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  1. 😯 The two times I've seen them live are easily my favourite shows, ever.
  2. Start with their first album, https://www.discogs.com/God-Speed-You-Black-Emperor-All-Lights-Fucked-On-The-Hairy-Amp-Drooling/release/218865
  3. Yeah, much more. If you are familiar with with GY!BE this feels like Yanqui to me.
  4. I can see this working well if you're US based, but unfortunately in Canada (and lots of other countries) shipping rates can vary wildly and change constantly. A problem with setting a flat rate high enough to cover that variance is that puts you lower down in the list when sellers sort by Price: Lowest compared to others who have a properly set rate. The problem is that it's only a half-step. Every other place on the internet you enter your address and it figures out the shipping cost. Discogs isn't doing this, instead making the sellers figure out the rates themselves. It seems like the majority of people are just going with the flat rate option, which actually hurts the buyers since most will be paying more for shipping now. If they had ACTUALLY implemented a solution instead of just forcing sellers to figure it out on their own this would be great. Unfortunately it's just a step further AWAY from being able to compete with every other marketplace.
  5. I feel like with the last two albums that they've evolved in a very Godspeed You! Black Emperor direction. Not sonically, but structurally. Long ambient passages flowing into heavy and back, sometimes lingering in between. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
  6. So the deadline is coming up. I ship primarily internationally. Canada Post constantly changes their rates. The rates you can get a quote for ahead of time are often different than the price in the moment through PayPal. AND PayPal offers Netparcel which is SOMETIMES 1/3 of the cost, sometimes on par, sometimes more. My shipping policy right now quotes Canada Post for common destinations, but states in the terms that all quotes are estimates and that I'll update the cost when the order comes in. It works well, I like it, my buyers seem to like it. I don't do huge numbers by any means, but I probably have 1-6 orders a month? Not sure what I'm going to do yet, the shipping policies are simply a nightmare for someone like me to set up, and I'd have to edit it 1-2 times a month to keep it accurate. That's a lot of time I don't care to invest. My Discogs sales only serve to fund my vinyl habit, so it's not big loss if I close up shop. I'm thinking I may just let it ride, my understanding is that when Oct 1 rolls around Discogs will make all of my items unavailable since I don't have shipping policies set up. I'm curious what percentage the market place will shrink, maybe it will be enough for them to come up with a better solution. I also don't hate the idea of flat rate and offer a refund of the difference, but obviously people aren't going to be keen on that as a buyer.
  7. Remember IRC chat rooms? It's basically a modern version of that. I'm in.
  8. My understanding is that it's a new master and new art for both.
  9. straight up, if I some how end up with a copy for free (or TWO apparently??) and you get shafted I'll mail it to you, lol. Who knows when I'll be able to cross the border to pick it up, so it might be 2024 when you get it but 🤷‍♂️
  10. Also open to offers to buy the Instrumentals.
  11. I got ANOTHER shipping notice from Thrill Jockey! Apparently the first one was delivered, but to my US PO box, which I can't check because the border is closed. And now something else is on it's way! I reached out because I don't know what the fuck is happening, lol
  12. I have something coming from TJ and I had cancelled my pre-order to order from somewhere else 🤔
  13. Abyss is by far my favourite release of her's and my vinyl sounds great. I love how gritty the production is.
  14. eBay is fine, but get familiar with Discogs, a lot of shops supplement their incoming stock (specific customer requests, keeping an eye out for high demand items, etc) and outgoing sales with Discogs.