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  1. Man Overboard used to sometimes be referred to as MOBO and it honestly confuses the fuck out of me.
  2. What this dudes saying! I think the first press from Lame-O Records was just as many as were preordered. Could be wrong though! Hell, it could be 137 if what I'm saying is true which seems odd.
  3. I'm from the Twin Cities as well! Pizza cook and full time student. I deliver pizzas too. Free food every time I work is awesome, also fattening, I try to ride my bike as much as possible.
  4. I don't think this was out of 200, I am pretty sure they only pressed as many as were preordered (and I preordered one), I could be wrong. Not tryna sell mine though, good luck though man!
  5. Same. I have 1/100 with II and really need 1 and 3.
  6. Photo please? I have never even heard of this. hahaha.
  7. We put out this cassette today. Preorders will go out in the next week if they interest you! http://greyscaleisaband.bandcamp.com/ http://greyscaleisaband.bigcartel.com/
  8. Oh yeah. Because we haven't put the EP yet. Sorry! It'll be up on the 4th. Sorry again! Edit: Bandcamp link should work now, it was just being dumb!
  9. Hey. So I am just posting to say that my band is putting out a cassette and I think that's pretty cool. (Shooting for a split 7" as our next release) We are called Greyscale and are a four piece band from Minnesota. People/Friends have been saying we sounds like Title Fight and Basement so I tagged em. Anyways. It will go up online June 4th for pay what you want on bandcamp, but if you wanna take a leap of faith off our teaser and preorder it that's cool. We have been working really hard and it is being master by The Panda Studios if anyone cares. I play bass and sing and our guitarist
  10. I have two, er three. All the Here, Hear's by La Dispute, and I have II and a line on III but he is china til the end of the summer so that's when I'll buy it. So Here, Hear I and I don't know what it's called, but Into It Over It/Evan Weiss covered a song put on a 7" for a dudes wedding and I'll probably never get that.
  11. Preorders for Into It Over It - Life Is Suffering 7" went up today, I'm surprised this hasn't already been posted but I didn't see it.. There is a book as well and go topshelf for making it separately purchasable. I hate when labels force customers to buy packages with stuff I don't want just to get the book, so props. That being said I ordered all four 7"s and the book. Hahaha. The book looks sweet! Here's the link. Go support an awesome guy and awesome music. http://www.topshelfrecords.bigcartel.com/product/into-it-over-it-life-is-suffering-book-7-inch
  12. In Minneapolis, my place is open to stay at! I live in a pretty rad part of town. Abandoned building to explore, lakes to see, good food, shoot me a message if that interests you guys! P/O the Pet Symmetry Split!

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