoke on the baseball app....but if they don't come back, I'm interested.
  14. Is anyone selling digital codes? Mostly looking for recent Marvel releases.
  15. I still have one of those, it was displayed though...no box. I sold GITD Green Lantern from SDCC, Patina Batman, my extra gold Loki, Shadowtrooper, Holo Maul, etc.. etc... etc... when they seemed like a good idea to sell. Still have a few that I've been putting on Ebay every now and again - it helps offset my other collections.
  16. It's pretty nauseating. If I only I hadn't let my daughter cut up the boxes. I also unloaded a bunch 2 years ago or so....they have skyrocketed since.
  17. He said it again on the "Horsemen" table for 3 that just aired on WWE Network
  18. banquetrecords.com is slow, but I managed to get what I needed.... keep refreshing if it's unresponsive.
  19. Anyone looking to move Vault stuff...let me know what you have and what you want for it.

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