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  1. Complain that no one wants to help people. Use page views to illustrate. I care more about page views than helping people?
  2. Top kek. How did I know that if I used the word "retarded" you would focus on that? Even though the entire post is that you care about "mean words on the internet" more than helping people, you still do exactly that. Honestly, how did I know?
  3. Then start one. Oh wait, I forgot it's still easier to talk shit, yeah just do that.
  4. Why do you keep using the word, "YOU," none of this had anything to do with giving me money or even a charity I chose. Do you expect me to care? Look at it from my perspective. Part 1: Try to start a charity drive. Part 2: No one gives a fuck. Part 3: I start calling you all names Part 4: Your retarded ass shows up and starts calling me out. What part of this should I honestly care about? There was never a point where anyone expressed an interest in doing this besides me. My idea failed, that's fine. I'll sit here and fling shit in the pile of shit that I built. But I lo
  5. Cool man, denial is a powerful thing. Keep telling yourself that you won't donate anything to charity because of my attitude. Whatever you need to do to justify your own inaction. Wanna really show me up? Donate to a charity of your choosing and post a screencap right here, that'll really put me in my place.
  6. Pretty funny of you to call me out for not donating to a thread I never saw (I could count on one hand how many times I've posted on this forum). Also I didn't call anyone in particular a "cunt," if you pay attention to the wording I called us cunts, as in a collective, a collective of useless cunts. But okay, I'll meet your challenge: My Pledge: I, raidenradio, pledge to donate $20 to VinylCollective's One Record: One Cause. I nominate the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (www.cff.org). The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is the world's leader in seeking a cure to end Cystic Fibrosis an
  7. Here's the response 12 hours after I posted the thread: 40 views 0 replies No criticisms, no suggestions, absolutely nothing. You chime in saying Black Friday was a bad time, a bad time for what? To start a month-long discussion? The whole point is to decide on a charity to send money to, as a collective. You're telling me that this is a bad thing? It blows my fucking mind that you would post this and say, "in less than a day??" How long did it take you to type that out? Probably far less effort than to find a decent charity and propose it here. But that's the point, when some
  8. Wanting to help people? Who cares. Insinuating I don't want to help people? Where's that reply button!?
  9. "Let's have a charity drive!" "Let's pick a charity!" fuckingcrickets.wav Yeah that's some bad organization on my part.
  10. Gosh thank you so much for maybe, possibly supporting this. Your mostly inaction really sets you apart from the rest of the board. You should be proud.
  11. It's okay, I had a sneaking suspicion that we were a bunch of useless cunts. Good to know I was right.
  12. You still can, all that's required now is to pledge to donate on Christmas Eve, and if you want to suggest a charity.
  13. Holy shit guys really? An open-ended charity drive for $20 with one month and 40 of you read this thread any just moved on.
  14. Synopsis: Here's the idea, it's Black Friday and a lot of us are/have been stocking up on new releases and hot deals. What if we made a pledge to not buy one record and instead give that money to charity? How it works From now until Christmas Eve, we each pledge $20 to a charity of the board's choosing. If you wish to participate, post in this thread that you pledge to donate $20 on Christmas Eve. Which charity? We nominate charities for the donations to go to. Whichever one gets the most support in the thread gets the donations we pledged to... pledge. How will we know

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