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  1. cancel and order from any of the other indie stores that are selling online. i saw a few posts from different stores that got it for sale today
  2. According to this podcast with Gavin that came out yesterday, I think the VHS vault thing could still be happening too! Also, 2 albums worth of dredg material in demo form right now (will likely be cut down for release)
  3. There's a release coming called the Dredg Vault, which will be big collection of art, videos, photos, etc. from their entire career. This flexi is something that will be included in that Vault release, but it's not been stated what will be on it. They talk about the vault a bit in this podcast episode from earlier this year
  4. bundle w/ shirt - https://merchnow.com/products/v2/335728/leitmotif-20th-anniversary
  5. up https://merchnow.com/products/v2/335715/leitmotif-20th-anniversary-green
  6. background on merchnow is leitmotif art. No new products yet
  7. I was psyched to get the deluxe - which had all those knick knacks, plus LP, plus livestream, all for $6 shipping!
  8. Deluxe w/ or w/out Signature (includes a Livestream performance, and hodgepodge of small merch - http://store.doomtree.net/product/dessa-ides-lp-deluxe-pre-order Normal (includes a Livestream performance) - http://store.doomtree.net/product/dessa-ides-lp "Due to supply chain issues, the entire music industry is currently dealing with long manufacturing timelines for vinyl. So, we will be mailing out the vinyl LPs as soon as we receive them from the plant - current estimates list a Feb/March arrival date. All preorders will ship out via USPS first class mail"
  9. it's just a bummer because if you go to the Essex Roaster site and order directly from them, its $6 to ship. I hope some extra end up on their site one day
  10. Was going to preorder the coffee bag, but it's $13 shipping for a $17 bag of coffee. Couldn't do it
  11. I'm just basing off it the fact that if you order today (11/9) it won't be shipped/delivered till 12/3-12/20. They may be in hand, but taking a long time arrive, or they don't ship till closer to the date. Either way, looks like there is some kind of repress available is all I'm saying
  12. Looks like a repress is going to start showing up in stores/online in the beginning of December. Preorders are on Amazon now - https://www.amazon.com/Around-Fur-180-Gram-Vinyl/dp/B004TRKHSK/
  13. Got my super deluxe box set this past Saturday (preordered from TBK's webstore)
  14. Appears to be all the songs from the Home for The Holiday's livestream from last year + the new song that came out today. If anyone wants the mp3s from the livestream, let me know!
  15. works for me - https://imgur.com/a/KUr7x0W However, you have to just get through the initial checkout thing where it wants you to estimate the shipping. Also, I did have a bug that was requiring me to enter something in Apt # line
  16. Thanks for posting this - just checked it out, and kinda bummed that neither of the Boston dates had any songs selected
  17. Psyched - I even got my digital download from SS last night at 11:30pm!! That's how it should be!
  18. Seems like full EP is coming out digitally tomorrow, and from what I can tell of people who already have access due to timezones, first 2 tracks are rock songs, and the rest of the EP is instrumental/movie score
  19. Loving the feature from Andy Hull on Thing With Feathers!
  20. That's what I'm seeing currently as well. And opaque teal seems to only be available in the bundles. All the options are available in pillar if you want to try and save on shipping (no media mail that I saw)
  21. https://www.caveandcanarygoods.com/collections/the-dear-hunter preoreders there. updated the link above

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