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  1. Note that he mentions that a deluxe edition of both is coming later. https://www.facebook.com/IgorrrBarrroque/posts/10157652890748049
  2. Yeah. I've always loved when people pull the "first vocalist was better" argument with Zao because they don't realize Jonas was a replacement too.
  3. I'm most curious to hear the Eric Reeder tracks. I always love hearing a band's roots, it gives context to their evolution of sound.
  4. It's funny because they couldn't get rid of them in the early days. Every time I went to a show I bought another copy and gave it away to someone, haha.
  5. Their debut, Sleep Deprivation, is getting a repress with the three tracks from the Judiciary split added: https://deathwishinc.com/collections/vinyl/products/mortality-rate-sleep-depravation I really like the detail that the A side is the debut and the B side is the tracks from the split.
  6. Years ago I did a small run with http://www.lathecuts.com/, I was really happy with the end result. The best sounding lathes that I've BOUGHT have come from Little Elephant https://www.littleelephantcustomvinyl.com/
  7. Yeah a podcast mentioned that pre-all else failed stuff was going to be gathered together with some unreleased tracks from that era and released on a vinyl comp.
  8. I don't care how well I know someone as either the buyer or the seller, I want that PayPal protection. If I'm a seller I'll work it into the price, if I'm a buyer and they ask I'll ignore the request and send them an extra couple of bucks to cover the fee, fuck that. If something gets lost or damaged in the mail it's a huge pain in the ass without PayPal protection, as either the buyer or the seller. If someone is insisting on F&F it's hugely suspect.
  9. That Mortality Rate 12" is fucking killer
  10. I was going to grab E and Y until I saw that. I'll just wait to grab the full LP someday for cheap.
  11. Just FYI in case anyone is thinking about getting these, they are NOT the originals used in the film. However, they are official re-recordings that John Murphy was involved in. So a little better than the usual ETR fair, but still of zero interest to me if they aren't the versions used in the film. Awesome to hear Waxworks is working on a repress.