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  1. sonicosa

    Unwound Discography Repress

    I wasn’t going to spend any money on records this month... can’t pass this up though.
  2. sonicosa

    Unwound Discography Repress

    Leaves Turn Inside You http://www.numerogroup.com/products/unwound-leaves-turn-inside-you
  3. sonicosa

    RIP - Caleb Scofield

    I've got an extra ticket for this if anyone is interested.
  4. sonicosa

    PO NOW: ISIS - Mosquito Control Reissue

    Just got shipping confirmation. Excited to see how the clear with red swirl turned out.
  5. http://www.reptilianrecords.com/products/516487-pg-99-document-5-lp-cd I'm new here, hope this is helpful. I'm pretty excited for it.