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  1. I’ve got an extra copy to trade or sell at cost (would prefer a trade.).
  2. I have a copy of the Trust No One pressing on on purple a/b brown c/d with some marbling in both lps. I've always wondered how dramatic the marbling is in the version limited to 27, or if there was some marbling in the version limited to 125. Not that it makes a huge difference sitting on my shelf where I intend for it to stay... The descriptions on Discogs are the same for both listings "Colour at this copy is exactly 'purple with a little blue marble C/D brown with black/purple marble'", so no help there. If anyone has any other info, I'd be interested to hear it. Otherwise, I'll just wonder which version I have very occasionally.
  3. I wasn’t going to spend any money on records this month... can’t pass this up though.
  4. Leaves Turn Inside You http://www.numerogroup.com/products/unwound-leaves-turn-inside-you
  5. I've got an extra ticket for this if anyone is interested.
  6. Just got shipping confirmation. Excited to see how the clear with red swirl turned out.
  7. http://www.reptilianrecords.com/products/516487-pg-99-document-5-lp-cd I'm new here, hope this is helpful. I'm pretty excited for it.