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  1. I feel like another pressing is likely. The pictures on Discogs seem to indicate the cover is NOT a slipcover. That would be a weird thing to do for the only pressing (unless there is a legal issue with the art, which is entirely possible).
  2. Interesting, I honestly hadn't look at all. It's definitely unusual to have something that sold out so quick being sold at a loss in the aftermarket.
  3. I mean, the last 10" single, I *really* liked those songs. I played this game last time, buying each of the three EPs that made up the first album, and then buying the full album when it dropped. It's kind shitty, but honestly I didn't loose any money, I sold the EPs when the album dropped without even being scummy about the price I was ahead money. And I didn't feel bad because if all you cared about was the music, a new fan could buy the album. If you were a collector and wanted the EPs just cause, then fine, I was selling mine. It'll probably be the same deal as last time, but I like the songs enough that if it turns out for each of these only one of two of the songs ends up on the album then great, I have the B-Side on vinyl. If not and it's all on the album, then great, I can just sell these.
  4. Noah might be my favourite so far 🤷‍♂️
  5. I didn't even realize Will Yip worked with mwY 🤷‍♂️ personally I love the way Untitled sounds.
  6. Not sure what shelves you're using but they fit in Ikea cube shelves just fine, they're only about 1/4in taller than a regular sleeve. Also, while I'm normally with you with the dislike of boxsets, especially single album boxsets, mwY does it right. I've very happily been replacing each album in my collection as they are released.
  7. FYI, I'll be at the Calgary date of Wild Rose Fest, if there is anything people want me to pick up let me know. I know that Wild Rose Records will have a bunch of tapes, and I'm sure there will be tapes/vinyl/CDs from the other bands at the fest. https://www.instagram.com/p/CgzXhksLRTm/
  8. I did post it in the World of Pleasure thread when it dropped 🤷‍♂️ y'all slipping, lol
  9. https://worldofpleasure.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-world-of-pleasure-friends-12
  10. Yes, lots of shared members between Calgary hardcore bands.
  11. (that's assuming we get any more Black Queen) But even if we're don't, I'm also 100% fine with some contrast between the projects.