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  1. Bandcamp explains. It'd odd for sure, I've never heard of a situation like that.
  2. I think the epic one I was thinking of was something older than that. Where buddy told off customers, etc. But I guess he did deliver if he ended up doing subsequent ones, haha.
  3. Did the previous pressing ever even happen?
  4. daegor

    Black Friday RSD 2018

    Maybe Saul Williams, but that's it. Just a note that it states it contains unreleased bonus songs. Unless the tracklisting is incorrect then it does not. All of those bonus songs are on the original pressing.
  5. That blows chunks. So basically Zao asked the label to cancel the release and they said no. Hopefully they gets their own rights back at some point, I really want the rest of the catalogue. Happy I'm still getting Funeral (maybe), but bummed about the situation.
  6. *looks at the last page of posts* Nope, everyone else has their vinyl already. I was being snarky because @nevelsaynevels didn't read the earlier posts but he was actually presenting new information and I didn't notice because I didn't read it. *hypocritical self-burn*
  7. The record sides are A / F, lol
  8. You're both wrong. Like Clockwork is by far their best work.
  9. Yeah it needs to be listened to loud. Most of the time Greg is quiet AND low in the mix. There is less immediate impact, but I found it extremely enjoyable. I think this will really grow over time.
  10. if someone variant collects I'd be interested to know which sounds the best, sounds like there is significant differences between the pressings.
  11. You'd be well within your rights to open a dispute, product not as described. Personally I'd be concerned if the buck would pass back to Thrice (which it's clearly not their fault). Maybe reach out to Dustin with that message? But again I might be worried he'd take it on personally to correct the situation, which again the band shouldn't suffer monetarily for Kings Road's blunder (imho)