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  1. I know no one is really talking about it, but did anyone see the Xiu Xiu best of out there?
  2. Did anyone even see the Xiu Xiu - Best Of it was the one sole thing I was looking around for.
  3. Yeah, expedites are nice for storage areas. But keeping things tucked away in real furniture is the way to go, for actual living areas.
  4. ^nice toys.. I have updated since previously posting..
  5. http://www.vice.com/dos-and-donts
  6. Yeah probably, I mean if I'm not mistaken an old friend of mine married your sister. Bahaha, oh well.
  7. Yeah. He did try to fuck my friends girl at the time in a parking lot. But alas that's Susquehanna.
  8. pmx 1600 optimus graphic eq. av-d35 and an at125lc cart
  9. Well you were PM'd. Looking to take some of this stuff from you.