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  1. Any variant collectors here missing the GITD? PM me. Taken.
  2. That makes sense, Mesarthim has that album set at $1 for digital. So whatever they have the digital set to is charged immediately. I'm curious if once they reach 100% does everyone get charged and then everyone who purchases from that point pays upfront or do they wait until the end of the period before charging anybody regardless of passing 100%.
  3. Has anyone pledged to the four that they're starting with? What's the deal, do they charge you right away?
  4. Definitely some logistical stuff I'm curious about, but as far as the overall idea of 'crowd-funding' your vinyl pressing goes, Bandcamp is a perfect host.
  5. For those than have been lucky enough to receive a GITD copy, how DOES it sound?
  6. Apparently the speed is slower than 33rpm (probably 16?) and the spindle is a different size.
  7. Just bought Death Grips from https://www.vinyl-digital.com/ anyone dealt with them before?
  8. Yeah that's the one I bought, I just got an update that they're processing the order now, and I left a note that if it's not Steroids then to cancel the order, so we'll see shortly.
  9. They have it listed wrong, though now you have me worried: https://vvinyl.com/shop/index.php?route=product/search&search=death grips
  10. Managed to snag Death Grips from Vintage Vinyl thanks to @impact! On the extreme off chance that anyone else was looking for the Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age EP you can buy it direct from the artist now (along with the debut EP): http://www.uncoveredqotsa.com/boutique/ All I'm looking for now is BARST - Re:Cycles
  11. Let me know if there is anything I can help you find, not looking to pay flipper prices, but I’ll cover the cost and then some Got a copy at Vintage Vinyl!
  12. Adding my name to the list. I've never been disappointed with the deluxe editions, I knew going in that it was going to be a long wait (and likely delayed)
  13. Ditto. I'm sure it's crazy expensive. Just to throw a number out there though, I'd pay $40 for a good pressing of The Fear even with a year long pre-order.