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  1. yea I hate that grey. Pre-orders tend to get something else, I got that blue as well, mentioned above.
  2. you know, I don't really have a problem with D/L things when I buy them on vinyl.
  3. from the relapse site: 100 Clear (Not available to the public. Please do not request clear.) 1000 White/Green swirl 1000 White/Orange swirl 2000 180 gram Black
  4. ... is ordering a record in red from an edition of 350 and receiving a blue out of 100. huzzah. my girlfriend didn't find this exciting, so I'm sharing with people that understand. (http://www.painkillerrecords.com/pkr009.html).
  5. I'm assuming you're taking conoley's trade for that instead of what you PM'd me about, either way, let me know, as I PM'd you back.
  6. yea this was awesome that they did this. also everything that comes out on vinyl from saddlecreek they do the same thing. way awesome.
  7. Close Calls with Brick Walls is coming out on vinyl. sounds like a sweet package. I'm pretty pumped as I still have a soft spot for AWK! Info: Load Records is proud to present a U.S. domestic vinyl pressing of 2006's Asia-only release "Close Calls with Brick Walls" album. "Close Calls With Brick Walls" is Andrew W.K.'s third full-length record and unifies the experimental forays of his earlier career with the over-the-top rockulism he tackled on his "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf" albums. Packaging on this release is over-the-top as well, featuring a 10-inch full color booklet paired with a deluxe 2-LP gatefold. The artwork features many new photos and designs. Additionally, this release features five all new bonus tracks (23 songs total): (Bonus Tracks) 19. Big Party (click for a preview MP3) 20. We're Not Gunna Get Old 21. Kicks and Bricks 22. I've Got Know Fear 23. We Will Boogie TRACK LISTING: 1. I Came for You 2. Close Calls with Bal Harbour 3. Not Going to Bed 4. You will Remember Tonight 5. Pushing Drugs 6. Hand on the Place 7. One Brother 8. Las Vegas, Nevada 9. Dr. Dumont 10. I Want to See You Go Wild 11. When I'm High 12. Golden Eyed Dog 13. Into the Clear 14. Mark My Grace 15. Don't Call Me Andy 16. The Background 17. Slam John Against a Brick Wall 18. The Moving Room Order here: http://www.loadrecords.com/bands/andrewwk.html
  8. this one is very nice, and very fun to look at. the vinyl plus the uncoated stock paper it was printed on, very nice.
  9. thanks for the heads up on that one. i took the plunge.
  10. got mine today, very awesome. the lyrics sheet is very well done!
  11. not just from excell, how about a .doc or word file as well
  12. I doubt they mean the package. not many record labels do the viny/digital download thing and especially because it's coming out on a major I highly doubt they're doing it.
  13. I totally have more vinyl than you
  14. I'm actually not around this weekend, and I wasn't expecting to get such a response. I'll have to go through them and pull them out/set them aside and I'll get back to who ever about picking them up.
  15. I'm actually on the North Shore of Massachusetts, anyone around that area want a bunch of free LPs? It's all mostly old punk/oi/street stuff. Like GBH, Chaos UK, etc. My friend gave me his collection, and I've since decided to cut mine down, so I took a few out that I wanted and now there's a ton left over. I figured I'd check here before craigslist and before the dumpster. It's free, and it would appreciate it if you took it all!
  16. again, I have no idea if they're worth anything, but I love them: Breather Resist - "Patent Cruciform" (Picture Disc/Casket Shaped) Kid Dynamite / 88 Fingers Louie - "Split" (Clear Red) Alkaline Trio - "From Here to Infirmary" - Vagrant Records (Autographed) Alkaline Trio - "Good Mourning" - Vagrant Records (Autographed) Bear vs Shark - "Terrorhawk" - Friction Records fric-034b (picture disc/2nd press/of 200) Kid Dynamite - "Shorter, Faster, Louder" - Jade Tree JT1045 (Teal) Lifetime - "Jersey's Best Dancers" - Jade Tree JT1034 (Clear Dark Red) Lucero - "That Much Further West" - Tiger Style Records (Silk Screen Cover/ 162/500) None More Black - "File Under Black" - Fat Wreck Chords FAT659-1 (Orange) Token Entry - "Jaybird" - Hawker Records HR 9539
  17. Agreeed! I only saw them once, open up for the Alkaline Trio in a small space. it was awesome.
  18. My turntable is some crappy thing that's currently stored under my tv. I no longer have a stereo or reciever, so I pretty much buy vinyl, catalog it and put it on my shelf. I can attest to Robotnerd's amazing turntable, I've seen that beauty in action.
  19. they've been talking about a vinyl release forever, so it'll probably happen eventually. I agree with this, the vinyl would be great. one of the best CD layouts of last year!
  20. I'm very much down with this. I'm too lazy to put everything on eBay. Takes too long. This seems much more chill
  21. Ah yes, I too have been rocking this album a lot lately. Got it on black.
  22. im def. looking to trade with yah. Your cave in - jupiter and hopesfall - satellite years caught my eye. I have a fall of troy - doppleganger if ur interested. Heres my list: http://www.recordnerd.com/lists/Zeppelinmp/ you can def. have the hopesfall. not sure if you're interested in purchasing or straight up trade. let me know.
  23. New here... this is my list.... I'm looking to unload a bunch of it. running out of room and monies. Let me know if you're interested in any of it! ok, tried to post the list, but there were too many characters. check out this link http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dfp5vmwg_4ff8mz5 hooray!

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