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  1. And LP of the live show. Wish it were available outside of the bundle, but oh well
  2. I was lucky and my Pale Horses arrived with no issues, and it's held up fine over the years.
  3. I love my Pale Horses deluxe and Ten Stories Boxset. If they did those again they both would have to really come out swinging for me to bother replacing them.
  4. Oh true, I totally forgot about that. IIRC that one got held up in red tape, so I'm not sure where that stands.
  5. If anyone ordered clear and receives the clear please post here to quell my concern, lol. If it wasn't all orders then there is a chance my order is fine.
  6. I doubt it. Starting with 10 Stories deluxe box sets were available on release. Pretty sure this is the last reissue we'll see from them.
  7. Well, hopefully I have the right one (ordered clear) because I can't cross the Canada/US border to pick it up.
  8. Star Projection, sorry: https://www.discogs.com/Hans-Zimmer-Interstellar-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack/release/6744538
  9. Well, they cancelled the booked tour, they did say they will try to do a new tour when able.
  10. People are speculating that this is the same as the Star Projection edition. Which is certainly better, but still isn't the film mixes of the tracks.
  11. LOL I love both of the remixes so far, really looking forward to the full album.
  12. Note from Bandcamp I got a while back: Child Soldier: Creator of God has shipped from our manufacturer to our fulfillment partner in the US. These will start to ship out to you in the next few weeks! If you haven’t received yours by the middle of November, please reach out for shipping information. At this time, I don’t have any shipping information to provide and won’t until these start shipping out to you! -Steve
  13. The 7"? I got mine in a 12" cardboard mailer, lol. Surprisingly in perfect shape despite tumbling around in it.

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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