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  1. Recent IG story teasing a live album, which I think is really the audio of the livestream being pressed on vinyl.
  2. Half white/Half purple w/ black splatter https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/poison-the-well-tear-from-the-red-limited-edition-half-neon-violet-half-white-with-black-splatter-lp-only-1000-made
  3. Where can I find these updates? Was it an email I missed?
  4. It's my understanding the Euro pressings of all these arrived on time/earlier, but the US ones are very delayed. The one that is labeled as the US listing from Discogs still only has a UK person selling them. And every record store around me in New England did not received them when they should have this past May (Bullmoose, Newbury Comics, other indies) and their webstores list 9/25, as does Hard Times/Brooklyn Vegan. However, I do see that the Paramore webstores says it's in stock so I have no idea what the deal is with this one. I'm just waiting for it to show up at my local shop, and at this point that seems to be around September.
  5. As of today, some records are going up by $10-15 when stores order from UMG. Pretty informative video
  6. Find the Indie Exclusive close to you! https://recordstoreday.com/UPC/196292937992
  7. Saw a few record stores post about getting this for their Friday release this week
  8. anyone want to retweet/tweet at EQV to get them to release the 2 new songs. I asked ETR but they said it's all up to Equal Vision - https://twitter.com/JustinAdamK/status/1526569473607622657
  9. 2 new singles available digitally from Horizons East. A bside, and Acoustic Scavengers - https://thrice.ffm.to/deadwake?fbclid=IwAR1y9rZHPqV0CaCrFy82uGYE22YBoa28Bu2iRb1zmwvp5vQ3OQxeaAP4Qms
  10. I got the purple one when it was announced. I really like this album a lot! Especially the instrumental tracks!
  11. Nothing other than the band logo is tattoo'd on him behind his ear. Saw it on his tour with LJG & Tim Kasher. You can see a good shot of it here - https://scontent-bos3-1.cdninstagram.com/v/t51.2885-15/280157134_493063789233541_8034226765763212419_n.webp?stp=dst-jpg_e35&_nc_ht=scontent-bos3-1.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=101&_nc_ohc=1KAMkhzDMvMAX-ACVkZ&tn=tiop0bf99TxkOhCx&edm=ALQROFkBAAAA&ccb=7-4&ig_cache_key=MjgzMzQxMTE4NzA4ODA5NTk4NQ%3D%3D.2-ccb7-4&oh=00_AT-mr1QdnjsihQRvVWInUyNHih9rtxn2XYkW2vLHj9Ka0Q&oe=62882118&_nc_sid=30a2ef
  12. Indie Exclusive - Clear w/ Red Splatter (info from message w/ Label) - https://www.bullmoose.com/p/35424452/anthony-green-boom-done (hopefully the listing gets an updated description too)
  13. According to their response on a comment on IG, both flexis are an 8-bit version of Ring 8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdOe8BUJTI5/
  14. I feel silly for going with the Super bundle - but I really want all that extra music (the instrumentals, the flexi, the exclusive download). Really don't want anything in there otherwise
  15. Same bundles - https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter
  16. Nothing currently listed on Pillar says Pillar Exclusive
  17. Everything shared from Pillar Product Listings - Milky Clear - 1500 Lava - 500 Units Pressed (400 to be sold now) Limited Edition White Cassette(Limited to 500 copies) Limited Edition Double LP Vinyl (Pink Smash Variant) - 500 Units Pressed in total (400 to be sold now) Limited edition Flexi Vinyl (Purple) Antimai CD (Limited Edition Color) Antimai Instrumental CD (Limited Pressing) Antimai Cassette (Limited Edition Sage Variant)
  18. Cool breakdown of how the album came to be via Keith Goodwin- So proud of this record I made with @anthonygreen666 Grateful for him giving me a shot at producing for him. Anthony’s lyrical and vocal ability is unmatched. It started out as a postal service type thing for fun when lockdown happened. I was emailing music back and forth with Anthony and @timothyjohnarnold. After we had a bunch of songs written we went and stayed at the beach for a week and honed them in together with @anayst adding her beautiful electric guitar. I took those tracks home and brought them over to the shed and @robdevious blessed the tracks with his nasty keys and spacey pedal steel. After that my good friend @gmervine added some unreal horn arrangements and crunchy rhythm guitars. The @wpobrass boys @tilted.head @koofibi and Adam Hershberger killed the horns. Then finally the legendary @willyipmusic mixed and mastered taking it to the next level. Couldn’t be more proud. - https://www.instagram.com/p/CcqHqSYjqOE/
  19. The High And Driving Band that accompanied the making of the record includes -Tim Arnold - composer, Drums, percussion, accordion, backing vocals -Anayst - guitar -Adam Dabee - guitar -Keith Goodwin - producer, composer, arranger, bass, guitar, Juno 60, piano, backing vocals -Greg Mervine - horn arrangements, guitar, bass, drums, percussion -Rob Deckhart - Rhodes, piano, guitar, pedal steel, bass, arp, Juno 106 -Frank Rein - Trombone -Koofreh Umoren - trumpet -Adam Hershberger- trumpet -Jason Cupp - percussion editing
  20. There's still a /500 indie exclusive yet to be officially announced. Hopefully it has some pizzazz
  21. Also available on Bandcamp - https://anthonygreen.bandcamp.com/album/boom-done

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