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  1. Austin, there is literally no room on this message board, especially this thread, for you to be using logic. It seems it's been banned here.
  2. Thank god your career is in retail and not as a comedian because that was one of the worst fucking jokes I've ever heard in my life. I can take a joke. That wasn't a joke, it's just you trying to backpedal like the loser that you are. Taking to a message board to call me out as a "total ass" for not giving you the answer you wanted is not sarcasm. It's you being an entitled dickhead and nothing else.
  3. I have never made a single public facing post announcing this ACB release and claiming a release date at all, simply to avoid little entitled fuckheads like you crying because they can't order a record that doesn't exist yet. I would love for you to show everyone a Broken Circles social media post that has an exact release date and isn't a reply to someone. I know that task is impossible for you. The band posted that it was happening on Facebook before they had any information other than it was happening. That post has caused more problems than it has helped. If they hadn't made it, you wouldn't know it was coming out, and you wouldn't have anything to bitch about. I can't wait to show you what being an ass really entails after I refund your order when it finally gets put up for sale. I used to like posting on this message board. There was an actual community of people that valued the music first and foremost. People actually supported the labels and the bands instead of treating them like some evil entity that's out to fuck them over and take their money. I think if some of you knew and understood the amount of effort it takes to press vinyl and run a label, you'd stop running your pathetic little mouths every time something didn't line up exactly to whatever overinflated expectation you happened to have at that moment. And if your response is some "customer is always right" bullshit, you might as well not even hit reply. Shout to the chill OGs like Daegor and billya who are still holding it down on here.
  4. 25% off vinyl / tapes / CDs / totes in the store with code FERTILEDREAD 3 random LPs for $25 3 random tapes for $15 3 random 7”s for $15 (These bundles will include recent releases! If you want, leave a note with a record or band you are hoping to get something from and there is a 99% chance your dreams come true.) All orders over $50 get a free tote All orders over $75 get free shipping (US only) This will last until 11:59PM EST on 12/4 *% off excludes preorders and the random package deals http://brokencircles.limitedrun.com Entire catalog on Bandcamp is pay what you want with all proceeds benefiting Standing Rock water protectors http://brokencircles.bandcamp.com
  5. It's an LP at 45RPM! Comes with a screened jacket like the OG pressing cool but this version includes printed board innersleeve, full color center labels, and an envelope with two photographs and photocopied hand typed liner notes including Talons' thoughts on the record as a whole after 10 years & a breakdown of each individual song.
  6. I don't know when the release date is which is why I have held off for over a year now in announcing it. Probably late summer or early fall. Tests have been approved, that's all I know right now. 1500 copies split between 3 variants: /300, /500, /700. Shipping will not be $10. You'll be able to walk away with a copy of this record for less than $25 shipped. Wish it was cheaper but Universal sets the price, not me. T&N has nothing to do with this, it won't be in their store. They don't even own their own releases anymore. When they press one of their own titles on vinyl they are paying Universal to license it.
  7. No white vinyl. Three different colorways. Will include a printed innersleeve. Will come shrinkwrapped.
  8. Out July 29th on Broken Circles. Vinyl is on opaque olive green. Limited to 500 copies. Reverse board cover, printed inner sleeve. http://brkncrcl.es/1XbE8S9 First single "Goodnight Moon'd" is up.
  9. You can thank Triple Crown for pushing it back. Before they got poached / jumped ship from me they were going to record an LP in the winter and have a late spring release. It probably already would've been out. But instead, Triple Crown just made them re-record 4 old songs for that EP instead. Not sure when the LP is due now. Probably 2017.
  10. It has been 3 years since initial correspondence, 1.5 years since agreed terms, and 1 year since signed contract. So you aren't too far off. Haha.
  11. This is a one off reissue for me. Still focusing almost entirely on new bands. Dealing with Universal on this for the past 1.5 years on this has been enough to make sure I don't do any more reissues.
  12. Gates was almost impossible to get on but it happened and Aerials was just impossible. How would you handle the pressing? What makes a pressing good or bad?
  13. How do I post a video on this god forsaken message board? I'm old and don't know how to use this site anymore. It's a video of a test playing on a turntable to prove it's real.
  14. I wasn't lying. :] All those asks added up to 3 years of waiting and now that people are asking again I'll probably have to delay it 3 more.
  15. He put out five records last year and this is his third one this year.
  16. I am 100% positive I have this. Will verify when I get home.
  17. I tried a couple years ago. Wasn't possible then. Don't care enough to do it now.
  18. Here's a heavy marble gold, a green gray, and a clear gold hand numbered with no obi.
  19. I have like 6 copies of the "Cornerstone Edition", but they don't have obi strips. When I did that, I screened, trimmed, and glued all of them myself the night before in a rush and didn't make enough. That goes for both Beloved "Failure On" and Zao "Blood And Fire". They are hand numbered and the whole shebang, just no obi.
  20. Hey dude! I actually do think I have a few copies of Deadhorse laying around. None of them have inserts though, if thats a dealbreaker for you. I actually think Failure On is the best sounding record I've done.

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