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  1. I figured it was probably something like that, but hadn't heard anything. the clipping. members all seem pretty zero tolerance of that sort of shit.
  2. I'm a huge Debby Friday fan so I was stoked for the new version 🤷‍♂️
  3. https://clppng.bandcamp.com/album/wriggle-expanded-2 Loser Edition (Turquoise Marble) Black Vinyl $16.00 Whole EP remastered, new version of Back Up featuring Debby Friday, five remixes (though which remixes are different between vinyl and digital). As usual no Intro on vinyl.
  4. I made my order but I'm definitely keeping an eye out for places to buy them elsewhere so I can cancel my order.
  5. Shipping was free at least, and I'm laughing that Landscape Tantrums was available, making the box even more pointless, but fuck these prices, holy shit.
  6. Same dude who wouldn't say how he got the prices was also saying it was an unlimited pressing. Which I don't believe.
  7. Tremulant through Frances is 5/5, the rest is hot dog shit
  8. I'm just hoping they surprise everyone and make the FTM single available. I seriously doubt it, but *everyone* would be happy if that happened.
  9. But that would have meant less people would have bought the overpriced box set with a bunch of stuff in it that they didn't actually want.
  10. So who has the box and has also heard the previous pressings of Tremulent, Deloused and Frances, are these better sounding? Also, what's the deal with Eunuch Provocateur LP in the set? Is it just a demo from Tremulent or something?
  11. I dig, it, especially the second Burial track
  12. Yes, it's a single. A ton of vinyl is in the pipeline, I believe they're waiting until it's in-hand so they don't have to deal with pre-order delays.
  13. Not bad, but definitely like EP1 more than this track.

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