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  1. FWIW Halo 10 in our universe was Further Down the Spiral. Well before Atticus' involvement in NIN, but Coil was involved in that particular release.
  2. I think I sent an As We Draw album, Dark Side of the Moon, and a local metal band called Chieftain
  3. https://merchnow.com/products/v2/303629/speakeasy-gold-and-silver-2x The price is steep! still worth it to me.
  4. The bonus tracks off Collective definitely help offset whatever the cost is for me, it's rad that they will get a vinyl release. This is a must have for me, glad to hear it sounds good.
  5. Yeah 'Remastered for Vinyl' often doesn't include downloads of the remaster, because it was specifically made for the vinyl. Regardless I was listening to the album in anticipation and realized that I needed to get new mp3s since I had downloaded it in the days of limited HD space, so this was perfect, haha
  6. I don't HATE Fever, but there definitely was a very brief period of time that there was hope for something that might be in the same realm of The Chariot. It's not, and that's fine, I wish them well and dig some of the songs, but it's largely not for me.
  7. 2 is cool, 10+ not so much, haha
  8. I've had to hold my tongue so many times, haha
  9. The Chariot - Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding https://solidstate.merchnow.com 475 Crystal Clear 475 Metallic Silver Remastered for vinyl at 33rpm $20.00