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  1. If it actually is in the same manner that they've done previous sequels I'm stoked. If it's something else (lyrical/thematic only?) I have no idea.
  2. Yeah, anything by Atticus Ross, Reznor, Clint Mansell for sure. Some standouts for me: 28 Days Later Beyond the Black Rainbow Book of Eli American McGee's Alice The Fountain Arrival Drive Blade Runner Donnie Darko Riven Unleashed Whiplash Interstellar
  3. https://www.kafanov.com/on-sale-this-week/old-man-and-fish-14-x-11-tymby-m6ble-blz7l-r48bs-5mk9c-8knsz-k3a9w It's Kafinov
  4. The EP is fantastic, huge volume range which is unusual but I appreciate it. It kind of forces you to set the volume at the level they intended it to be listened to.
  5. I am 1000% with you on the weight, it only reduces the chance of dishing or warping. However, my understanding is that Black, Clear, and White can all be "audiofile" quality depending on the process and the store specifically states that it's undyed PVC, so in theory there is no audio quality loss due to the colour.
  6. daegor

    Silent Planet - When The End Began

    Media Mail available via the MerchNow store.
  7. I've come to terms with the fact that Thrice no longer connects for me, Vheissu through Beggars is great, I don't need anything else.
  8. Ah okay. Yeah, there are producers who I'm slanted against that made good records, the only way to really compare is to see if they've produced similar records in the past. Luckily he did Pale Horses, so y'all have nothing to worry about. That album sounded fantastic.
  9. What's people's issue with him? He worked on Pale Horses.